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Suspended Rios adds arrest to resume

Eddie Rios mug shot    When Eddie Rios signed with the University of Miami two years ago he told me his goal was to take the Hurricanes to the NCAA Tournament and turn the program around. Rios was a senior at Miami High then and on top of the world, considered one of the best players to come out of South Florida in years.

His life has been taking a U-Turn ever since. Wednesday morning, the suspended sophomore point guard was booked into a Miami-Dade County jail on charges of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and third-degree grand theft. Late Wednesday, he was out on bail. But I'm not sure where he'll be going now.

Earlier this week, his family contacted UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt with hopes of trying to get him reinstated after being suspended on Jan. 12 by coach Frank Haith for failing to communicate with his coaches. Rios was sick, but didn't go to UM trainers  according to Haith to get checked out until a week after first disappearing from the team. Now, whatever thoughts his family had of getting him reinstated are out the window. And, so could his opportunity of playing college basketball anywhere else.

I'll be interested to hear what Haith has to say about this at 2 p.m. press conference tomorrow. Rios' family, which emails me on a regular basis, could not be reached for comment.

> For those of you wondering where I've been since Mark Whipple's press conference Tuesday, I'm finally done filming a new show for MiamiHerald.com with Larry Blustein called the Recruiting Report. It is set to debut on Monday. It's nothing too spectacular, but will serve as a nice preview of National Signing Day for the Canes and Golden Panthers. I'll be back on the Canes beat full-time tomorrow.


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Have you been able to validate the rumor that RS may be hiring a DC? Do you know either way if he is even looking for a DC or does it lean heavily toward him serving as the DC?


props to sarasota 'cane

What will U do when BEanpole Harris goes down in a pile of bones?

Dude was lying about his weight. Said he gained over 10 pounds in a little over a month. Yeah maybe after he had 3 #2combos at Taco Bell.

He probably is adding artificial weight as his face looks like a pimple mine field. Get off the juice Beanpole. It will RUIN your liver.

But what do U have beyond beanpole to take snaps under center when he inevitably goes down? Please don't tell me this twig of a kid can handle the abuse of 12 games. That UNC linebacker CRUSHED him.

What will U do when BEanpole Harris goes down in a pile of bones?

Posted by: We's building depths | January 29, 2009 at 02:49 PM

The same thing I do when your Mom is finished going down on my bone, NEXT!


Go 'canes!

very true but it still doesn't answer the question about what U will do when Beanpole Harris goes down in a pile of bones.

What's behind him?


I guess you were making popcorn when that UNC linebacker strolled in and CRUSHED him like a tin can.

I've seen card houses that had more upright in em.

What is behind him in terms of playing experience/ depth?

NOTHING U say? Hmmmmm..

Another year will come and go and U STILL won't even sniff the SORRY ACC Coastal division CROWN

Some year you'll win that COVETED title and burn miami to the ground

U need to quit celebrating Mr. Whipple and gets some damn O lineman

Presently U have a bunch of FAT WEAK PU$$IES

Gator fan. You've beat us once in seven tries...go away

Posted by: We's building depths | January 29, 2009 at 03:19 PM

I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm meeting a REAL girl for a drink after work this afternoon Kehoe!

Have fun "banging" all your "w-hores" on "Grand Theft Auto, Vice City" tonight!


Go 'canes!

Fellow U supporters,
There is absolutely no need to respond/react to U haters. They feed off of your response. If completely ignored & never responded to, they will have nothing to look forward to for a rebuttal.

I would rather we take a moment to correct other U supporters who may have been misguided on their perceptions of the leadership of the program. Those ppl are worth our time to bring them back in to the fold. Not those who wish add more wrinkles.

Rebuttal? Who wants that. It has nothing to do with arguing with dimwit canes fan.

It a lot to do with informing U that while you think you are "storming back" the reality is that U have a list of problems longer than your arm.

