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Vernon ready & other burning recruiting questions

With only three weeks left before National Signing Day, the recruiting rumor wire is going bananas.

Bryce Brown talk is at a fever pitch. Is Rivals.com's new No. 1 national player sticking with the Canes or heading elsewhere?

Does Miami have a chance at getting receiver Reuben Randle, the country's No. 2 overall recruit? Or will he stick with those SEC schools in his backyard?

Are the Canes going to lose any other recruits now that tight end Billy Sanders (UCLA) was the first one to jump ship? Will Kayvon Webster, Luther Robinson, or [gasp] will Brown be next?

All of those are nice burning questions for you recruiting junkies. Here's one at least that looks like it will Olivier_vernonfinally be resolved: Defensive end Olivier Vernon told me he's made a final decision and will announce it Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at his school. Vernon, a 6-3, 240-pound defensive end at American High in Miami, was one of the first players to commit to Randy Shannon's 2009 signing class last August. But he's been flirting with Alabama and Florida State ever since. While UM expects Vernon to begin taking classes Jan. 20, I was told by someone last night Vernon still hasn't given the Canes his final notice he's really coming.

I finally got down to chatting with Olivier last night -- two weeks after he told me he had planned to make a decision. Why was he holding out? To allow Bama's Nick Saban, FSU's Chuck Amato and Shannon to make in-home visits. Each made a different pitch. Vernon said Saban talked about how 'Bama could use him as a hybrid linebacker/defensive end; Amato talked about FSU's tradition and academics; Shannon didn't even talk about football, preferring to stick to life. Now, Vernon says he's ready.

"I already know where I'm going, I'm just got to let everybody else know on Thursday," Vernon said. "I just wanted to decide on the best school. All I really care about is going to the school where I think I have the best chance at winning a national championship at."

> Much the same way Vernon needed some extra time before making his final decision, Bryce_brownBryce Brown needs some time, too. According to reports from Canestime and Canesport, Brown is waiting to see who UM hires as its next offensive coordinator and waiting to plan his final recruiting visit for either Jan. 23 or 30th so he can meet and greet the new coordinator. The good news? Now, you can follow this saga all on your own. According to Canesport, Brown's mentor, Brian Butler is building a webpage at www.potentialplayers.com so fans can track Brown's latest thoughts. Amazing how far we've come in recruiting isn't it?

> Defensive back Prince Kent, who was supposed to graduating early, is holding off on enrolling at UM until the summer time. I spoke with his mother Bernetta Walker this afternoon who told me Prince_kentPrince needed some extra time to pass an online trigonometry class and fell behind because of football (the Under Armour All-American game). Kent, who grew up following his mother who was in the U.S. Army, has spent most of his life trying to rally his academics after falling a bit behind when his mother was stationed in Hawaii. But, he's been working with UM's academic department throughout the recruiting process to make sure his academics are in order. Prince is retaking the SAT soon to try and score higher than 1,000. "Our plan is to have all our paperwork in hand by the time we head down there for signing day," Walker said.

> Scratch Michigan standout and tight end Dion Sims off the Canes' list of potential recruits. Sims, rated Rivals.com's 7th best recruit, committed to Michigan State Tuesday. He was supposed to be visiting the Canes on Jan. 23, but those plans now look nixed. Sims picked Michigan State in part because he also hopes to play basketball. You can't blame the Canes for not trying to sell both sports. I spoke with Frank Haith Monday, who told me he and Shannon have spoken in the past and present about potential recruits playing in both sports. "We definitely work together when we've had to," Haith said. "[Assistant] Jorge [Fernandez] has made calls to kids when he's had to and I definitely know the kids they were looking at recently were good enough to play basketball for us, too, if they wanted."


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Can somebody tell me who they think coach Shannon will play as the featured RB next year? Because to me Javaris is the answer. I love Copper but he cant play that all purpose roll. Lee Champers on the other hand look very impressive in the Bowl game. We still have Damien Berry who I still have faith in because he is a stud athlete (should have stayed at DB) we needed him there this season. Or will Lamar Miller or Bryce just steal the show as Freshman. btw.. Love Jacory Harris but we need to get Taylor Cook some mop up duty if we ever get a blow out i.e. FAMU

Go Canes and good luck Rattlers


I meant JJ is NOT the answer

Every one of 407's posts are negative. I think he/she likes it when everyone is against him/her. He is in every post of Manny's saying something negative about RS. But like one guy said on here, there's always that one who's going to be that way.

Gary Ferman (rivals) reports that OC finalists are being interviewed and a final choice is expected to be announced next week!

Anyone know more? Who? When?

Ferman also state that UM has said they will not be using an interview committee. It's gonna be 100% on Shannon. Which means he better get the right pick. By the way, 407 is a gator fan and an attention ho. Quit biting folks. He will just change his name and come back as someone else. Quit biting or just five him a hug. He sounds like he needs it.....

spyhazard, The head coach at the U has always had 100% of the interviews and decisions on "His" coaching staff.


Jimmy was on 560-WQAM "Mad Dog's" show a few weeks ago and a few of his, many, statements about the U and Randy were:

1) The U is "my school now." I love it here. I'm not going anywhere, this is it!

