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The Numbers Don't Lie

If you haven't seen the story I wrote on UM strength and condtioning coach Andreu Swasey yet, here's the link. This week, I spent two days with Swasey as he prepared seniors (as well as a collection of other football players from other colleges) for Pro Day. Inside his gym were players from Louisville, Memphis, Mississippi State -- even former Canes who transferred out like James Bryant and Charlie Jones and were granted returns to train by Randy Shannon.

Andreu_swaseyFor all of us that like to pretend we know what we're talking about when we jump onto a blog or an internet message board, I learned a lot about Swasey and his program. One, he's a genuinely good person. Two, there probably isn't a strength and conditioning coach in the country who comes better recommended.

When I asked Swasey if he might be able to set me up with phone interviews with some of his former players and other Pro Bowlers whom he trains during the offseason, I was thrown the gauntlet. And many of them were more than happy to talk about their mentor. Jonathan Vilma and Sinorice Moss responded to me within hours of my initial text message. Andre Johnson, Jon Beason and Reggie Wayne did too. They all love Swasey, respect him like he was a father and firmly believe he's as big a reason as any they are in the league.

While I understand the frustrations of fans who have lost their patience with this program, they need to realize -- as I did -- Swasey is probably not at fault for the 19-19 record over the past three years. In fact, he's probably the guy fans  should be happy isn't gone. Swasey in all honesty could care less about proving it to you. He didn't want to do the interview or even be part of the story. When I asked him if he had heard the criticism from fans, he simply said: "If I didn't have confidence in the job I was doing and knew I wasn't helping these guys, I wouldn't be doing it anymore. But I know I am." And he is.

Alltime_leadersThere were a lot of facts and figures that never got included with my online story tonight, numbers and statistics Swasey pulled out of his file cabinet for me. They weren't fudged, either. They all still were in the same pen color they were written when he first jotted them down. No scratches. No corrections. Just the numbers. Here's a close look at some of the charts I compiled.

> For all the talk we've heard about the Canes being weaker than the teams of the past, here are some team strength averages Swasey dusted off for me. When Miami won the national title in 2001, the Canes were squating an average of 411 pounds, power clean lifting 270 pounds and benching 320. Surprisingly, not that far off the 2008 team.

Year       Squat      Power     Bench          Record
2008        410         272          309              7-6
2007        422         268          291              5-7
2006        476         293          313              7-6
2005        398         267          292              9-3
2004        395         269          332              9-3

> In terms of individual improvement, Swasey and I spent about an hour researching the 2006 recruits to get a sampling of how players have improved from the day they arrived at UM until the team's last testing in the summer. While everyone may not be putting up amazing numbers, you can see clearly improvement in their physical performance.

Athlete          Yr.  Ht   Wt    Sqt  Pow  Bch    40    Vrt.   Shuttle
Matt Bosher   '06   6-0  185   315   242   275   4.80   30       NA    
Kicker            '08   6-0  200   450   301   315   4.70   33.5    4.35   
Dedrick Epps  '06   6-4  238   375   220   280   4.75   33       4.40   
Tight end       '08   6-4  252   480   318   335   4.62   38       4.35   
Joel Figueroa '06   6-5  345   455   200   350   5.4     28       5.17   
Guard            '08   6-5  336   520   308   425   5.1     32       5.03   
Chavez Grant '06  5-10 169   345   200   205   4.78   32       4.41   
Cornerback    '08   5-11 182  390   242   255   4.65   36.5    4.12   
Ryan Hill        '06   6-0  185   365   264   265   4.53   33       4.28   
Safety            '08   6-0  203   425   286   295   4.43   34.5    4.06   
Jav. James     '06  6-0  200   500   220   260   4.56   35       4.3   
Running back  '08  6-0  217   545   318   325   4.51   36.5    4.31   
C. McCarthy   '06   6-1  214   350   242   245   4.65   33       4.18   
Linebacker     '08   6-3  236  415    301   335   4.58   38       4.38   
Sam Shields    '06 5-11  166  345   200   235   4.35   35       4.28   
Receiver        '08  6-0   192  400   264   295   4.28   39       4.12   
S. Wesley       '06  6-2  237  425   242   295   4.96   31.5    4.67   
Defensive end '08  6-3  260  465   301   355   4.92   31.5     4.5   

> The final tidbit of statistical information I gathered included individual players' 2008 testing 2008_leadersresults and the Hurricanes' all-time records for work in the weight room and in speed and conditioning drills. I figured this might be a good way to compare the current Canes versus the greats. I broke it down by positions. All I'm going to tell you is expect to be shocked by who some of the Canes' all-time best by position are and who is not on the list.

