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Whipple introduces himself, talks titles

Mark Whipple addresses the media Tuesday afternoon inside the Edgerrin James room on the UM campus. 
New offensive coordinator Mark Whipple just finished his half hour press conference introducing himself to the media Tuesday afternoon. I have a few quick notes I wanted to share relating to what he talked about. For those of you who would like to listen to the entire press conference, just click on the link.

> For starters, credit the hire of Whipple to coach Randy Shannon (who much like in what he does with recruits) had a great one-on-one session with Whipple and helped convince him he really was ready to come back and be a playcaller on the college level. Eagles coach Andy Reid obviously talked to Whipple about becoming the team's quarterbacks coach. But even Reid realized Whipple was ready to come back to college and call plays. It seemed the two knew Miami was where Whipple needed to be. Whipple said he first started receiving inquires in his interest at UM about three weeks ago from others close to the program down here. 

"The thing I missed a little bit in the NFL was teaching and seeing people get better," Whipple said. "I think I have a lot to give this place and kids in general."

> Whipple will be more than just the offensive coordinator. He was hired and given the title of assistant head coach. That could very well mean Shannon has decided to take on the role of defensive coordinator.Nothing official, however, regarding Shannon's move to defensive coordinator was told to us by Whipple or any other sports information staff members.

Mark Whipple2 > Whipple played his high school ball in Arizona and has spent most of his life in the northeast, but that doesn't mean he's not familiar with South Florida or the Canes. As a recruiter he said he spent a lot of time in Miami and Broward. He said the tradition of the Hurricanes has always intrigued him. He was actually at the Fiesta Bowl for UM's two national championship losses to Penn State (1986) and Ohio State (2002). He shared a story about how he spoke with Tom Brady at the Pro Bowl about the talented players coming out of UM -- including receiver Andre Johnson.

> How long Whipple sticks around UM remains to be seen. But there is no question he has aspirations of being an NFL head coach one day. He didn't tell reporters how much money he's being paid or how long his contract is for. But he talked plenty about winning championships. Whipple has obviously done a lot of it in his career with a I-AA title at UMass in 1998 and a Super Bowl title with the Steelers.

"To me it's about being the best," Whipple said. "I believe in saying, no one rises to low expectations. If you are playing for runner-up, you'll probably finish third. If you play for No. 1, it's probably the only way you'll be No. 1. You walk into Pittsburgh, you see the four Lombardi trophies you know what it's about. You walk into UM, you see the five national titles. You know what it's about. This is what I'm about."

> As for the type of offense he would like to run, Whipple said it will all depend on personnel. He said he watched tape of three UM games: FSU, Virginia and Cal and has some early impressions. He also got to know players a little during a team workout. But he's got to see what they can do on the field before deciding how he's going to run his offense: "Brian Westbrook is different than Jerome Bettis. Hines Ward is not the same as Desean Jackson," Whipple said. "It's a little bit of a mix and match. I got to see what our players are like. Do we have guys that can pull [block]? What are our quarterbacks like? What is Jacory comfortable with? To me, it's not what I like. I have an arsenal of plays.  To me it's what you put up on the board. I've always had a good relationship with the players. I want to put guys in the best positions they can be in. I think its going to be a little bit of what Pittsburgh does with Hines Ward. It's going to be a little bit of what Arizona does with what I did with Whisenhunt. It's not how much I know, it's what our guys know. I learned you can always challenge guys more. I'm trying to make this place the best classroom they have. I want to make their football class the greatest classroom they have."

> UM released a few other quotes from folks in the NFL talking about Whipple. Here they are. 

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid: “On behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles, I wish Mark and his family all the best in Miami and thank him for all of his contributions to the Eagles during this past year. He is an excellent football coach and has proven that on both the college and pro levels. He has a great opportunity in Miami and I’m sure he’ll be very successful with that program. He is a great addition to the University of Miami and will help them continue their high standard of football and academics.”

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger: "Whip is a great coach and is the perfect fit for any coaching position at any school or team. I know he will do great things at Miami and help that program tremendously. He will help the players not just as a coach, but as a leader and a mentor to them. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Whip and what he stands for."

Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher: “Mark Whipple was without a doubt instrumental in the development of Ben Roethlisberger. He has a wealth of experience on the offensive side and is a great teacher and leader of young men.”


