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Bryce Brown says UM will get last visit

The drama continues. The nation's No. 1 recruit has announced on his website (potentialplayers.com), he'll take his final official visit to UM on the weekend of March 3rd.

The question is: Do the Canes still care? According to a UM source I've exchanged text messages with tonight, "That may be their plan. But it ain't ours." We'll have to see if UM stands its ground and decides to pull the scholarship from Brown, whose national letter of intent expires Wednesday like reports suggest. Or, if they let Bryce visit and try to patch things up.

Stay tuned for all the drama.


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No one player is bigger than the team... IF that is the way this kid is, I say let him go.

I'd much rather have UM keep that scholly for Jakhari Gore, Brandon Gainer, or Eduardo Clements.

Via PP website "Miami-"They'll be in spring ball, so I want to see how the coaches interact with the players at practice and look at how the new offense is coming along. And most importantly spend some time with my brother."

Allow me to translate: "Let me see how much of a chance I have at playing in front of Lamar, Chambers, Coop, and JJ."

I'd love to have a prime time back to help put us back on the national map, but I would much rather UM stand for something and send the message to the current team members and future recruits....F with the U and you're out!

I'll be the first in line to buy a Lamar Miller Jersey when it comes out. He's the type of player we want. Bye Bye Bryce.


have you heard that A. Brown is considering transferring to LSU or elsewhere?
if not, does he have a shot at legit playing time?

The drama never ends. I say they need to be keep a scholarship for him. They need to treat him as an uncommitted prospect. If it weren't for the fact that he claims a commitment to Miami, fans around here wouldn't be near as up-in-arms as they are. In fact everyone would be thrilled to be a finalist for the top player in the country. Pulling the scholarship at this point wouldn't serve any purpose than to show Bryce up. And to be fair, Bryce has shown Miami up to some extent as well, but I'd hate to see another situation get ugly between Miami and a player. It certainly won't make Miami more appealing to other recruits. Don't get me wrong, I get it. I understand the thinking behind pulling the scholarship, either actively or passively allowing it to expire. It just seems unnecessary, particularly when that player wants to visit your school and has a definitive timeline for making a decision. Bryce should have just come out and said he was uncommitted 2 months ago. He committed early and then started havig second thoughts late in the game. His real recruitment didn't really begin until late December or early January. It's caused Miami undue frustration, but it serves no purpose to pull the offer at this point. You have everything to lose and nothing to gain by doing so.

On a different subject: for the last couple of yrs with Nix the OC the pass defense was real bad at the U. Translation, Nix had only a few basic and readable "routes, curls,bubble screens, so when other schools came at the U with real plays the defense was at a disadvantge. THe D just did not see crossing routes, slants and so on in practice, they were easy to burn. Here is hoping the new offense really puts the pass defense to the test, gets them ready. I think the new O will really sharpen the defense , because of greater competition. And especially the dbacks.

Is BB now backtracking, trying to appease the U or is that just for today?

Has Arthur put a bug in BB ear? Does BB want to see if Arthur is starting MLb in practice, oh so many questions. That are irrelevant. ONly think that counts is does BB now want tp compete at the U and be here with Arthur, should not have taken this long.

This kid is a headcase. He is obviously talented, but full of himself. Signing day at the hall of fame? He'd increase depth at RB, but he isn't going to get the playing time he wants to win the heisman his freshman year. lol. I don't know if his ego won't screw up the team.

This kid needs to get a grip. UM, keep the scholly offer on, and let's see what happens, but he's let this go on long enough. in or out man.

It now looks like from what Manny has posted that we will know more , what , tomorrow? I have been for pulling his scholarship for a while, but if BB has has a true change of heart ok, but it maybe too late for him. He, BB would only have butler and himself to blame.

Palmbeachpost is saying scholarship is pulled? Dad now says he wants BB to play at the U with Arthur, this should have ended long ago.

Patch things up? There's nothing to patch up. He's dug his football future's grave and now he'll lie in it.

this is getting stranger...maybe he is planning to take the year off and enroll early next winter/spring with the class of 2010. just weird.

