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Whipple announcement expected soon

Mark Whipple answered his phone Saturday night in Philadelphia and told our Barry Jackson he was deciding whether or not he would take the vacant offensive coordinator position offered to him by coach Randy Shannon. He even joked that in a week he'd either be in Miami or still with the Eagles staff coaching the NFC All-Stars in Hawaii.

Mark Whipple All signs are pointing that Whipple has chosen Miami. Sunday night, when our Susan Miller Degnan called the Whipple home, his wife Brenda answered the phone. She said her husband was not there and would be unavailable. When asked if her husband had accepted the coordinator position at UM and was on his way to Miami, she politely said: "I think it would be up to them to give you that information. I really couldn't."

When reached by phone Sunday night, the University of Miami sports information department would not confirm if Whipple had been hired. But a staff member I spoke to said the hiring was imminent. "There's a only slight chance it won't happen," the source said. 

That slight chance is likely passing a mandatory drug test and meetings with President Donna Shalala and athletic director Kirby Hocutt. Whipple told The Miami Herald Saturday he had discussed the possibility of replacing Eagles quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur with head coach Andy Reid. Reports out of Philadelphia and ESPN tonight said it looked like Whipple had already told the Eagles he was leaving the team to return to college. A representative with the Eagles late Sunday night could not be reached for comment. 

Whipple spent 13 seasons as a head coach at the collegiate level at New Haven, Brown and UMass, where he won a I-AA national title in 1998 before moving onto the NFL for four seasons. He coached Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl title and spent this past season with the Eagles.


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Steve Brown for DC. Currently DC at Univ of Kentucky in SEC. Coaches an aggresive defense with 2 deep and zone scheme plan. Young guy, good recruiter, NFL experience.... probably could be had for around 300k

We need Bryce Brown - we need Ray Ray - we need a couple O-line studs (for the future). Bryce should have immediate impact as we currntly don't have an every down back with the speed/strenght ratio to take the pressure off Jacory. Ray Ray could be on the field quickly if Vaughn T isn't the ballhawk we have been lacking since Seat T. Bottom line, we need both Bryce and Ray Ray at this juncture in Miami's rebuilding. End of story. Everybody else is gravy...

Whipple Announcement Expected Soon ...

Posted by: Manny Navarro | January 25, 2009 at 11:00 PM

And Ur definition of soon is ... ?

Ok so when is the official announcement about Whipple? First it was on friday, then it was over the weekend. next it was onmonday. Its Monday 557 pm, and I havent seen or heard anything! wAazup?

Maybe Duh U took Saint Whipple on a Hurricane Tradition Tour down to see that Rock Pile that used to the Orange Bowl ... And the ghost's were screaming ... "GET OUT" !!! While U still can...

Dare i say that's absolutely hilarious. Couldn't agree more UR whipped
Noon presser tomorrow to announce the arrival of his excellency. MR WHIPPLE.

U R SAVED U. A guy name whipple will save UM. (crickets)

jamie, canesport said late today or tuesday.

ESPN reports it will happen Tuesday according to Heather Dinich.

Bryce and Ray Ray could be stars, but there is a lot more in this class than that. Plenty of 3 star players end up being being better than more hyped recruits. We need a solid class of 25 playas and a few coaches who can scheme like there is no to tomorrow. We are going in the right direction...

The Deal is Done!!



UMASSFAN.. God I hope you're right, this sounds great I'm extremely excited for next season (like every season). WE GOT SOME CANES OVER HERE........................

ye im excited every year haha doesnt matter the case

Let's get to Whippin' baby!!

Go CANES'!!!

Yo dawg, those comments were not taking shots, they instead were stating facts. Don't believe me look at where the program was before shalala versus since she became president. And who care what those parents said about her, she don't know jack about Football. And what else is Randy going to say about her other than crap like that to make her feel like she's done something great. She wanted to change the Bad Boy image, heck she probably was on the committee to enforce the no taunting or celebration rule where a kid can't have fun and express themselves because it might hurt somebody's feelings.

Posted by: C.J. | January 26, 2009 at 01:25 PM

Don't you think the program was taken astray by Coker? It was at the same time she became president when he became HC. And when the parent comment on her involvment in the recruiting, they talk about her educating them on how their kids will get the support from the faculty in their studies. Your pointing the finger at her about the program's direction, might I remind you it was Coker who failed to gain the trust of the local high school's & their FB players. Face it JC, you argument does not hold water.