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LMAO these Gaytors are hillarious,they reek of jealousy

Here come the scared Gator fans. Get it all out now whimps because your run is OVER!! The funny thing is............you know it!


"I got to see what our players are like. Do we have guys that can pull? What are our quarterbacks like? What is Jacory comfortable with? To me, it's not what I like. I have an arsenal of plays. To me it's what you put up on the board."

AMEN! Finally, an OC who will match his strategy and play-calling to the strengths of the players rather than whatever doctrine he espouses. I like this guy already.

Great job Randy !

Best thing I saw on his UMASS tape.
WR ran 5 yard out o 3rd down and they need 6 yards for first. WHIP was on him!

Posted by: LA | January 27, 2009 at 02:36 PM


Yeah, I saw that play. I think it went to that frosh from Broward. That kid went on to become the all-time recieving yards leader at UMass. Whip can coach 'em up.

Welcome Mr. Whipple, now get on the horn to BB and the the remaining un-committed hog-mollies and let's get this party started.

Even "The Edge" know it:

“‘The U’ is going to be back,” Arizona Cardinals running back Edgerrin James—a former Miami star and the cousin of current Hurricanes running back Javarris James—said shortly after the announcement of Mark Whipple as new Miami offensive coordinator in Tampa, Fla., where he was taking part in Super Bowl media day.

Does Randy Shannon seem to you like the type of guy who wants to share head coaching duties? IMO Whipple is a backup plan if Shannon doesn't work out. I'm not knocking the move, let's just hope we can all get along.

Whipple seems to have great experience....we'll see how it goes.

Does anyone know how Dedrick Epps tore his ACL?

Its reported on Canesport that he just had ACL surgery... I hope it wasn't playing basketball, because if it is , than he is an idiot for taking a risk before his senior season

That sucks about Epps. He was our only legit TE. Orson Charles or Sheldon Richardson, you guys want PT? How about fulltime starter as a freshman under a brilliant OC who knows how to utilize your talents and will bring the media spotlight with his high octane offense.

There you go LACanefan, start that recruiting boy!

Coach Shannon is picking it up. He is a good mad that is surrounding himself with solid coaches and good kids.

His rules are clear and his enforcement is tough.

Like all of us -- we make mistakes and learn -- this guy does the same but under a microscope.

Go Coach!
Go Canes!!
Go Miami!!!

Rational Thinker, are you kidding me? first of all, the Utes are the 2008 national champions to everyone with half a brain. Tebow sucked in the game. he threw 2 of the worst interceptions i've ever seen. plus, the players and coaches have like zero class or dignity. they're new to success. Hey who knows, maybe you guys do win another one next year. i hope it feels good with the worst non-conference schedule ever formulated. plus UF could lose in the SEC championship game. Ole Miss was no fluke. I have zero respect for the gators. hey, they could play some serious gimmick ball this year, and they beat a lotta teams. but my respect for them is totally zero. i hope FSU beats you guys.

No Percy Harvin = No SEC championship game.

and where are people seeing this UMass tape. I cant find a thing on them.



And to think Shannon has done all of this in just three years of HCing. Not even a full three years!

God it is great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!


I really like everything i've heard about Whip so far... I have no doubt that he will be better than Nix in every aspect!

Can UF please have an undefeated season to where their NC actually looks like it was EARNED?!

No undefeated seasons like...EVER...gets no respect from a program that has done it 3 times!!!


UTAH 2009 National Champs!

Nice vid LA. Forgot Ron Jean was on that Lehigh team...Boca High product

thanks LACanefan. its lookin good!


I've watching Canes football since before
you . . . no, since before your father knew what a football was.

We now have the players and the guy that will produce more yrd's and more points than
ever . . . at THE U!

Suicide is Painless.

Mark Whipple officially hired + Dedrick Epps ACL surgery = Sheldon Richardson.

From what I've read Sheldon Richardson wants to play TE...the Whip becoming official 3 days before Richardson is due to arrive for his visit is a very good thing.

Also, I don't know the extent of Epps surgery (and it sucks it happened) or the timetable for his return, but that would also seem to clear some definite PT for Richardson. I can't see Richard Gordon or Tervaris Johnson beating him out.

And LACanefan...I'd love to have Orson Charles here, but unless he grows a pair and makes the best decision for him (which would of course be to become part of the U fam) his jack@ass b!tch of a coach won't let that happen...or any other future Plant players.

