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Whipple announcement expected soon

Mark Whipple answered his phone Saturday night in Philadelphia and told our Barry Jackson he was deciding whether or not he would take the vacant offensive coordinator position offered to him by coach Randy Shannon. He even joked that in a week he'd either be in Miami or still with the Eagles staff coaching the NFC All-Stars in Hawaii.

Mark Whipple All signs are pointing that Whipple has chosen Miami. Sunday night, when our Susan Miller Degnan called the Whipple home, his wife Brenda answered the phone. She said her husband was not there and would be unavailable. When asked if her husband had accepted the coordinator position at UM and was on his way to Miami, she politely said: "I think it would be up to them to give you that information. I really couldn't."

When reached by phone Sunday night, the University of Miami sports information department would not confirm if Whipple had been hired. But a staff member I spoke to said the hiring was imminent. "There's a only slight chance it won't happen," the source said. 

That slight chance is likely passing a mandatory drug test and meetings with President Donna Shalala and athletic director Kirby Hocutt. Whipple told The Miami Herald Saturday he had discussed the possibility of replacing Eagles quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur with head coach Andy Reid. Reports out of Philadelphia and ESPN tonight said it looked like Whipple had already told the Eagles he was leaving the team to return to college. A representative with the Eagles late Sunday night could not be reached for comment. 

Whipple spent 13 seasons as a head coach at the collegiate level at New Haven, Brown and UMass, where he won a I-AA national title in 1998 before moving onto the NFL for four seasons. He coached Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl title and spent this past season with the Eagles.


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you got me all pumped up!!! if this sticks, this will be good for the canes. someone to get this offense clicking and these play makers on the move. if whip comes i hope that he can push and demand more of these position coaches as well. all of 'em. thanks for the news. hadn't heard from you in a minute after your barrage last week. thought i was going to have to resort to alternative means to track you down.

good news on the recruiting front too. get a couple of more big uglies and we're set.

So I guess that means Randy is gonna become the DC? It makes sense that he would become the DC because I believe it's way too late in recruiting to go on another search for a DC! Go Randy & Go Canes!!!

Great work Manny! U the Man! Keep the info coming dude. We haven't had a great offensive mind since Gary Stevens was here under Jimmy Johnson. Maybe QB U will be back. But really Shalala just needs to sit her ugly, short, pot belly pig looking self down and shutup and let Holcutt handle everything. She's part of the reason were in this mess hiring that idiot Coker, the dynasty killer.

good sh*t ! I like what I've read about Whipple...Manny what's the deal with B.brown not deciding until the spring--is that true? this kid is trippin' if that's the case. what is magically going to happen that he hasn't already seen.

So I guess that means Randy is gonna become the DC? It makes sense that he would become the DC because I believe it's way too late in recruiting to go on another search for a DC! Go Randy & Go Canes!!!

So I guess that means Randy is gonna become the DC? It makes sense that he would become the DC because I believe it's way too late in recruiting to go on another search for a DC! Go Randy & Go Canes!!!

So I guess that means Randy is gonna become the DC? It makes sense that he would become the DC because I believe it's way too late in recruiting to go on another search for a DC! Go Randy & Go Canes!!!

Mandingo...way to bring the news!

Go Canes!!!

its bout time

f u c k the gators!!

gooooo canes!!

espn blurb: "The only thing holding up an announcement is human resource procedures, according to a source."

are you freakin kidding me? get 'er done!!!

on the bryce brown tip-- this is ridiculous. it seems to me that he and his mentor might be trying to milk this for all they can $$$$$$. if so, this stinks to high heaven and we don't need him. for sure he's a good athlete (supposedly), but its this kind of primadonna, self-centered, selfish attitude that is ruining college sports and that coach shannon is pushing out of the program. no room for it.

Welcome to the U, Whipple. We're counting on three consecutive titles, beginning next year. Let's get to work.

i think bryce brown is trying to make the best decision for his future. a pro-style offense will be good for him, and i could be wrong but i think whipple runs a pro-style. all that would point to brown staying. give the kid a break, he's only 18.


yeah, azcanesdude, maybe he does deserve a break. his mentor, whoever he is doesn't!

I could see Randy handling the defense seeing as Whipple has head coaching experience he could help Randy out running all facets of the offense freeing Randy up to run the Defense. Should be a good hire and wonder if this could bring a kid like McCarron in next weekend to take a visit. Sounds like a qb's dream coordinator.

Man! Even when there is positive news we still have so called U supporters taking shot at the program/school. If anything, Shalala is assisting/supporting the move CJ. I also do not beleive it is too late to get a DC. Spring ball is further down the road.

As a student at UMASS during Whipple's yrs I can attest to this guy being "something else" when it comes to the offense.

He's a genius and a an Ivy league grad from Brown. A&M's Leach takes a back seat to this guy.

He run's a pro-set - west coast offense on steroids with a little - Hybrid A-11 - thrown in.

It's called "The WhipLash Offense."

