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Young 'torn' over leaving UM

If you haven't heard by now, the University of Miami is dangerously close to having to find a replacement for another coordinator position. Oklahoma State has come after defensive coordinator Bill Young, offering him $700,000 to leave the program -- much more than he currently makes with the Canes. Even the highest paid coordinators rarely make more than $500,000. 

When reached by phone Monday morning by The Miami Herald, Young told our Barry Jackson "I'm very torn." Young said he would let us know once he reached a decision (possibly tonight), but we believe there is a strong chance Young will opt to leave. Here's Barry's story.

Bill Young
Oklahoma City is where Young was born and raised and Oklahoma State is where Young played outside linebacker and defensive end from 1965 to 67. Young, 61, has spent 22 seasons as a defensive coordinator. He came over from Kansas last season to replace Tim Walton. The Canes didn't perform very well -- especially on run defense, where it ranked 75th. But Miami still ranked 28th in the nation in total defense (317.4 yards) and seventh in pass defense (165.6 yards) -- despite intercepting just four passes all year.

Young's loss would hurt Miami, especially since the team is in the midst of searching for an offensive coordinator. I spoke to two sources this afternoon who told me coach Randy Shannon is hoping to hire an offensive coordinator by the end of this week, most likely Friday. Now, it appears likely he'll be looking to fill another position in the coming weeks. 

FYI, I would be I highly surprised if Shannon would simply take over as defensive coordinator should Young leave. Shannon said last season when he was searching for a defensive coordinator there was too much responsibility as the head coach.


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I love Barrow (who can forget his hit against FSU in 92's Wide Right II - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpDNr-2JIDw ) but we really can't afford to have another rookie in a critical position. It's too risky to let the blind lead the blind.

Let's surround Randy with an experienced OC and either an experienced DC, him as DC, or in the worst case scenario a two-headed monster like Randy-Hurtt or Randy-Barrow.

I'm for giving inexperienced guys a chance (like Randy) but let's not get crazy. This is the U we're talking about here, not the some D-II school.


That's the problem Jersey Cane - NO MORE GETTING THE JOB BY DEFAULT. Enough with the mediocrity, please. Barrow was coaching at Homestead a year ago and now, among all the potential coordinators out there, he is your pick for DC. Are you kidding? Does anyone remember how they felt after Virginia defecated all over the OB and Tim Walton looked like he was completely lost? I respect Michael Barrow too much to set him up to fail. Enough nonsense, please.

My fault Jersey Cane
However I think were forgetting these coaches although are position coaches study film and have to be apart of the procedure when putting a game plan together. When defensive or offensive calls are made its normally either the DC with the help of the position coaches signaling in the the players or coaching them up. I dont think were talking about coaches that have not been in the trenches were talking about seasoned assistance who seem to be in te thick of things when it it comes to every aspect of this team. I say if Young goes promote Hurtt and Barrow use that money we were paying young give some to the co DC's use the rest as additonal money to lure a good OC.

Frankly, I'd love to see Willie Martinez back at the U if Young leaves. I don't know what info the Herald has or why they threw his name out, but he would be a logical choice for DC.

Talk about catch-22. U are screwed no matter what you do. Nobody wanted the low paying HC job at a school that is done winning. Fire Randy? Who are you going to replace him with? NOBODY wants this dead end job !! U pay scraps. Keep him? Still screwed. The guy would get out coached at High school level. I'M NOT JOKING. The big mystery is how a guy who is so underqualified can bring in recruits. But that's OVA too. Say bye bye to Bryce. He postponed because he saw the smoldering fire.

The only way out of this is to can Shannon and bring in a coach that will work cheap but is at least intelligent. U don't have that right now.

Shannon is KILLING your program

OH and another thing. Young saying "I'm very torn" is the same as him saying "IM OUTTA HERE."

U HAVEN'T SEEN THE BOTTOM YET its still getting worse.

