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Brian Butler makes radio appearance

TALLAHASSEE -- Just a couple quick messages to pass along. Got a text message on my way up here earlier today from 790 The Ticket radio personality Jorge Sedano to pass along that he's supposed to have Brian Butler (Bryce Brown's mentor) on his show tomorrow at noon. UPDATED: I'm not sure if Sedano did finally get Butler on his show, but here is the link to an interview with Evan Cohen on 760 ESPN in Palm Beach.

> Friday night before the baseball season opener against Rutgers, UM will induct Baltimore Orioles first baseman Aubrey Huff into the Hall of Fame. Jim Morris, along with Pat Burrell, will present Huff with his Hall of Fame ring and jacket in an on-field ceremony before the game. Huff hit 21 home runs and drove in 95 RBI his final season at Miami in 1998. He hit .400 in his career (2nd all-time) and had a career .719 slugging percentage. For more information on a Parrott Jungle Banquet and the UM Sports Hall of Fame golf tournament on April 24th, go to UMSportsHallofFame.com.


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dlu, like your "wish list" for starters. I'm sure Coop and JJ will remain the tentative starters at RB though. In the end, I really want to see what the 2-deeps and 3-deeps look like. Too much emphasis on starters. The way to win championships is to have good depth. Especially on defense, which I think is a bit suspect at the moment.

Also, Whipple's offensive gameplan will most likely include some blocking for RB's, especially in the single back. It's no secret that Miami needs better blocking, and getting the RB's to do some of that and maybe come off in flat routes as 3rd and 4th options for Harris is consistent with the pro-style passing game. It's really simple and could potentially give Harris just a split second longer if one of the RB's can pick up blitzes. If not, I foresee defenses just blitzing the hell out of the Canes. I suppose the reaction to blitzing is then running more, but that hasn't been the answer the past couple of years either.

Don't forget this is still a super young team, and young teams inevitably make mistakes.

I remember hearing that Miller is only going to be used as a returner this year.

dlu, nice wish list. what about depth though? that's what really makes the difference. also, as much as i would like to see (mike) james and miller come in and make an immediate impact, coop and jj are the go to guys at RB. chambers was an end of the season bonus against a Pac-10 team (okay, the Pac-10 was undefeated in bowl games, but the matchups were perfectly in their favor). it would be nice to see him take some of that momentum into 2009 though.

anyway, this team is young and still probably needs some work on depth (in addition to continuing to learn how to play the game at the college level). i would absolutely love to see this team overachieve though. when's the last time a hurricane team did that?

sorry for the repeat. didn't realize my first one went to page 2!

I'd like to see Miami adopt a RB rotation like the NY Giants used with Brandon Jacobs (pounder), Ahman Bradshaw (gamebreaker/speed rusher) Derrick Ward (a mix of both).

In our rotation it would go as follows:

James - pounder, ball control back
Cooper - gamebreaker/speed
Chambers - mix of both

This will keep them all fresh throughout the season. Cooper isn't designed for the pounding he took last year. Tough kid, but he needs to have fresh legs in December.

The younger RB's need time to adjust to the offense and the speed in college. There's really no need to put them in against the first 4 defenses on the schedule. They do need time in the middle of the season though.

Brian Butler and Bryce Brown... give me a break. I wish I were still in school or knew someone who was getting a degree in sports management or sports psychology.

I think it would be an excellent case study in reviewing the last 10 years of college football's national signing day...to track the kids that made this biggest deals about their letters of intent...and see what happened to them, where they ended up, and if they ever made it to the NFL.

Maybe even a good article by Manny.

Kids like Bryce Brown... I truly feel sad for. He is in desperate need of professional treatment. To have a disgusting character like Brian Butler as his mentor.... to have this liquid fast for choosing a football team... is beyond pathetic.

The thing no one talks about is the fact that at most, this kid would be here until the moment he's eligible for the NFL draft.

I know Randy's trying like hell to get the best of the best here at the U....Bryce Brown represents the worst of the worst of college athletics.

