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Brian Butler makes radio appearance

TALLAHASSEE -- Just a couple quick messages to pass along. Got a text message on my way up here earlier today from 790 The Ticket radio personality Jorge Sedano to pass along that he's supposed to have Brian Butler (Bryce Brown's mentor) on his show tomorrow at noon. UPDATED: I'm not sure if Sedano did finally get Butler on his show, but here is the link to an interview with Evan Cohen on 760 ESPN in Palm Beach.

> Friday night before the baseball season opener against Rutgers, UM will induct Baltimore Orioles first baseman Aubrey Huff into the Hall of Fame. Jim Morris, along with Pat Burrell, will present Huff with his Hall of Fame ring and jacket in an on-field ceremony before the game. Huff hit 21 home runs and drove in 95 RBI his final season at Miami in 1998. He hit .400 in his career (2nd all-time) and had a career .719 slugging percentage. For more information on a Parrott Jungle Banquet and the UM Sports Hall of Fame golf tournament on April 24th, go to UMSportsHallofFame.com.


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Great interview with Les Grossman on the whole Bryce Brown saga, and what Randy Shannon should do with Brian Butler.


Brian Butler was on ESPN Radio 760 with Evan Cohen today, and he didn't rule out Brown going to the U. Listen here.


Bryce Brown is not coming to "The U". Wish he was but he is not.

Keep dreaming U.

"He see's what Randy is building."


coaching carousel

NO development of players

No ACC titles

Yes, he does see what Randy is building.

The longer Bryce stay out of the school,the further behind he will be in learning the playbook etc.

I think Butler is the one who needs to go on a fast.

The "U" doesnt need a kid like this...if he comes in here, he wont have anything to prove and my prediction is he will be another Willie Williams type player...all about me, me, me...

Good riddens...

LongboatKeyCane, take Urban Meyer's d*ck out of your ass for one second and just go back to your Gayturd sites. You guys are really worried now, you keep showing up on our blogs. Just go back to your own blogs worshipping Teabag and his inchworm

This kid is WAY more trouble than he is worth. His high school coach (who probably knows him better than anyone in this process) called him out and nailed him to a T: self-centered, me-first, non-team player that completely led to a lack of team chemistry and a 6-3 record. Heck, the kid didn't even stretch with his teamates his senior year! It speaks volumes when his OWN COACH is calling him out like that... and that's before this whole recruiting premadonna circus act too!

No thanks. Do what's right Randy, let this kid and his ego go somewhere else. Welcome to The U, Lamar Miller, we're thrilled to have you!

Hey Manny am I allowed to criticize the UM basketball team or do I still know nothing about basketball? I realize you didnt write a blog last night after that pathetic loss. Maybe you're finally seeing the light

Mrs. (or Mr.) DeepThroatDeepPain, you gals (or guys) just won a National Championship, and all you have to show for it is one gal (or guy) in the 1st round of the draft...SHEESH, talk about "NO development of players"...

Forget about Bryce Brown. He's going to LSU, just like Johnson did last year. Consider him already a Tiger, and you'll be better for it.

Jim Mandich on WQAM had a good point yesteray:

If BB does decide that he wants to come to the "U" but Randy does not renew the LOI,...,

and if BB goes to any other school and gains over 1000 yards in his freshman year,...,

we will be screaming for Randy to be fired.

The poor guy is between the rock and a hard place on this one.

Jim Mandich on WQAM had a good point yesteray:

If BB does decide that he wants to come to the "U" but Randy does not renew the LOI,...,

and if BB goes to any other school and gains over 1000 yards in his freshman year,...,

we will be screaming for Randy to be fired.

The poor guy is between the rock and a hard place on this one.

Posted by: tranquilizar | February 19, 2009 at 10:58 AM

That will only happen if the run game is bad. Which it shouldn't be with JJ, coop, Miller, and James.

