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Whipple introduces himself, talks titles

Mark Whipple addresses the media Tuesday afternoon inside the Edgerrin James room on the UM campus. 
New offensive coordinator Mark Whipple just finished his half hour press conference introducing himself to the media Tuesday afternoon. I have a few quick notes I wanted to share relating to what he talked about. For those of you who would like to listen to the entire press conference, just click on the link.

> For starters, credit the hire of Whipple to coach Randy Shannon (who much like in what he does with recruits) had a great one-on-one session with Whipple and helped convince him he really was ready to come back and be a playcaller on the college level. Eagles coach Andy Reid obviously talked to Whipple about becoming the team's quarterbacks coach. But even Reid realized Whipple was ready to come back to college and call plays. It seemed the two knew Miami was where Whipple needed to be. Whipple said he first started receiving inquires in his interest at UM about three weeks ago from others close to the program down here. 

"The thing I missed a little bit in the NFL was teaching and seeing people get better," Whipple said. "I think I have a lot to give this place and kids in general."

> Whipple will be more than just the offensive coordinator. He was hired and given the title of assistant head coach. That could very well mean Shannon has decided to take on the role of defensive coordinator.Nothing official, however, regarding Shannon's move to defensive coordinator was told to us by Whipple or any other sports information staff members.

Mark Whipple2 > Whipple played his high school ball in Arizona and has spent most of his life in the northeast, but that doesn't mean he's not familiar with South Florida or the Canes. As a recruiter he said he spent a lot of time in Miami and Broward. He said the tradition of the Hurricanes has always intrigued him. He was actually at the Fiesta Bowl for UM's two national championship losses to Penn State (1986) and Ohio State (2002). He shared a story about how he spoke with Tom Brady at the Pro Bowl about the talented players coming out of UM -- including receiver Andre Johnson.

> How long Whipple sticks around UM remains to be seen. But there is no question he has aspirations of being an NFL head coach one day. He didn't tell reporters how much money he's being paid or how long his contract is for. But he talked plenty about winning championships. Whipple has obviously done a lot of it in his career with a I-AA title at UMass in 1998 and a Super Bowl title with the Steelers.

"To me it's about being the best," Whipple said. "I believe in saying, no one rises to low expectations. If you are playing for runner-up, you'll probably finish third. If you play for No. 1, it's probably the only way you'll be No. 1. You walk into Pittsburgh, you see the four Lombardi trophies you know what it's about. You walk into UM, you see the five national titles. You know what it's about. This is what I'm about."

> As for the type of offense he would like to run, Whipple said it will all depend on personnel. He said he watched tape of three UM games: FSU, Virginia and Cal and has some early impressions. He also got to know players a little during a team workout. But he's got to see what they can do on the field before deciding how he's going to run his offense: "Brian Westbrook is different than Jerome Bettis. Hines Ward is not the same as Desean Jackson," Whipple said. "It's a little bit of a mix and match. I got to see what our players are like. Do we have guys that can pull [block]? What are our quarterbacks like? What is Jacory comfortable with? To me, it's not what I like. I have an arsenal of plays.  To me it's what you put up on the board. I've always had a good relationship with the players. I want to put guys in the best positions they can be in. I think its going to be a little bit of what Pittsburgh does with Hines Ward. It's going to be a little bit of what Arizona does with what I did with Whisenhunt. It's not how much I know, it's what our guys know. I learned you can always challenge guys more. I'm trying to make this place the best classroom they have. I want to make their football class the greatest classroom they have."

> UM released a few other quotes from folks in the NFL talking about Whipple. Here they are. 

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid: “On behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles, I wish Mark and his family all the best in Miami and thank him for all of his contributions to the Eagles during this past year. He is an excellent football coach and has proven that on both the college and pro levels. He has a great opportunity in Miami and I’m sure he’ll be very successful with that program. He is a great addition to the University of Miami and will help them continue their high standard of football and academics.”

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger: "Whip is a great coach and is the perfect fit for any coaching position at any school or team. I know he will do great things at Miami and help that program tremendously. He will help the players not just as a coach, but as a leader and a mentor to them. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Whip and what he stands for."

Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher: “Mark Whipple was without a doubt instrumental in the development of Ben Roethlisberger. He has a wealth of experience on the offensive side and is a great teacher and leader of young men.”


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Got this from "College Football Talk" dot com:

Bryce Brown, the nation’s top high school running back is orally commited to the Miami Hurricanes. Or so says his “mentor,” Brian Butler. Yet Butler also says that Brown won’t be signing his letter of intent on February 4th, but will instead wait and see how things play out before making a final decision on his college of choice in March.


top 5 would be great.

Oh that poor Gayturd fan, Rational Thinker. Sounds like the poor boy is feeling the heat already. The "Whip" is going to make Urban Cryer look like the "Woos" he really is. Hey Meyer, hope you enjoyed your few minutes in the lime light.....It's over LOSERS!!!

This Bryce Brown thing is getting a little old. If he comes to the U then great! If he doesn't ....OH, WELL...life goes on. Get over yourself Brown and think about being part of a team...It's all about the U kid....NOT YOU..

We just dumped a drama queen in Robert Marve...don't need another one..

These freak'n Gator fans have a lot of nerve coming on to our blogs talk'n smack. It's really easy to talk smack when you are typing it and when you're on top. I wish I could see you in person when your freak'n cocky team falls, and starts losing recruits the U. When you clowns win as many national championships as we have won then you can speak up, but until then shut your GAY mouth! The Canes have had the BEST teams of ALL TIME clearly through the success they have had in the pros. Players like, Te-butt, which is a very nice guy and a good football player, will never make it in the pros just like the rest of you GAY-TORS!

Thanks for the audio link, once again manny you are on top of it

freshman and pu$$ies.

U talked shyt massively last year before the season and U S UC KED

Now you'll talk shyt massively before this season and U WILL S U C K

Your coach is dumber than a box of hammers.

Keep talking shyt fools. U will STILL s u c k

The ENTIRE COUNTRY laughs at U

U fan will be the LAST fan in the country to admit how bad U suck

No one is "scared" of U. GT will come in your rental house and punch U in da mouf....AGAIN

U fools think you're going somewhere. U STILL haven't even sniffed the lowly ACC coastal division title. Keep talking smack DOORMATS

Posted by: your boi's are soft | January 27, 2009 at 08:08 PM

Looks like someone got sand in their vag ina again today. Awww... don't worry little gaytor boy, you'll have one more year to wear your tebow pajamas and john 3:16 eyeblack before the U returns to glory and restores things to their natural order... you know, the way things were from 1983-2004 (20 YEARS)... as opposed to the little gaytor run since 2006 (how cute!). Enjoy your little run while you can. Just don't get too many stains on those pajamas thinking of timmy.

dlu - DMAN - spydercane,

Good points!

dlu agreed, but I'll say no O identity for 5 yrs.

"There is a good chance a big turn around might happen on offense. Whipple seems confident that it will."


A good chance of a turn around? dlu, I guarantee it. The U's offense just went from JV to Varsity!

I was at UMASS (Grad School) during Whips tenure. I saw him work miracles.

I can say this, this guy's a winner.

His offenses are always on the attack.

As a coach, he's a great teacher and communicator - most aren't, such as Nix, Werner and Olsen.

He expects 50 points and 550 yrds per game and he gets it. He expects 2 1000+ yrd RB's & 2 1000+ yrd WR's/season. And he'll get it here with our speed and talent.

His specialty - is spending a lot of time w/ RB's & OL then QB's & WR's.

He's known for his QB work (he's great at this) but his O-Line work is truly genius.

UMASS went from worst O-Line (BW) to best (AW), in fact his 1st yr O-Line had a record for least sacks.

Then he takes what everyone does best and builds plays and game plans around that.

DMAN, agreed. But on defense, he tried that with Walton - it failed. Maybe, he can try it with Barrow or Hurtt, but it will take time. Now, with Whip here I don't have a problem with RS as DC and build from there.

spydercane, With Whip here - Shannon will turn over the O to Whip (that's why he's assistant HC) and RS will handle the D.