I was at the Emerald Bowl and while Chambers was impressive when he got in, genius Nix only ran him on the same 2 plays over and over. The boy is quick but Coop is definitley faster. Cal's D isnt that good they just focused on taking away JJ and Coop. There were no running lanes until the scoring drive that Chambers came in on.

Good idea, Dave E. Manny how about looking into past recruits who have pulled the same thing as Brown and doing a comparison? Someone pointed out Pryor last year, but it's also true that he was playing basketball at this time while Bryce has been vacationing. Who else has done this?

Agree with you about Cal's defense, SOCAL CANE. The only good defense in the Pac-10 was USC, and they were pretty good (okay, maybe an understatement). Chambers may have some talent, but there has to be a reason why he didn't see any time the whole year pretty much.

C-junkie, I'd also like to see a RB-by-committee. I think the idea was at one point to run JJ, Coop, and Shawnbrey, but that never really worked out. Chambers will be there, Berry will be there, and it looks like Miller may get some practice time. If Bryce signs with the Canes and truly commits, he could be a very nice addition.

know Randy's trying like hell to get the best of the best here at the U....Bryce Brown represents the worst of the worst of college athletics.

Posted by: David E | February 19, 2009 at 11:44 PM

God Bless U all

new blog

Chambers seem to read the holes and hit them faster than Coop. He impressed me- over and over I asked myself... Where has he been???

He also showed excellent speed when he turned he corner. I say he needs to be given a chance in the rotation, BB or no BB.

You all heard that RS is turning Shields into a CB? when did you hear that? Man! That dude came out of hs a highly recruited receiver... that pass he dropped as a freshman in 2006, at FSU, when we were driving and had a chance to beat them... that told me everything I needed to know about his playmaking abilities as receiver, regardless of his speed.

Sam Shields had his shot, he was never able to put it together. At least he can contribute on special teams and add a body to the secondary. Hopefully he won't be terrible there, I'd expect teams to come his way everytime.

if anything i say it's a recruiting tactic made by Shannon, he probably ordered that unanimous official within the university to break the news, and then his gameplan is to downplay the whole thing, he wants to remain politically correct about this whole situation and just play like the door is still open, but at the same time having a break out rumor swirling around out there about bryce's LOI being pulled out to play with the kid's head, very very smart and somewhat cruel move, but it has to be made, and i commend that!!! Shannon knows what he's doing and this rumor swirling around could be a turning point on Bryce's decision, i can't really say that by him making miami his last official visit and his LOI rumors coming out at almost the same time is just a big coincidence, i strongly think that Bryce might have gotten a lil scared to have the opportunity to play in a great school like the U and most especially lose that opportunity to play along side his brother!!!! after all that is what his dad would prefer and he finally broke out in silence a lil bit realizing butler is making a big mistake here with the whole BB saga!!!!!!

Cane88, I'm out here in Austin and I remember that player that you were talking about. You're right, Mack Brown kept the scholarship offer on the table. In fact, from talking with someone whose nephew was recruited by Mack and is now playing for the Longhorns, Brown never pulls scholarships...as long as you keep your word about committing. That's one way he's been able to get so many early committments. HS Juniors know that as long as they committ to him early and do not waver, the scholarship that they have been offered will not be taken away from them.

Of course, there are exceptions...Ryan Periloux coming to mind.

Didn't Shannon tell Bryce to make the best, most informed decision he can make about choosing a school? He's still taking visits. He's only 17 or 18 years old. I think all this hype has been made only by the media and fans. Why would Shannon rescind the scholly offer after telling him to take his time? - AZCanes

Wasn't there a verbal committed linebacker last year that Shannon pulled the scholarship offer from when it became clear that he was playing us and was intending to go to Florida? I think this is where the Bryce situation is drifting towards. If it becomes clear through sources that Bryce has no intent of signing with Miami, then stop playing the game.

BB might be evaluating schools, but he needs to realize he is also being evaluated by coaches and future teamates.

IMO, this kid thinks he's above the programs who have offered. He feels entitled to a spot as the featured offensive player and wants that guaranteed before he signs.

BB is covered in red flags...I'd rather not have him on the team.

