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UM partially lifts SEC ban for Marve

The University of Miami has lifted part of the restrictions UM coach Randy Shannon placed earlier this week on former quarterback Robert Marve's impending transfer. Instead of being barred from going to all SEC schools, Florida, Tennessee and LSU are the only specific SEC schools Marve will not be able to attend.

A statement released moments ago explained why -- because UM believes Marve's family members or others on behalf of Marve contacted those schools during the season.

"Due to the attention this issue has received, the University feels it is appropriate to state the reason for Robert_marvekeeping the restriction on those schools. The University of Miami has reason to believe that the Marve family or others on behalf of the Marve family contacted those institutions during the 2008 season regarding Robert's potential transfer prior to him having been given his release by UM," the statement said. "We are not suggesting any wrong doing on the part of any of the universities mentioned. Robert's desire to request a transfer was reviewed in the same manner that we do for every student-athlete in every sport. It is important to note that any stipulations imposed on any possible transfer are always the result of circumstances and are not done in haste or spite. As per NCAA regulations, a student-athlete can appeal any restrictions or stipulations given by a school regarding his or her transfer."


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UM Coach Randy Shannon, I don’t know the gentleman personally, never the less, he appears to be an intelligent and forthright man. I take many of the comments directed at Mr. Shannon and the UM to be careless slander. I appreciate a free press, thanks Miami Herald for this outlet, you allow everyone to share their ignorance. “Through the mouth, you can see the heart of man and his character is revealed by his opinion”. I come up with that one all by myself. Who is this guy Robert Weiner, anyway? What environment is he creating? To the young Mr. Robert Marve and his family, and some of you so called UM fans, this isn’t the first time a quarterback at the University of Miami has decided to transfer. Robert, my mother tried to teach me a few things before her demise. “It’s not what you do, but how you do it” and “Son, never burn your bridges”. So of course Robert, I just blew the bridges up, just joking. I pray Robert, that you have success where ever you finish your college career. God bless you and your family. Everybody,let’s just play ball. Stop the name calling.

Dan Wetzel exposed the truth, thanks Dan!

Looking forward to seeing Ray Ray Armstrong in the orange and green too. Lots of rumbling he's pretty much a lock, think that would be huge, given our current situation at safety.


Posted by: canethang | January 03, 2009 at 01:20 AM

Another post that makes no sense from canethang. Your stupidity is unparalleled.

its spelled lose or loser you dumbies. not loose and looser.. is belt to big.

Posted by: canethang | January 03, 2009 at 09:16 AM

And it is spelled dummies...not "dumbies", you dumb f*ck.

Enough of my rants and forget football for a minute.....I'm coming down for the game and would like to know where my boy-toys and me can hook with some classy gay-friendly clubs.
South Beach of the Grove?
Serious and honest answers please, don't hate on this gay man.

Marve is such an immature kid. So arrogant, yet such a child in person. Thank God he is leaving.

Randy Shannon is the Problem. Get rid of Shannon and we should be ok.

Say Shannon is the problem (I don't agree), you don't think that would set us back again if we fired him? Guarantee some of the really talented frosh he recruited would leave and who knows where we'd go. Give him some time and we'll be back, we fire him, we'll set the program back even further.

nateoffy, the only reason the players will leave is because their high school coaches are sending their kids here to play for Shannon and not for the University of Miami. Thats the same reason why we have 3 former South Florida high school coaches on our staff. Aside from Bill Young, our coaching staff is probably the dumbest in all of the FBS. Between the Marve fiasco and the Foolish Coaching at the end of the Emerald bowl, Shannon has shown himself to be incompetent. Also, Mr Danny Couch, you say you have met Randy Shannon and he is an intelligent man; That makes me wonder the criteria you use in measuring intelligence. You guys can deceive yourselves about the state of the this program all U want but the reality is that our coaching staff has been bad since Coker. Funny, Shannon was one of Coker's lead assistants.

Good riddance. The two-headed monster doesn't work and UM doesn't need the melodrama. Jacory Harris is going to be terrific and this will give Cannon Smith more reps. Now let's get a coordinator who's on the same page with the coach. In my view, the current staff has two years to get into a BCS bowl so there's not a heckuva lot of time to tinker with the offense.

bring back cooker! shannon hates anybody who aint black!