In game O decisions - that will be worked out during the week and if RS decides to change from what was decided in pre-game during the game - that's his prerogative as HC. That, I can assure you, will be a rarity.

According to Brandon London (Dolphin WR UMASS WR)

"The Greatest Show on Turf" has just arrived at the U.


To the people on Bryce's case,yall should lay off of him.He is the #1 player in the country he shouldnt rush into his future.He is only going to be in our lives (the fans) for 3 maybe 4 years,this decision will have an impact on the rest of his life.

With that being said I think he will follow through with his commitment to The U,especially with Boyd no longer going to Oregon and coming to Clemson.

I'm now excited about the upcoming season, August can't come soon enough.

Big time loss with EPPS. We will be praying for your recovery "E". Can someone tell me about why Arthur Brown's PT this year? Someone asked on another blog and I couldn't remeber if he was hurt or depth chart hurt him for some reason?!?

Welcome aboard Coach Whipple!! Great hire by Randy Shannon. Just in time for the biggest recruiting weekend. Go Canes!!


AB was behind in his technique. He has started picking it up and should be a monster next season.

His brother will be here as well.

Where was Shannon at Whip's intro?

He was out recruiting. He was seen in Gay-tor territory! He's going to get some U's flipped on Wednesday.

Whip's on his way to Kansas. I wonder why?

Beast just said on 560 wqam that randy let Whipple to the press conference by himself because he was out in northern Florida trying to convince some one to becoming a cane. Could he be talking about debose.

I think so!

Just watch, as these O-Linemen and TE's decide the U is for them.

When they hear about Whip's abilities with these positions from Sparano, Cowher and Whisenhunt . . . They're in.

Let Wipple tweak the offense, and Shannon get the defense back to that attacking style. CB man up and DL putting pressure on the offense. Like the things Wipple was saying today. Wipple and Shannon are going bring the best out of each other. Shannon is surrounding himself with talented people.

Don’t know how credible this is, but I was told today that UM could be hiring a defensive coordinator in a matter of days and that the choice is “big-time.” Just passing that along.

from Jorge Milian of the palm beach post


Interview with a former player under Whipple at UMass


Check back tomorrow for another interview with Whipple's national title winning QB...

the U = players gateway to the pros!
the U = coaches gateway to land a big time or HC coaching job:

mark richt
tommy tubberville
rob chudzinski
howard schnellenberger
butch davis
dennis erickson
and the list could go on . . .

this probably explains coach whipple's move, because after winning a few championships with us, he'll definitely get offers to land a HC job with a big time program, or a coordinator job in the NFL!

Thanks miamiboisince85 about that post from Jorge Milian of the palm beach post because my theory all along has been that the U will also hire a good DC. As "U - Gateway to greatness" demonstrated above, the U is not only an NFL pipeline for players, but for coaches as well. I am sure that RS has been flooded with resumes and inquiries about that opening.

U=gateway, just to help you out, let me add:

Jimmy Johnson (need I say more)
Greg Schiano (current HC Rutgers)
Sonny Lubick (former HC Colorado State)
Mario Cristobal (HC FIU; don't hate, dude is turning it around at FIU).
Willie Martinez (DC Georgia; who I hope will be coming back)

what people don't realize is that whipple is so smart he finds the weaknesses of defenses. he looks at the pu$$ies on the d-line/secondary and just attacks them!

Do you mean to say Whip can teach, call plays, scheme AND manage the clock too? Compared to the guy we had last year, how many extra wins do you think those skills equate to? The mind reels.

"Willie Martinez (DC Georgia; who I hope will be coming back)'

No you dont

Yes, I do. I will take Tuberville or Mark Stoops but I doubt they are coming.

So you want a DC that got torched by GT too?

And you're delusional if you think those high profile coaches would come here for a cordinator job

Tommy Streeter need's to take notice of the current TE depth & new OC & realize he could be a major weapon next year! RB's need to get ready to be involved in the passing game. We also need to hire Ken Dorsey as the QB coach, Tim Ice Harris & Dorsey could be our future offensive coaches after a couple years of success with Mr. Whipple.