Manny, Again, appreciate the sprint to the finish line, but take a day of brother, its much deserved...

Excellent hire. UM's Ace in the hole is the link to the NFL. This hire reinforces that link, and hopefully he'll be accepting a head coaching position in the NFL in 2-3 years after resurrecting the offense.

What school did Robert Marve end up going to?

Randy Shannon, again, shows his strong ability as a HC and his deep feelings as a CANE - in his hire of Mark "Whip" Whipple.

At a time when most are doubting him;

- Randy Shannon brings in the best possible person for this particular situation.

And in his now famous, "1 on 1 conversations" convinces a man - that could likely become a "play caller" in the Pro's - to come call plays at the U.

The man has 20 yrs HC-ing experience - has produced the most potent offenses in college football - has never had a losing season - or less than 2 1000+ RB's and WR's in any season.

Most HC would never think to bring in someone that might "over shadow them".

Not Shannon. He brings in a guy that is every bit as good at his specialty - as Shannon is at his and names him as his assistant head coach, as well.

Shannon - will turn the offense over to Whip in all aspects.

They will consult one another, prior to games, as to what will be done in critical situations;

- "4th or and short" in our territory or their territory or red zone, etc.

Other than that "Whip go score points!"

Let "The New Greatest Show On Turf" begin!

Go Canes!

Player development, the lack of it which is attributed to coaching has been the problem.

Case in point. Oklahoma's Bradford put up the best numbers for a freshman. The only way that is possible, surrounding cast does help, is because coaches developed the kid to be prepared for anything and taught him to play within the system.

It's a shame Marve is gone because he had the raw talent, but to me - the fact that Jacory did so well as a freshman speaks volumes of how smart and capable he is.

National Championship in two years minimum! BCS this year for sure, and if all the stars align correctly, maybe this year!

Yes! Hey kid - U want to play at the next level?
Then this is where U want to be.

How bad do U want it? That bad, well THE U is the place for U!

Its funny how all the Canes talk is done in the offseason yet once the season starts and they lose game after game, all the talk stops.
Its CANES TIME= The Offseason
Cant wait for the season to start and the FIRE WAAAANNNnnndy Chants to begin. It's going to be one LONNNNNNnNnNNNnnng season.

I think it was a great hire lets see where it goes. Go canes

How long will he stay.

64 Jason Fox Sr. 6-7/306
76 Chris Rutledge Sr. 6-5/311
70 AJ Trump Sr. 6-3/300
68 Ian Symonette Sr. 6-9/351
79 Chris Barney Sr. 6-5/345
61 Joel Figueroa Jr. 6-5/344
74 Orlando Franklin Jr. 6-7/335
65 Matt Pipho Sr. 6-7/307
52 Ben Jones FR(RS) 6-5/310
66 Harlund Gunn Soph. 6-2/313
63 Tyler Horn FR(RS) 6-4/289
60 Chris Ivory FR(RS) 6-2/227
Brandon Washington Fr. 6-5/330
Jermaine Johnson Fr. 6-6/309
Jared Wheeler Fr. 6-5/310
Malcolm Bunche Fr. 6-6/315

freshman and pu$$ies.

U talked shyt massively last year before the season and U S UC KED

Now you'll talk shyt massively before this season and U WILL S U C K

Your coach is dumber than a box of hammers.

Keep talking shyt fools. U will STILL s u c k

The ENTIRE COUNTRY laughs at U

U fan will be the LAST fan in the country to admit how bad U suck

No one is "scared" of U. GT will come in your rental house and punch U in da mouf....AGAIN

U fools think you're going somewhere. U STILL haven't even sniffed the lowly ACC coastal division title. Keep talking smack DOORMATS

Posted by: your boi's are soft | January 27, 2009 at 08:08 PM



Sucks for Epps though. We've got practically nuthin' at TE.

U have a SORRY offensive line. Mr. Whipple aint fixing that fools.

You'll get smacked around AGAIN by the sorry ACC.

U don't scare the YOUNGER Georgia Tech. They LAUGH at U

Whipple- one and done - UM coaching revolving door

Better build the Mr. Whipple statue out of recycleable cardboard

Your best QB recruit in years bolted from Randy just like Bill Young. They knew what time it was.

Your KICKER was your MVP


It's all about FIELD GOAL U




what will 09's meltdown be?