CanesFanForever, I totally agree with your statements. However as recruiting has grown into the big offseason in college football, it's frustrating to see Miami be put down so badly in the Media and by recruits. As for all of you who believe that Shannon is immoral and not a good person. Marve is no different than any other player who wanted a transfer and Miami is not the only school to have put a restiction on a player not to transfer into another school in their conference. I'm sure Mitch Mustain could not transfer to anybody in the SEC west after he left Arkansas or Emanuel Moody could not play for anyone in the PAC 10. Im sure each school has their own restrictions so why is Miami so different or Shannon so horrible? Get over yourselves. At the end of the day, it's still about putting your best 11 out on the field on offense and defense. Was Marve one of the best 11 ? And as for Mr. Patrick Nix. You coached one of the best receivers in the country in Calvin Johnson and didn't utilize him properly @ Ga.Tech and then You put blame on Shannon that he didin't want to open up the offense but before you cast stones, you have to look @ your coaching techniques. Hope we have better luck in the Under Armour game tomorrow. If we get a recruit from that game tomorrow, I go and buy a pair of the new running shoes they have comming out.

What's with the racist comments in here lately? Shannon wanting a grambling satelite school? Shannon hates anybody who ain't black ? Coker is alot of the reason we are in the mess that we are in. It's not a black thing it's not a white thing. Anybody who came in after Coker had a mess to clean up so go hang out with Rush Limbaugh on that.

Mr. Wetzel,

Your article concerning Randy Shannon's decision to limit where Robert Marve was entirely out of bounds. You obviously know absolutely nothing about what goes on down here in Miami, nor do you know anything about college football. Stick with the NHL.

Kind of funny that you spent the entire article slamming Shannon, primary because he's black, but yet you only throw in 1 little sentence as to why the stipulations were set. This young man, his father, and/or his high school coach were shopping Marve around INSEASON. While he was practicing with our team, he was secretly talking to LSU, FLORIDA, and TENN.

Now, since you have decided to bring up the fact that college athletics is supposed to get kids ready for the "real world", was this entire article endorsing the breaking of NCAA rules, in order to get what you want? Or maybe it was endorsing quitting instead of being competitive?

Randy Shannon is on record telling every recruit he talks to(BEFORE THEY COMMIT) that next year, he will go out and find the best players he can to be on this team. Even if it's your position. The recruit accepts this offer or he doesn' commit.

Now comes the part of my letter where I tell you that I'll never read your "uninformed racist opinions" again. But the truth is Mr. Pretzel, I've never heard of you in the first place! I would've never even read this "uninformed racist opinion" if the rest of the U family wasn't passing this around. I'm sure you never even finish reading this letter Mr. Pretzel but then how could I blame you??? IT'S A U THANG.


wow randy a racist i'm guessing some ppl never seen the other two qb that we have on the team anyways looking at how Nixon tossed MIAMI to the side was str8 disrespect I'm very worried about bryce brown I thought he was making his announcement today and after hearing them saying he was still up in the air with miami and oregon is puzzling i heard from his very mouth on rivals radio on december 16th saying he is very much a strong commit to the U and like the other TRU FANS little flashing of the U symbol would be all i needed to see maybe we the U nation is overreacting maybe not but hopefully we get him that would be a monster backfield with the others lets hope we get some strong commits tomorrow ( back to nixon if anybody has canestime wtf is he talking about saying he wanted to go to miami if you know what was said on the website let me and the rest that don't have the subscription know )

wow randy a racist i'm guessing some ppl never seen the other two qb that we have on the team anyways looking at how Nixon tossed MIAMI to the side was str8 disrespect I'm very worried about bryce brown I thought he was making his announcement today and after hearing them saying he was still up in the air with miami and oregon is puzzling i heard from his very mouth on rivals radio on december 16th saying he is very much a strong commit to the U and like the other TRU FANS little flashing of the U symbol would be all i needed to see maybe we the U nation is overreacting maybe not but hopefully we get him that would be a monster backfield with the others lets hope we get some strong commits tomorrow ( back to nixon if anybody has canestime wtf is he talking about saying he wanted to go to miami if you know what was said on the website let me and the rest that don't have the subscription know )

Yes, I agree Bryce Brown did seem to be having second thoughts about th "U". The media really is nasty toward the "U"! What are you going to do? I still think Bryce Brown ends up at the "U"! Relax Canes fans!! Arthur Brown told his brother "to keep your options open but you will not find a closer knit family than the "U"!
(The media failed to mention the latter!)