This was getting to be torture.


I can dig that dyrty dawg. Coker had all of the So. Fla. recruits in his back pocket waiting to come to the U. He was half-assed about going hard after them when Saban, Carrol, Meyer, Tressel, and even Bowden came strong and stripped them away. Some even went to South Florida!! Now that Shannon is locking down the south, we'll come back strong.


As a witness to this guy's offensive genius, I can assure you it will be a "score fest" for the yr's he's here.

It's my prediction, again based on the 4 yrs I watched this guy and adding to this the speed and talent you guy's have, you guy's will;

- score 600+ points in the regular season
- have multiple 1000 yrd RB's
- have multiple 1000 yrd WR
- have a 2000+ RB
- lead the ACC in offensive stats

These are the type of stats his offenses have put up, albeit in D-aa, but with talent matching talent at any level these are great stats. The deal with this guy - is he doesn't no anything different.

The only downside is he will be Bill Cower's first hire - if or when Cower decides get back into coaching. I don't see Cower going anywhere else but to Carolina Panthers.

ACC Title...book it

I'm no apologist for Shalala, but check her work at Wisconsin. Ask Barry Alvarez about the state of the Badger program before she got there and then afterward. Alvarez has said that she did more for his career than anyone else because of her support. Good words from a pretty good coach.

Hats off to Shalala and Shannon for pulling this one off.

I hear ya texascane,
I am a U supporter. That includes EVERYTHING & EVERYONE involved as long as they are sincere. What I do get tired of is the negative blogging about the U. If you have a legit gripe or issue, OK. However, I see a lot of ppl who hears someone say something & they run with that same opinion without really KNOWING for themselves. Get your own EDUCATED opinion & stop spreading BS!

Malcom Bunche, welcome to Da U!!!!!


Racking them up! Now we need Hall, White, Masse... Then somehow get GReid, Randle & maybe turn Dubose.

bunche commits???

One of the big things Brown is waiting on is to see what some high profile offensive line recruits are doing to do between now and next Wednesday.

"I’m really watching to see what schools lineman like Marcus Hall, Bobby Massie, Daniel Campbell, Malcolm Bunche, and Pete White will be attending on signing day," he said. "Some people say what type of impact I could have on where some other players will go, but I want them to know that they have an impact on my decision.”

We just got Bunche...

we need hall

yep big moo-- we just got bunche.. c'mon hall, white, massie, and campbell!!!

WHIPPLE IS HIRED!!!!!! IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!! LETS-------------GO------------------CANES!!!!!!


I just heard this on the radio. In terms of ratings, the Emerald Bowl is in the top 10 in terms of ratings all time for ESPN. Can you believe that, the stinkin' Emerald Bowl! The Canes have much love nationwide....to bad they do not have more locally. Looking forward to whippling a little hiney next year.

Go Canes!

You Canes are DELUSIONAL!

You think this Whipple dude is going to overcome the horrible head coaching of WAAAAANdy Shannon????

Until we get a real head coach, we are going to be a mediocore ACC team.

The ratings mentioned above apply only to bowl games televised on ESPN. Still pretty good though.

WE JUST GOT BUNCHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO CANES !!!!!!!!!!
- Vlady in L.A.

is atlanta cane really a cane fan or is he/she really a gator imposter cloaked in cane lexicon???

Hey Dawg I've been a fan since the first title the Canes won and saw them become a dynasty like USC is now only better. I saw the team struggle during the probation years and watch them slowly climb to greatness under Butch. I also witnessed the chinks in the armor under Coker the first year (example the BC game at Chestnutt Hill as well as the slow destruction of the program under Coker. But tell me genious, who had the final say in hiring that twit. Oh yeah thats right it's your little fat pigmy Shalala that U wish to defend. So in your words nasty cat your argument doesn't hold a drop of water.

Everybody make a list of everyone still hating on The U & Coach Shannon. When they Canes win the title they should be Persona Non-Grata & chased from the board...