Your thinking too much. Look man, for Whip to be considered for a HC job here - he would have to;

1) Succeed at what he came here to do and score lots and lots of points.

Now, when he scores lots and lots of points - we win and we will win big - a lot.

Shannon's a hero when this happens. And is going nowhere.

Oh, maybe you think Shannon all of a sudden forgot how to coach defense? Please.

Your thinking too much.

2) Whip fails to score lots and lots of points and we lose a lot. Whip failed. He goes nowhere. This won't happen.

Every program this guy has taken over was a loser, the best record being 2-9, prior to his arrival. In every case he had winning records every yr beginning with yr1 - including that 2-9 team, he won the national championship his 1st yr!

This guy's a winner. And Shannon knows this.

Your thinking too much.

U don't even know what strength and conditioning is anymore. U got pushed around over and over

How many TD's did sorry antone Smiff roast U for. (FOUR)


I've never seen fans of such a soft team talk so much shyt. U should really learn to just shut up cane fan. Your puking all over U-self

Every program this guy has taken over was a loser, -Canes2

Look in the mirror fools

Beapole harris is as soft as any of them. Great kid. Soft as Mrs. Fields cookies. UNC got a good laugh when their linebacker crushed him like a hot tin can.


We's building depths
Yeah, you're scared......or you would be on your own blog hyping your team instead of talking smack here. You had one decent season and now your runnin' your words at us because your team is just a flash in the pan nobodys. You have every right to be scared though.

After hopefully sowing up some big hogs this year miami is closer to getting that depth that randy is talking about. Were stacked at RB stacked at WR stacked on the dline getting closer to stacking up linebackers. Are only need would be secondary. Maybe greg reid comes here and jamal ried moves to corner and harris improving we might get that sowed up real quick.

Randy is truly buidling depth unlike urban lier who has lost AT LEAST 4 TO 5 RECRUITS the same year he won an NC..

Go Canes

Does anybody think that highsmith can come in and contend for the back up qb job or is it automatically cooks or smiths to lose???

Word is that the Canes are bringing Highsmith in at QB. So that means he probably can compete with Cook and Smith for the backup role.

Hey Kehoe, wasn't OLE MRS. that walked into the mud puddle and kicked your Gaytor Azzes? The same Ole Mrs. that was beat by Wake Forest, you know, a lowly ACC team.

This of course caused little Timmy to give his emotional speach about how he wished he could have delivered a perfect season. (SNIFF SNIFF)

LMFAO at you cameltoe Gaytors!!!

is anyone else watching out game?

good comeback...but man, we really, really need to work on our free throw shooting...

I am thinking the Whip Man will do the Dallas/Tony Hill pay. Just throw it up high and deep and let him go get. MR. Bryd are you listing. Every back up QB at Dallas knew to throw it up deep to Hill.

"MORE VERTICAL"...Maybe some 3 or 4 wr bunch formation like out of Steeler town. The other thing is get WR in motion BEFORE the snap to get some seperation....

Great Day. NEW ASST HC with some NUTS!

There Baaak!

True Canes Fans Rejoice!

Our Canary's in the Mine Shaft are back!

These Gay-tors and Fake Canes are filled with FEAR.

The greater the FEAR the - more they attack.

The more they attack - the better we feel. Because we know - we are on the right track.

They see the future. They see that the U has taken back South Florida recruiting.

And we have successfully invaded and taken control of "their" territory.

And they know what happens next. Because it happens every time. They go back to their losing ways.

See Ya Later Gay-tor.

this is all very good (very happy about whipple, assistant hc, bunche), but the real work is still to be done. keep it rolling! let's finish this recruiting period strong and make strides during spring practice...

who are the five most important recruits (in contention) for the U to take care of business?

brown, reid, richardson, barrington, massie, hall, campbell, tiller, white, randle, debose, etc?

i say: brown, reid, richardson, barrington, + OL. u?

which five do we have the best shot with?

to me, sounds like brown, barrington, and some OL are not a stretch, hall and richardson are on the fence, randle, debose, and reid are shots in the dark. u?

I agree Caneiac, but Whip is already on the recruiting trail and watching some of his UMass film, he can land alot of these kids. With him selling the offense and Randy selling the defense, we'll have a top 5 class by the time it's said and done with. I think Randy could sell a ketchup popsicle to a eskimo wearing white gloves.

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