Shannon is now faced with finding a Offensive Coordinator and landing a successful recruiting class? Pressure is on? Media is taking shots at Randy left and right! Now is where Randy must persevere! Time will tell. I think Randy Shannon will come thru. Hell, this will be a walk in the park compared to the hardships he has endured throughout his life. I sure wouldn't bet against him!!!!! Go Canes!!!

For all the hardships Randy Shannon has been through in life. Turning the "U" around will be a walk in the park!!!!! I sure wouldn't bet against him!! Go Canes!!!!!

bryce whoooo? lamar whooo? lee whooo? craig whooo? javarris whooo? all loosers like all youall um???

Posted by: mogators | January 03, 2009 at 12:54 PM

jacka$$. its spelled loser not looser.
You dumb hillbilly.

bring back cooker! shannon hates anybody who aint black!

Posted by: pig | January 03, 2009 at 09:51 PM

Marve is black. Eugene Marve is African- American smarty pants....

Cane Fans just take a chill pill and relax.BB will be at the U with other recruits. Don't get caught up on where we are ranked in recruiting, we have about 27 scholly's. We'll get people in. Just need some OL/DL and RB's to come in. I'll take 2 out 3 kids from Seminole. West graduate, and I seen the State game in person. The kids were balling , I told my friends to watch #4 Debose , when he caught that bomb on the West.

Please chill with the racist thing. We all know this happens on college campus all the times. Randy is doing things the right way, at times may not be the best way. Plus, he's changing the culture from the last coach. This team is learning to win on the next level. One thing a notice about the team, at the end of the season, they looked weak, flat, and a lack of passion. Randy will loosen up, once he got the kids attention. They will be unified and hit the weight room in the off season.

Marve is such an immature kid. So arrogant, yet such a child in person. Thank God

so is Tebow ... Thank whomever

Iceberg dead ahead ...


can U say Pillar ?

I sent Wetzel a letter already. he is a bonafide anti-cane, and always finds a way to bash UM- he did it a couple of years ago after the FIU brawl. He is a little nerdy mamma's boy eho knows nothing aboutthe U. he jumped on the bandwagon, simply because it was there. He barley mentioned that top schools do this all the time, especially whne playbooks are threatened!


Relax on Bryce, I am sure in the end he will stay with his commitment. After the departure of Nix, I would be looking as well just because as of now, he has no relationship with an OC at Miami. Once we get an OC, his first priority will be to get up to Kansas and reassure BB that he will be top priority for this team and he will re-confirm his commitment. It happens all the time.

Any rumors about who the OC is going to be???

Manny, do you get any sleep?

Classless Miami....I have never written a thing in a blog before, but after hearing this story, I will root against Miami in everything it does. My son has been accepted to Miami for college next year, but wouldn't attend if you paid him more than the current scholarship offer. I am amazed that the administration hasn't intervened....shows what drives the entire classless school.

Bill - Who cares what U think or if your son attends the U!

Bill - The administration set the rule in place dumb a**!

Anybody know anything new on recruits/commits?

Randy Shannon is setting this program back 10 years.

You fire Shannon and bring in a proven head coach and you will see an immediate turn around.

Yeah the OC is going to be someone who is desperate for a job and wants a one year gig until Shannon is fired. So my take is the OC is going to be sorry and everyone on here will make excuses for him like they do for Randy Shannon.

Randy Shannon has done so little it is ridiculous. He was on Coker's staff so he recruited the juniors and seniors that are here now.

Randy Shannon makes Ron Zook look like Vince Lombardi.

"Bill" not only are you classless and ignorant but your a liar.

