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Whipple announcement expected soon

Mark Whipple answered his phone Saturday night in Philadelphia and told our Barry Jackson he was deciding whether or not he would take the vacant offensive coordinator position offered to him by coach Randy Shannon. He even joked that in a week he'd either be in Miami or still with the Eagles staff coaching the NFC All-Stars in Hawaii.

Mark Whipple All signs are pointing that Whipple has chosen Miami. Sunday night, when our Susan Miller Degnan called the Whipple home, his wife Brenda answered the phone. She said her husband was not there and would be unavailable. When asked if her husband had accepted the coordinator position at UM and was on his way to Miami, she politely said: "I think it would be up to them to give you that information. I really couldn't."

When reached by phone Sunday night, the University of Miami sports information department would not confirm if Whipple had been hired. But a staff member I spoke to said the hiring was imminent. "There's a only slight chance it won't happen," the source said. 

That slight chance is likely passing a mandatory drug test and meetings with President Donna Shalala and athletic director Kirby Hocutt. Whipple told The Miami Herald Saturday he had discussed the possibility of replacing Eagles quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur with head coach Andy Reid. Reports out of Philadelphia and ESPN tonight said it looked like Whipple had already told the Eagles he was leaving the team to return to college. A representative with the Eagles late Sunday night could not be reached for comment. 

Whipple spent 13 seasons as a head coach at the collegiate level at New Haven, Brown and UMass, where he won a I-AA national title in 1998 before moving onto the NFL for four seasons. He coached Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl title and spent this past season with the Eagles.


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"Great job canesrule. Post as "fanatico" so you can agree with yourself as UMASSfan."

Hey Dick-head, there is only one "FANATICO" and it ain't canesrule.

"Good job taking the "UMASSfan" bait cane fan. He pukes all over himself AND U daily"

Flush your toilet Gator!

Great comment oaktree, that's the combination for continued success....meaning continued NFL success!

"I rarely post because I have no reason to. No story, no urge to beyotch, no obsession with being heard. Today is different, because today I can report that Mark Whipple is our new OC and will be flying to Miami tomorrow/this morning. He has to pass a blood test (is that why I wasn't a candidate?) and then he's off to Kansas for an in-home with Bryce. ALL OF THIS INFO CAME TO ME FROM A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF "COOL WHIP" FROM HIS UMASS DAYS. Apparently, he's wanted to get back into college ball for some time, but the closest he came was running the show at Richmond. His kid will be attending/playing for St. Thomas. Can you say pipeline? His older son Qb's for UMass by the way. I was also told that Whipple is pissed off at the general public's lack of respect for Shannon as a coach and their willfull ignorance about the kind of kids The U produces. As for X's and O's, all this talk of Whipple being unpredictable has merit. His m.o. is to establish tendencies in order to break them at the right time. That's it, that's all I know. At this point, I'd like to opine that we're going to beat the snot out of a lot of people.

Posted by: strobocane | January 26, 2009 at 12:50 AM"

Beautiful strobocane!!! Thanks for sharing.
The Whip is coming to town, take no prisoners.

Great post by "strobocane" about Whipple. It sounds like Whipple is totally at odds with the pessimistic S. Fla. fans, and in my mind that is a plus. Also, the Sporano connection not only speaks to his ability to mentor others, but has to further help solidify his connection to South Florida.

Based on everything I have read, I believe that if there were agents/consultants involved as there is with many coaching searches, there may have been mutual interest expressed on both sides (RS and Whipple) all along. RS had to wait until the Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs (one week ago) before he could actually interview his top candidate, Mr. Whipple, much to the chagrin of S. Fla. media and fans. Noone, however, can argue with the result. Moreover, RS is slowly putting together another great recruiting class and he continues to put all the right pieces in place both on the field and in the coaches box. Every opponent/rival of the U is very scared right now.

I believe RS will hire a DC, but he simply is trying to assuage pessimistic fans and media by saying he will do it, which he theoretically could. I would not be surprised if RS has already started looking at potential DC candidates. I like Bill Young, but I don't think RS shed a tear when Bill Young left. There are many, great DC candidates lining up at RS's doorstep for a chance to coach the #28 defense in the country that is full of young talent and will only get better next year. Its a matter of finding the right fit which takes a little time.

