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Wheeler joins U family

BOSTON -- My flight just got into frigid Beantown an hour ago -- not in time for me to listen in on offensive lineman Jared Wheeler's live announcement on 790 The Ticket. But in case you haven't heard already, the 6-6, 305-pounder chose the Canes over Vanderbilt as expected.

JarredwheelerI caught up with Jared and his dad as they were leaving the studio. Apparently, this decision wasn't such of a slam dunk as many of us thought it might be. Jim Wheeler said his son was torn until his mother gave birth to the Wheeler's 10th child -- John -- last Sunday. "I really just wanted to stay close to home," said Jared, who is second to Jenna, a sophomore at the University of Florida, among the Wheeler siblings.

"With the new baby John being born I wanted to be there while he was growing up. Family comes first for me."

Vanderbilt nearly did, too, for Jared. Jim Wheeler said the Commodores were making a hard push, visiting as late as Monday. But Jim said his son had his mind made up. "It was a tough decision," Jim said. "It was close."

Jared said he had a little fun making his announcement on the radio Saturday. First, he asked the show host to pick up a Vanderbilt helmet. After a pause, he said he told him "keep it as a gift."

The Hurricanes are certainly relieved Wheeler -- a good student who has a 4.1 GPA and 1070 SAT score -- Jared_wheelerhas decided to stay home. His addition brings more depth to an offensive line position in dire need of it. Aside from Brandon Washington (6-5, 330) and Jermaine Johnson (6-6, 310) who are scheduled to begin classes Jan. 20 and participate in spring ball, UM now has two more offensive lineman coming in the fall with Wheeler and Fleming Island's Cory White (6-4, 240). The Hurricanes, who are up to 20 commitments, are likely going to add two to three more linemen in the coming weeks. Wheeler said he's not sure where he'll play once he arrives. The good news is he has experience playing guard, center and tackle.

In Wheeler (a Rivals 3-star recruit rated the 7th best player in Broward by The Miami Herald) Miami not only gets a unique athlete -- but possibly an in roads at American Heritage. Jared's father, a former defensive tackle at Hollywood Hills High who played with Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez as a teenager, is a middle school football coach at the school. Jared said Miami has already begun to sending mail to his younger brother, Jacob, a 6-7, 240-pound defensive end and tight end for Heritage.

Wheeler, who benches 315 pounds and squats more than 450, said he's already begun getting to know his new teammates and said he speaks with A.J. Trump and Jason Fox frequently. He said he's excited to be joining the family.

"I'm excited -- they're on the rise," Wheeler said. "They're going to be a really good team. They got all those kids from Northwestern, who I know are great players. All they need are some big guys and I want to help out with that."

> I'll be at the Canes-BC game later tonight with a live blog. Forecast for today is calling for 6-10 inches of snow in the area. I may be here longer than I thought.


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The kid needs to be stronger. I was 165 lbs in high school benching 315 lbs.


Thanks for getting back on Bryce. Getting anxious...would hate to lose this one. I read the SI piece and came away very impressed with how he's handling the process. Regardless of you agree with the path he takes to make his decision, you have to appreciate the care with which he will make his choice. Nice to to see character and stall for consideration and not free trips to Hawii...

Swassey should just do what USC does. They use our old offense lets use their strength and conditioning program.

This is good news. If anyone cares Marve may walk on to UF team if Tebow enters the draft.

taint tebag going to nfl told me after my reach around ps not very good @it but showed great emotions

taint tebag going to nfl told me after my reach around ps not very good @it but showed great emotions

Welcome to the Family Jared... It's circus when dealing with the fans.

Nice to get a talented and intelligent OL in here. Hopefully we can get his brother down the road and create a pipeline from American Heritage. Its a small school but there's some good talent.

keep up the good work Manny! Canes recruiting class is looking good. I was happy to see Wheeler pick Miami. Keep us posted on the Offensive Coordinator. Go Canes!!

Damn soon as i say something bout that damn sun sentinel marve picture and david hyde story still being up, LINDA ROBERTSON goes out and writes another marve article and now its front page on here. WTF MAN LEAVE THE *** ALONE. Linda is now on my hate list. these people aint got nothing better to right about. Are U kidding me.?? How bout how randy has cleaned up this program. Do people think they can roll with that.

While Gators gloat, Canes cringe.

While Urban Meyer smirks, Randy Shannon stews.

While Florida wins a national title, Miami loses a quarterback.


Who the hell told this lady that were cringeing? Who the hell told this lady randy is stewing??