Beanpole Harris will get crushed by someone. U will be lucky to see 4 wins in 09. U are a trainwreck and Randy is the conductor.

cane fan will be the VERY LAST person in the entire country to realize what is happening in Coral Gables. Keep drinking the kool-aid fools

JDS, I have an idea, let's first see if Young leaves before we continue disputing over whether Barrow gets the job and is the right man for the job. As of now, the job is not open... Let's resume this discussion when it does. If anything, I'd like Randy to bring in Sapp as D-line coach... We need someone to teach these boys how to be physical and nasty.

The university of Miami hired on the cheap when we got Randy Shannon. The program has no money and this is part of the problem. We get what we pay for. Fire Donna Shalala!

The DC position wont be problem if you know coaching I think one of the biggest things in addition to talent is motivation I think Coach Shannon has built players that believe in his system just like the team of old believed. The U passion is back and if you get a coach like Hurtt or Barrow to take over DC responsibilites with Shannon's help with the respect alone for either one of these guys this team will play lights out. Regarding Mr. Brown I respect his way of choosing a school not to may kids his age operate with the conviction's he operates with let alone adults as log as he is doing it for the reason of while he's at the school to let God use him to help other I am all for it but if it's all about him he is wrong. I really dont think if Brown does not come it will hurt this team Coop and James can still get it done and I believe we also have Miller and James remember when we first came on Portis was not a house hould name coming out but now everyone know Clinton Portis and it wasnt from Rivals or ESPN in high school but from his play once he got to the U...If were not careful we will miss out on he we have and focus on who we don't I believe between all of the backs i mention after Brown all of them are capable of having a great 09 campaign especially if we keep developing Jacorey and the Baby canes and that recieving corp though freshmen has the most potential of any young squad in the country which will force teams to play man on man and not 8 in a box.

well said greg goatee. Herein lies the problem for U. If you fire the smoldering fire known as shannon, who do you replace him with? Shannon was 4th choice emergency hire. U will have a very difficult time accepting that a private school with no football money isn't going to make any noise. You're DONE ! U just made MASSIVE cuts in the athletic department. Dark days lie ahead for U. Enjoy your Kosar memories.

U haven't seen the bottom yet ( starting to believe me yet? U should)

A lot of guys bloggers need to do a little more than play Madden and then they know football is more than X and O's ita a business and sometimes when you are starting a business you dont have the mega budget. I cant wait to see this teams success manifest this year and just maybe some folks will give coach Shannon and the U the respect they deserve

U are a clueless imbecile "canehistory" shut up with the Bryce talk and the X's & O's talk. Shut up with the passion talk. shut up with the baby canes talk. U are clueless about what is actually happpening. Keep believing everything will be alright. Keep it up. U are still falling.

Massive budget cuts

coaching departures

top recruit softens/postpones commitment

HC throws everyone under the bus

Starting QB BOLTS to escape goober Shannon

Served an eviction notice from your beloved urine bowl

capital campaign that was a massive failure

inability to make ANY noise in mediocre ACC




please tell me what you will do when Beanpole Harris gets injured????


Coach Shannon and his staff has this teams attention espcially with the success they had this year. I am not sure any other coach would have come in and be able to understand the culture of the U and has brought it back it's crazy how many monday morning coaches we have without a lick of football experience let alone coaching

FYI, I spoke to a couple guys at the The U tonight. If Young leaves, Shannon will not be turning to Clint Hurtt or Micheal Barrow as defensive coordinator replacements. They are too inexperienced.

your puking all over yourself canehistory. Just shut up now and stop embarrassing yourself.

...understand the culture of the U???????????? Would that be the continued culture of fielding .500 teams? Or what that be the culture of hiring unqualified head coaches? Or possibly it would be the culture of having an empty stadium and surrendering 472 yards to a YOUNGER TEAM? Take off your U blow up helmet fool. You're embarrassing intelligent cane fans

FYI, I spoke to a couple guys at the The U tonight. If Young leaves...................

That's pretty much the same thing as saying "HE"S GONE."

U STILL haven't seen the bottom. U won't see it until you fire program killer Shannon. Then and only then U will be 5 years behind UF.