FYI, if there are some guys (like Jason Fox) who were injured during testing they didn't participate. That is why you might not find a couple of guys. The other reason you won't is because they weren't very good.

> Bench:
Damien Berry 315, Randy Phillips 315, Javarris James 315, Lovon Ponder 315, Khalil Jones 315, Graig Cooper 310, Tervaris Johnson 305, Anthony Reddick 295, Carlos Armour 295.
Record book: QB: Ryan Collins, '95 (405). RB: Derrick Harris, '95 (455). WR: Randall Hill, '90 (355). CB: Leonard Myers, '99 (375). S: Andrew Moser, '00 (350)

> Squat:
Javarris James 535, Derron Thomas 500, Shawnbrey McNeal 455, Damien Berry 425, Graig Cooper 425, Khalil Jones 420, Jared Campbell 415, Carlos Armour 415.
Record book: QB: Vinny Testaverde, '85 (500). RB: Derrick Harris, '95 (655). WR: Jeff Popvitch, '97 (500). CB: Antrel Rolle, '04 (445). S: Randy Phillips, '07 (500)

> Power clean: Javarris James 318, Khalil Jones 318, Randy Phillips 294, Ryan Hill 286, Leonard Hankerson 286, Lovon Ponder 286, Joseph Nicholas 274, Derron Thomas 274, Carlos Armour 274
Record book: QB: Kirby Freeman, '07 (264). RB: Willis McGahee, '02 (360). WR: Andre Johnson, '02 (320). CB: Antrel Rolle, '04 (313). S: Sean Taylor, '03 (313).

> 40-yard dash: Sam Shields 4.28, DeMarcus Van Dyke 4.30, Ryan Hill 4.43, Kayne Farquharson 4.50
Randy Phillips 4.50, Javarris James 4.51, Graig Cooper 4.51, Leonard Hankerson 4.51.
Record book: QB: Kenny Kelly, '99 (4.43). RB: Willis McGahee, '02 (4.32). WR: Sam Shields, '07 (4.26). CB: Marcus Maxey, '02 (4.25). S: Darryl Williams, '90 (4.34).

> 20-yard shuttle: Sam Shields 4.12, DeMarcus Van Dyke 4.17, Ryan Hill 4.19, Leonard Hankerson 4.21, Lee Chambers 4.23, Shawnbrey McNeal 4.25, J.J. Davis 4.25, Jared Campbell 4.30.
Record book: QB: Kirby Freeman, '07 (4.08). RB: James Jackson, '00 (4.00). WR: Roscoe Parrish, '03 (3.85). CB: Phillip Buchanon, '00 (3.88). S: A. Moser, '00 (3.85).

> Vertical leap: Carlos Armour 41½, Sam Shields 39, Randy Phillips 39, Lee Chambers 38½, Bruce Johnson 38, Graig Cooper 37½, Tervaris Johnson 37½, Damien Berry 36½, Khalil Jones 36½, Kayne Farquharson 36½.
Record book: QB: Kenny Kelly, '99 (35). RB: Willis McGahee, '02 (41½). WR: Santana Moss, '99 (42)
CB: Glenn Sharpe, '03 (41½).  S: Randy Phillips, '06 (40)

> Bench:
Spencer Adkins 405, Chris Zellner 390, Richard Gordon 360, Darryl Sharpton 350, Eric Houston 345, Dedrick Epps 325, Patrick Hill 325, Matt Bosher 315.
Record book: LB: George Mira, '87 (455). TE: Charles Henry, '87 (400). K-P: Matt Bosher, '07 (315)