One, you don't have a son that would qualify for a scholarship of any kind - anywhere. Further more you lack the necessary equipment to produce a son.

Two, you are the classless and ignorant one. Just like the others here who refuse to address the facts. Or is it that your just another of the many classless, ignorant and liar UF and FSU fans that lack the bal%s to buck up and just come clean and admit that
THE U is, with Randy Shannon are out recruiting you guy's and you scared S&*%less.

Three, if by some miracle you do have a son we don't want you or him anywhere near our program.


We only want those "players" that want to be a part of "The Canes Brotherhood."

So, "Bill" since you and the other morons like you have started your classless ignorant lies about the RM situation it has solidified our recruits and a couple others have flipped in our direction.

So Keep Up the Work!

Jeez ignorance abounds. I'd love it if Randy Shannon set the program back 10 years...that was the foundation for one of the most dominant college teams of the modern era!

And "Randy Shannon has done so little"? You realize that he coordinated top 5 defenses for several years running? You realize that the kids he brought in last year were starting over guys with more experience? You realize that Coker, as HC, was the one choosing which of those Juniors/Seniors to offer to? You realize Coker's recruiting mentality left us so depleted at key positions, there were times in RS's first year when we didn't have enough players dressed at each position?

But yeah, other than starting to mend that debacle, RS has done "nothing".

Wow. CanesFanForEver - I hate to agree with you man, but your right.

I've been a Gator all my life, although I root for UM when they play FSU and some other schools, and it seems to me that most of these haters are just jerks, stupid jerks at that.

Gator fans, HalfAssU fans, I don't know - maybe. Yah, the recruiting thing - Shannon is killing us and HalfAssU in South Florida, no doubt. He's also hurting UF and LSU in Southern Louisiana. So maybe some of it is that.

For the most part though, these are people that know the facts surrounding the Marve issue. They just want to hate on Shannon, I think. It's like Yahoo sports writer, just a hater trying to affect UM's recruiting, he's a big Notre Dame contributor by the way. Shoot we have a couple guy's that want to transfer and Meyer won't let them. He won't let them go anywhere, totally restricted.

As far as the "Shannon dissenters", those that think he's gone after next year or that the program would be better off without him, are just "chain pullers."

No knowledgeable or true UM fan in his right mind after just one recruiting class, especially the #1 class last yr, would want any coach to go that soon.

These "chain pullers" aren't concerned fans. Heck, if some are, they're just ignorant fools so, pay no attention.

And even I, a Gator Fan, know that Jimmy Johnson is "deeply" involved in this team and spends an enormous amount of time with Shannon. That's big for the near future.

Go Gators beat Sooners!

marve will probably never play another down of football, look at kirby freeman and marc gullion. he will probably need to savor his time at miami becasue this will most likely be his last in full gear.

Not the best thing to do to Aron Andrews of ESPN.



Remember this?

Me thinks this 'yahoo' is just trying to make a name for himself.

Dear Bill - If your son is seriously considering UM for academic reasons then you're both morons. Good riddance.

Dude, what have you done lately? Alabama has won 12 National Titles (1925, 1926, 1930, 1934, 1941, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1992), but I ask the Crimson Tide the same thing I ask Miami: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY?

As far as I can tell both teams lost miserably, while Florida is playing for another National title (the second in three years) to go with their back-to-back basketball titles.

The Gators are the only team in NCAA history to hold the football and basketball crystal in the same year.

Again I ask, what have you done lately?

Posted by: football god | January 03, 2009 at 02:26 PM
ITS NOT JUST THE 5 rings, its also the fact that from 1984-2001, 17 yrs, inc probation yrs, the U played for the title like 12 times or pre bcs, was #2-3 going into a bowl, or like in 1988, lost by 1 pt as our only loss in 3 seasons. by the way, , THE UF MIGHT GATORS have never NEVER--had an undefeated season---EVER----Just in a 16 yr period 1986 to 2002, Here is what Miami did
1986 0 l0ss
1987 0 loss
1988 1 loss by 1 pt
1991 0 loss
1992 0 loss
2001 0 loss
2002 0 loss