WAKE UP CANE FAN, for every year Shannon remains he will set U back 2 years.

recruits....Bryce....blah blah blah blah....PUH-LEASE

U ARE ERODING BADLY. U ARE BROKE($) Shannon aint fixing it


I almost got offended U shat or whatever your name is you sound very mature learn the game then come back and blog ..folks like you should have to qualify to be on here because you are not thinking about what you say is that is the hater in U....Get yourself together man..

hater? lmao..fool . I, unlike you are REALITY based. I don't wear rose colored U glasses. keep babbling about how everything is okay. You sound like a fool. U are a fool. U are flat broke($).

give up man . its ova. U always have baseball to look forward to

Your comments about "not understanding the culture of the U" is the goofiest thing I've read here in weeks. The culture? Get a clue pal.

We should start looking for something else to do, U football is out of $$$.
Posted by: Alan

NO truer word were ever spoken. Do you realize how badly U have eroded? EVen if you threw massive money at this, it would take at least 2 years to get this rudderless ship righted.

Randy is KILLING the U

let me ask you this Pal if you dont like the U why are you on here?? You obviously are are here hating on the U and apprently are the only who is upset look here (Robert Marve) take your transfer and move on Buddy. sign the U fool man grow up.

M.I.A.M.I- Money Is A Major Issue. And has always been At the University of Miami. We have had the most success with as many coaching changes than any other school. Every head coach and many assistants have gotten higher paying positions at other schools and in the NFL. We stockpile player and coaching talent, and are easy pickings because of the limited funds we have available. Shannon was the best hire we could have had. He would have definitly been offered more money to be a head coach at another University or a defensive coordinator in the NFL inthe near future, but he took the job because he loves the U and its his Alma Mater, just the same as we may see Bill Young do. Coach Shannon is doing the best with what he has to work with, and he needs our support. Having said that Money Is A Major Issue we still have always found a way to be successful talented, and to win Championships and be the best. Resiliency passion, har work, swagger, respect, and yes fear! We are The U, and regardless of who leaves or stays, who talks trash or hates, we will always in the end do what we always have. Be The Most Hated or The Most Loved, or the Most Feared. Take your pick. See you as we look down form the top.

HATE THE U??? NO WAY. It's just fun to poke at dumb goobers like yourself that are clueless about the state of the program.

I know, I know, I don't "understand the culture of the U"

That has to be the dumbest thing you've ever said.

"Say it ain't so"! This is bad timing. I'm disappointed to hear about Bill Young's possible departure. Do we ever get a break? however, keep the faith! There are tremendous Defensive Coordinators that will take the Miami job in a second. Recruits will stay on board.

get off the crack pipe "DAde county" you are cane history in drag fool.

The whole pep talk at the end of your diatribe is a joke. Time to take down your Sapp poster fool.

Can you make yourself sound any dumber?

this is fuckin horrible!!!!!!!!!

One top Defensive Coordinator is Manny Diaz from Middle Tenneesse State. His Defense is nasty!!!!! He is definately an up and coming DC! Miami should grab him immediately!!! Manny Diaz is like Greg Schiano's Clone!!!

Miami can get Diaz for a steal!!! He would fit in perfectly for Miami! Diaz is young and aggressive!!!

Grab Manny Diaz from Middle Tennessee State. He is a hell of a Defensive Coordinator!! He is a future great DC. Grab him if Bill Young leaves. Miami won't regret it. He is definately another Greg Schiano. GO Canes! Quick fix for DC. Diaz will take the Miami job in a second!!!!

Diaz will be a terrific DC!

This sucks for us but I can't blame Young if he does leave though. Had Young been here 3 years or so and Barrow had that amount of time under him and was a quick study to Young I would say hire him as DC, but he hasn't. I love the fact that Barrow has that old Cane mean streak in him but at this point and looking at the current state the U is in, it would be completely ignorant on Shannon's behalf to promote Barrow or worst yet try and run the defense and be the head man when he can't even manage timeouts appropriately. I hate it for Randy but if he wants to keep this job past this year and maybe next he better hire an experienced defensive coordinator from some where.
Next Manny where do we stand as far as our OC. I saw where Steve Logan is now available. He would be a great guy for our 3 young QB's to learn from. Just look what he did for Matt Ryan. No matter who we get, he should be a QB guy that can develope these three young talents we have and can put together a balanced offense with an air assault we have not had since Garry Stevens was here under Jimmy Johnson.

