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UM partially lifts SEC ban for Marve

The University of Miami has lifted part of the restrictions UM coach Randy Shannon placed earlier this week on former quarterback Robert Marve's impending transfer. Instead of being barred from going to all SEC schools, Florida, Tennessee and LSU are the only specific SEC schools Marve will not be able to attend.

A statement released moments ago explained why -- because UM believes Marve's family members or others on behalf of Marve contacted those schools during the season.

"Due to the attention this issue has received, the University feels it is appropriate to state the reason for Robert_marvekeeping the restriction on those schools. The University of Miami has reason to believe that the Marve family or others on behalf of the Marve family contacted those institutions during the 2008 season regarding Robert's potential transfer prior to him having been given his release by UM," the statement said. "We are not suggesting any wrong doing on the part of any of the universities mentioned. Robert's desire to request a transfer was reviewed in the same manner that we do for every student-athlete in every sport. It is important to note that any stipulations imposed on any possible transfer are always the result of circumstances and are not done in haste or spite. As per NCAA regulations, a student-athlete can appeal any restrictions or stipulations given by a school regarding his or her transfer."


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Ed Reed is the greatest football player in NFL history! Screw the Dolphins...Go Canes!

You Hurricanes fans are so ridiculous. Why would anyone on Oklahoma's staff come down to Miami??? Why would anyone want to go from one of the top programs in the Nation to a program in shambles? Why would anyone want to go coach with Randy Shannon? Plus, Shannon will be fired within a few years.

Stoops loves Oklahoma, he is staying there, there is stability, and we are consistently winning unlike Miami who has been down for awhile now. No one on Oklahoma's staff would want to come to this mess.

You Florida colleges are so overrated! You get so much hype and Oklahoma is going to pound that Tegirl.

Canes are a joke, Florida State is not as bad as the Canes but they stink, and Florida is going down.

Cant wait until next year when Oklahoma puts up 50+ on Miami AGAIN!!!!!! You Canes fans are so delusional.

Pick any OC you want and Oklahoma is going to show you what a real coach and real teams does! Oklahoma is going to beat the Gators by 28 and the Canes by 45.

Have fun Randy Shannon finding a job after next year. You couldnt even be Oklahoma's scout team coach you BUM!!!

Good analysis ATXcane.

I was looking to see were Marc Trestman was. He's tearing it up in the Canadian League as the head coach for Montreal Alouettes.

For those that don't know of him he was Kosar's QB coach and Co-OC for the U's 1st NC in '83, while going to Law school at the U.

He surfaced a few years ago as the OC at NCS.

After his time at the U he opened a Hedge Fund in San Fran. and worked as Walsh's assistant OC for a number of years. Great offensive mind and communicator. He is pretty close to Chud and Butch as well.


BoomerSooner, shouldn't you be on some Okie Mullet wrapper bloggin about monster truck racin or the WWE?

Go back to beating your wife trailer trash.

Boomer sooner- You are lucky that the NCAA didnt come down harder on Bobby the cheater- Stoop(s)id. He and his baby brother are Urban Liar's girlie boys. All cut from the same laying scheming-recruit-at-all-cost molds. Bottom line is Texas deserves to be there against UF They beat you plain and simple. Period. Oh-so you put 65 on TTU? woweee! Guess what? Ole Miss just ran out of time or they would have put 70 on them!

Anyway, for a school thathas beat UM 1 out of the last 4 times they have played, you all do flap your gums a lot. We shall see. Once your Cherokee QB leaves, it will be all over because he is 90% of your offense! By the way- be thankful the BCS allowed FSU to play you all in 2000- UM's 2000 team was justas good as the 2001 team, and would have humiliated your redneck a---es.

By the way- let us not forget that the Baltimore Hurricanes won mostly by the hands of 3 Hurricane players. Ed Reed is THE best safety in the history of the NFL. Ray Lewis will be one of the best LBS in the history of the NFL.

Sorry Okie from panokie- I don't see any Oklahoma sooners here. Adrian peterson is the only one in the NFL eh? UM has 4 rbs that dominate, and guess who the leading wide receiver is? And how many pro bowl players are from the U?

I just can go on and on... By the way National Championships in the era of leather helmets don't count anymore!

Marve's pic in tis article is interesting... He is about to throw one of his ill-advised picks.

Boy, and thought UF and FSU fans were nuts!


BoomerF^&kingSooner it's not only the Baltamore Hurricanes, it's the Hurricane National Football League.

You can't watch a game in the HNFL without the CANES making an impact. I don't see that with any BoomerF^&kingSooner's, Gator's, Semi-holes or any other program.

You f-ing, BoomerF^&kingSooner.