> Squat: Spencer Adkins 545, Darryl Sharpton 535, Chris Zellner 500, Richard Gordon 500, Dedrick Epps 470, Eric Houston 455, Matt Bosher 450, Arthur Brown 445.
Record book: LB: Victor Morris, '85 (600). TE: Dajleon Farr, '07 (555). K-P: Matt Bosher, '07 (450)

> Power clean: Spencer Adkins 330, Chris Zellner 330, Glenn Cook 310, Darryl Sharpton 310, Dedrick Epps 310, Richard Gordon 310, Matt Bosher 301, Eric Houston 286.
Record book: LB: D.J. Williams, '02 (360), TE: Greg Olsen, '06 (362), K-P: Matt Bosher, '07 (301)

> 40-yard dash: Richard Gordon 4.53, Colin McCarthy 4.58, Dedrick Epps 4.62, Chris Zellner 4.66
Daniel Adderley 4.71, Arthur Brown 4.75, Sean Spence 4.76, Kylan Robinson 4.82, Alex Uribe 4.82.
Record book: LB: Jerrell Weaver, '02 (4.35). TE: Ronald Williams, '98 (4.45). K-P: Brian Monroe, '05 (4.62)

> 20-yard shuttle: Sean Spence 4.24, Darryl Sharpton 4.25, Daniel Adderley 4.25, Glenn Cook 4.26
Eric Houston 4.31, Chris Zellner 4.31, Dedrick Epps 4.35, Kylan Robinson 4.35.
Record book: LB: Chris Campbell, '00 (3.90). TE: Kellen Winslow, '02 (4.06). K-P: Brian Monroe, '05 (3.92)

> Vertical leap: Dedrick Epps 38, Colin McCarthy 38, Spencer Adkins 37, Daniel Adderley 36½, Sean Spence 36, Eric Houston 36, Richard Gordon 35, Romeo Davis 35.
Record book: LB: Jerrell Weaver, '02 (42). TE: Dedrick Epps, '07 (37). K-P: Brian Monroe, '05 (36)

> Bench:
Joel Figueroa 425, Joe Joseph 405, Harland Gunn 405, Dedrick Epps 390, Luqman Abdullah 385, Matt Pipho 385, Allen Bailey 380, A.J. Trump 375.
Record book: OT: Vernon Carey, '03 (480), G-C: Carlos Callejas, '97 (500), DT: Dan Sileo, '86 (535), DE: Kevin Fagen, '85 (560).

> Squat: Harland Gunn 575, Allen Bailey 550, Joel Figueroa 520, Tyrone Byrd 510, Eric Moncur 500
Marcus Forston 475, Joe Joseph 465, Ian Symonette 450.
Record book: OT: K. Blaise, '99 (620), G-C: Andrew Bain, '06 (650), DT: Jim Burt, '80 (680), DE: Denny Fortney, '97 (555).

> Power clean: Allen Bailey 375, Reggie Youngblood 340, Harland Gunn 330, Joe Joseph 318
Matt Pipho 318, Jason Fox 310, Joel Figueroa 310, Steven Wesley 296.
Record book: OT: Eric Winston, '06 (360), G-C: Ty Wise, '99 (360), DT: M. Lawson, '98 (320), DE: Allen Bailey, '08 (375)

> 40-yard dash: Allen Bailey 4.83, Courtney Harris 4.87, Xavier Shannon 4.99, Orlando Franklin 5.03
Marcus Forston 5.03, Joel Figueroa 5.11, Tyrone Byrd 5.18, Jason Fox 5.28.
Record book: OT: Eric Winston, '03 (4.78), G-C: D. Handy, '89 (4.76), DT: M. Lawson, '98 (4.71), DE: K. Harris, '88 (4.46).

> 20-yard shuttle: Allen Bailey 4.50, Courtney Harris 4.50, Marcus Forston 4.57, Antonio Dixon 4.65
Jason Fox 4.68, Chris Rutledge 4.84, Tyrone Byrd 4.87, Joel Figueroa 4.87.
Record book: OT: Eric Winston, '03 (4.33). G-C: Chris Myers, '03 (4.25). DT: M. Lawson '96, (4.34)
DE: Kenny Holmes, '96 (4.25).