Manny Diaz is a perfect fit for DC with the Canes!! Go Canes!!

grab Ur bucket and bail ...

We're going in ... Can U swim ?

Don't waste Ur time arguing with kehoe, he is a known UM blog stalker.

Randy is bringing in the right kids and he'll soon be bringing in the right coaches. What OC or DC wouldn't want to help mold the great YOUNG talent that we have and that we are getting.

I'm just glad we finally have a coach someone wants to hire away. seems like years since someone moved out on their own.

Just like business, if you hire good people, someone is going to want them. This actually speaks to Randy's good judgment in hiring him last year.

breaking news tebo to take it inthe shooter i know this cause allen said so

From what is being posted you would think he was already gone. Who knows what the U will pay? Holcutt said in his statement that he was unaware of Young leaving and was sure Randy would talk to him first. I understand Young may want to go back to his school where he played but he has a tough decision to make.

If he decides to leave, it's not a knock on Randy. If Randy was a coordinator at say Clemson and the U offered him the DC job, he would take it in a minute because that's the school he played at and would like to coach. Where would the blame be then, on the HC at Clemson?

Nemo you are a turd

It has only been 4-5 years since UM was in the top 5 in the nation. We got robbed of playing and likely winning 3 ncs in a row. Now we are rebuilding, so... nothing yousay makes any sense. stop smoking the funny stuff before blogging. UM was out before, and came back with solid SoFl recruiting. The reason is simple: the state of Fl has the best footballers in thenation. period. end of story. If you dont believe me, see how many NCs have been won in the state in both high school and college in the last 10-15 years! Just shut up.

Kirby Hocutt- Here is where you earn your pay, son. Keep the man. He is posturing for mo money. It's obvious. Match their offer. If you do, solidify the contract with stipulations.

To all U haters: I love it how you are taking time to hate on the U on this blog. It's like the girl you can't have, so youbad mouth her toother people. You all are beeotc--shes!

Good comment on USC. They have changed coaches numerous times in the last few yrs. but keep winning because of the talent. Same thing happened here when Butch left. He had recruited such a strong team it did not matter who the coaches were. Remember we won the National Title with a rookie head coach and 1st yr. OC & DC. As long as we keep bringing in top 10 classes, we will continue our comeback to the top. THE U will always be the U. All you GAYTURDS crawl back to your doublewides.

we will continue our comeback to the top


Keep dreaming fool. The commitment to winning vanished years ago.

No stadium. No MONEY. No coach. No fan base.

What's left? Memories of the glory years is all that's left. Kiss Bryce goodbye.

"The U will always be the U." Very well said goober as U s u c k

There is this underlying assumption that the U is storming back. What a joke. U don't come back when your program is being systematically dismantled by a cheap president who doesn't care about your coach, championships, your stadium, or the fans. Donna cares about academics plain and simple. Beyond that it's all just whatever transpires on the cheap.

Keep your head in the sand fools. U aren't "storming back" U haven't even made a wimper in the sorry ACC.

ONCE AGAIN , win the sorry ACC Coastal division then come back and talk smack.

LSU CRUSHED Georgia Tech. GT is the best in the conference? U guys are pee wee ballers.

Enjoy getting bent over for $20 parking by Wayne. All 30k of you that go to the games that is.



I'm not buying the alma mater/wife thing. Remember, Young left Kansas to come to Miami and made it sound like his last stop on the coaching train. How many of you want to move closer to your in-laws when you retire and move to Oklahoma no less??? We were all pumped when he got here and I thought he did an ok job as DC. I believe he held UF to their lowest point total last season with a brilliant gameplan but the defense had some awful games too. I think RS is doing an okay job. He is an excellent recruiter but has had some questionable HC decisions. I chalk it up to learning on the job. I was happy to hear him say he couldn't be HC and DC. I thought it was a sign of him growing into the HC position and allowing his coordinators to run the O and D. I'm afraid he is not allowing them to do that and that is why they are parting ways.

It sucks that he is leaving but whats worse is we don't have consistency at these coordinator positions. Also, for those of you that don't think it will affect recruiting, you are dead wrong. Look at Bryce Brown's comments on the OC position.