I wonder how Marve is feeling now, maybe if he was a true competitor Whip could have developed him into something of a better QB. The more I think about the last half of the season I think Marve was just auditioning for the gators trying to act like Tebow, drop back and than run.

Shannon should run the D this season and groom Hurtt or Barrow to assume the role in the future.

64 Jason Fox Sr. 6-7/306
76 Chris Rutledge Sr. 6-5/311
70 AJ Trump Sr. 6-3/300
68 Ian Symonette Sr. 6-9/351
79 Chris Barney Sr. 6-5/345
61 Joel Figueroa Jr. 6-5/344
74 Orlando Franklin Jr. 6-7/335
65 Matt Pipho Sr. 6-7/307
52 Ben Jones FR(RS) 6-5/310
66 Harlund Gunn Soph. 6-2/313
63 Tyler Horn FR(RS) 6-4/289
60 Chris Ivory FR(RS) 6-2/227
Brandon Washington Fr. 6-5/330
Jermaine Johnson Fr. 6-6/309
Jared Wheeler Fr. 6-5/310
Malcolm Bunche Fr. 6-6/315

What a sad list. freshman and pu$$ies. Those guys got pushed around like shopping carts. Bunch of FAT wimps.

U talked shyt massively last year before the season and U S UC KED

Now you'll talk shyt massively before this season and U WILL S U C K

Your coach is dumber than a box of hammers.

Keep talking shyt fools. U will STILL s u c k

The ENTIRE COUNTRY laughs at U

U fan will be the LAST fan in the country to realize how bad U suck. Everyone else already knows it

No one is "scared" of U. GT will come in your rental house and punch U in da mouf....AGAIN

U fools think you're going somewhere. U STILL haven't even sniffed the lowly ACC coastal division title. Keep talking smack DOORMATS

Your KICKER was your MVP....the KICKER

U definitely aren't a football school anymore

U definitelly aren't a basketball school

U a baseball school

not crazy bout martinez either, but at least he's seen gtech triple o up close and personal... i'd take my chances. i think we need Tyrone Nix up in here to clear the Nix name!

Can u imagine havin Collier in one slot TB in another our BIGS on the outside Streeter AJ or Byrd take your pick any two and having to try to run with BB or miller at TB? that is what DC's in the ACC have to think about the next 3-4 years. i have no clue how we can not score 35-40 pts a game min next yr

TALKING ABOUT SPEED THAT WRECKS, and you're talking about Sheldon Richardson. This TE runs a 4.69/40 with a mass of 292 lbs!

With Dedrick Eps suffering an ACL, Richardson is visiting the U this weekend, is an excellent blocker and pass catching TE. Richardson NOW talks lucidly that he is still interested in Miami, his thought process going into his decision, and HOW Bryce Brown has been in his ears about playing in Miami when the two recently talked about the Hurricanes http://insidetheu.com/news/viewnews.php?v=497fede0243be

THERE IS A HURRICANE WARNING....COME AND GET SOME OU, FSU and yes....UF....the CANES are rolling back on the BCS scene..


A lot of people are going to get burned by GTs offense over the next couple of years until people figure how to stop it consistently, which will happen. That gimmick will only last so long. It is foolish to say a DC is lousy, be it Bill Young or Willie Martinez, because of 1 bad game by their D. I really can't even believe you are suggesting that. Young had a bad SEASON but few people would say he was a lousy DC.

Martinez has a proven track record of success and he is a U guy. He is an older school Cane than Shannon himself. We need to bring those kind of people back into the fold when possible for the long-term health of this program.

I clearly said I DOUBTED Stoops or Tuberveille were coming here, so there are no delusions. It would be great if they did but, again, I DOUBT that will happen.

Actually my #1 candidate is Shannon himself but I don't know that he is ready for the added responsibility. HE is not even sure his ready for the added responsibility. Of course, that he may feel more comfortable with it now that Whipple is on-board as his assistant HC.


Hey Kehoe,
Suck on this story byatch! You'll never have this issue at UF! Not only is UF NOT a brotherhood, you'll never have three players starting in the NFL, let alone on the same team!


Go 'canes!

