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Bryce Brown says UM will get last visit

The drama continues. The nation's No. 1 recruit has announced on his website (potentialplayers.com), he'll take his final official visit to UM on the weekend of March 3rd.

The question is: Do the Canes still care? According to a UM source I've exchanged text messages with tonight, "That may be their plan. But it ain't ours." We'll have to see if UM stands its ground and decides to pull the scholarship from Brown, whose national letter of intent expires Wednesday like reports suggest. Or, if they let Bryce visit and try to patch things up.

Stay tuned for all the drama.


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People can't really compare Bryce to Pryor from last year. The big reason Pryor had to wait was because he was in the middle of basketball season for his high school, and couldn't take a couple of visits before his decision. I haven't heard of Bryce going LeBron on anyone in Kansas, have you? Spare me the drama on this kid and move on. Jacory is already holding informal practices with the offense and DB'S, he and the ones joining him really want to win a NC and that is the way to start going about doing it. Jacory knows its all about "The U" and now just you.


Actually UM is not the ideal place for a kid who wants to be the featured offensive weapon... BB should choose a school that will plug him into the starting line-up right away, which probably won't happen at UM (or USC).

Oregon and Tennesse will feature him as the "prime time" player from day one... then UM dosen't get a player who will become disgruntled with lack of Playing Time and possible lack of winning, and eventually transfer anyway... like R.Marve.

Let's face it... many of these HS kids coming out now don't REALLY want to compete. Some kids want to go where they know they will play right away, and other kids want to play with the best everyday, and eventually be the best.

Players like Ja.Harris are willing to compete against the best, and are willing to learn and grow, ultimately becoming a great UM player... exhibiting real leadership and love for the U.

Like Sean Spence did, I think you'll see Ray Ray get better each day, leading to a great UM career. That's what we need at the U....

If BB comes in with that attitude, he could be very very special. If not, he's going to be good no matter where he goes... he's already good.

I don't agree that BB is already good. Sure he can prove he can dominate Kansas, but have we seen him against higher competition on a weekly basis like kids from Cali, Fla., or Texas? No! He hasn't proven anything yet. He needs to get his butt on the field and put his trainor's money where his mouth is.



Posted by John Taylor on February 18, 2009, 2:18 p.m.

In a move that will carry with it all the joy of getting kicked in the giblets by a toddler wearing those shoes with the reinforced concrete soles, uncommitted recruit Bryce Brown has pushed back the date he will announce his school of choice.

Last week — at least I think it was last week.
This stuff is starting to run together —
it was announced that the running back would make his decision known on March 12. Now, according to the Wichita Eagle, that date has been pushed back four days to March 16.

And the reasoning behind the move?

The Kansas state high school basketball tournament runs from March 11 through the 14, and Brown apparently doesn’t want to take the spotlight away from the hoops action. Or his handler wants all of the spotlight on his “client”.

One of the two, I guess."

Just because they're not renewing today, does not mean in two weeks when he tells RS that he wants to play at the U, they won't give him a letter to sign then. letting it run out, for what I know, doesn't really mean anything.

I hope he's at the spring game...I'm looking forward to booing him.

cali, where do you hear about stuff like jacory holding impromptu practices?


It's part of the Miami Dolphins article reguarding the center position right here in the Miami Herald:

• UM quarterback Jacory Harris is such a leader that he has arranged informal workouts with receivers and defensive backs, which has helped improve his timing on deep balls. ''He's [showing] more leadership skills,'' Javarris James said. ''He's got a lot more verbal -- he'll get up in you and tell you what you're doing wrong. He's a special kid.'' . . . James predicts freshman running back Mike James, already on campus, will contribute immediately. ''Strong kid, fast,'' he said.

I hate the drama about Bryce Brown and his fat mentor, and him not signing yet, but we cant have a double standard.

Every year we have guys from Da U, now in the NFL that fail to report early for voluntary camp, because they choose to stick around Da U becuse of the off-season training program Swasey has going.

It's not mandatory for Bryce to sign until the official deadline. Getting all worked up about him signing now, only shows that your emotions are getting the best of you!

In the words of Edge when he didn't report to camp at Indy: "I didn't do my whole 4 years of college, but i know what voluntary means"
Its the same situation, the guy isnt holding out, there's still time.

Also, there are still guys out there, other than Bryce, that Miami may have an interest in, so pulling Bryce's scholarship, but mainting the option to sign someone else will may Miami look very bullish. Considering the Marve drama we've already endured.

Miami has nothing to lose in this situation, leaving a scholly out there hurts no one, even if Bryce does decide not to come to da U.

Look at what we already have, and what here in 2010 in from west palm to dade county!!

It's definately all about the U!!!

Just sayin, lets be real...

Keep the scholly open and see what happens.. .it cant hurt...

Get him away from our team RS took over this team and the first thing he tried to do was remove cancers from the locker room. This kid is a freaking pandemic send his ass to Oregon

Randy ,
It looked like a great prospect at one time and I'm sure his a still has great potential and if he takes the offer that is now on the table let him come here and compete -but to extend it and risk losing him is not worth the risk , wish him good luck and remember it is the better TEAM that wins

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