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Is Bryce's offer to The U getting pulled?

Late last week I was told by a source close to the situation there was a chance the University of Miami might end up passing on Bryce Brown, opting to go into the spring without waiting for the nation's No. 1 recruit to make up his mind.

Tuesday afternoon, the Associated Press quoted another source (someone recruiting Brown) saying that when Brown's scholarship offer expires Wednesday the Hurricanes would not renew it. Where does the truth lie? What is going to happen with Bryce Brown and could he still end up a Cane? At this point, I have no idea. Miami could change its mind and decide to throw a scholarship his way later on in this process. Or, as reports suggest, they've already decided to pull it and won't change their minds. What I do know is this: Days of Our Bryce has a new chapter.

Brown, who committed to UM a year ago, could not be reached for comment. But I did speak with his mentor Brian Butler moments ago, who told me he would be surprised if Miami backed off.

Bryce Brown committed to UM last February. But are the Canes losing patience? "We don't comment on rumors," Butler said. "But I can tell you we talked to UM this morning. Bryce talked to coach Shannon and none of that was said. He's still committed to Miami and he feels great about him. The conversation was very positive. He's looking forward to seeing what's going on with spring ball. He's definitely interested in making a visit there whether its official or unofficial. I know he's going to take a look at spring ball and see how the offense is doing."

Butler said he was about to update his website (potentialplayers.com) to inform readers of Bryce's recruitment and his visit last weekend to Tennessee. It is still unknown where Brown will be taking his final official visit. But Butler did say Brown has moved his announcement date to March 16 because of his visits. Brown was expected to announce on March 12. Brown has UM, Oregon, LSU, USC, Tennessee and Kansas State as his top suitors.

NCAA rules prohibit coaches from discussing recruits until they sign. I'll let you know what I hear "unofficially" from UM's end.


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i bet shannon and brown didn't even talk this morning. sounds kinda like butler is just making something up.



First boyeee!!!

Great news! No one player is greater than the TEAM!

Has Jakhari Gore been offered yet?

Seriously....how much talent does South Florida have in next year's class. It's sick.


While I am not a big fan of keeping a scholarship open for Bryce, his brother, Arthur, is still a Cane at time of writing. If nothing else, for Arthur's sake, this needs to be handled carefully.

I think we all agree that having someone with Bryce's talent would be a welcome addition. The problem is the rest of the package that comes with it. While I am willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, shouldn't he be able to make a choice by now?

I think we need to keep Bryce's offer open, but only for Arthur's sake. And for what it's worth, if Arthur wasn't at UM, I would vote for pulling the offer...

Hey, what a coincidence. The day there's some tough talk on the wires from the U is the day there's an announcement as to the final visits... and the U has one:

Miami's official visit will be March 3-5th.

Miami-"They'll be in spring ball, so I want to see how the coaches interact with the players at practice and look at how the new offense is coming along. And most importantly spend some time with my brother."

I just hope it's not a distraction during spring. I'm so ambivalent about it at this point, all I ask is that someone wake me when it's over.

What if anything does the ncaa have to say about the BB recruiting? Does anyone know if for instance can Shannon or Kirby call the NCAA and ask them about the situation? Just was wondering, as I would hate to see some kind of recruiting violation pop up with BB.

hopefully they dont pull it on him. spring ball aught to convince him. but it has gotten ridiculous. idk.

If his dad's preference is UM, then why not put his foot down?

The University of Oregon has a professional football major called the Ducks football team. It has a tightknit community based on intelligence,hard work and sustained effort that has produced one of the most exciting teams in the country, complete with exceptional athletes at every position on both sides of the ball, massive television and cable deals, world class coaches and support staff, and a rabid fan base creating a very hostile environment for visiting teams. There is a proven track record of successful sjkill players "graduating" to the the next level...................................................Quack.......................Quack

Bryce would find things to his liking and find his hands on the ball every game next year, perhaps finding the competition for playing time more challenging than he presently realizes. There are many complimentary pieces that fit together in this offense, and it depends on balance, timing, speed, intellect, toughness. It is a very advanced sports machine.


Well, here is an exerpt from a LSU Blog

in which it was stated: ..."Among elite programs, you aren't going to find a more inviting running back depth chart. Also working in our favor is the fact that his brother, linebacker Arthur Brown, seriously looked at LSU last year and reportedly held us in second place to his ultimate destination, which was Miami. He's reportedly on the outs with Miami and may end up transferring wherever Bryce goes. He liked LSU then, why not now?"...

TO The 'U', get clarifiaction now (from Bryce and Arthur) about of what the status is with them, and after that, move on - either - or!

Don't mess with the 'U'!!!

Dan, i dont think that was necessary. i dont think there's any reason for either fanbase or program to have any animosity toward eachother over one player. there was no real reason to post that. i mean we'll never play you guys, and i know i for one have never felt anything but good for the oregon ducks. they're probly my favorite team in the pac-10. beats USC. dixon would have won the heisman over tebow. he was smoove. but anyways, that was a wholly unnecessary post and the junk you tried to stir is silly and pointless. especially since oregon has absoulutely NOTHING on miami in terms of sending players to the NFL. regardless, i wish you guys the best and hope that you beat usc.

and yeah i think its whack that brown is listening to butler over his own father on what to do about the situation.