Bryce Brown (all our RB's) should love it. The hole's that he opens up for running backs on obvious passing downs are unbelievable.

The Running backs will reap-off huge gains and along with the WR's will lead or at the very least challenge for the top spots in the ACC, if not the country, in O stats and scoring.

His offense is the perfect antidote for a Defensive Conference like the ACC. His Offense will do for UM what GT's O does for GT.

The WhipLash is totally unpredictable.

The typical pro set or spread O's have about 36 possible scenarios per play, while The WhipLash has approximately 2500, yes I said 2500, scenarios per play.

Now, how deep will he go I don't know. At UMASS he kept it at about 10% or 250 possible scenarios per play. That folks will make it next to impossible for the defensive Coordinators to know what will happen next.

Get ready for loads of points, boy's and girl's. I know it's hard to see right now with what you've been through lately but, I can assure you - you will score more points in your first 6 games next season than in all 13 combined this last season, guaranteed! And with a reasonable defense You guy's will be hard to beat. If not dominate.

You don't know how lucky you are, yet. But once you see this guy's "show" you will know that you've got something special.

Wait till you see how he use's the field on 3rd or 4th and 1 or less he'll set up in a "tight 2 back" and with 10 or less seconds on the play clock "bam" they all of a sudden spread way out maybe 5 WR's to the strong side
and then he'll either run it up the middle for 20 yrds or throw a slant to the weak side TE that goes all the way, man it's going to be fun.

Man, I can't believe it.

The Whip's at the U.

espn reporting Wipple flew to Miami tonight,his reason for picking the Canes are he wanted to call plays again and work at the college level,

Oh yea, I forgot he coached a young Ben Roethlesberger as well!

Wow! This guy sounds great and Super Bowl rings
can't hurt when come to recruiting.

But man this whiplash offense sounds like fun. Lots of points, again. Can't wait.

Updated: January 25, 2009, 10:10 PM ET
Source: Miami to hire WhippleComment Email Print By Joe Schad
The University of Miami is expected to finalize the hiring of Mark Whipple as offensive coordinator, a person close to the situation said Sunday night.

Whipple, a member of the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff, is going to meet with Miami officials in South Florida on Monday.

The only thing holding up an announcement is human resource procedures, according to a source. Whipple had a chance to be promoted within the Eagles' staff but has said he wants to call plays again and return to the college game.

Miami officials could not confirm on Sunday night that Whipple is expected to be hired.


Great Job again Manny!!! If Coach Whipple is part of the Fam. Welcome.
All this talent & the right man teaching them. WOW this season is going to
be BANANAS!!! I don't think FSU knows what's about to happen to them on
Labor Day... LET'S GO CANES!!!

I'm Hyped!!! C'mon Labor Day!!!

UMASSFan... are u a miami fan?

Yo dirtydawg, There is no bigger supporter of the football program than me. Secondly, it would be the first possiblly good thing she has supported since Butch left. Face it dude, since she has been there our program has had only two to three years even resembling what we were and could have been. Like I said she needs to sit down and mash her rearend, eat something and shutup and just pay the man so we can get rolling again.

1caneinAtl - Overall I think Bryce is a good kid, but has been given some bad advice. I have seen interviews on him, he attitude does not reflect what he is displaying. Unfortunately, 17 year old kids let these losers into their little world and what they do not realize is that these "advisers" are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Look beyond what you see in print regarding Bryce and his decision to take other visits. He has very strong faith, but he has let someone in his inner circle that is manipulating his recruiting process. He has not de-committed and with the Whipple announcement pending and the fact that he has NFL experience and runs a Pro-style offense will all but guarantee Brown inks the U on Feb 4th.

I do agree, if you look at the last recruiting class, something that impressed me most about Spence, Benjamin, Harris, A. Johnson, etc. is their humilty. They remind me a lot of Andre, Dan Morgan, Dorsey, etc. Let the scoreboard do the talking. I like these kids, they play with a lot of heart, but most importantly, they realize this is a team sport and they have left the individual

Having watched this guy work wonders with questionable talent, they 2 - 9 the yr before he arrived.

He won the national championship his first yr.

Then he was able to recruit WR's like Brandon London (Dolphin WR). And other quality players to a D-1a school.

It was great. Then he's QB coach to Roethlesberger and wins a Super Bowl ring.

He's a great teacher and communicator.

But, really this offense will give your opponents hell. It's unpredictable. Next to impossible to gain any thought towards a
tenancy under any scenario. FSU? They won't know what hit them. Shoot, neither will any any of your other opponents.

He's a great teacher and communicator.

Your days of dominance are about to return.

Enjoy it.

UMASSFan, dont be gettin my hopes up...

Am I Miami fan? Well, I live here now and I don't route against them.

But, with Whip here I'm get'n tickets.

This guy's offense's are just to much fun to watch.

So, I guess I'm a fan now.

Go Miami!

is he really that good?? ur making him out to be the best OC ever.. im hoping he is, but wh wasnt he OC in the nfl is hes this good

I'm just tell you what I know. Heck, next time Brandon London's interviewed call in and ask him.

