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Vernon sticking with Canes

Olivier Vernon isn't going anywhere. He's staying home with the Hurricanes. In a small get together in his high school principal's office, Vernon told friends and family moments ago he is going to stick with his commitment to the University of Miami, which he made back in August.

Img_1212"It was kind of hard because all three teams can win a national championship," said Vernon a 4-star Rivals.com recruit and 6-4, 240-pound defensive end, who was mulling over UM, Alabama and Florida State until the past week. "But UM has been my dream school since I was young. I felt like I was destined to play for them."

Vernon, who graduated from American High Thursday, will begin classes at UM Jan. 20 and will room with freshman defensive tackle Curtis Porter in the spring. He will wear No. 17. Eventually, he will switch over and room with fellow incoming freshman Dyron Dye in the fall.

He's looking forward to rehabbing his injured left ankle, which he injured in the season opener against Coral Reef, with UM doctors and trainers. He said he's still experiencing some pain and could have some ligament damage. But he expects to be ready for spring ball in late February.

The Hurricanes are definitely getting a strong player. Vernon is benching 335 pounds and squating 455. "I've kept lifting, kept working in the weight room even though I haven't played," Vernon said. "I'll be ready."


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Thanks Manny!!!




its all about the U LETS JUST HOPE HE STAYS HEALTHY throughout his career

First? Welcome to the U!

1st off WOW, you are either not a Canes fan or a fan who wants to see them loose due to your dislike of Shannon, posting that crap at the end of the previous blog. Great job Manny for getting this info. out to us. Olivier, welcome to UM, we are happy to have you and know that you will succeed with hard work on and off the field!!

Great to here he's comming early too. Besides him and mcgee who else is going to enroll for spring practices?

Thanks manny!

GREAT NEWS! And now...the Bryce Brown drama...(curtain pulls back to reveal a circus)


Just watch Bay Ray's interview with Sapp to know what it's all about!!!



Just watch Bay Ray's interview with Sapp to know what it's all about!!!



That's great new Vernon. Welcome to the U.

On rivals it said that Shannon is interviewing finalist for the OC position and an announcement should be made by next week. Does anybody know who the finalist are?


Vernon looks like a 25 year old underwear model. Man, if I looked like that back in high school, I'm sure I could have moved beyond the fat chicks that I bagged...

Another player fulfulling his childhood dream. Welcome to The U family Vernon!

As for Bryce Brown, stop driving yourselves crazy over this one Canes fans. Let the young man enjoy his time in the sun. I think he will ultimately stick with his original commitment. If not, it will be disappointing but we will move on. We have a stable of talent to go forward with already.

Once again Manny, great work on staying on top of all the breaking news with The U. These kids are finally starting to buy into this Dynasty that Randy Shannon is building. While the whole recruitment game has gotten out of hand as of lately with athletes trying to get their 15 minutes of fame playing hat tricks, when its all said and done, anyone can see what Shannon is building here at the U. So for one thing for all those fans that are ready to jump off the Brickell Causeway whenever a recruit commit says they wants to take a visit to another school, take a chill pill, the kid just wants to play the recruiting game, and gets some free trips. I mean haven't you guys seen the movie "He Got Game", lol!

Welcome to the U Mr. Vernon, glad that you kept your commitment. Now rehab that ankle, work hard and let's help shore up the defense.
Man I hope the OC is creative and uses the players correctly.

Nice. Let the recruiting games begin!

Look y'all, I understand that people are impatient on Bryce and the frustration with the circus atmosphere and all. But I look at it this way:

Bryce is doing us a favor and is doing the smart thing for himself. On his side, he is exploring every option available to him and taking the time to make the right choice on what may well be the most important decision of his life. Give him a break on it, ok? As for us Cane fans, he is also doing us a huge favor in putting some pressure on Randy and the University to make a great, instead of adequate, choice for the next OC. Miami needs to shell out some dough and get the right coach or whether Bryce comes or not will be irrelevant.

Let the kid take his time, and let's find a creative OC who can teach and knows how to work with young QB's. I think if the OC search ends well, BB will also end up with us. If we end up hiring another 29 yo kid whose claim to fame was being a mediocre college QB and has two years experience as an assistant coach for a .500 program, then Bryce would be insane to still come to Miami and we should probably just forget about Miami getting back to the top as long as Comrade Shalalala is around.