We should just concentrate on the kids who are here. Let BB go somewhere else and run for whatever....doesn't matter.

he is trying to be the pryor of last year and how he got the attention , problem is , pryor was still in high school, and was a star bball player who didnt take visits because of his games, and after his season, then he visited schools. BROWN, finished fball in november, and GRADUATED IN DECEMBER--------------THERE IS NO REASON he shouldnt have decided by Feb., its all the mentor letting this #1 thing get to his head. dude needs to grow up, he will not be the best anymore in the beginning no matter what school he goes to. GROW UP

Seriously, does anyone here know of any college or professional player of any major sport who has been as closely associated with a former felon as BB with Butler and ended up with a good outcome?
I am really curious.
We would think that the Brown family is smarter than this.
BB should just sign with Rosenhaus. At least he would only look selfish, not foolish.

Eventhough I am concern of team chemistry if he ends up at The U, they should go through with the offer.
First, Arthur is a Cane and he has been a team player, and he deserves respect and support. The U don't turn on their own. They have always stick together. Look at all the former players. That's what make The U special.
Second, The U should take the high ground. They made an offer and their words meant something. They are not afraid of any player. They keep moving whether the player come, play, or ride the bench. Anything less, they will look bitter, insecure, and small. It will be important in the eyes of HS coaches and future prospects.
Two years ago, Mack Brown made an offer to a HS player before the player found a medical condition that ended his playing days. Mack went through with the scholarship. The kid became a student-assistance. Mack now owns that part of Texas.
The U is a place for men, and Randy, despite of all his mistake, so far has been a stand up guy.



I would not care if BB won the heisman, I still would not be critical of Randy Shannon if Randy did not renew the scholarship.

I have not and will not down talk a 18yr old kid (except that Johnson kid from last year who went to LSU), but the only thing I don't like about BB's way of doing things is he was waiting to see who went to what school to see who he wants to play with.....that's kinda weak...you need to come and help a team be good...don't go somewhere b/c of a coach (who can be fired the next yr), a player (who can transfer or get hurt, or flunck out)....go where you feel you fit the best....it doesn't take that long....I really think its the whispers in his ears that are taking him through this, so lets not be critical of an 18 yrs old kid.....AB will be starting by mid season!

Someone said Butler sounded ok, good , made sense on the radio. No kidding con men have sounded good for 1000's of yrs. that is why they are con men. Look at the end result not what con men say.

Didn't Shannon tell Bryce to make the best, most informed decision he can make about choosing a school? He's still taking visits. He's only 17 or 18 years old. I think all this hype has been made only by the media and fans. Why would Shannon rescind the scholly offer after telling him to take his time? Why does anyone care about what Butler has to say? Maybe the kid's got a big head about things, but it doesn't mean he's not a team player or interested in just himself.

I can't agree with the way he went about doing this, but I still wouldn't mind seeing him in Green and Orange come next year.

I'd like to see if Bryce takes on Lamar Miller's challenge to get playing time. Lamar said he's ready to PROVE that he's the best freshman back in the country. BRING IT BRYCE!! BRING IT!!

CaliCanesFan, that's the kind of competition that RS wants.....

Butler says they are not playing around, they are not looking for media attention. Everything Butler says is the opposite of what his intentions are. Getting so real mixed signals from media outlets on the BB thing. Some are reporting, no way it is OVER over gone. Others reporting maybe and so forth. Everyone from the U on the same page?

Apparently, Bryce says he wants the competition also. So what's the hold up Bryce?

Go to Oregon...you won't play here.

Let's move on.
Anyone know if spring is open to public or press?

I wonder how often Jacory is holding his impromptu practices with the WR's and DB's?

Did anyone listen in? I have been out of the office all day? What was said?

Do the Hurricanes need Bryce Brown? For the Hurricanes (or any team)to have a successful season, it would be ideal to have three running backs having good success on the field. This past year- 2008, Cooper had some good success, but there were times when we needed an additional dimension. JJ got injured, and for some reason Chambers only saw the field to make a significant difference in the final game (bowl game). The question becomes- who will be the three running backs this coming year? Which running backs will get injured? Which running backs will run well in all situations and which will run well only against weak competition? Which running backs will not be called in much? If you can see into the future and answer these questions , then you can answer whether we need Bryce Brown or not?