The only reason i still pay to get the herald at my house every day is because i feel like i owe it to manny for his great *** but this lady is bout to make me suspend my ***.

Who is this Linda Robertson and why was she permitted to get on her soapbox and write this biased piece. This is an op-ed story on the front of the sports page. It lacks any research, new facts, evaluation and comes a week late. Why would the Herald contribute to the national bashing the U receives. This issue should have died but now this website has given this story more traction. How many blogs are going to link to this article and reiterate how Miami is thug U, shannon is not looking out for the well being of his athletes etc.....

What is even more frustrating is that this story is not even up-to-date with the response from the Marve's about USF and UCF not being "close enough"??

Pathetic that your editor would allow this story to be published, MIA newspaper or not

my god i just seen this bull can anybody drop this marve thing its old news "miami cringes" well miami isn't i repeat isn't cringing at recruiting man ppl love to hate us but it sure does get very aggravationg how the media sticks to one side of the story but that is the media real biased towards a situation

over/under on when the marve articles stop?

LACANE and anyone else talkin about Swasey, back up what you say with facts. I do not have the time to research it but every spring we get the strength numbers and speed times put out and 90% of the time we see improvement out of our athletes. Calais came in at about 230 lbs and left at about 280 lbs and was still skinny, remember this guy was 6'8 with long arms, he got pushed around because he does not get his pad level down read his scounting report.

LACane and everyone else who doesn't know Swasey...

More than anything do your research. Swasey was on the s&c staff in the mid 90's. He went to another D1 school to be head, and then Miami brought him back in 99. And since I am quite sure you never worked with him LACane... he does do about 105% of the drills you talked about. If you understand science, not every body works the same way. I would take in about 25,000 calories a day, 6 meals plus weight gainer shakes, with him for a month and I put on 2 pounds. -Trainers wanted to write a paper on my metabolism- And Swasey is being recruited to become head of s&c for NFL teams, not looking to leave the Canes.

Learn the facts, know what your talking about, otherwise you are just another talking head trying to sound like you know what you're talking about.

Why does this paper even report on Marve? He is no longer part of the team. If you're going to report on Marve, put it in the UF section.

has everyone one been watching the old canes light up the nfl

Linda Robertson is a Sante Fe Community College Graduate (Gainesville)...let her be. She was deferred by UF since 2000.....

Email Linda and she will tell you...She can write this stuff because she can and it is an editorial.

She is good at getting back to you because she had mentioned something political in an article on the Panthers and I told her that sports wasn't the place for her propaganda.

I also explained to her that I don't subscribe to the Miami Herald...Because I don't have to.


I'll take the "over" against National Signing Day. This will be deemed newsworthy as least as long as writers can try to tie it to recruiting. I say "over" b/c I don't think he'll have a destination by then, so there will be at least one more article on the day he chooses his next school.

What I have realized is that actual graduates of the University of Miami see Shannon for who he really is: A confused man who can recruit but can’t coach. However, the uneducated fans of the University of Miami keep ignoring reason. Why would anyone take offense to Linda Robertson's article?? I recall mentioning once that as a graduate of the University of Miami I found it embarrassing that Coach Shannon spoke slang sometimes in his interviews and someone on this blog told me that none of that mattered. Here is the truth; anyone who is part of the University of Miami family and has a fully functioning brain can see that Shannon's actions over the past few weeks have cast a negative light over the University. Too many smart journalists can’t be wrong on this Marve transfer issue. Shannon looks petty and the University appeals committee makes the school look foolish for upholding any part of those stupid transfer stipulations. If Miami is to make the net step to getting back to its past glory one of 2 things has to happen. Either Shannon finds ways to improve his people management skills as well as his X's and O's skills or the University cans Shannon and gets a more competent coach.

I have never heard of someone questioning Steve Spurrier's people skills, and his were the worst. As long as he won games nothing ever mattered, was even seen as a genious. The Shannon bashers need to take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves, why dont we respect this man? Why is it difficult for us to respect this man in this authoritative position? Have I ever had to look up to and respect someone like Shannon, his background and culture? Why do we put him on such a short leash? Hmmmmmmm.......

maybe you foolish people will say what u really mean, and that is let Shannon get us all the recruits with his slang talking ignorant hood style that gets us all those great hood athletes, but how dare this man be a leader also. Get us the players and step to the back, and let some smarter well spoken guy that looks better to us fans and we're more comfortable trusting and calling a leader or head coach let him be the face. Yeah we gave Butch Davis some bad seasons, but he had the face and apperance, and made us feel better about losing seasons b/c he just looked like someone we were used to leading, and sounded like somrtyhing we are comfortable with. So we'll give Davis the time to get things right, but not this Shannon guy. Just something about him that just doesnt allow fans to believe he can and actually will be successful. Mental Block? Pre-Judging? Hmmmmmmmm.

