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What we're hearing: The OC search

Is there any news on the offensive coordinator front? Do we know who has been interviewed or contacted? 

In short, my answer is no. I have nothing concrete from anyone at UM. Randy Shannon has always been somebody who keep his thoughts close to the vest. What I do know is the vacancy could be filled by Friday. Here is what I'm hearing in terms of candidates along with what is being reported by others across the country.

Eagles assistant Mark Whipple (left) watches Ben Roethlisberger throw the ball in 2006. > From conversations I've had with sources, the No. 1 guy on Shannon's OC wish list has been Eagles offensive assistant coach Mark Whipple. The former coach at UMass won a I-AA national title and has a Super Bowl ring as Ben Roethlisberger's position coach in 2006.  Whipple, 50, has spent his entire coaching career in the Northeast (except for one season with the Arizona Wranglers of the USFL in 1984). That reason, and because he's now been in the NFL since 2004 (once you move up you rarely see guys move back down to college) makes me believe he'll likely pass -- or has passed -- on the job. Also of note, an early morning report Wednesday out of Philadelphia said Eagles quarterbacks coach Mark Shurmur is leaving for the Rams offensive coordinator job. Whipple could become his replacement in Philly.

> I've been told the new top candidate is Rutgers offensive coordinator John McNulty. I received a phone call Tuesday night from a friend very deeply connected in the coaching circles who said McNulty has been offered the job at Miami and is now mulling it over. McNulty, 40, previously interviewed for the UM job in 2007. He passed and returned to Rutgers with a pay raise. Last year, McNulty interviewed with Nick Saban at Alabama and returned to Rutgers again.

Rutgers offensive coordinator John McNulty is believed to be one of UM's top choices for its vacant offensive coordinator position.. From what I was told, McNulty passed on the UM job the first go around because of the lack of talent on the offensive side of the football. Now, he likes what he sees (except for the offensive line). McNulty apparently would like to bring assistant coach Kyle Flood with him. Rutgers gave up the fewest sacks in the nation under Flood in 2007 and 2006. As for McNulty, Rutgers set school records for total offense (5,841 yards), points scored (421) and first downs in his first full season in 2007. The Knights also became the first Bowl Subdivision team to boast a 3,000-yard passer, a 2,000-yard rusher and two 1,000-yard receivers in the same year.

> Other names have popped up aside from those two. The ones who might appear to have some substance are former Minnesota and Syracuse offensive coordinator Mitch Browning, Cleveland Browns quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer, former San Diego State coach Chuck Long and Ron Prince, formerly of Kansas State. Long told The Miamih Herald he has had no contact with UM. Browning is apparently considering joining Lane Kiffin's new staff at Tennessee and Prince will likely end up in the NFL. Scherer signed a deal to be the quarterbacks coach with the Carolina Panthers Tuesday.


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"How is the program falling apart? I just don't get some of U people. At least U all are good for a laugh." -360cane

U have had 4 DC in FOUR years. That is called falling apart

U coach is a flaming disaster.

U stadium is well.....not YOURs The OB fell apart years ago

U coordinators are....well....NON EXISTENT. This is what happens when U are falling apart

U fan base is SAD . The numbers are a joke because U fan sees a team that has fallen apart

U television exposure is a joke. TV execs don't broadcast U because they see how U have fallen apart

U president doesn't care about football. Never did. never will. This is the most GLARING exaple of the program falling apart

U top ranked QB bolted from the disaster shannon

U super duper blitzing DC ran from randy too...for the same pay

U Mystique is......just a flat out joke. ( ask GT and virginny about it)

U HC can't even manage timeouts, much less QB's and the team

U defense was #56. middle of the pack very impressive Okay U climbed your way back from 108th. great job middle of the packers

U prized recruit bryce is throwing up a middle finger ..not a U Arthur is whispering in his ear about U falling apart. Arthur got bamboozled

U have more holes in your depth chart than the finest aged swiss- that's the result of a falling apart.

Even if this stuff is HALF correct it's still reason to be very alarmed

Repeat after me cane fane. It won't hurt a bit

" EROSION " Now did that hurt?

Did I mention that U haven't seen the bottom yet? U are still falling apart

"the U's" mystique,...." - canes future

dude. seriously get off the crack pipe.

Georgia Tech doesn't really see the "mystique" nor does Virginia

Keep believing that ancient foolishness.


Great work Manny.

First !

Hey , whats the update on the OC hire?

Hey, whats the update on the DC hire?

Hey whats the update on when OUR COACH GETS FIRED?

Anyone know what Jacory said in his press conference today?

Poor little Kehoe,

50 years, no title!

50 years no ranky!



Go 'canes!

i heard that RS was on the west coast so do yall think he might have interview norm chow?? that would hella good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Shannon doesn't win in 2009 he's probably out as head coach. Under those circumstances, it's got to be tough for Randy Shannon to sell this job to an experienced coach.

We can't afford Norm Chow.

gocanes, no...I think he was interviewing Long out there. canesjunkie, there is no evidence whatsoever to support your claim.

say, for instance, he hires a good OC and ends up running the D...and the Canes loose the ACC championships game, I would be shocked if he lost his job. if he wins, the ACC championship leading to a BCS bowl, there is no way he is fired at that point, unless there is some scandal. time will tell...

