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Vernon sticking with Canes

Olivier Vernon isn't going anywhere. He's staying home with the Hurricanes. In a small get together in his high school principal's office, Vernon told friends and family moments ago he is going to stick with his commitment to the University of Miami, which he made back in August.

Img_1212"It was kind of hard because all three teams can win a national championship," said Vernon a 4-star Rivals.com recruit and 6-4, 240-pound defensive end, who was mulling over UM, Alabama and Florida State until the past week. "But UM has been my dream school since I was young. I felt like I was destined to play for them."

Vernon, who graduated from American High Thursday, will begin classes at UM Jan. 20 and will room with freshman defensive tackle Curtis Porter in the spring. He will wear No. 17. Eventually, he will switch over and room with fellow incoming freshman Dyron Dye in the fall.

He's looking forward to rehabbing his injured left ankle, which he injured in the season opener against Coral Reef, with UM doctors and trainers. He said he's still experiencing some pain and could have some ligament damage. But he expects to be ready for spring ball in late February.

The Hurricanes are definitely getting a strong player. Vernon is benching 335 pounds and squating 455. "I've kept lifting, kept working in the weight room even though I haven't played," Vernon said. "I'll be ready."


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No OC at the U
Yup you are right, first of all I never like Mullen, so I was extremely happy when he left, yes the spread may have won us two championships but its frustrating to watch, we have the horses so let them run, when only one or two guys handle the bulk of the offense then none of the other speedsters get involved, yes Tebow will be missed after next year, but he is a ball hog and with him not being there the wealth will be spread, Brantley his back up is a way better passer than Tebow anyway, so we will have a quarterback in two years that can pass and does not run for 3 yards every down.


With all due respect, your "Fire Shannon" rhetoric is completely unrealistic for the following reasons: (1) Randy is the only person who wanted this job after what Coker did to our program and we owe him a debt of gratitude for what he has done for us thus far; (2)Kirby has already repeatedly stated that he is going to let Randy complete his 4 year contract; (3) You can't judge a coach with players he did not recruit. Butch took over with stocked cabinets and it still took him SIX (not 3) years to get close to playing for a NC (sidenote: F the Noles); (4) Blame Nix for the predictable offense...and blame that fact that we had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to hire Nix as the OC on Coker. See (1).

Give Randy a chance.

In Randy We Trust. GO 'CANES!

LA, the fact that you see these things is because the players are not coached. they are more consistently out of position than in. i wish everyone would stop worrying about the "image" of miami, and worry about winning. butch won, his players knew who was boss, and they had attitude. that team won with class, and played hard. if you have to tell the players your the boss, then you really arent. RS is not capable of doing the job

doublecane-butch took over a program stripped by erickson, going on probation. as soon as all the scholarships were back, so was miami. and 2 more years will just mean 2 more years of wasted talent. and those defensive guys that arent doing the job, not the fresh, those are shannons recruits. he didnt know how to teach them then, and wont now. thats realistic records speak for themselves. and for a program like miami to SETTLE for anyone who would take the job, then miami has problems that wont be solved in any short time. recruiting cant help those problems.


Welcome to the Miami Hurricanes Family.
Y'all feel that? *licks index finger & sticks it in the air*
Wind is picking up. LET'S GO CANES!!!

let's see if this one gets erased...

Posted by: MiamiGator | January 15, 2009 at 03:33 PM

But how many of those 3 were really EARNED? UF is two time VOTED National Champs. Great job!

2008 EARNED National Champs...



i would have fired that shannon the same night miami lost to virginia in the OB. that was pathetic as his game plan. shannon was a mediocre LB surrounded by great talent. just because he was there doesnt mean anything. he was a mediocre def coordinator and he wishes he could be as good as mediocre a coach fire shannon yesterday tomorrow is to late

Fellow Canes: Brush the hate and dirt off your shoulders, and let the FSU and UF fans who post here talk all the smack they want.