2) "I speak with Randy daily." Randy, was my choice, great recruiter. He got the local coaches on board his first week. I really pushed for him hard. He's going to do great here, just you watch.

3) It's funny how depth and talent - has a way of improving "your game-day coaching."

So - his decision will be bounced off some knowledgeable people.

Below is One of many good prospects we've looked at here:

Here's some great research by;

Dade County

On Mitch Browning, a potential Offensive Coorinator for the U.


Good stuff. Couple of things in common with Shannon, Frank Broyles Award winner and 4 year starter at Linebacker.

This guy knows how to run an Offense. Take a look!

God Bless Mitch Browning. Please say its so.

I read the post about Mitch Browning and he does sound like a good candidate. My only concern about him is that his not a QB coach and this program badly needs one. I am a big fan of Jacory but he is still a little raw and needs some good instruction to bring him up to the next level. I believe that with the proper training Jacory is NFL material. He has the smarts and other intangibles and his arm strength is better than most give him credit for. He just needs some fine tuning. We also have some other young QBs that probably do not possess Jacory's talent and will need to be brought up to speed as well, so we really need a guy who can develop young QBs. I do not know, based on what I read about Browning, if Mitch is the guy to do that.

In all honesty we really DON'T need Bryce. We have a stable of backs, and more coming in. Let him go elsewhere. WE NEED O-LINE.

I agree with you. And I'm not pushing this guy, I feel he's one of many that will work very well.

Although, he is more in the mold of Chud, with his TE coaching. But, he actually coached QB's, TE's, OT's, and WR's - this for a 5yr period as Offensive Coord.

So, what I see is a guy that actually knows "all the moving parts" and what they need to do.

A teacher. Nix wasn't a teacher.

This guy is someone the kids will look up to and will want to win for, just like they feel about RS, Young and the position coaches. He's a relationship guy.

Browning is a guy that can work here, among others RS is talking to, so I feel comfortable with RS and JJ making the right decision.

Browning is not at the U of Min. anymore.

Like I said, I think Mitch is a strong candidate and it definitely is a bonus that has has coached so many positions, i.e. TE, OL, WR even LB. Yet, I have not come across anything about him being a QB coach. But if he does up being the guy, they could hire a QB coach as well. It actually might work out better that way. I guess we will have to just wait and see.

The Canes are on the rise, and this recruiting class, including Vernon, needs to jump on the train before it leaves the station. Kudos to the recruiters who recognized the talent in these guys before Rivals, ESPN and Scout. For example, many recruits on the Canes list started rising up the rankings long-after the U extended them scholarships - before they were ranked #1 or received a 5-star rating. RS is building a core nucleus of winners, and I am exited about the future.

This past year Mitch Browning was the OC at Syracuse, and from the looks of things it didn't improve there O.

Passing O is ranked 113 out of 119 teams
Rushing O os ramled 55 out of 119 teams
Total O is Ranked 114 out of 119 teams

I know it was Syracuse.......


Was he fired at MN?

Was he fired at Syracuse?

FYI - I have never considered MN a power house in FB and I would prefer to not hire an OC from the Big 10 conference. But, maybe this guy is OK, I just don't know him.

Shame about Olson Charles(now 5 stars in scout). Perfect fit for canes and even dropped the Gator NatChamp Trophy.
BTW- Anyone have news on the Sheldon Richardson story?

Mitch B. BIO:

Coaching Experience
• 2008-present Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends/Tackles Syracuse
• 2005-06 Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends/Tackles Minnesota
• 2000-04 Co-offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends/Tackles Minnesota
• 1999 Tight Ends/Offensive Tackles/Recruiting Coordinator Minnesota
• 1997-98 Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator Minnesota
• 1995-96 Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator Kansas
• 1991-94 Linebackers Kansas
• 1988-90 Defensive Backs Kansas
• 1985-87 Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks/Tight Ends Kent State
• 1983-84 Quarterbacks/Wide Receivers Kent State
• 1982 Graduate Assistant/Wide Receivers Ohio State
• 1980-81 Part-Time Assistant/Wide Receivers North Carolina
• 1979 Graduate Assistant/Defensive backs Miami (Ohio

what did orson do?

about 1 hour to vernon time!

Ten more

Any word on Vernon's commitment announcement?

Canesjunkie, Jimmy was on 560-WQAM "Mad Dog's" show a few weeks ago and a few of his, many, statements about the U and Randy were:

1) The U is "my school now." I love it here. I not going anywhere, this is it!

2) "I speak with Randy daily." Randy, was my choice, great recruiter. He got the local coaches on board his first week. I really pushed for him hard. He's going to do great here, just you watch.

3) It's funny how depth and talent has a way of improving "your game-day coaching."

Posted by: Power_Sweep_Right | January 14, 2009 at 09:51 PM

Thanks Power_Sweep:
Any idea if that interview is posted anywhere online in like a podcast or similar? Would LOVE to hear it. As a Miami native now in the frigid north, I hate to miss out on stuff like that.


percy goint to the nfl, joe shad is reporting.

Still nothing on Vernon? Also, anyone know where the 2009 schedule is at online?

He's staying with tha U!

Love Mitch Browning. Minnesota had sick offenses a few years back. Look at what he was working with at Syracuse.

Man, basketball canes getting killed.

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