UMMM THATS NOT LIVING IN THE PAST----That dosent count the 1 loss seasons that we won titles. THATS WHAT THE U IS ABOUT-dominance, not a good season, then a 4 loss season like UF

also, the U has won in the 80's, 90's, and the 00's, that is doing something lately. Other than ala beating who, the U, in 92, they have not done anything since the 70's.

as bad as the yr finished, we were still in 12 or 13 games counting the gator game being within 6 pts in the 4th, and that was Marve's 1st game. gtech was the only game miami didnt have a chance in the 4th qtr. When these kids are juniors, and you add 2 more top 10 recruiting clases, you have a great team, with depth. We r only missing 1-2 playmakers on a steady basis, and bryce took over that game yesterday. I am sure he keeps his committment. We need the trio tonight, they are all announcing on the UA game tonight. Keep the fingers crossed we get the guys we want.

Things are so quiet on the OC front that me thinks Shannon might be waiting to pick someone off the staff of OU or UF...or some team currently in the NFL playoffs. We shall see.

I think we'll see the OC hire coming up in mid-January...and you may be right, it may be an NFL guy. The hot names in CFB were scooped up before the season ended (Malazhan, Sarkisian, etc.) The Jags haven't made their decisions about the coaching staff yet. If a guy like Dirk Koetter were to become available...

I'm sure Shannon and Hocutt are taking the OC hire matter very seriously. Nix was meant to be a stop-gap, with the hopes he may work out. He didn't, and RS knows he'll be in the hotseat next season if the next OC doesn't pan out. We've had a new OC just about every other year for the past 8 seasons as well, something that is bad for team stability. The next OC isn't going to be a stop-gap. It can't be. A few things Miami is probably looking for:

1) Someone with a good track-record or significant promise for offensive aptitude. RS was a defensive coordinator -- he can't call the plays. On the defensive side, RS can take up slack, but not on the offense. The new OC is going to be carrying the weight on this side of the ball.
2) Someone who has experience nurturing young QBs, or perhaps we bring in a separate QB coach overall. QB development has sorely lacked over the past 5 years, and we can't let this ruin another promising young QB.
3) Someone who is going to stay with the program for a significant amount of time. What did we have, 4 OCs since 2001? Stability is necessary in driving a program forward. Passing the torch to an assistant is one thing, learning a whole new offense is quite another.
4) Someone who can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the players we have, and formulate a pro-style offense around this. We've brought in the playmakers, now we have to utilize them. But we also can't make up a playbook then try to figure out where to stick guys in. Not yet at least.

I don't want to hate on Nix too much, as his hire was never intentioned with him being "the answer". I was surprised at how lackluster he was though. He seemed to have a good relationship with the QBs though. Perhaps he would have been better suited as a QB coach while he learned the ropes from an experienced OC over him? I don't know, but that situation probably wasn't in the cards ($$$) at the time anyways. Good luck wherever he goes.

I would like to see an NFL guy...no more learning curve..

Good point Don. The Canes seemed to be in more games this yr than the last couple.

I agree. Shoot, we were one player away from 3 more wins, maybe 4 . . . Jacory Harris. Now, I know what RS was doing and why. And as it turns out he was right. A Harris with no experience in the Emerald Bowl and it's a blowout.

I don't know if a Harris as a full time starter would have mattered in that one game (defensive loss), but maybe.

But, with JH as a starter all season and a tested #2 QB not needing a 1/3rd of the snaps backing him up and the record for this season is 2 - 3 maybe 4 wins better.

JH's stats projected at 100% of the snaps look something like this:

35 TD's
18 INT's
3000+ YRD's

Pretty good stuff. Not to mention his two scoring drives of 95 yrds +. The cat is cool.

As far as the Offensive Coordinator goes, Comrade Shalalalala has just reiterate "money is no object for this or any other coaching hire Randy wants to pursue." Combine this with Jimmy Johnson working his a%% off for RS and the U, we should feel comfortable it's all in good hands. Even if we've never heard of him. Both these guy's know talent. Remember - Nix was an interim hire, hired under duress.

(no time or money at the time)

Nix was sort of a hire, that if he could prove to be a game-day play caller and a communicating coach to his players, then maybe
we would feel different about him.


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