No way gocanes. Chow is pretty well situated on the west coast and has strong ties to the LA area. I don't see him uprooting after only one year at UCLA and moving to the opposite side of the country. My guess is Shannon is on the west coast to interview Chuck Long.

At this point too, I wouldn't put much stock in "XXXXX has been definitively removed from the candidate list". If Long really wasn't a candidate, then who would Shannon be heading to California for?

Can't wait to find out who the picks are and getting rolling with the spring practices. Looks like we're heading to our second straight #1 recruiting class, and the title is not far off. Bring it home, Randy.

News flash!

UF OC takes job at Miss. St.

UF DC denied opportunity to interview for a job in his own conference (SEC) because of his race! Disgraceful!

D-back de-commits from UF!

Harvin declares for the draft!

Shyt happens! To your program, as well as ours!

Go 'canes!


How many contraversies must there be to find a true college football champion, for officials to make a play-off? A play-off makes sense for multiple reasons, crowning a true champion, giving smaller schools a chance to compete with the heavy-weights, and its a new age of football where not only do the coaches, fans, and media want a play-off but we deserve one.
A contrversy of who is actually number one has been going on since the beginning of college football because the sport is based on human polls. In 1998, college football started a system called the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) which consisted of four bowl games the Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, and the Rose. The number one and the number two teams in the final BCS poll at the end of the season play in the national title game hosted by one of the four BCS games (the national title rotates among the four every year). In 2006, college football added a new bowl the BCS National Championship game. Since then the top two teams play in that game and eight other teams play in the other four traditional bowls. But two slots may not be enough sometimes. In 2000 the University of Miami, Florida State, and Oklahoma all finished with one loss. But it was Florida State and Oklahoma who got to play in college football's finale. The funny thing though... to view more visit http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=137842976&blogID=465493079

You have completely abandoned the differences between your multiple personas canesrule/sarasota. You're starting to recycle your canesrule bunk under your sarasota name.

Your slipping clown. "Disgraceful" is a canesrule favorite.

But you will say its not the same clueless imbecile..


Posted by: SWAGGER BABY | January 21, 2009 at 05:22 PM

You are a such an idiot! As far as I know you are the only fool with multiple personalities!

How else would you describe the way the SEC treats their own?? It's a "disgraceful" conference run by a bunch of biggot's!


Go 'canes!

shannon wont hire a pass first OC, he wants a run first (a little conservetive) type of guy.

Do U Hear Yourselves ?

Mark Whipple would be the ultimate OC for the Canes. Forget Norm Chow!

Willie Martinez would be a good DC for UM! Shannon should stick to 1 JOB, i.e. Head Coach.

Finally, I think we should also hire a QB Coach. Bernie Kosar would be an excellent choice!

For OC - How bout Mike Shula? Look what Saban has done in Alabama with Shula's recruits...Shula has coached in Pro's and knows what it takes to be a great recruiter in South Florida...His name is well respected as an OC and coached with Shannon while both were with the Dolphins...Other option that is a no brainer is Chud..The guy is a winner wherever he's gone!..What really needs to happen is that the U starts SHOWING THE MONEY to their coaches...This will allow for the head coach compete with the other universities to keep his staff...

You people do not have a clue about college football or any of those coaches whose names are being thrown around - someone gives a name and every idiot out there goes "hey he would be a great coach for da U" come on people, how do you know? Not one of you knows anything about those coaches other than the schools that they coach at, so give me a break. Same thing goes for recruiting, someone puts a star rating on some 17 year old high school who nobody has ever heard of and you morons go wow he is the next Bernie Kosar, or the next Warren Sapp, stop it! Let the pros do their job and you guys just sit back and enjoy the ride,,,,, it is all kind of stupid to act like you really know the coaches or the players coming in..

For the record, I was the first one on this blog to rip Nix, and he was gone. I ripped on him after the UF game, a coward for not allowing the offense to take chances and win the game instead of allowing them to fight and challege.
Do you know why Chud is not even mentioned for the OC position ??
Because he is a D&^k. He has a terrible personality and a bad influence on the kids.He thinks he is the greatest thing on this planet.His coaches hated his personality.
So before anyone mentions Chud as a possible replacement, you don't know what you are talking about. We need to stay positive on this blog. Go Canes !!!!!

I think it's hilarious when sports writers pull crap out of the air and post it as some INSIDE info. They always skate away when it is wrong.

Can anyone give me a fact that any OC has turned Randy down? I guess they keep "guessing" to create a story to sell papers. This is pure BS!


If we have the same season in 2009, Shannon has got to go. I agree, show improvement and get to the ACC Championship and he stays. It's gonna be tough with a dimished coaching staff.

Whoever comes down here needs to be allowed to RUN the offense with no interference. It would be nice to see Chud back here, it would be nice to see a passing game again and a defense that can stop the run. It would be nice to see my CANES again.

Now that swagger has had his moment of idiocy I want to educate him on the U. The reason we are in this position is because of a lame duck coach named Coker who took probabbly the best football program in the country and reduced it to rubble. And even still it endured and made him a winner. We are rebuilding just like nd,is just like fsu is just like penn st. did. We will be back at the top and when that happens what are idiots like you going to say? Nothing!You'll jump back on the banwaggon. Canes yesterday Canes today Canes for life, our resume speaks for itself no need to explain ourselves to ignorant people!

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