> Vertical leap: Allen Bailey 38½, Adewale Ojomo 34, Jason Fox 33, Orlando Franklin 32½, Joel Figueroa 32, Matt Pipho 32, Marcus Forston 31½, Chris Rutledge 31.
Record book: OT: Tyrone Byrd, '06 (34½). G-C: Orlando Franklin, '08 (32½). DT: B. Stinson, '00 (33½). DE: Allen Bailey, '08 (38½).


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Nice work, Manny.

This Allen Bailey guy is a beast physically... Wow!

Thanks Manny.... I like when you do investigative work like that to educate the fans. Keep it up!

Numbers don't lie? Those bench press #'s are outright pathetic. Swasey is great with speed/conditioning but he is piss poor with strength #'s and the numbers don't lie for sure.

What a horrible cop out job you did Manny with this article. Not comparing the #'s to LSU or UF or USC programs or asking the tough questions?

Patience People. Got to have patience. The Pyramids weren't built in a day. I see the progress. I see the outsiders hating on Miami because they see what's coming. The Miami Hurricanes will once again dominate college football, but you all have to have patience. Good job Manny!!!
Hurricane Season won't be kind to their opponents this year.

Patience People. Got to have patience. The Pyramids weren't built in a day. I see ?

The guy that designed and built the Pyramids was a genuis...

2009 ?

Patience People. Got to have patience. The Pyramids weren't built in a day. I see the progress. I see the outsiders hating on Miami because they see what's coming. The Miami Hurricanes will once again dominate college football, but you all have to have patience. Good job Manny!!!
Hurricane Season won't be kind to their opponents this year.

Posted by: csteelejr

top 3 pathetic cane statements:

3) "I see the outsiders hating on Miami because they see what's coming."
WHAT'S COMING ???? What is coming is more mediocre middle of the pack ACC C R A P

2 ) "You are of scared of the Canes" PUHHlease. NO ONE is scared of the irrelevant candy canes. NO one even REMEMBERS your ancient success.

1 ) " Welcome to the canes family." Is there a more pathetic statement? Family? All those transfers can't wait for the reunion.

Nice puff piece Manny. SOFT

I'll trade U Debose, right now, straight up for the other two Sanford Dynamic dU ... ?

Que ?

Nawwww nevermind ...


KP, iwas just thinking how our numbers compare too with the rest. but, if NFL players are coming to participate in swassey's drills, then it must top notch. think about one fact, all those recruits we lost when coker stopped recruiting in florida went to florida, other wise, most of those players would be canes today. the same players florida is winning with.

I wish you'd compared those numbers to other teams also, but it seems pretty clear that we're just not getting kids that work as hard in the off season as we used to. We get a few players that put up some good numbers above, but the key is to max yourself out and be as physically developed as you can be so your skill can take over. We have kids that can do fine in the weight room, but they don't push themselves to the pinnacle and they just don't have the skill the others had.

I don't blame Swasey for anything. If NFL players and former transfers are coming back to him, then he's doing the best job that can be done. We just have to get the skill level back up.

Nice try but I only believe what I see on the field. I see a team that gets outmuscled by their opponents in the 3rd and 4th qtr. Go back and look at the tapes of NC State and GT game and tell me what you see. This was by far the worst tackling Canes team I've ever seen. KP had a great point lets compaare these numbers to the big boys (LSU, USC, Okla). Those teams are just flat out bigger than the Canes. I give this current regime one more year to prove to me our guys can get better as the season goes on. Not get worse.

The Finalist for OC

Rip (The Ripper) Scherer *chud recommended*

Noel (hate the jets but anything is better then nix) Mazzone

Chuck (should replace charlie weis at ND) Long

Ron ( do it 2 keep bryce brown) Prince

Brent ( boise state does know how 2 win) pearse

what do u guys think? who gets the job?