It'd be nice if there was a little more info circulating on the OC search. Does anyone know anything?

No OC at the U - Agreed, agreed, agreed!!!

I think these guys have been coached into this kind of drama. Think about it, Bryce is now the NUMBER ONE recruit. It is about attention, his advisor knows that people are drooling over him and now watching his every move. Bryce has made visits down here to see his brother, he went and watched Miller at a game earlier this year, I am convinced it is more about the hype.

If you commit too early, the National attention is diminished. I am sure when fall practice starts, there will be two jerseys with the name "Brown" on the back, one with "A" and one with a "B".

Welcome to The Miami Hurricane Family Olivier.
*licks index finger, sticks it in the air*
The Wind is picking up...
Lets Go Canes!!!

anyone have access to rivals? they supposedly say the OC position is down to finalists that are being interviewed and we should have one chosen next week. i don't have a subscription though, so i don't know the real details (who and when). help?

Great work keeping us informed Manny.

Vernon, you need to get stronger. I am 39, and those were my numbers last year.

I hope Miami has about 20-25 guys benching over 400lbs this year. They seriously have to get bigger and stronger. The game has changed, and you can't play with kids that have the bodies and strength of players from 1988.

However, they need big & strong football players, not big & strong guys playing football. Which means the guys they have on the roster better get stronger.

If I were a player today, I would compare my size, strength, and speed to the players that play my position and made the All-America teams and then get with it. (Swasey should have all of that information)

The next step would be to match their output on the field.

I think Ray Lewis asked Ed Reed this question, "Where do you want to go with it?"

The players on the Roster need to be asking themselves, "What do they want to accomplish at Miami?"

Great athletes...average coaching...just a resting place until they get to the pros. The winning at the YOU is over.

Great athletes...average coaching...just a resting place until they get to the pros. The winning at the YOU is over.

Mike stop being the turd that just won't flush.

Spikes, not Harvin, returning to Gators
By Joe Schad

One prominent Florida player is going, another is staying with the BCS champion Gators.

Junior wide receiver Percy Harvin is expected to announce later Thursday that he will enter the NFL draft, a person close to him said. Meanwhile, All-American linebacker Brandon Spikes said Thursday he will return for his senior season.


Do you have any elgibility left? We could use a guy like you in the trenches. Sounds like you got a mean-streak.

hey gayturds 3 is not 5.....GO CANES.....

now shannon is recruiting the injured. will that be the next excuse? too many injuries. wait til next year. forget it-shannon must go canes need a coach why is a program, like miami, training a coach. this Used to be where a coach was expected to win,. now, well be back-wait til 2010- then maybe 2011- no but 2012 you can count on--forget it fire shannon and get things going in the right direction. just another year of hype about recruits and coaching that isnt. what offensive cood. would take a job here knowing it will most likely be a 1 year gig. maybe nix

Andymiles.....Thank for the link!

Sapp and Lewis! Big Daddy and Ray Ray.

Now those boyz said and meant
Would lay a lick on their babies momma if it was for a "W".
Old school, Hard knocks, and did not give a damn about being politically correct!

Ray Lewis as a freshman said he was going to be THE BEST LB at the U EVER! I remember doubting him and his cut off shirt. BUT, he made BELIEVE!

That is EXACTLY what we need at the U now. So LEADERS that are not affraid to cross the line sometimes. To grab a brother in arms by the face mask and say LET DO THIS!
We are the U! And this is HOW WE ROLL!!!!!

I am with No OC at the U and most of the rest...I think Bryce will come, but if he doesn't then he doesn't. Since we have no OC yet, it is only natural for the kid to explore all of his options. Somewhere else may end up being better for him, and if we're not his top choice and he only comes for his brother, it won't do us or him any good. Besides, Lamar Miller is a STUD, and have any of you seen the list of 5-star RB's in the 2010 class? We'll be fine without Bryce Brown, but I hope he comes anyway, because I'd love more than one strong and fast running back in the stable next year.