Please read (or re-read, as the case may be) 'Cane Mutiny and then come back on the blog once you better understand the history of this program. I read it every year before NSD. It never gets old. 'Cane Mutiny (or heck, even Wikipedia) will show you that:

-Butch took over a team sorely in need of discipline, not talent.

-How can the older guys on D be Randy's recruits when he was not yet the HC? Guys aren't going to come to a program for a DC if the HC can't recruit. Randy did the best with the hand he was dealt by Coker.

-Welcome to the history of the Miami Hurricanes, our program has "settled" on a lot of coaches, including Schnellenberger and Butch, and JIMMY JOHNSON, who was widely referred to as "Jimmy Who?" after his hire.

Randy is our guy and, with all due respect, I look forward to him proving you wrong.

"shannon has gotten recruits, but miami recruits itself because of the history."

And that's what Coker thought...NEXT!!!

I think it is funny to see all the negative comments from people who never posted before and are obviously undercover agents trying to undermine our optimism.

Go Canes!!


60sCane must be either illiterate or willfully ignorant. "he was a mediocre def coordinator".

Really? Here's to his six years as a DC:
2001 - 6th ranked defense nationally, Broyles Award Winner
2002 - 7th
2003 - 2nd
2004 - 28th
2005 - 4th
2006 - 7th.

Patience Patience Patience



I just wasn't going to say anything. Some people just have no clue, and only look at the sides of the box.

For some reason, I keep flashing back to JJ's first few years. As someone typed, "JIMMY WHO?".

I love it!!! Welcome to the U!

I heard that they show videos in Brazil of Pele playing soccer and 70-year old men cry watching it. I'm gonna put it out there, if that interview with the 2 best defensive players UM has produced does not strike a nevrve in you or make you shed a tear then you must be a closet seminole or nick saban fan. Speaking of college football's biggest hypocrite, it's good to see O.Vernon stay w/ his commitment to the U. Wannawinner, everyone wants miami to win again but you just stated the problem when you said that miami recruits itself. That was coker's mentality and we have been paying for it ever since to where we are now. As for Vernon being an injured recruit, there is enough talent in front of him that he doesn't have to see the field right away. Alot of the frustration is that the defense year in and year out is always productive while the offense sputters so the OC hiring will be crucial. The development of a cohesive OL a TE and J.Harris' maturity is just as crucial.

How can folks get on here and say Miami is not getting better?
Compare last year with this year!

OU in 2007 to UF in 2008
UVA in 2007 to UVA in 2008
VT in 2007 to VT in 2008
WF in 2007 to WV 2008
Bowl game in 2007 to bowl game in 2008
Freshmen played in 2007 freshmen played in 2008!

This blog is cool, and folks can view their opinion, but can yall start providing facts when your make a claim as the team got worst! And watch the game, aand not the scores and see if you can say this team got worst! That's just a DUMB ASS comment! Nothing personal!

I think it is funny to see all the negative comments from people who never posted before and are obviously undercover agents trying to undermine our optimism.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: CaneSince1986 | January 15, 2009 at 05:06 PM

OMG thats exactly what i was thinking..

Enough with the fire randy talk right now. I think all fire randy comments should just be ignored.

On another note, do ay of U guys think that highsimth can come in here and be a productive backup QB?? or is it automatically cooks or simth's job.

I'd bet all those negative fans are just wagonjumpers who were at the Florida celebration kissing Tebow's a##. Keep that crap to yourself. Shannon has had to build the program from scratch. Getting rid of the non-committed and getting players who can ball and be team guys that know what it takes to win championships. All these freshman and sophmores are hitting the weight room and getting stronger, faster, and smarter for the upcoming season. OU better watch out, that's all I have to say.

All the trash talk is from Gator fans who know what is about to happen!

6 Ring Coming soon to a field near U!

Da U!!!!

