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UM partially lifts SEC ban for Marve

The University of Miami has lifted part of the restrictions UM coach Randy Shannon placed earlier this week on former quarterback Robert Marve's impending transfer. Instead of being barred from going to all SEC schools, Florida, Tennessee and LSU are the only specific SEC schools Marve will not be able to attend.

A statement released moments ago explained why -- because UM believes Marve's family members or others on behalf of Marve contacted those schools during the season.

"Due to the attention this issue has received, the University feels it is appropriate to state the reason for Robert_marvekeeping the restriction on those schools. The University of Miami has reason to believe that the Marve family or others on behalf of the Marve family contacted those institutions during the 2008 season regarding Robert's potential transfer prior to him having been given his release by UM," the statement said. "We are not suggesting any wrong doing on the part of any of the universities mentioned. Robert's desire to request a transfer was reviewed in the same manner that we do for every student-athlete in every sport. It is important to note that any stipulations imposed on any possible transfer are always the result of circumstances and are not done in haste or spite. As per NCAA regulations, a student-athlete can appeal any restrictions or stipulations given by a school regarding his or her transfer."


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A little love from ESPN:

"1. After landing ESPN's top-rated recruiting class in 2008 -- and with another very good class on the way in 2009, led by RB Bryce Brown (Wichita, Kan./East) -- the Miami Hurricanes will win the ACC in 2009 and go to a BCS bowl."
-- http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/recruiting/football/columns/story?columnist=luginbill_tom&page=predictions09/recruiting

I feel your pain guys on the OL. Just remember though we've actually got 4 kids coming in for O-line that are definites (2 prep, 2 TE). Recall too that Jason Fox was a TE, Eric Winston was a TE, and Bryant McKinnie was a JuCo DT. The guys are there, just hidden...

I think we need an older OC to run the offense, someone with experience, knowledge and someone not intimidated by RS, who can control the offense, teach, manage the clock, like the dcoordinator cause that was a great pickup for miami.

I think we should be receiving more good news in the next couple of days, not to mention, the silent commits out there. RS laying it down.
Hopefully, J harris is in the weight room as we speak and book in hand studying and building weight up. I expect for J Harris, to at least, grow to about 215lbs.


God, we need offensive linemen...

Big pickups today though...I think we will probably end up stealing a few UF recruits...

Whatever happened to Chaz Washington or Ian Symonette? That guy is a giant. I am happy seeing Ray Ray fly all over the place during the Under Armour game. Dye looked good too. Just needs to bulk up but that will come.

I wasn't shocked that Debose didn't follow suit. He has been told he will replace Percy. I like the way Ray Ray made his pick. Do you think he saw what xavier nixon did? Reid looked good to can't wait to see how Miller will do.

I agree with most everyone saying we need OL.I would like to see a OC that has NFL exp with OL and QB coaching. Just think what these guys can do with a great OL. One that can open up holes and pass block.

Whoops--I guess your "inside info" is right 33% of the time. Very impressive.

>> Andre Debose - LSU
>> Dyron Dye - FSU
>> Ray Ray Armstrong - UM
>> Mark my words... inside info...
>> Posted by: chris CANE
>> January 03, 2009 at 02:50 AM

Good riddance Marve the quicker you shut up the quicker you will be forgottem. Maybe LSU was interested in you but I seriously doubt they wanted you. Keep it digging ou the BS Coach Shannon you are headed in the right direction. A bowl in your second year is not a bad thing especially w/ the previous guy's players.

The Marve's should sue. The restrictions are not constitutional to begin with and limiting someone's ability to achieve a desired education restricts one's educational opportunities. The landmark case could finally end the LOI signing day and make players true academics instead of meat for the colleges to make money off of. I transfered into Miami while on an alternate scholarship and never had any restrictions from my prior university. None. TO limit a persons choices is unamerican. End it now. Let the players transfer whenever and where ever they want. Maybe then, Shannon's dungeon of horrors act will end and a real coach can take his place.

End the NLI now. Let the players decide where to go to school like everyone else and not get tied up into contract that don't even guarantee admission to the university in the first place. Sue Robert. end the universities monopoly and finally start to lead to a true national championship as well.

shannon has ruined the program

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