He told Bokamper the other night that if you like TD's, this guy will produce TD's in bunches.

And as a UMASS student I witnessed it. It may look conservative but watch out - because what you think you see - you don't. DC's won't know what to do then you combine this with the speed you guy's have, forget. It's going to be unbelievable. Shoot, I just thought of your speed, oh man.

This is going to be great, wow speed.

Can't wait!

This guy sounds like he knows his offense. Great job finding him Randy.

Pryor last year was so much worse than Bryce,callin press conferences just to say he hasnt decided yet.And that kid could ball and will lead the phuckeyes to a couple of NCG's while he is there.

So Bryce acting like this is nothing to worry about.And if he doesnt sign with us,next years rb class is LOADED with SoFla talent

damn dude u got me excited.. but it hasnt been finalized yet..

I rarely post because I have no reason to. No story, no urge to beyotch, no obsession with being heard. Today is different, because today I can report that Mark Whipple is our new OC and will be flying to Miami tomorrow/this morning. He has to pass a blood test (is that why I wasn't a candidate?) and then he's off to Kansas for an in-home with Bryce. ALL OF THIS INFO CAME TO ME FROM A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF "COOL WHIP" FROM HIS UMASS DAYS. Apparently, he's wanted to get back into college ball for some time, but the closest he came was running the show at Richmond. His kid will be attending/playing for St. Thomas. Can you say pipeline? His older son Qb's for UMass by the way. I was also told that Whipple is pissed off at the general public's lack of respect for Shannon as a coach and their willfull ignorance about the kind of kids The U produces. As for X's and O's, all this talk of Whipple being unpredictable has merit. His m.o. is to establish tendencies in order to break them at the right time. That's it, that's all I know. At this point, I'd like to opine that we're going to beat the snot out of a lot of people.

Hopefully Shannon will take over the Defense and let Whipple take care of the Offense. Since he has HC experience. And let Shannon fine tune the Defense. Gotta add some blitzes in his packages. Let's see if we can get some recruits in the upcoming weeks.

I wonder if Debose is having second thoughts? If he decommits from UF you might have to call their coach Urban Cryer. LOL...

" His m.o. is to establish tendencies in order to break them at the right time"

So...he's the anti-Nix? haha


I think I share your apprehention on this whole thing? I mean I like what I've seen of him as much as the next guy, but I'm not so sure he's the next great offensive mind in college football. I personally had never heard of him until I saw his name mentioned as a candidate. Not to say that that means he's no good, but I'm not looking at him as the savior of the program either.

Look what he did with the athletes at UMASS.

We have the best athletes in the ACC

How good is he? He's really good.

But you have to remember he went from single A HC directly to the Steeler's as Roethlesbergers coach, so he didn't get the National press at D-1 UMASS.

But he and his abilities are well known in College and Pro coaching circles.

Bill Cower will take him if decides to coach again. That's the downside. Cower will use him as an OC.

But, Whip said he's interested in college football and calling plays again. So, maybe that works in UM's favor for a long term OC.

But, would I say he's the best. Yea. Wait till you see what he does with the talent and speed
he has at WR and RB.

But, I think what he'll do best is the OL. He knows how to choreograph the OL and RB's and his offenses have always had very low sacks, very low.


I agree, but im still excited. I have never heard from either and im from Philly haha. I dont know how hell do but i do know this.. he is going to be better than Nix and thats all i care bout

and he is a good recruiter?

This is good news. We are finally going to have an offense. Think of all the games we could have won if we only had an offense last year. About Shannon coaching the D., I don't like it since he still needs the experience as a headcoach. I know some people will not agree with me, but what do you guys think of trying to bring Chuck Amato to the U. Last I heard he is not happy at FSU, and the dude has ton of experience.

This is great news for the Offense!

I can only hope that Randy can do the same thing in hiring a DC or be the DC himself. I know he was an excellent DC, but I hope that he can make the best decision for himself as the head coach and for the team.

May God bless you in your DC decision Coach Shannon!

Umass, I just read your comments, and I think my heart is beating 200 BPM. I have to find a way to go to the spring game, and to some of the games this year.

Norm, I'd have no problem with Amato. I think its a longshot, but I don't personally care where a coach has coached before. I just care about how well they can get their unit to perform.

I'm REALLY excited to see how Jacory blossoms under Whipple. Whip sounds like a brilliant mad scientist and Jacory is a very intelligent young man. He already displays the ability to read defenses and will get quicker and better at it with experience. Throw in an intelligent offensive scheme and a heavy dose of So. Fla. speed and ability at the skill positions and you one EXPLOSIVE offense.

Seems like forever since we had an O that consistently hung 35-40+ on opponents. I think those days are returning.

I don't know about Chuck Amato? He's a SEMINOLE and I don't want no coaches from any of our rivals!!! I'd rather have Willie Martinez than Mr. Whispers!!!

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