I'm still disappointed in the OL list. Again, though, there seems to be a lot of those in the 2010 class that have the U high on their lists.

Now let's get a championship caliber OC and go whip the Noles in Tallahassee next year.

Hey, we all want a winner but you have to be realistic, these things don't happen overnight. Yes, we had a lot of successful coaches come thru here and get us to the top...only to leave right after that. The HC job at The U has been a stepping stone and some of us fans want somebody who will stay for the long-haul. Randy is a U guy. He has deep ties to this program and wants to bring it back to the top and keep it there. So, in the process, we are going to have to be patient while he learns the ropes. He has no experience in this position but has great potential. He understands what this program is about and what has made it successful in the past. I for one am willing to give him some time, at least 2 more years. If there is no improvement after that, then we call start looking elsewhere. Until then, chill.

Wannawinner, I think the OC position at Miami is VERY attractive. Look at ALL the talent that just needs the proper coaching, I mean are you kidding me? You can mold them into FIRST ROUNDERS.

Welcome to the family Olivier!

3 is not 5, but 4 which will happen next year is 1 away from 5, and we will be playing U for number 5 in 2 years!
Then we will be tied and you have to find a new rant! Ha, Ha!

Randy is OUR GUY.
But, he needs to adjust his coach style some too. Maybe build a select few player relationships with the leaders & let them rain down on the guys that are not giving 100%.
Creat some fun and laughter in good times and bad.
RS talks about life and being successful in life. Well, BALANCE my friends is best thing you can have in life. Can not be hard all the time, have to smile and laugh some too! Can't just grid all the time, you will have nothing to grind on.
Lets put our arm around these guys, pick them up at a bad play, and most of all-GIVE THEM HOPE for bright days and better plays!

cola, i like that your optimistic. and i totally agree with the talent. thats why i believe shannon is wasting everyones time. these defensive players have been his recruits, so why have they not been developed. like coker, when butch's class was gone, the offense AND DEFENSE both lacked growth more each year. the defense does well at times, but when a really good offense comes, they get whipped. that even in shannon DC years.so personally, i would like to stop wasting time, and get a coach to bring UM back. shannon has gotten recruits, but miami recruits itself because of the history. so i hope im wrong, and the perfect OC comes in, the def. gets nasty like it can, and shannon excels this year. but if there is no growth, no consistency like these last 2 years, then shannon must go. i want to win again #6-should be 7

MiamiGator, not so fast my friend. I understand you are not used to being on top and don't know how to act but don't let the rarified air of success go to your head. Mr. Meyer has to replace Mullen, who he has never coached without, and then has to replace Tebow and a bunch of others. I'd be surprised if Meyer is still there in 2 years. And even if everything panned out and you did win 2 more sometime soon, you would only be TIED. Think of that, you have to win 2 more just to be TIED! Even then you still could not match our NFL pipeline, so you really would not be tied. So, enjoy your time at the top but know your place boy.

LA, you are mostly correct. That is what I meant by saying he has to learn the ropes. He is a great recruiter and a good administrator of the overall program. I think he needs to work on his game day coaching and interpersonal skills. The former is a must and the latter would be nice but is perhaps not as necessary and less likely to happen.

Bryce is coming to da' U ..... forget all the negative viBes !!!! The most important item on Shannon's agenda is bringin' in a "OC" that knows his X & O's . Miami needs a guy who can get back to the BASIC FUNDAMENTALS !!!! A teacher , and most of all ,,,,, a guy who can move the CHAINS !!!!! We sucked on 3rd DOWNS , and I really believe "NiX' had no clue !! If you remember "Gary Stevens" , JJ's OC , He was a TEACHER ! He knew the other teams weakness , and he made them pay , especially on 3rd DOWNS !!!! On OFFENSE , Da' CANES need to imply all there weapons . Throw to a full-back who can catch, throw to the tight-end , Utilize the SCREEN, Stretch the defense DEEP, run inside, attack , attack , attack !!!! Go' CANES'

Canesjunkie, Jimmy was on 560-WQAM "Mad Dog's" show a few weeks ago and a few of his, many, statements about the U and Randy were:

1) The U is "my school now." I love it here. I not going anywhere, this is it!