One thing I've noticed over the years is that we ave a very optimistic fan base. We can have 5 back to back losing seasons and still say we'll be back. One things for sure just like U can't stay on top forever same applies for the bottom. We will rise. When? Only time will tell.

Uf fans are enjoying their success not knowing they can too fall off in one season. having Tebow back will help them but it is not sure thing on winning another Chapionship. Urban Cried cause he knew that without him Florida was going to tank just like LSU did last season. So Cane fans let them beat their chest for now, like i said earlier nothing last forever. Did U know if U chop a REDWOOD CALIFORNIA TREE down it will make a loud and long fall. Well that is how THE UF FOOTBALL will soon fall...HARD AND I MEAN VERY HARD!

Interview with Whipple's former national title winning QB at UMass. Canes fans, we have found our guy!


Top ten class. Andre Debose is a gator. Always has been. He's the one U really wanted.

recruiting is going awesome.

Posted by: wyld-boi-4U | January 27, 2009 at 03:18 PM

KEHOE lol no body wants to play for meyer and his gimmick offense. I know u dont check out ur own gaytor blog so i thought i would bring it to U.

For the fourth consecutive year, it appears Florida coach Urban Meyer isn't going to sign any players from Miami-Dade County. If that wasn't upsetting enough for South Florida Gators fans, there is a chance UF's five-year streak of signing at least one player from Broward County could also end. UF currently does not have any commitments from Broward County. Denard Robinson of Deerfield Beach could keep the streak alive, however, if he chooses UF over Michigan. Robinson played quarterback for the Bucks but would likely play receiver or cornerback if he signed with UF.

--UF only has 16 commitments, is anyone a bit worried about this? By comparison, Tennessee already has 19 commitments. Tennessee, by the way, finished the 2008 season 5-7. Around the SEC East, Vanderbilt has 17 commitments, South Carolina has 26 commitments, Georgia has 17 commitments and Kentucky has 26 commitments.

from goody

Richardson is gonna have to slim down quite a bit and be able to keep his weight down to play TE. The kid is a beast and I'd love to see him catching passes and running over people...but I find it hard for a 292 pound high school player to slim down and keep it that way over the course of his college career.

It's easier to take a medium/big build high school tight end and convert him to a college lineman by packing on the pounds, than take a massive highschool lineman (in the body of a college senior) and convert him to a college TE and keep his body from not ballooning up.

Only time will tell, but whether he plays DT or TE (hopefully for the U) he will be a beast.

If you did not get a chance to see it, below is a link to the Whipple news conference yesterday.


UM recruiting on offense since 2002:

2002: None
2003: 1
2004: 1
2005: None
2006: None
2007: 1
2008: 3
2009: 1

Wide Receivers
2002: 3
2003: 1
2004: 2
2005: None
2006: 2
2007: 3
2008: 6
2009: None

Running Backs:
2002: 2
2003: 1
2004: 3
2005: 1
2006: 2
2007: 3
2008: 1
2009: 3

Offensive Line
2002: 2
2003: 4
2004: 5
2005: 4
2006: 2
2007: 3
2008: 1
2009: 4

Dont know if anyone watched it but last night during halftime of the Orlando Magic game the Stanford football team was honored and Ray Ray and Dye were both wearing U hats and throwing up THE U sign with there hands

--UF only has 16 commitments, is anyone a bit worried about this? By comparison, Tennessee already has 19 commitments. Tennessee, by the way, finished the 2008 season 5-7. Around the SEC East, Vanderbilt has 17 commitments, South Carolina has 26 commitments, Georgia has 17 commitments and Kentucky has 26 commitments.

from goody

Posted by: miamiboisince85 | January 28, 2009 at 10:19 AM

To be fair, while they may have only 16 commitments, how many scholarships do they have to offer? Per Rivals, here are the number of players they've signed since 2005:

2006: 27
2007: 27
2008: 22
2009: 17

That's 93 scholarships, not accounting for transfers, those who left early, or non-qualifiers. And that is also not including any of the 18 signees from 2005 who may have redshirted and are still with the team. My best guess is that Urban is near the limit right now.


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