As for DC candidates, Chuck Amato is probably disgruntled and ready to move on from what I read. Amato is not my first choice for DC at the U, but in his defense, Amato can flat-out recruit S. Fla and his NC State teams were not that talented but they often beat FSU. My concern is what kind of defensive strategist he is.

Hurricanes 2009 schedule (these are the teams and some are confirmed times)
* Actual Dates

Sept 7 at FSU
Sept 12 Bye
Sept 19 Clemson
Sept 26 Duke
Oct 3 Oklahoma *
Oct 10 FAAMU *
Oct 17 at UCF *
Oct 24 at Wake
Oct 31 Virginia
Nov 7 at UNC
Nov 12 (Thursday) at Virginia Tech
Nov 19 (Thursday) Georgia Tech
Nov 28 at USF *

Posted by: TRO | January 26, 2009 at 08:47 AM

The hiring of Whipple looks promising but it ain't a done deal yet, so cool your jets. As a cautionary note, this same buzz surrounded him 2 years at Boston College when he was considered the top candidate for the HEAD COACHING position there and Jeff Jagodzinski ended up getting the job. It is not clear what happened, if BC balked at the last minute or he withdrew his name, but, bottom line, Whipple did not end up with the job.

I hope that Whipple signs on and the prospect is as promising to me as it is to many of you but let's sit tight until word is official. We have been through enough disappointments over the last month, we do not need another.

Check out these links for more history about the matter.





Guys will need to get on the playbook double time it sounds like on O

"As expected, Marcus now says Miami is his leader and he will decide anytime between tonight and NLOID. He says the depth chart is better at Miami and the offensive coordinator is coming form the NFL."

Marcus Hall^

Manny, what are you hearing about the DC search? Or is it pretty much assumed that Randy will be the DC next year?

Yo dawg, those comments were not taking shots, they instead were stating facts. Don't believe me look at where the program was before shalala versus since she became president. And who care what those parents said about her, she don't know jack about Football. And what else is Randy going to say about her other than crap like that to make her feel like she's done something great. She wanted to change the Bad Boy image, heck she probably was on the committee to enforce the no taunting or celebration rule where a kid can't have fun and express themselves because it might hurt somebody's feelings.

Everybody need to catch their breath for a moment. We want The U to have a perfect scenario with coaching, recruits, and wins, but there no point in hyperventilating until the dotted lines are signed. We have been screwed before, so be prepare for let down and have plan B.

Besides, the process will probably start again in 1-2 years. We have always been a stepping stone for hot shots to make their names and get to the big paydays. We have the players to showcase their system. Look at USC and their revolving coordinators. So as important as calling plays and developing players, the OC, DC, and HC need to develop coaches. So we can promote from within. Good for consistency of philosophy, recruiting players and coaches, and wins.

However, even though recruiting is paramount, we can't let one or two recruits dictate what we do. Bryce Brown should look out for his own interests. He should be asking questions. However, if he does come here, will he and his entourage become a headache? What if he is not ready and does not start? What if he is not in for the crucial drives, the winning touchdowns? What if "Bryce is not happy"? Are they, the BB HomeTeam, going to start monitoring the number of carries, the plays featuring him, where he sit, how big is his room? Can he handle Harris being the man? IMO he is getting close to the cost-value tipping point.

I have been a fan since my freshman year in 84, but those are nagging questions that has persisted since then. IMHO.

We should drop Bryce Brown...this kid is a load of trouble waiting to be unleashed on this team. His skin isn't thick enough to deal with Randy Shannon. He's probably not even going to play this year. I'd take what we have over him right now, JJ, Coop, and Lee Chambers are going to make a great trio.

I still hope we go get a DC and let Shannon focus on being HC. Martinez (UGA), Nix (Ole Miss) or the DC for TCU would be who I'd go after. Someoe metioned Amato; that could work too...

here here, i'm with canesjunkie. drop brown.

wait, wait, wait, okay. . . well if he's gonna committ then let him come.

Don't worry, brother Arthur will squash his attitude if he comes in with one. Remember Arthur was supposed to be the jewel of last years class and he took a back seat to other freshman while he took time to develop. He'll give Bryce the real and everything will turn out okay.