Hey Dade County, Preach it!!! That's the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

i'm with ya dade county. can't hear all you bashers now!!!

bueller? bueller? bueller? anyone? anyone?

hmmmmmm. . .

anyone heard anything about the latest with bryce brown? i'm expecting that things will be pretty much touch and go until nsd. canesport had a tease on their home page about oregon.

bueller? anyone?

Did you hear the latest on Marve?

Cnnsi.com is reporting, in the name of the Herald, that he's seriously checking out transfering to Purdue and Oklahoma State.

So you see- it is completely clear that the 'I have cancer and therefore he should play close to him' was a crock of you-know-what...

Assuming with USF or UCF will take him, Eugene and Robert Marve have been EXPOSED!

Ecomug,I'm sorry but your analysis on Shannon is bit irrelevant. I view your points, not as contradicting mindsets between the educated and the uneducated fans, but as bias statements displayed by a spectator who just now paying attention to football as oppose to true fans who watch and understand the game. You state that Shannon can't coach, how did you come to this conclusion in a 2 year span??? Did you really think we could have went to the BCS title game with the talent we had these past two years??? Did you really think we could compete this year for a title with a bunch of freshmen??? Shannon got the most of his players these last two years. Besides for one game, we competed every game til the end this year. Every basher continues to say Shannon can't coach, but please explain to me what did he do that confirms your notion. I really want to know. I'm not saying he is Bobby Bowden, but lets be honest this squad performed better than many people thought.

Ecomug, you and Linda Robertson's article is a bunch of crap. The only people who think the Marve's saga made UM look bad are the one's(like yourself) who wants Shannon and this team to fail. Marve was immature and never handle his job. Shannon handle the situation in a proper and usual manner. For example two years ago, Urban Meyer banned Jarred Fayson(Mr.Florida Football and Basketball) and Bo Williams(4star Runningback) from attending any school in the state of Florida. And Meyer still fared well without them and got less negative press than the U. But I dont expect you to know this....

The "U" will be back and Shanon will be leading the troops. Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!

Dade County you have a point with some older fans and Alumni. But, not most.

I've been following the U for 50+ years and most of the guy's I've been hang'n with for that time are sitt'n back giving Shannon the time he needs, knowing he walked into a team with - No Talent and No Depth.

We seem to feel, especially with these last two great classes, that he should get through the Jr yr of his 1st class, at minimum. By this time the U will be a part of "the discussion."

One of these guy's played for UM, his brother was an All American at the U, he feels the Marve situation was the right thing to do, but the PR could have been handled better.

That's on the Admin. Not Randy.

He also feels, as well as others with his view, the kids Randy brought in last yr and those that are coming in this yr are very different from the kids that came in over the last 7 or 8 yrs. Except those that left early for the NFL.

These kids are much more like the kids that left early for the NFL, aware of what they need to do and have the ability to do it as well much better athletes.

He's very impressed with the talent level. Very impressed. And excited for the near future of this program.

Oh, and yes we're' a bunch of old white guy's. Root'n hard for THE U and Randy.

jjr, great statement. I couldn't have said it better!

Go post it on Manny's "Court-side blog". It will be appreciated, by those who care.

Thanks again, keep up the good work!

Hey canes34

Im sorry if my comment came off as being directed towards everyone. The Ecomug comment triggered it, as well as the many knee-jerk, short leash comments that have been made since Shannon has been hired. My brother attended and played for Miami from 92-97. I attended FSU from 95-99. The support and respect that the FSU staff, admin, and fans show Bobby Bowden is to be admired. Ive been a die hard fan of Miami since I was old enough to understand football, as well as many other Miami native students at FSU who didnt have the grades to get into Miami. i spent a lot of time on Miami's campus while my brother was there. There is a family type atmosphere that exists from alumni and current players accross the board from white black spanish etc. And thes eare the people who truly love and respect whats going on at UM. They respect the professionalism, discipline and the overall job Shannon is doing to rebuild the program knowing full well he will be criticized, he knows it has to be done this way ala Mike Singletary. Ive played optimist football at the same park (Scott Lake) as Randy Shannon, as well as the same high school (Miami Norland). I had a conversation with Shannon as he flew back from Tallahasse while recruiting there. He wants discipline, accountability, and solid student atheletes. He knows all his I's have to be dotted and all his T's crossed. And he's up for the challenge. He loves the U and is passionate about its success.I agree that he is learning on the fly,a nd growing everyday more and more as a head coach. But if he is given the chance to succeed, with his work ethic and passion the sky's the limit for this program. There is just no way we can realistically compete for a National Title in the state Shannon took this team over in. Patience.