09 will be more of the same

Ineptitude by the HC, slow weak soft PU$$IES on your entire Defense

anemic offense.

But Marble Mouf will get this all fixed right? RIGHT?

Keep your head in the sands fools. Or fire your dumpster fire head coach


Sorry for the late response fellas, but its on Rivals and the link won't go through, but here is the full story:

Last night new Cane offensive coordinator Mark Whipple met with Bryce Brown's advisor, Brian Butler. Bryce's father, Arthur Sr., was not able to make the meeting because of illness.

But, while Butler said yesterday it wasn't expected that Whipple would meet with Bryce face-to-face since he is on vacation and that they would have a phone conversation instead, it turns out that the two were able to meet.

Whipple flew into Omaha, Neb., where Bryce is on vacation with his uncle. He sat down with Bryce before driving five hours to Wichita, Kansas, to meet with Butler last night.

Bryce's father also spoke with Whipple on the phone.

"Coach Whipple flew down and met with Bryce personally, got the opportunity to meet with him," Arthur Brown Sr. said. "Everything went rather well. I heard some things about him that I'm pretty impressed with. He seemed like a very upstanding man. From talking to him, what his whole philosophy is and how he plans to run his offense is something similar to what Bryce has been looking at. I'm sure Bryce likes the direction coach Whipple's taking the program."

Posted by: The truth | January 29, 2009 at 01:19 PM

Tell it Brother!!!
Go Canes!!!

Thanks for the info DA U N Houston. I am glad that they had the opportunity to meet & that his father & Butler also met Whipple. Now, I am ready to move on from the BB watch. Cross our fingers & hope that he choses the U, however, I am getting numb from how his recruiting process is going.


Not sure if you you or anybody had a chance to read this but Bruce Feldman recently conducted an interview with Brian Butler, the advi$or to the Brown Family. To me, this guy sounds like another one in a long line of crooked minister types who say they have the best interest of a kid in mind but are really only looking out for themselves. Granted i really don't know enough about Mr. Butler to make such accusations, but the fact that he set up a website to charge money for updates on Bryce Brown's thinking is suspiscious enough for me to question his character and integrity. No wonder Bryce will wait till after signing day to flash the U. This guy Butler probably told him god thinks he should wait to evaluate more so he can put more updates on his sight and charge people. In my opinion this guy Butler sees one thing and one thing only when he see's Arthur and Bryce Brown: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Here's a link to an interview by Bruce Feldman with Brian Butler, the family abvi$er to Arthur and Bryce Brown. Personally I think this guy has only his best intersts and not the Brown's. He see's one thing and one thing only in Arthur and Bryce:$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Eddie brah,

I feel you dude....I had da same problems at dah U back in my day too !!!

I loved WEED, HOES n skipping class !!!

- Now I use this computer at the public library cuz I'm homeless....

looks like Shannon has a backup TE plan. Terrell Mitchell is visiting, which would not be as great as Charles, Richardson, Sims, and Sanders, but is much better than nothing/a whole in recruiting/no TE depth.

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | January 29, 2009 at 02:00 PM

SARASOTA ' CANE marching to the beAT of da DRUM and luvs hisself sum MARBLE MOUF.


why hasnt he been expelled yet. we dont need him filthing up our name so we become UF or the 80's canes

As if it were not enough with the Gaytors creeping in on this blog, now we have FIU people posting here...WTF? That takes the cake....FIU? Are you serious guy? You were a two-year Miami-Dade Junior College feeder school until a few years ago...give me a break. Most people in the US don't even know that your shcool exists, much less where you are located and that you even have a footbal team. You can't even mention FIU in the same sentence with UM..not in academics, and definetly not in football or any other sport. Miami will have 20 national championships before FIU goes to its first bowl game... learn to live with the fact that you FIU people are not in the same league with the U, and U will never be... you are nothing more than the red- headed-step-child of Florida schools - learn to live with it and get over your inferiority complex. The reason that you do not hear about FIU students getting into trouble with the law is that nobody cares@!!!!