2) "I speak with Randy daily." Randy, was my choice, great recruiter. He got the local coaches on board his first week. I really pushed for him hard. He's going to do great here, just you watch.

3) It's funny how depth and talent has a way of improving "your game-day coaching."

Posted by: Power_Sweep_Right | January 14, 2009 at 09:51 PM

Anyone know if it's possible to find the audio to that interview that Power_Sweep is talking about?

Sounds like a great interview. JJ is the man. He IS Hurricane Football. I've got my doubts about RS, but if JJ believes then I'm good.

Help us out on this audio, please. Man, I wish I'd heard that!

3-out for shannon this program has become more than irrelevant to college football. how long does a team like miami get great recruits and show no growth as a team. only notre dame has a worse track record with the recruiting and making them winners. do any of you really want to wait as long as ND before miami wins again. 2 peach bowls, blown out in #2, the blue grass bowl where miami barely beat a totally inferior nev., no bowl, then the emerald. thats not a good sign for a program with top classes, even in the coker years. remember baby j, where is he, coop, is becoming less noticeable. wright, then freeman, maybe lack of coaching has a lot to do with their play.these were top recruits. where are the def. guys shannon was coaching. since stoops left, you can really see the difference. randy is killing the football program lets move on and get the transition over. fire randy

it doesnt matter what JJ says, its what happens on the field. shannon knows there is no pressure to win, so it doesnt matter. it shows each week when the SAME game plan is used. shannon must go. JJ can take him fishing--this is now win now the talent is there to do much much better than we are make miami relevant again fire shannon

Is jimmy a realistic of target?

man...this whole thing with bryce brown calling everyone and opening the recruiting up and all that crap is getting on my nerves...i think this kid is a little full of himself and doesn't realize what being a Cane is really all about...this is shades of willie williams...without all the arrests...

NO OC @ the U,

I am with you! But, I do not understand how he can get in front of Mom & Dads, Grandmother, Aunts, & Uncles. Make them all believe in him and the U. What the U has to offer.
He can't sit there with the same attitude and anger he has on game day.
Than does not sell and no way he could fool all of the people.

RS is a good person. A strong person.
A face for the U built by the U.

But, yes, he needs to adjust. Even when he was DC, we always got hurt deep middle. Still do.
He is coaching his heart out and he knows the plan works. You can tell he is SO frustrated on the sidelines. Bad angles, Missed tackle, blown coverage.....

I personally think he let NIX fail on national tv so it would be easy to let him go. That was the worst 2 min drill EVER.
So, again. He has to be more hands on with this OC and DC. Call a play or two on off and get involved more overall. On special teams, on off, and def. All GREAT coaches had a pet project that they worked every week. A few players, special times, or something. I do not see Randy doing that. And that would build him a core group of leaders. HIS Boyz doing it HIS way.

And I think IF we had one stud on each side of the ball, then we would ride that stud.
All the talk of OC, their resumes state how great they made one player or one player broke this record. We need a RB back that can carry the rock in the 4th qtr and kill people on any given pay. We need a LB or S that is coming up to BLOW UP someone. Our current CB and S are always breaking down and getting in wrong position. I would love to see them run thru the play or the ball carrier. Stop waiting for them to come to them. Ed Reed, Sean T, Ray, and other were hitting the WHOLE pile. Making sure it did not move! Sean T would never push someone out of bounds. If he ran 30 yards to catch them, then he was going to get his monies worth and lay a hit on them. If you wanted a TD then you knew he was still going to knock you over. Those hits add up and get in peoples heads! As great as Sean Spence is, I never saw him chase down one play! If he does not make the play within 15 yds of the line of scrimage, then he slowed down. Great teams need plays to play all out. WR block down field, RB kills the blitzer to give QB extra second, and defense ALWAYS defends every inch of the field. No walk in TD's.

RS is doing it. He will adjust. But he needs some leaders to set up. Players to Play to be considered a GREAT CANE.

3 is not 5, but 4 which will happen next year is 1 away from 5, and we will be playing U for number 5 in 2 years!
Then we will be tied and you have to find a new rant! Ha, Ha!

Posted by: MiamiGator | January 15, 2009 at 03:33 PM

Nice imagination you got there.

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