Too many people hating! Compare our freshman to the other schools seniors? Compare their numbers? It's evident that we had young kids who were riding the yellow school bus a year ago playing for the canes. So the haters want to compare a 18 or 19 yr old freshmans #'s to the 21 and 22 junior and senior strenghth #'s? How STUPID are you? Coach Swasey has never been the problem. Instead of looking at the coaches all the time, let's look at the quality of kids that have been playing for the program. Coker's kids have been dismal and lacked enthusiasm to pick up a barbell. The kids we have now need at least a full year of Coach Swasey's strength and conditioning program. You should not compare these young confident CANES to the underperforming CANES of the past. Give Randy sometime and Swasey doesn't need to time or to explain himself. I expect the hate from the Gayturd nation because they're scared of the future CANES but not TRUE Canes fans. MIAMI/DADE RECRUITING LOCKED DOWN BY THE CANES!!!

what do u guys think? who gets the job?

Posted by: spontaneouscane

How 'bout John "Puts Points On The Board" Doe ?

It'll be a fire sale 1 year hire ...

Hell, somebody has to call a 3 n 12 draw .


Great article and GREAT BLOG, but please don't let the loudness of a few posters in anyway represent the fanbase as a whole. I'd say 99% of us know the importance of Swasey to the U being the U.

lets close hard on this recruiting.


NFL players aren't trying to transform their bodies from high school kids into grown men. They are trying to avoid injuries and maintain their current condition.

It's plain as day for anyone who watches the tea, we are slower and weaker than many of our opponents. Many of our offensive lineman are fat and lack upper body strength. For a team that is supposedly so strong, we had a hard time getting a push up front against Charleston Southern.

Great articles! The point to be realized is the obvious difference in the caliber of the players when you compare current to records numbers.
The noticeable exception is Bosher...his numbers are big and his performance was big. When is the last time you saw the kicker make repeated open field tackles as well as have great kicking skills. If he can just handle one duty, he will be a great.
PS how about Kirby, that guy should have played D. That whole situation could have been different.

who says you have to be a work out guru to be winners... stick to discipline, blocking and tackling technique and go hard play for play.

side note; more team speed...and wats with athur brown 40yd dash time.

also revamp our red zone offense, total overhaul needed. we need more matt bosher players who is passionate about the game and who leaves out on the field

LACANE, u still gonna say he is the problem? The guys could stand to be a little stronger, but Swasey is not the issue. It has been weak talent and insufficient player development, coaching, and on the field discipline. Swasey is the man!

Jon Gruden fired today....Here's a good OC the U....very late in the game to get a hc job in the pros so why not OC for the Canes??




Jon Gruden fired today....Here's a good OC the U....very late in the game to get a hc job in the pros so why not OC for the Canes??

Posted by: canesfansc | January 17, 2009 at 09:17 AM


Great work Manny. Real interesting numbers. Anyway Jack goes off tonight and we miraculously win?

Puff, puff, pass.

Horrible fluff piece. If I had a bird, I'd print this article out to line its cage.

Compare our numbers to other top programs. Better yet, just go watch game tapes from the past few seasons and watch our guys get pushed all over the place.

Stop sniffing jocks and do some real work, like asking questions that might insult someone but need to be addressed.

We as fans are always crying... please shut up and suit up if U are any better. yet I don't see none of your tail on the field. Your sound Just like a broad whinning from the sidelines. Yeah we have been push around these past few years. The reason?!! We still had left over Coker recruits not all of Randys. Watch how a difference a year make when Randy will finally have 85 percent of his players instead of half. All that hated and bad mouthed Randy and Swassey will be kissing their behinds after this year and try and jump on the bandwagon. U are a FAIRWEATHER CANE JUST LIKE U ARE A FAIRWEATHER PERSON. I am sick of these so call fans crying and complaining like they can do better, Suit the hell up then and get off your computer since U know it all!

We are soft- dude, quit with the negative stuff. Season's over, time to look ahead.

What I do see here are the 40 times today- Chavez Grant 4.65? Man that is S-L-O-W for a cb!!!!