I'm an alumni who isn't totally confident that Randy Shannon can get this team turned around. I want him to succeed because it would mean the program is on the road to long-term success, but I just don't think he's a good x's and o's coach. I also don't like the fact that he's inarticulate and aloof. I just don't see him as a person who is capable of motivating guys, getting them up when they're down, or keeping them focused when they're doing well.

However, I still think we need to give the guy another 2 years before we can definatively evaluate him as a coach. He can recruit and the current team needs time to mature.

This doesn't make me any less of a fan. It doesn't mean I don't support the team, it just means I'm not sure yet. How can some of you be so sure Randy Shannon is the guy. He can recruit, but he hasn't shown me anything else.

I hope Randy Shannon makes it happen, but I'm not convinced he will.

I hope next year's offense works like the Steelers did today. They pound the rock and then a little play-action and over-the-top. It's just brutal to try to defend something like that.

canesjunkie: you are probably the only person on here that dosen't see Randy as a good x and o coach but at the same time say's he needs time which i can't argue with you their(basically about how he needs time) but what i can argue is you can't judge a book by his cover saying he is not articulate man i don't know the man myself but have you ever had a conversation with him therefore you don't know how the man is as far as the whole keeping them focus name me one person outside of marve and willie williams that couldn't do rite in miami during randy's tenure at any coaching possesion and the answer to that is probably just the two thats pretty damn good he hasn't made UM A THUG school but if you ask that about meyer im pretty sure their is a few more to the list i gave you but u won't hear anybody talk about it because they are winning it's very easy to bash a person while there down but is it easy to bash a person while their winning i can't speak for every randy supporter but i speak for myself and the reason why i support him is because he has made an atmosphere around UM that hasn't been there in a while if you don't think so ask around UM (and i mean the ppl that are with the athletics department) besides we need to give him time and that is only fair like it has been said many times b4 we were in every game except one yes his clock management needs some working but this is his first time coaching at the helm so he will make mistakes but he needs to get better i hope randy gets the job done but only time will tell if he will

We already know Shannon is a excellent defensive coordinator, so his x's and o's are fine there. I dont think he will be calling any Offensive plays, and this is why we are looking for a top notch offensive coordinator. As far as his ability to motivate players and communicate, I actually think is his strong point, evidenced by his ability to have the best kids choose to spend their college careers and 4 yrs of their life with him as their coach and leader. And as far as any clock management, that was the job of the ex-offensive coordinator, and that is why he bears the Ex in front of his name. He does need time, and the verdict still isnt in, Im optimistic, but none of us know for sure. All w eknow is that he's been successful at every level of competition as a player and coach, and most importantly as a father. Please give the man a fair chance.

I never met Randy Shannon, I only hear his interviews and press conferences. The guy seems like a horrible communicator. I take my perception and put it together with all of the confusion from our team and deduce that it's his fault. I hope I'm wrong, too soon to tell though.

Some good highlights on some of our incoming recruits....


Randy Shannon can recruit...no doubt about it. I just feel like he has very little connection with the fan base.

I think he should open up practices like USC does. This way we would get to know the guy a little better. It would help generate interest for the Canes.

They definitely should open up practices more. And Randy should def open up to the fan base more. All these other things that people are arguing about I don't want to really get into. But Randy could definitely open up to this fan base more. It would bring more excitement to this team and we all know that is strongly needed.

First of all, when you are at the bottom, you can only go up. That is where the "U" is at this time. I never expected them to be NC in record breaking time. The Canes fans are just to d a m n fussy, acting like a bunch of catty women, in their comments of the team and its coaching staff. This is UF turn. Period! When the "U" was winning their 5 titles, everyone hated us too. Marve is gone! Miami Herald, stop writing articles about this. It was his choice and he made it. The "U" was raped of talent for years, so guess what? We got to start over. That's right, we are starting at the bottom and working our way up to the top. Patience, Canes fans, patience.

I wrote Linda Robertsonand she wrote me back and chided me for critcizing her "column" She is a sore loser but she will answer you back. I didn't know she went to snata fe cc. It figures!

JAred: welcome son, by spring you'll be benching 400.

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