Bryce is coming. Blood is thicker than water. Besides, if Miami ever gets its act straight it will dominate this weak ACC. If Bryce goes to Oregon he has to go pass USC and that aint quakin. To all the Miami haters. It should be 7 national Championships. We would have destroyed Oklahoma in the Orange bowl in 2001. The year we were screwed out of the BCS game. And don't get me started on the phantom pass interference call that screwed Miami against Ohio State. Everybody except Miami haters and Buckey fans KNOW Miami won that game. Oklahoma comes into town week 2 of next year (2009) and Bradford is going to play. If I were you all, Id be more worried about Oklahoma week 2 than who's going to be our OC. Young was awesome for the defense , trust me, randy shannon will get the right guy this time around. Our Defense will be watching Oklahoma film all spring and summer long. That game will be prime time and the Orange Bowl will be rocking. If we win we'll be in the top 10 Ap poll, we lose and start thinking 2010.

Any news on Jacory's shoulder injury??? Did it require surgery?


Week 1- FAAMU Home
WEEK 2- Oklahoma Home

Our Defense will be watching Oklahoma film all spring and summer long. That game will be prime time and the Orange Bowl will be rocking. If we win we'll be in the top 10 Ap poll, we lose and start thinking 2010.

Posted by: tro | January 15, 2009 at 06:25 PM

Orange Bowl ???

Dude, lay off the ganja. THE OB is HISTORY just like the once mighty Miami Hurricanes.

Oklahoma will destroy U.

Ray Ray Armstrong reminds me of no. 26(RIP). And I like saying 'Ray Ray'!!!

Anyone who goes on a Cane fan blog and chooses a name like "CANESsucK".....is a complete moron. Get some kind of life, find a team you like and comment on thrir sites. Idiot!!


atxcane= what did miami do in 2003-2007. ranked defense, with what was left of butch's boys-then the team got worse. and doesnt the coordinators recruit also-doublecane--its sad to see you guys like losing. shannon has done nothing to prove he can coach. evidently, he cant hire the right help, what makes anyone think he can teach players. whos left to fire-keep making excuses, i know he grew up in a bad town, its not his fault yadayadayada--fire shannon canes fans used to want winning teams, now all i see is people making excuses for a jerk that is stealing from the univ. by calling himself a coach-this team is as bad as those in the 60's. is that what miami wants the "U"sed to be

To add to the very true statements that CaneSince1986 made, there is a lot to be optimistic about at the U. Vernon said he wanted to go where he had the best chance of winning a national championship, and he chose the U over FSU and Ala. I think the recruits can see that with the talent the U is stock-piling over the last two recruting classes the program rolling on an upward trajectory. These recruits are impressive - Don't just look at the stars by their names - these guys can flat out MAKE PLAYS.

top 10 is this guy an idiot or what--miami wont see top 10 til im gone. beat ou, thats just stupid. i have lots of new players coming in, should i tell them im the new off cood. its all we could afford. next year, its a 3 qb system. smith and harris mostly, but others will play. should we use the spread, im not sure if i can learn that. oh well, dont expect too much, my extension is coming. 5 more years, and 20 dollar bonus if we go to smurf bowl. shalala like idaho- its all about the me oops YOU

there is one dude already thinking 2010--more excuses incredible how the mighty miami fans are HAPPY to be mediocre--actually less than mediocre--losers national chumps irrelevant sorry pathetic

Anyone who goes on a Cane fan blog and chooses a name like "CANESsucK".....is a complete moron. Get some kind of life, find a team you like and comment on thrir sites. Idiot!!


Posted by: CaliCanesFan | January 15, 2009 at 06:43 PM

Toledo Rockets !!!!! U Happy Now ?

tro-dude your stoned man hangin out with ricky williams again--OU-63 mia-10


I would think that a call to wqam might work.

I heard it too.

But, I thought this was common knowledge.

I've heard similar stuff from Joe Rose on his morning show and in interviews with Randy - where he's said he and JJ speak every day.

And when Randy was hired there was "talk" that JJ was in the admins/Paul Dee's ear daily, to hire RS.

