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Whipple introduces himself, talks titles

Mark Whipple addresses the media Tuesday afternoon inside the Edgerrin James room on the UM campus. 
New offensive coordinator Mark Whipple just finished his half hour press conference introducing himself to the media Tuesday afternoon. I have a few quick notes I wanted to share relating to what he talked about. For those of you who would like to listen to the entire press conference, just click on the link.

> For starters, credit the hire of Whipple to coach Randy Shannon (who much like in what he does with recruits) had a great one-on-one session with Whipple and helped convince him he really was ready to come back and be a playcaller on the college level. Eagles coach Andy Reid obviously talked to Whipple about becoming the team's quarterbacks coach. But even Reid realized Whipple was ready to come back to college and call plays. It seemed the two knew Miami was where Whipple needed to be. Whipple said he first started receiving inquires in his interest at UM about three weeks ago from others close to the program down here. 

"The thing I missed a little bit in the NFL was teaching and seeing people get better," Whipple said. "I think I have a lot to give this place and kids in general."

> Whipple will be more than just the offensive coordinator. He was hired and given the title of assistant head coach. That could very well mean Shannon has decided to take on the role of defensive coordinator.Nothing official, however, regarding Shannon's move to defensive coordinator was told to us by Whipple or any other sports information staff members.

Mark Whipple2 > Whipple played his high school ball in Arizona and has spent most of his life in the northeast, but that doesn't mean he's not familiar with South Florida or the Canes. As a recruiter he said he spent a lot of time in Miami and Broward. He said the tradition of the Hurricanes has always intrigued him. He was actually at the Fiesta Bowl for UM's two national championship losses to Penn State (1986) and Ohio State (2002). He shared a story about how he spoke with Tom Brady at the Pro Bowl about the talented players coming out of UM -- including receiver Andre Johnson.

> How long Whipple sticks around UM remains to be seen. But there is no question he has aspirations of being an NFL head coach one day. He didn't tell reporters how much money he's being paid or how long his contract is for. But he talked plenty about winning championships. Whipple has obviously done a lot of it in his career with a I-AA title at UMass in 1998 and a Super Bowl title with the Steelers.

"To me it's about being the best," Whipple said. "I believe in saying, no one rises to low expectations. If you are playing for runner-up, you'll probably finish third. If you play for No. 1, it's probably the only way you'll be No. 1. You walk into Pittsburgh, you see the four Lombardi trophies you know what it's about. You walk into UM, you see the five national titles. You know what it's about. This is what I'm about."

> As for the type of offense he would like to run, Whipple said it will all depend on personnel. He said he watched tape of three UM games: FSU, Virginia and Cal and has some early impressions. He also got to know players a little during a team workout. But he's got to see what they can do on the field before deciding how he's going to run his offense: "Brian Westbrook is different than Jerome Bettis. Hines Ward is not the same as Desean Jackson," Whipple said. "It's a little bit of a mix and match. I got to see what our players are like. Do we have guys that can pull [block]? What are our quarterbacks like? What is Jacory comfortable with? To me, it's not what I like. I have an arsenal of plays.  To me it's what you put up on the board. I've always had a good relationship with the players. I want to put guys in the best positions they can be in. I think its going to be a little bit of what Pittsburgh does with Hines Ward. It's going to be a little bit of what Arizona does with what I did with Whisenhunt. It's not how much I know, it's what our guys know. I learned you can always challenge guys more. I'm trying to make this place the best classroom they have. I want to make their football class the greatest classroom they have."

> UM released a few other quotes from folks in the NFL talking about Whipple. Here they are. 

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid: “On behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles, I wish Mark and his family all the best in Miami and thank him for all of his contributions to the Eagles during this past year. He is an excellent football coach and has proven that on both the college and pro levels. He has a great opportunity in Miami and I’m sure he’ll be very successful with that program. He is a great addition to the University of Miami and will help them continue their high standard of football and academics.”

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger: "Whip is a great coach and is the perfect fit for any coaching position at any school or team. I know he will do great things at Miami and help that program tremendously. He will help the players not just as a coach, but as a leader and a mentor to them. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Whip and what he stands for."

Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher: “Mark Whipple was without a doubt instrumental in the development of Ben Roethlisberger. He has a wealth of experience on the offensive side and is a great teacher and leader of young men.”


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Andre DeBouse said that he "doesn't want to be another Percy Harvin". At Florida, that's exactly what he's gonna be. I think he may take a long look at what Whip brings here at the U and sign with us.

Gimmic offense = No NFL

Posted by: CaliCanesFan | January 28, 2009 at 05:22 PM

Ive been having an agruemeant about that all day on the UF blog on here. Check it out and tell me if im wrong..



I've posted comments against Shannon's coaching ability. To answer your question. I didn't feel we were going to beat UF until the game started.

I suffered through 2007 and was pleasantly surprised at times in 2008. I'm pretty optimistic about 2009, but only because I think our talent will eventually overcome our coaching.

Posted by: Canesjunkie

I will never deny that i expect UM to win every game! but we've gone through our rough patch its our time now... The young guns KNOW how to win the current seniors followed in the path of some of the UM greats. With the talent playing up to there potential there will be NO stopping The U!

don't want to be a stickler, but its Herbal Minded not just Herbal, or just HM... THANKS BRO

We were too inconsistent last year for us to be optimistic about any game. Once we show consistency, I'll be optimistic. Otherwise, I won't know what Canes team to expect.

Posted by: Canesjunkie

Understandable, but i guess the point of my post was that mind set by fans, coaches (maybee) and players needs to change.

Hey Kehoe/FakeCanesrule/RationalThinker,

Timmy Teabow is ringing the dinner bell above his crotch. You'll have to fight with your Mom and Urban Meyer to get your share though!

Rational Thinker:

While I don't know for sure that this is the case, I personally doubt that those posting here are dictating, then having the "dictation" transcribed. You used the wrong word. "Diction" - that's the word you wanted..."diction." It's (very) ironic that you were not intelligent enough to figure that out.

There are many fans like me: I went to UM on an undergraduate scholarship, and then I went to UM law on scholarship. There are other fans who never went to the school. There are still other fans who have never even been to Florida. That's part of the beauty of the U.

As for your issues with the U's stadium - why would you care?

Does USC have its own stadium? Do they have a legitimate football program?

Enjoy UF's success while it lasts. There's no need to bash other programs. College football is entertainment. Keep it light.

shannon getting a contract extension?

Thank you CoolRuler!

Rational Thinker = Fake Canesrule

Fake Canesrule = Kehoe Steamer

Kehoe Steamer = Jealous ARSE

.......Timmy Teabow = 3rd round pick as an

.......Urban Meyer's Offense = No development for NFL

All you Gator Haters need to move onto anther site, its pretty sad when u have to spend time on a Canes blog to vent. Enjoy the ride while it last in Lizzard town.

When are Gaytor people going to get it that WE JUST DONT CARE ABOUT THEM OR THEIR FOOTBALL TEAM ?????

GO CANES ! Whip it good !

Gator fans are just mad that they can't recruit in south Florida anymore because Randy has it locked down. They see the end is near because their talent level is going to drop because the kids aren't going to want to play in a gimmic offense. Your run is over Gators. It's over.

Andre DeBouse said that he "doesn't want to be another Percy Harvin". At Florida, that's exactly what he's gonna be. I think he may take a long look at what Whip brings here at the U and sign with us.

Meanwhile, the Miami recruits say they WANT to be another Portis, McGahee, A.Johnson, R.Lewis, and the list goes on. Go figure.

Rational Thinker:

a real team has one stadium?riiiiiiiiiiiiight im guessing la lakers or usc don't have their own staium's either,their probably not a real team either huh?anyways love to see the UM fans come out in full force. Can't wait till august to see what we can do.

im guessing la lakers or usc have their own staium's either


cmon hall!!!

cmon hall!!!

Interesting post by CaliCanesFan regarding what sources are telling him about the DC hire. Based on what I have read about Whipple and what I have read about the hiring process, I have believed a DC interviewing process has been in the works for the last two weeks.