Bored BoomerSooner? No cattle to tip or sheep to screw down here? Remember, you beat us 1 time in the like the last 40 years. Like the Gaytors, you stopped playing us regularly because you didn't like the regular beat downs we were handing out to you. Yeah, remember the last time you were in the NC game down here and USC gave you the second worst loss in BCS history (with the worst belonging to the Gaytors)? Remember the embarrassing losses to West Virginia and Boise State the last 2 bowl games. We are down now but we will be back. We will not be irrelevant for 30 years like the Sooners were before Stoops came and rescued you. Enjoy your time down here oogling the girls out of your league on South Beach and then go back to the dusty plain from whence you came.

My prediction: The U kicks Sooners A^& next yr!

Jacory Harris; 4 TD's 300+ yrds Chamebers and Brown 100 + each on the ground.



Oh and Lamar Miller over 200 all purpose yds.


ray ray, debose, and dye to commint on espn...

Wow! Prince Kent just got toasted!!!

rar ray picks miami yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Ray Ray.... COME ON DOWN!!!!!


RAY RAYYYYYYY, dumped Florida, great job!

We got Ray Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ray ray we got him!!!! 1 down 2 to go

Nice to see a lil U getting thrown around again, someone must of been watching the playoffs earlier.

Welcome Ray Ray - U just made a great choice, looking forward to your future, very bright!!!!

Go Canes!

dayum, future can jamal reid just burned future cane prince kent, sheesh!!! U all over the place!

Reid looks like a playmaker. Also, it looks like USC is going to reload at QB again, nice touch on his passes...

cane vs cane there!!! jamal reid and prince kent, welcome to the U!!!!

If you are a Fan of the U. U need to be watching the Under Armour Game ! Ray Ray ! Reid beating Kent for a TD ( practice should be fun watcing those 2 !) All of the news is not bad and for all of you Shannon haters, Boston College is going to fire their coach just for interviewing for the Jets job and y'all wanna cry about Marve's restrictions being too harsh ?

Debose just broke a long one. I want that kid bad!

i'm not hatin' here, but damn it, we need OL, we keep getting the athletes, skills position, no doubt we will fill that position up, we have it on our own backyard, i just hope RS would put more effort in getting the big guys, coz the athletes will naturally commit to us, there's no question about that!


Sources: BC threatens coach over Jets interview


dude on the sideline just mentioned debose better commit to LSU after the run, yeah right!!!!! whoever said that licks les miles balls!!!!! i hope devin hester comes up to him and tell him to go to the U!!!!

Can U say Ray Ray!

hehe armstrong just threw the U sign!!!! u go boy!!!!

OL recruits don't see Miami as a gateway to the NFL, as in other positions. PLus our OL coach is not coaching these kids up. they are going to OSU, USC, LSU, OU, Michigan. We will get some recruits, may not be rated as highly. Shannon knows that it's more than need than a want. Dye is coming up next.

waiting on dye to commit, he coming up next!!!!

Dyron Dre is about to decide between the U and LSU.... If he's smart, he'll pick the U. Otherwise, he'll end up regretting picking LSU just like the Johnson kid from last year.


He picks the U guys.... Smart guy

Dye to the The U

Dye makes it 2 out of 3. Who said the Canes can't recruit! Go Canes.

2 for 2 baby!!!!!

I hate this hat thing. But I love the results. Ray Ray and Dye. Nice!!

dye picks miami looks like a clean ssweep come on debose ur next

i'm having a good feel about debose now!!!! it's miami or LSU!!!! lets do this shiit!!!

it'd be so much added bonus if we steal jelani jenkins aswell!

who's next????

xavier nixon you could've been in a good place, instead you chose florida who is going to be losing a lot of players in the draft, u better hope tebow doesn't leave, or ur only shot at NC is gonna be gone like the wind!!!! the U will not forget the way u tossed the U hat away to choose the gayturds over us, 2013, here we come!!!!

jamal reid just broke one again!!!!

damn, ray ray is a freakin' beast physically!!!! him and spence will kill it side by side

thats what im talking about we got the U all over the place in this game and its nice to see the real hurricane fans stomp on the necks of the U bashers like this boomer sooner charcter anyways the recruiting just got a little tighter with the commits that we have and possibly might get i wonder what news manny will have for the U

debose, come on son, lets do this shiit and man up, come to the U!!! follow the rest of your boyz!!!!

All this talent at the skill positions is great.

But, we need O-linemen!! Or get Art Kehoe back. Art can coach'em up good. Especially turning those nasty D-Linemen into excellent O-Linemen.

Randy - find Art and hire him back. He's not doing anything now.


Go Canes, I'd love Kehoe back, but there isn't a chance in the world it's happening.

OL doesn't see us as a gateway to the NFL, the big guys like to go to college in mid america and eat steak and corn all day hahaha

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