Kylan Robinson and Daryl Sharpton are penciled in to start this year?

we are way to loaded at safety. why the hell sign so many. joe wylie will never play we have kent, armstrong,nicholas,campbell,holton,telemaque,j.wylie hopefully r.hill moves to cb. and then we have r.phillips.
my starting team!

QB jacory harris
RB james and cooper as interchangable with miller and bb right behind
WR a.johnson, l.byrd, t.benj ( streeter,hank n collier right behind)
TE gordon
OL fox,franklin, horn,gunn,phipho
DE Moncur
DT forston
DT Bailey
DE robinson or ojomo.( both are studs)
OLB spence
MLB brown or sharpton
OLB cmac( with futch right behind him)
CB b harris
CB van dyke will win out
S R.phillips ( armstrong taking over eventually
s V telemaque

KR t.benjamin and l.miller
PR choose Tbenj, tcollier, lmiller, or maybe even sam shields

i get on the blogs to find out any new info on the canes n sometimes get caught up reading alot of u cry bout 17yr old kids n for coaches to get fired. i understand ur a "fan" but get a grip of yourself. we basically hit as low a point as we can get. relax, were building a solid dynasty we need a few more solid recruiting classes first. in the mean time n stop rippin on a.brown who is a part of out team or people who are askin for haith to be fired. if it wasnt for him um basketball wouldnt even be a conversation.

BB's comments to Rivals about Whipple are not only ignorant, stupid and self-serving, but emblematic of the team-chemistry-killing attitude that he might try to bring with him to the U (e.g., read BB's High School coach's comments). If BB comes to the U, he will have to check his me-first attitude at the door and become a part of the team and what the coaches are trying to establish.

As for the existing RB situation, L. Miller and M. James are already on campus and the coaches must like what they have seen so far, which is why they feel they can afford not to renew BB's LOI. Once practices start, RS and Whipple will evaluate their skills and pick the right RB combination/rotation. I agree with UMASS Cane that Whipple will turn the offense around, and under the new offense with better OL play, the RBs the U has under scholly can be productive. With the RBs we have coming in with the 2010 class, the U will be fine

The defense will look pretty good if Arthur Brown has progressed.

Arthur Brown will be backup MLB according to RS. He has apparently improved his play since being swithced to the middle last year. If he can make some big plays along side Spense, our D is going to be very viable.

I think Lee Chambers will contribute alot next season. Chambers has very good vision and feet. He may turn into something very special. Go Canes!!

Can you imagine Sean Spence and Arthur Brown going high/low on Sam Bradford? It's a beautiful thing.

Canes need a lot of improvement from last yr. It is hard to point to guys that consistently made big plays last yr. Spence, Harris, {two}
A lot of the guys did average to average + but there were not a lot of people dominating games. Running backs any dominating last yr, no.
Dbacks, safeties dominating no, Oline no, Dline some above average at DE but noone taking control of the game.

Even receivers some above average but nooe taking control of a game. Nix can be faulted for bad offensive play. But the U needs some guys to break out into dominating players.

Players who might step up and be game changers this yr on defense Spence, Bailey, Forston, A.Brown, Ray Ray {all defensive ends, loaded at DE}

On Offense: Harris, Miller, M.James, Fox
Johnson, Byrd, Benjamin, Whipple.

Harris is already holding workouts with the WR's and DB's. I think he's saying the same thing to himself.

"We need to get better."
"We need to get better."
"We need to get better."

I think the offense and the secondary are going to make dramatic improvements this next season.

The RB's will be those that:



Whip's O-Line WILL open up holes for any and all of the many talented RB's to run through, so "pure running" will be a given.

As I've stated before, Whip's - teaching and coaching of the O-Line and his play calling will combine for big holes to run through and lots of time for Jacory to work with when passing.

The WR's and RB's ability to block and catch is pivotal in Whip's scheme. And they, the RB's and WR's, WILL know how to do both, Whip will make sure of that.

This is what RS is saying about the position breakdowns,


In the words of CaliCanesFan, "we need to get better," and that will be the key to UM's season. If these Freshmen can make the monumental leaps that most freshmen do in their sophomore seasons, the Canes will shock the world next year

Calicanefan, I agree, the secondary should get better with some added depth and Whipple throwing the book at them in practice everyday.