THAT, my friends is the difference between CAnes now and CAnes of old: speed, speed, speed. We don't have it, YF has it, and we need to get it back! Speed on the D line, the LBS, athe DBS. Speed at wr, speed ink-o and punt returns speed kills. And it has always been the U's mantra. I guarantee you thatfor bench pressing,a nd squats, and power cleans, you can go to Nebraska or USC or Michigan and you will have guys pressing 500 and squatting 600 as a common thing, but the U has always won with speed speed speed! That's what we need to get back.

KP pretty much nailed it. I've never heard of Bryant McKinnie coming back to train with Swasey. What about Vernon Carey? Do ANY of our linemen come back to this guy?

Wow really everyone? Gee let's put on our thinking caps for a minute and wonder why our 18yr old guys are being pushed around by 21 and 22yr old guys in the fourth quarter? Oh wait that's right... all you guys as 8th graders were starting DE's for your high school team, and dominating against seniors, how could I forget. AGE is a HUGE reason behind strength. Don't believe me look at the records, how many of those records are set in junior or senior seasons...

There should be an IQ test before you are allowed to post on the internet.

Manny, thanks for the "I told you so" The entire AD was psyched when Drew came back my senior year.

Nice work Manny the Gaturd troll is not liking this news at all.
Swasey is a recruiting assett, and DA U is on its way back.
The real question is, can we keep him with the multiple offers he keeps getting. The Gaturds even tried a few years ago, funny!!!

The only position players thatshould be worried about bench press records and squats should be the bruisers up front- For 4 years now, we have been beaten up front, manhandled over and over. TAHTis where coach swasey should be seeking to imporved. I for one, could care less if Randy Phillips bench presses 250 or 750. He needs to make tackles, make reads, get ints, and run faster. I am not singling out Randy, But the skill speedsters are where we have been hurt also: cbs and safeties.

Manny- I liked the article. Very informative. For those who said that they would like to see comparisons with other schools? Who cares? The proff is in the W-L column! The record speaks for itself.

Good work Manny. It's good to see the stuff you're producing online to compliment the print (and compete w/ blogs) and you're doing a great job. Finally someone at the Herald that's on par or better than the Omar Kelly blog from a few years ago.



If anyone thiks that strength and conditioning are overrated, just go on ESPN.com and read the article about Dan Mullen's first few days as Miss. St. coach. The first person Mullen secured for his staff (even before he officially had the job) was a very well respected strength coach. Urban Meyer is quoted in that article as saying "Recruit, and hire a tremendous strength coach," Meyer said. "Dan knows. … If a guy gets hired and [says] that 'I'm going to hire a strength coach later,' that's a guy that has no clue what's going on, and he'll fail." We have one area down pat with recruiting, but I still believe we need these kids to get stronger in the weight room. The top performers may be on par with the past, but on average the big boys up front and the team contributors as a whole are not up to par. I know they are young, but they have to get it cranked up this offseason!!! I know swaysey can do it, but the kids need to put in the work, let's hope they do. GO CANES!!!

I know that Jacory has only been at the U for 1 year but I am currios what his numbers were last January at enrollment and now after one year of weight training and eating at the training table.
It has been my opinion that the 2 quarterback system used this past year was to protect Jacory since he was thin but allow him to gain some experience while he adding weight and muscle.
I also believe that Marve saw the handwriting on the wall, realized that Jacory was better and that Jacory would be the starter at the U next year.

I can see it now. When Miami makes it back to the top. All the haters & so called fans... "I knew they could do it!!!" Everybody remember these clowns so we can dismiss them...

If coker would have had more qtbacks kirby freeman could have been switched to another position and might have been a star. I see many valid points by bloggers, it is obvious that Swasey is good, but he needs help an assistant who is a power, bulk specialist. Team is young, but team was pushed around and run over by big backs. Team faded these are facts also, team was supposed to get better with experience, something needs changing from the facts. They need to find out what and change it. Did they continure lifting during the season, they should have at least once a week, that question needs to be asked.

I have yet to see one testimonial from an offensive or defensive lineman. That is where our S&C issues are glaring.

Also, as others said, I would like to see those numbers compared with the numbers of the BCS top 5 and even compare them with others in the ACC.