Bryce Brown is a talent that I want at the U. I know this process has been crazy but if he wants to come to the U then I say bring him on. Either way, he's going to have to earn his spot. If he comes, great. If not, I'm not sweating it.

tell this arrogant little punk to hit the road..we have plenty of rb's ready to go..

Turds are at it again!!!!!!!!!

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators offensive lineman Carl Johnson was arrested on Monday and charged with violating a domestic violence restraining order.

According to Alachua County records, Johnson last week was ordered to stay away from a woman but was arrested early Monday afternoon after he allegedly followed her off a bus.

Johnson, 6-foot-6, 330 pounds, was being held in the Alachua County jail late Monday night.

Florida coach Urban Meyer was unavailable for comment.

Johnson started eight games at left guard for the national champions last season.

Johnson, who will be a junior next season, is the fourth Florida player to be arrested in the past 10 months. Safety Jamar Hornsby was arrested on felony credit card fraud charges last May, cornerback Jacques Rickerson was arrested on felony battery charges last November, and quarterback Cam Newton was arrested on felony burglary charges last November.

Hornsby, Rickerson and Newton are no longer with the team. Hornsby recently signed a national letter-of-intent to play at Ole Miss.


Let this douchebag go, what a total loser!


Well, here is an exerpt from a LSU Blog


in which it was stated: ..."Among elite programs, you aren't going to find a more inviting running back depth chart. Also working in our favor is the fact that his brother, linebacker Arthur Brown, seriously looked at LSU last year and reportedly held us in second place to his ultimate destination, which was Miami. He's reportedly on the outs with Miami and may end up transferring wherever Bryce goes. He liked LSU then, why not now?"...

TO The 'U', get clarifiaction now (from Bryce and Arthur) about of what the status is with them, and after that, move on - either - or!

Don't mess with the 'U'!!!

Ben, since when is Arthur brown on the outs at miami?

12-13 coaches needs all the good players he can get. Especially the #1 recruit. Ego's do need to get involved.

Arthur Brown has been "on the outs" since he proved incapable of learning a real defense. He seems like he has potential, though, and I hope for his sake he stays.

His little brother, on the other hand, can try to have fun in Oregon as far as I'm concerned.

The Associated Press says it's tomorrow or never for Brown at UM because they are not offering another letter: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/recruiting/football/2009-02-17-brown-miami-deadline_N.htm

Peace BB and AB. Nice to have had you on the Scout Team or Special Teams, where ever you were.

Arthur Brown was a freshman last year, he played well on special teams and should be in a better position to compete this season. He'd be crazy to try a transfer....do you think Randy Shannon would approve him transferring to whatever school Bryce chooses?

Even if he doesn't like it here....he's stuck.

I wanted to pull that scholly right after LOI day.

Arthur has to be having issues here...it's the only way to explain the issues with Bryce's recruting. You would think these guys want to play together....

They both will be playing for the U next year. Arthur is fine, he loves it here. Bryce let his trainer get to involved.

Cut the cord on this dude and if his brother wants to leave let him leave as well. I saw BB play in the Army game and thought is a great talent. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a great college player. He plays HS ball in Kansas (not exactly top notch competition). His father needs to man up and tell him to make a decision(much like Kellen Winslow did with his son). Let this prima donna go!!!

Now we'll have room for Gore,Lamb and Bernard

Let them both go to LSU if that is what they booth want as the "rumor" implies. Who cares. Yeah they produced Joseph Addai. To this day, Addai's NFL career hasnt compared to EJ's, Portis', Gore's or even Mcgahee's. See ya. Buh Bye.

MANNY, do you have any inside info on Arthur's status at the U, his thoughts on his brother, or on the rumors of his wanting to transfer out?

Me personally, I am sick and tired of these kids who quit on a team. Not saying Arthur has done that, but if he does, it will be another "Marve" situation.

Is this a small example of what our youth are made of? " can't get what I want so instead of working harder and competing I will just quit and go somewhere else?"

You guys are incredible. You're not happy trashing just Bryce, but you have to go after his brother now to? That kid has been nothing but complimentary about the university, and was only a FRESHMAN last year.