Offense will finally make big strides under Whipple. That in turn should make the D better.


You and the rest of the "I can't see it" gang can sit here and blog your brains out about what might or might not happen this season with coach Whipple.

But, I've been lucky to experience it and I'm not concerned at all. In fact with the talent he has to work with at UM, these will be his best statistical years ever, guaranteed. This means lots and lots of wins and "important wins".

Read below from his bio. This was done with talent that would never make this team at UM.

At every stop, the trademark of a Whipple-coached team is high-powered offensive play, and his UMass squads have rewritten the Minuteman recordbook, setting 38 team records over the last five years. In 1998, UMass set new school single season marks for points scored (524), touchdowns (73), total yards (7,074), highest average yards per play (5.9), passing yards (4,050), completions (306) and first downs (354). The 1999 team finished with totals of 415 points, 55 touchdowns, 5,673 total yards, 5.6 yards per play, 3,230 passing yards, 271 completions and 289 first downs, all of which rank as the second-highest single season totals in school history, behind the marks set a year earlier. In addition, 14 different UMass players have earned All-America honors during Whipple’s five years as head coach.

I know, you gotta see it. You will!

I just want to see it UMass2cane, How long has it been since the U went into a big game like OU and upset a top team. I do not remember. Because that will be the first sign that the U is actually strong on its way back.

butler on 790 the ticket.


Brian Butler = Rembrandt of Bullsh*t!!

Truley an artist.

Mar 12 (open practice) and Mar 28 (spring game)...it's on baby!!!!!

Spring practice starts next week!!!

Can't wait for the comments by players and coaches on the progress.


Yes, as I've stated in passed posts - I understand - you gotta see it to believe it.

Whip's offense will put up the points. That I can guarantee.

Will the defense be able to hold up their end of the bargain? Well, I know they will be rested.

3 and out's are NOT a part of Whip's offense. Do they happen, of course, but rarely.

Since I will be a season ticket holder I've done some research on UM's defenses over the years.

And it looks like they have always had an aggressive - attacking style. The new DC, Lovett, seems to run a similar style. Whereas Young, ran more of a zone and react style.

I feel with the speed and talent at UM it lends it's self to more of a Lovett / Shannon style defense. And this style - with the rest they will get, thanks to the offense, they should be dominating - dictating instead of being dictated to.

Looking forward to this season getting started.

The U has one of the most athletic, fast, group of players on D in the country. Stacked at DE, DT, solid, Linebacker Spence , Brown, CMac, Futch, Cookie, all athletic, Ray Ray, VT, CJ, Harris, DVd and others make for a lot of speed and talent on D if they can be coached up to use their talent. I just want to see the best players on the field no cooks this yr.

Oddly enough one of the most questionable areas on the Offense is RB. JJ and Cooper were very average last yr, many, many teams had better RBs. Calhoun,? Miller? M,James? only because they have never started a college game yet. The U needs Miller or M.James to make a big impact, in my view. Calhoun may be surprise catching the ball? Didn't he play some basketball in HS?

Of Course with a different offense under Whipple all the RB's make look totally different and better.


I know how U feel, I there too, but they will get that "upset of a top 10 team" this year.

Think about it for a minute.

Over the last 2 seasons if the U just had an offense that 1) put points on the board 2) very few stalled 3 and out starts and 3) actually put fear in the heart of opposing DC's. (According to Brandon London, Dolphin WR,
Whipples offenses are very unpredictable)

How many more games would the U had won or at least would have been "in the game" with 10 to 15 minutes left, over the last 2 seasons.

I'm sure the won/loss totals would be different and probably an "upset" or two or 3 along the way as well. Shoot, if JH had been the starter last season the won/loss columns would have been different.

Just my take on it - if Whipple's offense had been here earlier.

Caneforever, yea the games that were lost by a few pts in the last couple of yrs. The wins only by a few pts also. The U needs about 3 game changer guys that refuse to lose to step up. The talent is starting to stack up, need the good coaching now. Whipple got here just in time.