LOL!!! I think Bryce Brown is overrated. I think Arthur is a much better player and he seems to keep his mouth shut. He's also crushed some people on special teams.

According to Sun-Sentinel, we can't afford a defensive-coordinator if we hire Whipple. That's just sad, we can't afford to pay for 2 coordinators. Cancel another sport, why have a football team if we can't afford to pay the coaches. I almost feel bad for all my negative comments about the staff last year. They we all we could afford.

This also means we can forget about names like Tommy Tuberville and Steve Spurrier. We can't afford a backup plan if Randy Shannon doesn't work out. It's pretty much Randy or bust.

Every opponent/rival of the U is very scared right now.

Posted by: Windy1

Georgia Tech is terrified. DUKE is squirming. Bowden is trembling.
Butch is beside himself.


crack kills

Win the LOWLY ACC Coastal division. THEN come back and proclaim everyone is scared. Presently, U are irrelvant. Just ask the Mighty Cal Bears.

how long does it take to process a drug test? c'mon people!

With this announcement dragging on, I would say that something more is going on then just signing up an OC. I think, and this is just my opinion, they are hashing out some kind of agreement so Whipple can be assistant HC and Randy can take on duties as DC. Feel free to discuss.

We're just getting a little exciteable about the whole thing. These things take time and we'll have everything rolling. Just be patient, we've got the right guy for the job just sit back and relax til FSU.

tuesday!!! ughhhh!

You guys are ridiculous! Drop Bryce Brown...Bryce Brown is overrated...JJ, Coop, and Lee Chambers are going to make a great trio??? Are you guys watching the same team I am?
Trust me that Bryce Brown is not dictating any hirings or decisions the U is making. The kid can flat out play, just like his brother. Granted Kansas football is not SoFla football, and there is an adjustment period, but they can still play. I'm not predicting BB to be the second coming of Christ (like how people think of Tebow) and he might be a bust, it happens, but from what we have seen and what he has done playing Kansas ball, the kid is a must get recruit and is definitely worth one friggin scholarship...regardless of any possible distractions.

If BB chooses to play somewhere else, so be it, we will be alright with our RB stockpile. But to say "drop Bryce" is just crazy. If he doesn't see the field, or get the touches and designed plays to become the first frosh Heisman winner and he and his advisors become that much of a distraction, then the answer is simple...he won't be here for 2010. Randy has no problems letting kids go and he's not about to be handcuffed by some kids wet dreams about college football.

Once RS and big bro Arthur get their humble ways on him, he'll be alright. If not, we have a ton of other incoming talent at RB in '09 and '10.

Yeah, I think folks are getting a little carried away with Forget BB.....he's flat out stud....did you watch the AA game...that was against great comp....he's the real deal....and i do believe once all the smoke clears he gets his head straight and get down to business.....whether at UM or where ever he decides its best for him....

Don't worry people, Shannon, Arthur, and Whip will get Bryce on point.

MY, Guess part of the sell to Whipple was "you take over the OC and run the O your way". "I will be too busy running the D as DC to be in your way."

DA U N Houston:

My point exactly. Especially the way they kept using him out of the backfield as a deep threat in the AA game. Apparently Whipple uses the RBs a lot like that. The kid can burn

Good Hire.. Now lets get the U back to greatness!!!!!

BB may be over rated but don't we want to get him in and make sure? LOL

Put him through the paces and see what he is made off. If it doesn't work, then maybe try him at another position. He is an athlete if anything.

i am not down with the drama of bryce and the whole recruiting hype (which we all fuel in one way or another), but to say drop him is a complete irrational exaggeration. he looks like a very good talent that we could use. if he doesn't come, we will live on...but that doesn't mean we shouldn't want him to try and bolster our team.

regardless of if this is already part of the conversation, i think that shannon would benefit from the help of an assistant head coach. that is if he is DC or not, but especially if he is doing double duty! it seems like there are a number of other successful coaches who serve as a coordinator, so i have no problem with shannon taking on the DC role as long as he has enough help with other responsibilities.

what was the comment about tuesday about? anyone hearing rumblings about when we will hear?