I'm most interested in the lineman numbers.

On this whole getting pushed around in the 3rd and 4th quarter issue, that has less to do with strength and conditioning and more to do with offensive ineffectiveness during the game. When the offense goes three and out on 4 of 6 possessions in a half, it will wear out ANY defense during a game. And the offensive play calling and execution during the first half in 2008 left alot to be desired. When you add in the lack of depth issues in the secondary and on the line, first half time of possession became even more important.

Great article. Unfortunately, strength amounts to nothing if you lack the heart and technique to use it properly. Our guys get pushed around because they have bad technique, not because they are weak. If you take bad angles, and forget to wrap up, strength is nothing.

Those of you writing about OC finalists, your finalists lists don't seem to jive with each other. What is the story? In total we have:

Shula, Browning, Prince or Scherer, Mazzone, Long, Prince, Pearce. Not a lot of overlap (Prince). Plus, there has been uncorroborated talk about Whipple and Logan.

Also: Spontaneouscane, what is your source?

Good stuff, Manny. Way to dispel the speculation and rumors. Lots of posters had been saying that Swasey did not have the team bench; that appears to be incorrect. Did you and Swasey discuss the rumors that he's headed to the NFL?

Week 1- Miami 63 FAAMU 7
Week 2- Miami 31 Oklahoma 27
Week 3- Miami 49 Who cares 10
Week 4- Miami 52 Who cares 3
Week 5- Miami 34 FSU 13
Week 6- Miami 24 Virginia Tech 10
Week 7- Miami 42 Duke 10
Week 8- Miami 37 North Carolina 17
Week 9- Miami 42 North Carolina State 13
Week 10- Miami 33 Georgia Tech 21
Week 11- Miami 41 Boston College 16
Week 12- Miami 34 Maryland 10

2010 Rosebowl Miami 27 Florida 24

Drunk Gator take Debuse.

I'll take Ray Ray anyday!


This guy has the best NFL players coming in the offseason to get trained by him and you guys are complaining about him. For all of you complaining about the lack of speed and strength in our current players are blaming the wrong guy. Those are Cokers recruits or freshmen. We all know Cokers recruits weren't good. Those players are still here. We still have two more years before they are gone. Because of this article I can already guarantee that next year we will be stronger and faster than we were last year. VaCanesFan is absolutely correct. Getting beat in the second half of games is more a reflection of depth than anything else. You guys are barking up the wrong tree. You have more of a case against Shannon than you do against this guy. This guy trained Butch's players and I remember our O-line pushing guys and going out and opening up holes for any of a number of running backs. There's your track record of success right there. This article makes me even more optimistic about next year.

12 Jacory Harris Soph. 6-4/185
16 Cannon Smith FR(RS) 5-11/200
17 Taylor Cook FR(RS) 6-7/225
AJ Highsmith Fr. 2-0/186

2 Graig Cooper Jr. 6-0/200
5 Javarris James SR. 6-0/214
32 Lee Chambers Soph. 5-10/185
20 Damien Berry Jr. 5-11/207
Bryce Brown Fr. 6-0/215
Lamar Miller Fr. 5-11/205
Mike James Fr. 5-11/211
30 Patrick Hill SR. 5-9/256
43 John Calhoun FR(RS) 6-3/254
0 Joe Lucking Soph. 6-0/218

83 Sam Sheilds SR. 6-0/186
4 Aldarius Johnson Soph. 6-2/206
85 Leonard Hankerson Sr. 6-3/210
47 Laron Byrd Soph. 6-4/211
80 Travis Benjamin Soph. 5-10/160
28 Thearon Collier Soph. 5-8/180
81 Davon Johnson Soph. 5-11/184
86 Tommy Streeter FR(RS) 6-5/202
38 Kendall Thompkins FR(RS) 5-10/170
19 Daniel Adderley FR(RS) 6-6/225