What will U do when BEanpole Harris goes down in a pile of bones?

Posted by: We's building depths | January 29, 2009 at 02:49 PM

The same thing I do when your Mom is finished going down on my bone, NEXT!


Go 'canes!

Sarasota, LMAO!!!

I saw the article of Feldman on Butler.

Considering that Butler -- in success -- would be competition for Feldman, if there was smoke, Feldman would have blown it out. There is another article by CBS sports on Butler. All in all, Butler appears to really want to help the student athlete, but may not be the most savvy businessman, or even the most organized. Clearly with the Browns, it was all service, even if they gave him his biggest exposure. Butler's role model is Dolphins Reciever's Dad, Ted Ginn. Sr. who runs such a successful program. Marcus Hall seems influenced by Ginn, Sr. an OSU Booster, yet Hall may end up a Cane. Butler, in any case, is a longshot from being shoddy. When other Butler athlete Blake comes to the U in 2010, folks will be attacking Butler for being in the pocket of Whipple, or some other crazy crocked up concoction. Read for yourself:


Posted by: J. Julian | January 29, 2009 at 06:51 PM

Your ignorance is PATHETIC.
"Miami will have 20 national championships before FIU goes to its first bowl game..."

LMAO !!! What's funny is that you really believe that. Anyone that covers football knows that FIU is very close to bursting on the national scene, and just started playing football 2002.

Talk about just DUMB....Where have you been in JAIL with RIOS ??

If you actually ran a business or worked in management at a major corporation, law firm, CPA firm, healthcare industry, etc...etc...ect...in the South Florida you would know that 5 out of 6 undergrad degrees come from FIU.

But since you probably wash my car on US1 and Bird Rd, you wouldn't know that.

According to collegefootballtalk.com talking about that interview by Feldman on Butler, his website has a total of 3 subscribers! I guess ppl are also getting worn down on the BB watch.

good article by stewart mandel in si.com inside college football check it out

FIU fool - stop flaunting your ignorance here, it only proves my point. For your information Law firms hire lawyers who graduate from law schools not FIU "undergrads" - the only thing that FIU grads are good for at a Miami law firm is to clean their offices or be their secretaries - are you kidding me? FIU's law school is a joke and the medical school is the equivalent of the medical schools in the Dominican Republic, i.e., the only morons that attend FIU's law school and medical school are those c students who could not get into a real school here in the USA. Don't kid yourself, your school's football team will make it a bowl game - the toilet bowl in 2060. You sound like the one who washes cars on US-1 - maybe you can wash mine some day with your FIU degree since it is not worth a dime.

backs against the wall. come out fighting. us against the world.

go canes.

Jason Geathers


You are a MORON....you have to earn a degree before you're admitted into LAW SCHOOL genius.

Make sure you use the GOOD WAX this weekend.

You FIU idots are making my point for me i.e. an "undergrad" FIU degree is not going to get you into a job at a law firm fools - unless you are a secretary, human resources manager or paralegal - or as in your case - an office janitor; you still have to go to an accredited law school in order to be hired as a clerk or associate at a law firm so who keeps count of FIU degrees there? Answer, nobody. Your stats are so wrong it is not even funny, where did you get them? Did you get them from Univision? Go back and read the comment a second time since you are obviously too stupid to comprehend it the first time around. As for football, you guys are so far behind UM that it will take a lifetime before you could even be considered to be in the same league. Give me a break ---- why am I even wasting time responding to your stupid comments - stop flaunting your ignorance here and go to FIU's footbal blog, oh, wait, there is'nt one... my bad. At least the Gaytors have a team and we can argue about it on even terms, you are like the 7 year pain in the butt little brother who wants to hang out with his 18 year brother and his friends...get out of here punk, you are too insignificant and stupid to meddle in a grown men's business, come back when you have a real football team.

FIU fans --- WAX THIS!

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