And one of my kids coaches is a former U player who is "well" connected on the inside at the U - told me "JJ is the U's Parcells (volunteer, of course) because he's adopted the school as his own." (Over his own Alma Mater the U of Arkansas).

So, to hear JJ say it, it just solidified it for me. I can still hear his voice - that's how good it sounded to me.

Rest assured, Jimmy Johnson loves this place and is heavily involved in the background.

then jimmy is an idiot--shannon is the worst coach in 30 years and i mean worse than coker FIRE SHANNON SAVE THE PROGRAM

I am hoping Young can take the D to the next level in his 2nd yr. The U needs a D and some players that can blow up plays at the line of scrimmage. What I saw, too much of, was a defense that was not nearly aggressive or strong enough, this last season. ex Lsu's defense of ga tech and the U's defense of ga tech. shows how much improvement is needed.

Toledo Rockets !!!!! U Happy Now ?

Posted by: CANESsucK | January 15, 2009 at 07:02 PM

Then post on their site and stay there. Stupid!

This is not to take anything away from RS. All great leaders have their mentors!

The only idiot here is you mike!

Just another Gay-tor.

What a fool.

canes2--how original--mommy help you with that spelling too gaybait

then jimmy is an idiot--shannon is the worst coach in 30 years and i mean worse than coker FIRE SHANNON SAVE THE PROGRAM

Posted by: mike | January 15, 2009 at 07:11 PM

Coker inherited:(Reed,McGahee,Portis,Gore,Shockey,A.Johnson,Buchannon,Vilma,E.James,Antrel Rolle,Rumph,DJ Williams,Sean Taylor,Frank Gore,Vince Wilfork,Roscoe Parrish,Winslow II,Jerome McDougle, and the best QB that can read defences in Ken Dorsey)

Shannon inherited:
(Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman)

can you imagine a top recruit playing for miami--not these days we got it in the bag. next time, tell randy itll be more than a field goal. miami fans cant do anything but watch a top team and one of the premier univ. sports programs. you all must understand, its bigger than crybaby shannon. its the university itself. the athletic program is not the same as when howard won. or jimmy, or deenis, or butch. it changed with DS not RS. the priorities are money FOR the univ, not to help win. so sit back, watch the new team of the decade, and try to enjoy cause the U wont be back.

there is actually about 3 players who qualify to play for me. ill be calling them. marve wasnt one of them. so your best recruit would warm my bench for 4 years. notre dame will be a contender in 3 years. watch for me


Everything goes in turns, right now it's your turn to bask in the sun. In the early part of the decade is was all about us. Now we are putting a lockdown (once again) in south Florida recuiting and bringing ourselves up the chain again. Florida will not last for very much longer and the Canes' will be back on top. Meyer is going to the NFL and failing in about 2 years anyway.

The family at the 'U'

Bryce Brown and all the other new recruits should watch this video. This will give them a better perspective of what the 'U' is all about. The same dynamic Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp showed on the video, has also occured with Micheal Irvin and Lamar Thomas (Micheal Irvin to this day still calls his old dorm phone number at he begining of every year to see who picks up, and to start a relationship with new the receivers at the U), same could be said for Aldarius Johnson and Andre Johnson (whom speak on a regular basis). The list goes on and on.

This is also an important reason why Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye picked the U - the family factor.

Here's the video one last time:


I also found this great article (it's a few years old but it speaks volumes) about Miami's strength coach Andreu Swasey and his workouts. So I hope no one else mentions that the 'U' should get a new strength coach.


your even stupider--coker won with those guys shannon hasnt won anything i mean nothing are you happy with nothing then you are a californialoser--FIRE SHANNON

Does anyone have the link to jimmy on wqam? i looked for it on the wqam website but i cant find it.

OC final candidate rumors....Mike Whipple - Phila Eagles Asst. Coordinator. Check out the UMASS Website and search Mike Whipple...what an unbelievable resume...this guy is a genius!!


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