18 Dedrick Epps Sr. 6-4/252
84 Richard Gordon Sr. 6-4/260
88 Chris Zellner Sr. 6-2/241
Cory White Fr. 6-4/225
Stephen Plain Fr. 6-6/240
64 Jason Fox Sr. 6-7/306
76 Chris Rutledge Sr. 6-5/311
70 AJ Trump Sr. 6-3/300
68 Ian Symonette Sr. 6-9/351
79 Chris Barney Sr. 6-5/345
61 Joel Figueroa Jr. 6-5/344
74 Orlando Franklin Jr. 6-7/335
65 Matt Pipho Sr. 6-7/307
52 Ben Jones FR(RS) 6-5/310
66 Harlund Gunn Soph. 6-2/313
63 Tyler Horn FR(RS) 6-4/289
60 Chris Ivory FR(RS) 6-2/227
Brandon Washington Fr. 6-5/330
Jermaine Johnson Fr. 6-6/309
Jared Wheeler Fr. 6-5/310
57 Allen Bailey Soph. 6-4/285
99 Marcus Fortson Soph. 6-2/302
95 Gavin Hardin FR(RS) 6-4/240
92 Josh Holmes Sr. 6-0/279
91 Joe Joseph Sr. 6-3/300
94 Eric Moncur Sr. 6-2/250
56 Marcus Robinson Soph. 6-1/231
97 Adewale Ojomo Soph. 6-3/240
54 Micanor Regis Soph. 6-2/321
62 Andrew Smith FR(RS) 6-2/238
75 Chaz Washington Sr. 6-4/310
90 Steven Wesley Sr. 6-3/260
Dyron Dye Fr. 6-4/216
Luther Robinson Fr. 6-3/280
Curtis Porter Fr. 6-2/334
Oliver Vernon Fr. 6-3/239

44 Colin McCarthy Sr. 6-3/235
31 Sean Spence Soph. 6-0/202
11 Arthur Brown FR(RS) 6-2/223
58 Jordan Futch FR(RS) 6-2/214
36 KylanRobinson FR(RS) 6-1/235
45 Ramon Buchannon FR(RS) 6-1/197
Antonio Harper Fr. 6-4/230
6 Randy Phillips Sr. 6-0/208
1 Brandon Harris Soph. 5-10/185
24 Chavez Grant Sr. 5-11/180
35 Lovon Ponder Sr. 6-0/219
8 Demarcus Van Dyke Jr. 6-1/177
7 Vaughn Telemaque Soph. 6-1/185
29 JoJo Nicholas Soph. 6-1/195
23 Tervaris Johnson Sr. 6-2/229
34 CJ Holton FR(RS) 6-2/195
13 Ryan Hill Sr. 5-11/200
37 Jared Campbell FR(RS) 6-0/197
Ray Ray Armstrong Fr. 6-4/218
Brandon McGee Fr. 5-11/186
Prince Kent Fr. 6-3/195
Jamal Reid Fr. 6-1/175
Kayvon Webster Fr. 5-11/185
25 Matt Bosher Jr. 6-0/202
40 Jake Wieclaw Soph. 6-1/186


You have to accept the fact that the Game has changed, and players are bigger and stronger than players from 8 years ago.

I am not hatin' on Swassey. He has a track record for getting the guys that "want to get stronger" better.

My issue is with the players, they have to want it. There is an ol' saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Swassey can only help the kids that want to get better.

Thus, they need to get stronger on the line. The Georgia Tech game was the perfect example. GaTech's line was killing Miami's. I know Shannon talked about "assignment football", but it is easier when you have NFL caliber players on the D-Line. Right now they don't have them, one way to help them is to have NFL bodies.

The players have to decide what do they want to do at Miami. Once they make up their minds, Swassey will get them right. I believe that he wants to help the kids get to the next level. But, he is not going to lift the weights and run the drills for them.

All those numbers show is that Chavez Grant is slow and has no upper body strength. This would explain why he continuously gets man-handled by wide receivers on running plays. MATT BOSHER IS STRONGER THAN OUR DB's. HE IS THE KICKER!!!!
Something is wrong with that picture.

'fans' like you acanefan...we just don't need anymore.

We started 3 TRUE freshman on the d-line against Ga Tech! Wake up 'Fans'!

Chavez Grant is a Coker player.

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