It's a New Era in Hurricane Football!!!
Let's Go Canes!!!
(yeah I know its sounds corny, but who cares)

Sorry CJ,
Your history on watching the U does not qualify your views as FACT as you called it. I am not defending Shalala as you think I am. I am pointing out how baseless it is that you point the finger at her for what happened. And AtlantaCane, you can ride along with CJ with baseless points as well. RS started with Coker's left overs & he is building the program up the right way. It may not be NC's from day one, however, it will be NC's VERY consistently in the near future. You will thank RS for that.

Bunch just committed to da U baby:

Newark (Del.) High School OL Malcolm Bunche took an official visit to Miami last weekend.

After returning home he said he planned to think things over and make a signing day decision.

But today he realized there wasn't that much to think over. He called Cane coaches and committed.

"It just felt right," Bunche told his home state newspaper, the Delaware News Journal. "I enjoyed my time down there so I thought I might as well commit there."

Bunche was impressed during his two days on campus.

"Miami is a great school, has a good football program and obviously the academic program," Bunche told CaneSport. "They just have been a great school throughout the years. They've always had a great history in football."

UMASSFAN, thanks for the insight dude and welcome to the 'U' family. I hope it is all true about Whipp and that RS lets him open the flood gates on offense. I'm 'old school' and remember when we use to hang 30 on teams at will. When we got up two scores on you back in the day it was over. Turn that fast, athletic defense loose on you ass and it was pure mayhem...IN THE ORANGE BOWL. Damn I miss our home feild.

Anyone have any info on Hall?

For all you Shannon haters...eat dirt, the U is about to but up a top 5-10 class again and we are building the depth we need. ACC this year Nat'l Champs in 2-4 years..ITS ALL ABOUT DA U!!!

Hall has the Canes' in his final 2. He'll probably wait until signing day to make his choice on signing day.

UMASSfan you scare me. If his offense is that complex we are in big trouble. All I have heard for years is how the coaches keep simplifying the offense. (Probably a lot of BS).

That being said Whipple has the perfect resume, head coaching experience and success at smaller schools combined with Pro experience. I am sure he has picked up some good techniques and ideas while in the pros. I feel very comfortable handing over the O to him.

we got another commit ol malcom bunche

AtlantaCane has to be an AtlantaYellowJacket...

UMASSfan you scare me. If his offense is that complex we are in big trouble. All I have heard for years is how the coaches keep simplifying the offense. (Probably a lot of BS).

That being said Whipple has the perfect resume, head coaching experience and success at smaller schools combined with Pro experience. I am sure he has picked up some good techniques and ideas while in the pros. I feel very comfortable handing over the O to him.

While I don't know much about the specifics of the "Whiplash" offense, I know that the point of a West-Coast style offense is to be as simple as possible. It's all about getting quick passes to the playmakers in space. I wouldn't worry too much about the complexity.


From what I've gathered, UM hasn't had a OC that can actually teach and communicate to the kids.

Try to listen to the Bokamper interview with Brandon London, Dolphins WR.

London played for Whip at UMASS. Among agreeing with me on total unpredictability and of his offenses, London mentioned that;

"Whip is a very, very good teacher. He took a bunch football idiots, that only won 2 games the yr before he showed up, and was able to teach them his method and won the national championship that yr."

Also, I heard Dolphins coach Sparano say today (on the radio, can't remember the station)

"that as a position coach under Whip I learned everything I know today from Whip. He's the best teacher I've ever been around. Miami's done great with this hire."

He will teach them, that I can guarantee. They, the players will really love this guy.

Really, this great for you guy's. It is going to be very exciting.

Hell, I'm getting season tickets to watch this SHOW. Man it's going to be great to see what he does with all this speed.

The part most won't notice is the OL play. But, when they see the number of sacks drop dramatically and the huge holes they open up and the massive rushing yrds. They'll get the idea.

Again, he's a teacher and these kids will get it.

Get ready for boat loads of points.

UMASSFan, you better not be some gaytors fan tryin to mess wit us

The "WhipLash Offense" is a pro-style - west coast offense on steroids - with a hybrid mix of the A-11 thrown in for good measure.

Totally unpredictable, approx 250 scenarios per play while the pro-style, west coast and spreads etc. have 32 to 36 scenarios per play. That's while at the Line of scrimmage.

A DC's Nightmare!

Someone mentioned it earlier....if we scored one more touchdown in each game we play in the ACC championship (win 3 to 4 more games)...that was with Nix.....looks good U family, looks good.....

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