.SEC WILL BE LACKLUSTER AGAIN... Three consecutive BCS championships is not lackluster you tool. next year it will be 4

MIAMI PLAYING WITH AROUND 20 FRSH PLAYERS.... Georgia Tech has a YOUNGER team than U and they flat out smoked U ( what did LSU do to them?) You're a clueless moron.

SHALALA NEEDS TO DIP IN HER POCKETS AND PAY FOR A SEASONED, EXPERIENCED OC AT THIS POINT this is your most laughable point. Do you have a clue about what is happening in that program? The budget is being REDUCED and Donna doesn't give a shyt about "OC"

AD JEREMY FOLEY IS SCARED TO PLAY MIAMI.. keep telling yourself that moron. Foley is the most powerful AD in college sports and you are stuck with Kirby Haircut, no money, and irrelevance. NICE TRY GOOBER

Keep typing in all caps goober.

See you as we look down form the top. - Dade County

U have a strange definition of "the top" goober. Donna and Haircut have no CASH. U have no future other than being a middle of the pack program like 100 others. U don't compete with the big boys any longer because U can't afford to. Competing at the top takes MAJOR dollars. Look at all the top programs. They spend HUGE cash. UF just spent over 20 million on its training complex. U couldn't scrape up 20 mil if your life depended on it. When will cane fan come to their senses and realize that the commitment to winning VANISHED. Set your sights on something more realistic like winning the sorry ACC Coastal division.

Or keep your head in the sand and make ABSURD statements like" See you as we look down from the top." The REAL teams at the "top" laugh at U. Georgia Tech LAUGHS at U . Virginia laughs at U. Robert Marve will soon be laughing at U. Virginia LAUGHS at U. (48-0 in the storied OB finale..nice job Randy)

U would think that when GT reached 350 yards that the coaches would have huddled together and essentially abandoned pass coverage regardless of how many TD passes they would hurl. There comes a point when your pride must kick in an do anything necessary to prevent a team from SMOKING U FOR FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO YARDS.......ON THE GROUND. I can't decide which will be more embarrassing in U history. Brawling with lowly FIU? (great color commentary by Lamar) Getting goose egged by an average Virginia for FORTY EIGHT POINTS . Or getting toyed with by GT's YOUNGER offense.

Keep your head in the sand


Is the U's recruiting affected when it has no OC and perhaps no DC as we get closer to national signing day?

I would think that any recruit would want to know the scheme they would be signing up for.


Great headline. Sounds like a foregone conclusion at this point

If there was a chance of him staying it would say


It DOESNT say that.

Young saying, "I'm very torn." is pretty much code for "IM OUTTA HERE" If he had any intention of staying he would have said something like," yes I talked to them but I am a hurricane and this is where I want to be."

He said he likes the BEACHES?????? Could he have made a more vague statement about Miami? the F'in BEACHES??????

Look for an announcement of his departure sooner than later

Haircut said he knew nothing of YOung talking to them OS. Did Randy know he was talking to them? Randy probably knew but is too lacking in communication skills to tell his boss.

Haircut HATED getting out of bed this morning.

As a Gator fan, I would love to see Randy Shannon take both positions for next year. Now, he could be in over his head twice as much as he already is. The Canes are an absolute mess right now while the Gators are still fresh off winning a national title on the Canes' home field. I love it. Go Randy Shannon...I hope they never fire you.

"who the heck is allen?" I am a cane's fan. responded Allen. "where did he come from?" He came from docmac, and the rest of the UM gators posting as friends/fan of the U, but in their own words tell the "4 - 5 star recruits" particularly "To any young recruit with tons of talent, if you are reading this. Do not I repeat do not go to Miami..."!

Now Allen that you claim to be "a cane's fan", where would you direct these "tons of talents recruit" to go? just asking

All is OK! Look at USC, they lost their OC, DC and other coaches and they still have a top 5 recruiting class. We will still end up with a great recruiting class and great coaches.

Don't listen to all the negative Gator hate, they are worried about us beating them in the BCS game next year!

Go Canes!

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