Source: Miami to hire Whipple
Comment Email Print
By Joe Schad

The University of Miami is expected to finalize the hiring of Mark Whipple as offensive coordinator, a person close to the situation said Sunday night.

Whipple, a member of the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff, is going to meet with Miami officials in South Florida on Monday.

An announcement is expected to be made Tuesday, a source close to the situation told ESPN.com's Heather Dinich.

The only thing holding up an announcement is human resource procedures, according to a source. Whipple had a chance to be promoted within the Eagles' staff but has said he wants to call plays again and return to the college game.

Miami officials could not confirm on Sunday night that Whipple is expected to be hired.

Joe Schad is a college football reporter for ESPN.

Hurry the F$#% up already. We have taken so long to get an OC that even Bryce Brown's mentor has started a website about his decision...an 18 year old!!!

No worries, let Kehoe/canesrule/Umass fan cry in his beer. It's evident he hates it when we're excited about some good news.

Eat it Gaytor turd

whats the date on spring game?

caniac, canesport headline now says late today or tuesday.

The person that said to drop Bryce obviously never saw him play.

But even if he goes to Oregon we still have a stud in Lamar Miller.

And one thing to worry about is Taj Boyd is probably going to sign with Clemson

I agree with caneiac...IF Whipple does get hired, it would be wise to make his assistant head coach for a few reasons.
One, RS can delegate some of the admin stuff to him. If RS does handle DC duties, then this would be an even greater idea.
Two, Whipple is a coaching veteran, and more so a successful one, in the college and pro ranks. The only veteran coach RS has had on his staff was Young, for one year. RS could learn a lot from Whipple that will make him better and grow as a HC.

I agree with caneiac...IF Whipple does get hired, it would be wise to make his assistant head coach for a few reasons.
One, RS can delegate some of the admin stuff to him. If RS does handle DC duties, then this would be an even greater idea.
Two, Whipple is a coaching veteran, and more so a successful one, in the college and pro ranks. The only veteran coach RS has had on his staff was Young, for one year. RS could learn a lot from Whipple that will make him better and grow as a HC.

I agree with caneiac...IF Whipple does get hired, it would be wise to make his assistant head coach for a few reasons.
One, RS can delegate some of the admin stuff to him. If RS does handle DC duties, then this would be an even greater idea.
Two, Whipple is a coaching veteran, and more so a successful one, in the college and pro ranks. The only veteran coach RS has had on his staff was Young, for one year. RS could learn a lot from Whipple that will make him better and grow as a HC.

"Philadelphia Eagles assistant Mark Whipple is in South Florida going through the University of Miami hiring process and is expected to be named Miami's new offensive coordinator Monday afternoon or Tuesday, sources have told CaneSport."

I am really excited about The OC "whipple", we just need to add 10 to 15 more points on the board.From what I read about coach whipple he could be the guy to help the offense with a little bit boost.Jacory Harris would learn quickly and the running back's also.

I like it. Go canes.

If Whipple is not the Asst HC, who is? I don't know who you can promote from within to fill that role (based on merit and experience). Either way, I think this team can benefit from one!

Two questions, 1) Does anyone have a list of successful HCs who were also coordinators? and 2) Does anyone have a list of big time programs that have Asst. HCs?

Every school he went to had a horrible yr "before his arrival"

Posted by: UMASSFan

Then Mr. Whipple should feel right at home with Duh U ...

No Announcement Yet ??? Second...Third... Thoughts?

Maybe Duh U took Saint Whipple on a Hurricane Tradition Tour down to see that Rock Pile that used to the Orange Bowl ... And the ghost's were screaming ... "GET OUT" !!! While U still can...

U stay on the edge of Ur seats, prepare for more disappointments for years to come til U flush this toilet and Hire Tuberville. Tubbs will restore the old coaching staff, commitment and tradition to what WAS once College Footballs most feared program...

I seen BB plays at Amour in San Antonio, he is bad. we have to target him for the U.

U R Whipped
What crappy team do you root for? Got to that blog and say whatever you want. Caneiac, just one name comes to mind who is the DC and HC, Pete Carrol.

I assume by announcement soon, you meant before the start of the season? Let's just hope nothing stupid happens and we get our whipple on!

Not a bad name...

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