Worried Hurricane:

Do we need Bryce, no. Do we want Bryce, most of us would say, yes. We need the competition, the depth, and we need the best we can get at each position. Look at the WR's, we don't really need all of the wide outs that we have (which is why Shields is moving to defense), but the competion is great and the freshman class had a good year last year and are looking to improve this season. The more the merrier! If Bryce comes, great! If not, oh well. We're already working on the next class of backs to step in a take over.

U are my Beeeyotch ... U will wait on me cause I'm Trip B !!!

Just bear with me Canes fans. I'll make my decision next month. At least I'm smart enough to know NOT to go to a gimmic football program like Florida. Then I'll surely be stuck in the CFL or AFL or something like that.

Please Whipple bury the defense, humble the defense, crush the defense. So, the defense can figure it out against a good offense and eventually man up for the game day competition. No holding back in practice on the offense. Because last yr. the D had no offense to practice against and it hurt the game day performance.

dlu - dude that was on the MOney.
I cant wait for the spring game to see what we have to look forward to:


Jaime, agree what happens in practice, tends to happen in games.

Disagree with Manny on Sam Shields move, it looks like Shields has a nose for the defensive side of the field, I think 50/50 chance of starting by 1st game.
A.Bailey to dt looks good, better straight ahead rusher, even as a LB in HS the film clip I saw showed Bailey destroying on straight up field plays.

Who cares about Bryce Brown, lets focus on the Florida State seminoles and getting our respect back. I want another NC and some nasty defense to come back around. I can not wait until teams start getting sh%t stains on their pants because their playing the "U"

Posted by: elliott | February 19, 2009 at 08:19 PM

It's it about time for U wash Ur underwear ?

Starting lineup I would like to see:
Harris qb.
Calhoun fb { need a fullback that can catch , RB Miller or James {jj and cooper were ok need better or improvement on their part}
WR A Johnson
WR Byrd
Wr Travis Benjamin
Oline too wide open at this point to know.
DE Moncur
DT Bailey
DT Forston
OLB spence
MLB A. Brown
OLB McCarthy
CB Sam Shields { need someone to make interceptions and tackle on running plays}
CB Harris
S. Ray Ray { need playmakers at safety.
return Miller need speed and power
anyone have their want list to starte?

DE Robinson left him out of one spot


You forgot another DE in your starting line up. You have 10 starters so I think M. Robinson could start at the other DE. Otherwise, I like the lineups.

right calicanes, corrected that thanks

Reason I would opt for Miller or Mike James is Coop and JJ did ok but the U needs better than ok so would give the new guys a chance to see if they are better.
Same with Sam Shields if you are going to change positions on him at this pt. give him first chance to make it or not as starter.
Calhoun first chance as Hill could not catch the ball in game situations.
Ray Ray and Telemacque because play makers are needed on D. Same with Bailey first chance with a double switch of positons to make an impact. Just my view.

What about giving Lee Chambers a chance? He was running hard in the bowl game. If he became more consistant, he'd be a good back.

Calicanesfan, Chambers should have a shot equal to the other backs for sure. Mostly it may turn on who can catch the football the best in Whipple's offense.

Also which players understand their roles , routes , assignments in the offensive scheme. I do feel for the first time in a while Whipple will do a good job of talent evaluation. Who can do what and develop plays for the talent.

Calicanesfan, Lee Chambers looked faster than Coop in the bowl game, was hitting the holes quicker and harder, was he just extra fresh? Or was it a talent thing? Can Chambers catch the ball, a lot I do not know about which backs might be the best receivers, Hill, no, JJ and Coop questionable from little I saw. Just not sure about Calhoun, Miller, M.James,and Chambers

Oye ... U too

I think Cj Holton is gonna be better than Armstrong

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