U are an idiot to get hyped about Mr "one and done" Whipple. U don't even know if he will be able to establish himself with the players in year one. Young unproven offenses with a bad line and a new OC don't just start clicking right away. If they start executing at mid-season U should be elated. But don't think Jacory "baller" Harris is gonna come out guns-a-blazin with Sheriff Whipples playbook and dominate opponents.

Or if U like go ahead and drink that Kool-aid and U will yet again taste the bitter disappointment of having overly high expectations for this extremely young team. There is a bunch of work to be done still. U's building depths but U's presently got no depths. The O-line is a joke.

But keep posting excited comments about how great it is that Mr. Whipple is the man now. Don't forget, he reduced sacks by 7000% at D-2 UMASS.

I haven't seen anything as embarrassing recently as U fan qualifying how good they will be based on Mr. Whipples accomplishments a FREAKIN UMASS. How far U have fallen.


Keep dreaming U.

"He see's what Randy is building."


coaching carousel

NO development of players

No ACC titles

Yes, he does see what Randy is building.

Posted by: LongboatKeyCane | February 19, 2009 at 08:01 AM

YO longboat.

actually, Randy has probably 20 1st rounders on the roster. THis years /last yrs JR/SR class is on Coker, and we have 0 getting in the nfl draft. Randy took over in 07, how is that his fault? Coker had final call on every signature for recruiting. Now, with Shannon having 3 top 10 classes on ESPN.com in his 1st 3 years, including #1 overall , he is building a dynasty. Get over the shannon bashing. In 3 years, by 2011, if we are still a 500 team, which there is no way in hell as we go 3 deep with HS all americans now., then he should have to go. But, if we win 8-10 this year, we are going to be poised to be nat title contenders from 2010 on. GET OVER THE RS BASHING---------A true U fan knows what was left when he took over, this wasnt alabama or florida where the rosters were stacked.

ASK YOURSELF THIS. OLE UBRAN LIAR had a clause in his utah contract with no penalty that he can go to his dream school notre dame if the spot was open. Well, in 05, he had his choice of UF or ND. Lets see, UF had 4 top 3 recruiting classes inc the #1 overall class, and a great jr/sr class to come into , or Ndame, which had no depth, and take a look at them still./ WHERED HE GO??

IT aint the coaching, its the talent. THE U IS COMING BACK BABY

have not and will not down talk a 18yr old kid (except that Johnson kid from last year who went to LSU), but the only thing I don't like about BB's way of doing things is he was waiting to see who went to what school to see who he wants to play with.....that's kinda weak...you need to come and help a team be good...don't go somewhere b/c of a coach (who can be fired the next yr), a player (who can transfer or get hurt, or flunck out)....go where you feel you fit the best....it doesn't take that long....I really think its the whispers in his ears that are taking him through this, so lets not be critical of an 18 yrs old kid.....AB will be starting by mid season!

Posted by: DA U N Houston
I agree Da U. 1st of all, bryce is trying to be too much like pryor last yr, accept pryor played hoops and was good, and didnt want to miss games to go on visits, so he was waiting until after hoops season to make trips. BROWN, graduated in dec and football was done in november. whats posted on rivals this AM -sat-is correct. the recruiting game went to bryces head, and his mentor. EVEN luginbill,espns main recruiting guru called it a circus and that THERE WAS NO REASON for him not to sign somewhere in feb. HES BEEN OUT OF SCHOOL FOR 2 months before signing day. WELL BRYCE????? DIDNT he have all of jan to take visits like everyone else?? It went to the kids head, and he is gonna be brought down to earth, Other than a few days at the AA game, the kid hasnt played against the same talent on a daily basis. Hes in for a good test.

For Spring

Miami is nice ... but

See U in a Bowl game someday

Hey Bryce:
Good riddance. Yeah you'll see us in a bowl game...from the stands, chump

Go Bryce, go! I hope he becomes a Cane, of course, but I love the fact that this guy Butler is taking helping these kids navigate the process. It's like having a contract attorney and auto mechanic with you when you go to buy a new car. Is Butler the best guy for the job? Don't know! Is it fair and reasonable that a kid who is likely to help bring in billions to a school/conference would seek help in making the choice? Of coure it is!

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