Trashing your own players is something I just don't understand.

Arthur Brown is not going anywhere. He will be getting considerable playing time next season. He may even be starting at the "U". Brown also hit it off with Lovett. Don't pay attention to the rumors. It's all BS!

B. Brown is a young kid being influenced by his new Mentor (want to be sports agent) and trying to make one of the most important decisions in his young life. Shannon has kept back 5 scholorships for next year, so just keep it open for him. if he takes it fine, if not fine too. Once he signs he will just be another recruit that has to earn his keep.

Nothing like a litle Bryce bashing to start the monring hey guys. I'll simply say the I don't think the folks at OSU were as up in arms about waiting on Pryor last year and as you can see by his production they made a wise move. It sends the wrong message to say if you're not sure when we want you to be then screw you, that's not right. And people please stop bashing Arthur at least wait until he does leave he's a kid who's brother has him in a akward situation but I think that he'll do fine just a bryce will if he ever shows up. I'm more worried about the effects of the fast on his weight and training than anything.

Man yall need to pump your breaks.....there are two, I repeat 2 situations.....Aurthur is competing to start next year...it'll be either him or Colin in the middle, i can even see AB starting at Middle, SS on the weakside and Colin on the strongside....don't confuse AB with BB....as you seen last year, AB is a lot more mature then his lil brother, and you can't blame AB for what his brother chooses, you see RS doesn't....and even if we do not re-issue the offer to BB, if he calls RS and says he's ready to sign, RS will send him an offer.....but I think RS like the rest of us is ready to get on with this.....I would add more, but folks he's a 18 yr old kid, lets chill out with the bashing...If you want to bash someone let's talk about FU....wait, they're all awaiting bail in some florida county!

This is sheer lunacy. A 7 day liquid-fast diet? We're not talking about cosmic forces here. We're talking about running with a football in your hands. E N O U G H with this. Of course that means his brother will probably want to transfer, but so what. This kid needs professional help around him. This is pathetic.

Why is everybody bashing Authur Brown. The kid has been nothing but classy since he's been here. Leave him out of this. This is all on his brother.

Arthur Brown is either dissatisfied here and is urging Bryce to stay away from Miami or happy here and urging him to come for months now.

I think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Arthur probably thought he should've gotten a little PT last year and wasn't happy about being on specials. I can understand this based on his raw ability and his age.

We should lay off of Arthur, he's is probably doing everything he needs to do to get on the field this year. This is way tougher on him than it is on anyone else.

The decision to not reissue his LOI after the current one expires has nothing to do with egos of the coaches or fans. At some point, this BB saga crosses the line and becomes a distraction to team chemistry and what you are trying to establish.

RS has said that he wants great athletes who are also "winners." BB (and the other players at UM) must not only demonstrate what they can accomplish as individuals statistically, but BB must demonstrate to his coaches and future teammates that he is dedicated to them and will do whatever it takes to win. For example, BB's teammates need to WANT to block for him, and BB needs to show that he wants to block for them (i.e., blitz pick-up).

If BB is too selfish, naive or inconsiderate to appreciate the expertise and experience of Coach Whipple, then BB may not be the person UM needs on its team.

According to BB's HS coach, BB's and his mentor's self-centeredness last year were chemistry killers for his HS team. We don't need BB and his montor to bring that to the U. BB must be de-programmed from his mentor's brain-washing and check his selfish attitude at the door or stay out.

The U has had a lot of NFL hall-of-famers and all-pros come through its doors, and none have exhibited such a high-level of selfishness (much less before they even play a down of college football). I have heard former UM players publicly state that RS should pull his scholarship offer because he offended everyone with his comments about Whipple and the program.

There was no reason why BB could not have visited the U a month ago when his other potential teammates visited. There is not reason for BB to drag this recruiting drama out past NSD when he "committed" more than a year ago, except to try to set himself apart and gain attention. I am a religious person, but I don't buy the fasting and prayer reason, which sounds more like his mentor's brain-washing.