Like CaliCanesFan, I have always believed that the Whipple hire was set in motion weeks ago, and the interview and hire could not take place until after the Eagles were elimiated from the playoffs, much to the chagrin of impatient Canes fans. Moreover, I don't think RS shed a tear when Young resigned. I venture to say that RS has been flooded with resumes since Young left, and I believe RS he makes another extraordinary hire at DC. All OC/DC candidates know that the U is a stepping stone to a college HC or NFL, and after seeing the talent that RS is assembling, they are all exited. I cannot think of a better DC job right now in college. A chance to coach a young defense that was 28th in the country last year? No brainer

I remember when Adrian Peterson was available to play in NCAA... he was also ready, at that same time, with a body [mass & speed], to play in the NFL. That 1st year in college, he would have WON the Heisman had he not been tagged "freshman".

In 2009, there is another incoming freshman RB with promises not disimilar form Peterson. Big difference is that Bryce Brwon will not be running an established running institution where he'd run behind all those corn & cow fed lineman from Tex & OK paving the way as he would at well-known perpetual powerhouse OK.

Thus, for Peterson, it was a known entity [OU]how his services would be unleashed. On the contrary with Bryce, he is going Cane after an '09 O line was said to be the strength of that UM team that eventually turned out to be one its biggest link of weakness.

The reality is whether the Bryce camp should be concerned with the HOW, AMOUNT, WHERE, WHEN, Bryce skill sets will be unleashed. I say yes, the camp shall demand to see how this all can be done from the newly titled architect of the Univerversity of Miami offense, Mark Whipple & HC Shannon.

Requesting to know is just for that camp, and showing it to this camp shall be a piece of cake for the U coaching team. Arthur Brown, Sr. and his son have already said that the U supports Bryce in maintaining a deliberate and balance head in making his final decision, and he will make the choice for the U, but only the right and comfortable way.

Welcome aboard Bryce!

Everyone else, particular including all the fans that seem to mouth off at Butler, Bryce, and Arthur, Sr. and their request for Bryce's utilization transparency shall just STHU!

Can't wait for the report on Whip's in home with Brown's dad and "advisor". The drama is stupid, but too big to ignore.

. . .

From Canesport.com:

"New coordinator Mark Whipple took a major detour in order to meet face-to-face with a vacationing Bryce Brown, driving to another state afterward to meet with Brown’s advisor."

Whip is not going half-ass on recruiting! The anti-Coker. Brown is ours. Debose is next?

someone with canesport access lets get the scoop on how it went.....

Whip and Randy are gonna get us back to this:


it's nice!!

Rational thinker forgot all the years the Gators were a joke and Canes kicked their butts. Nothing last forever!

From CollegeFootballTalk.com:

"Ex-Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville says he’s too young to retire, hopes to have another coaching job before the start of the 2010 season."


give the whip the head coaching job and please FIRE SHANNON

more hype about titles from the past. shut up and prove it. fire shannon

The storm is brewing and everyone's freaking out, and now the haters are sprouting.

if the U had not dropped the champs from their schedule, we would destroy any thought of you being any where close to being "back". your gone, and not coming back. keep randy forever, hes the best coach we ever had.

U lose, you mean the gators? we used to play every year. but the gators dropped us. we only play like every 4 years anyway for whatever reason. i wish we played you guys every year.

The Gaytors are scared to play Miami, yet their fans have nothing better to do than to get on our blogs and talk trash. That is the epitome of no-life trailer trash if you ask me.

Now to the real talk - Manny, I hear that Reid is going to FSU - and Hall to Ohio State, if that's the case, what other top recruit do we still have a real shot at on NSD?

I have a trivia question for you haters: What college team's players have scored the most touchdowns in Super Bowl history?......

ANSWER: a Tie betwee Jerry Rice and the Canes (eight superbowl touchdowns each)... after Edge scores one this weekend we will be in the lead).... The Gaytors are not even on the list.... the next closest team is Notre Dame with 6...

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