I think its best for the U and BB to part ways if he does not sign by midnight tomorrow, and if he doesn't sign I hope BB finds individual success elsewhere.

so did BB pee himself out of fear yet and fax that LOI in?

Come on people, who is bashing AB? I personally did not bash him. But if the rumors are true, I say, good riddance to both. If they are not, please, please Browns, just say so. BB, sign, become a cane and end this comedy. This is a circus! And this whole issue about fasting and so forth is ridiculous, religion aside. This means you are putting the individual before the team, and I can envision, BB being upset one day, say he is shut down by another D, and he gets upset and decides that he wants to "fast" and he loses 10 lbs. And along with it strength and speed. That is selfish. As far as AB is concerned, I just want to hear. Its all BS, form the horses mouth!

BB is just a kid that RS and MW can easily turn into a man. the garbage that's going on with Butler etc, will not be tolerated by RS so you know it won't have an effect on the team once he comes to campus. If AB wants to leave, that's his prerogative, but if you are gonna leave, just do it already, don't transfer after the spring. Personally I think it's a mistake for AB to leave. He has potential to do a lot in this defense. With regards to BB's talent. there is nothing wrong with having Miller and Brown competing together in practice, it will only make them all better. If BB is as mature as he'd like us all to believe, he won't shy away from competition, he'll meet the challenge head on and compete for a starting job at the U like everyone else. You either got the goods or you don't. you want to play in the pros. then come to the U and play in Whipple's pro-set and make a name for yourself against quality opponents, not Pac ten cream puffs.

Manny "Days of Our Bryce" That's too funny! I'm just glad we got Lamar Miller. Go Canes!!

Enough is enough...THIS team does not need a player like this kid is....He is showing his true colors for the limelight and drama....pull the scholarship and let some other team deal with his ego...

Bryce Brown can't bring his baggage to this team. There's no way this kid can survive Randy Shannon's doghouse. I hope he doesn't sign today.

this is all the mentor. they were trying to b like Pryor last yr, accept pryor was in school and played bball, so he couldnt take vists or he would miss games. BRYCE --graduated in december and his season was over in November-NOVEMBER_----------------He had all of January to make his mind up besides the last year that he has been getting mail--etc. this is f__king ridiculous

So Manny, is the scholi pulled when the clock strikes 12? Like cinderella? Or is it a done deal by 5 pm when the UM offices close?

All I know is that this kid better be worth all the drama wherever he goes. His "mentor" put all this un-necessary pressure on him now to perform at a very high level in his freshman season. If he doesn't show something special his first season, he's gonna be considered a bust for the rest of his college career.

After thinking about this,..., I agree with RS not renewing the LOI offer. Not renewing the LOI offer sends a message to future "U" recruits, "Sign within 2 weeks or you are not in our plans."

Bring BB's brother, Arthur, into your office and let him know where he stands in your LB plans Let him know that you appreciate his hard work and commitment to "team".

Call the father & let him know that you cannot let Bryce be a distraction similar to Marve and therefore you are not renewing the LOI offer. Inform him that Bryce and the family are welcome to visit their son/brother at their own expense and the family will be extended all of the courtesies extended to family of enrolled scholar/athletes (Arthur) of the "U", however, Bryce will not receive an official visit to the "U" paid by the "U". He can use his last visit for a freebie to LSU.

I believe that that the running back recruits this year fill our needs. Save the scholarship & start working on the 2010 class. There are quality backs and other positions available next year south of Okeechobee. Start pushing hard for more OL next year.

i don't know what is going on with AB, but it seem's like it is a possiblity he could transfer(fingers crossed) and play with his brother. but to me and most of the fans it would be a mistake for AB to leave, sense lovett said he wouldn't change too much of the philosophy that young laid out so it wouldn't be to much of a learning curve if he stayed here rather than go to another school.he has alot of upset(AB) and could be a major force either this year or his junior yr. if BB wants to be at UM i would be happy or if he wants to go elsewhere good luck to him i just want AB to stay we could really use him. I wouldn't expect BB to do much giving the fact he would have to beat out the three upperclassmen plus the two freshman R/B that came in.I want UM to get gore and gio or clements but mostly gio and gore for 2010.

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