$hit or get off the pot kid!!! How much time do you need? Really now???

first of all I am now and always will be a strong U fan, but I must agree no one is bigger then the team. I would love to have B.B.but you could be setting a standard that will some back to haunt them in the future.a commitment should be a commitment if the U is where you want to be, than why should it take any longer than any other player to make up their mind.In order to give your best your heart needs to be where you go play,I want B.B. but not if he doesn't want to be at the U.we have a lot of work to do and their isn't a lot of time to do it.Sept will be here before you know it.And F.S.U. is not going to wait for him or any one else to make up their mind.

Dan, put down the weed your smoking. Oregon has no history. They will never play for a National Championship. Jacory Harris said their campus is in the middle of nowwhere. Enough said.

February 17, 2009

Gary Ferman
CaneSport.com Publisher
Talk about it in The Storm Center

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Wichita (KS) RB Bryce Brown really wants to play for the University of Miami --where his brother is a linebacker and where he committed last February -- there are strong indications he may want to move up his mid-March timetable for signing his letter of intent.

The letter of intent presently issued expires Wednesday at midnight and sources told CaneSport that there is a strong chance that Coach Randy Shannon will choose not to issue Brown a new scholarship offer if he has not signed with Miami by that deadline.

"Everything that Coach Shannon is doing here is about team," a high-ranking source in the athletic department told CaneSport. "There is always going to be concern about a player or a prospective player who isolates himself as an individual. There is a strong chance that a new letter of intent will not be offered if he doesn't sign by Wednesday night."

Brown, who initially has planned to enroll at Miami in January and participate in spring practice, decided not to ink on Signing Day and instead went on vacation to Nebraska. New offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, in his first day on the job, went to Nebraska to meet Brown and talk about his plans for the Miami offense. Whipple has a recent background with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles and is believed to be installing a scheme that features the running back in both the rushing and passing game and looks to isolate backs on linebackers in open space.

But after that meeting, Brown set up official visits to Tennessee, LSU (unofficially) and Miami and was quoted in a Rivals.com story about having lukewarm feelings about Whipple.

"Everyone associated with the football program is extremely excited about what Coach Whipple is bringing to the program," the source told CaneSport.

Brown's comments reportedly raised eyebrows throughout the university community, from coaches to administrators and trustees.

Brown said on his website Tuesday that he plans to be at UM the weekend of March 3. If he follows through on that trip, a big part of the agenda could be convincing coaches and players he really wants to be there and inspiring Shannon to reissue a new letter of intent.

"They'll be in spring ball, so I want to see how the coaches interact with the players at practice and look at how the new offense is coming along," Brown said on his website today. "And most importantly spend some time with my brother."

Brown's advisor, Brian Butler says Bryce spoke with Shannon Monday and that an Associated Press story indicting that Miami will not renew the letter of intent "is wrong. They should take that down."

But CaneSport has confirmed that the story is not wrong. Shannon is believed to be particularly sensitive to players with a possible individual agenda after going through the Robert Marve transfer saga in January.

Butler also said there is no chance of Brown signing with Miami by tomorrow night.

"Definitely not," Butler said. "He has a plan. We have to pray and fast. We have a whole plan. Period."

Brown's father, Arthur Sr., says he spoke with Shannon Monday.

Asked if there was any indication in that conversation that the letter wouldn't be renewed, Brown said, "No. We just talked and I expressed the fact that Bryce was still interested in coming to the university. I gave him my schedule for him taking his final official visit, which is March 3 during their spring practice. That was it."

Arthur Sr. says Brown remains a Cane commitment.

"He's eager to get it over, just has to complete the process," Arthur Brown Sr. said. "He had a plan, is just following his plan."

Brown's final choices are Tennessee, Oregon, LSU and Miami.

The final chapter in this saga appears to be on the verge of being interesting, particularly with Bryce's brother Arthur preparing to make a bid for the starting middle linebacker job at Miami after a strong couple months in the off-season conditioning program.

Bryce's father, Arthur Brown Sr., said he wants his son at Miami.

“Most definitely,” Arthur Brown Sr. said. “That would be my ideal preference, for he and his brother to play together. That's always been my preference.”

For the sake of Arthur Brown, Jr., a Current Cane, and Sr., who makes his preference clear, Bryce's offer should be re-issued provided Bryce wants to play at the U and so indicate [unofficially] as Sr. has clearly indicated.

However, let all Browns Brothers' supporters not be alarmed as not having an offer is not a dealmaker preventing a recruit to sign with a given college.

Moreover, contrary to the Title of this blog, Miami would not even be “pulling” the Bryce offer, as all offers eventually expire anyway.
Players routinely visit without offers, and in such cases, only after they declare an intent to sign with a school does the intent-school issue [or re-issue] the offer... and thus Manny's “Miami could change its mind and decide to throw a scholarship his way later on in this process.”

I'm never let down. HA HA HA three cheers for the "U" this blog dows very well in keeping one informed of up and comming events in the Canes Sports but more than that it is really great at making me laugh. I et the biggest chuckle from the so called friends of the "U". the comments are rediculious. Keep him. give him away.... He's only 17 give him time to learn how to tie his shoes....HA HA HA at 17 HE IS AN ADULT.....OH He has to fast and pray.....NO I'm afraid he has to own up and be the young man is is destined to become. Praying is great but it is time to either poop or get off the pot.(Toilet)...not to confuse you druggies in So. Fla. I say give him a deadline and back off.... It is time for this kid to stop listening to his father... his mentor.... the press that has him rated higher than anyone else before he even touches the ball.... his brother... HE HAS to listen to the MAN inside his shell. He could become one of the elite in NCAA football but I'm not sure that this is the way to start the race. It is a race that will last three years at the least five if something unforseen happens. You need to leave the blocks running with a clear track in front of you. Putting up a wall even a small one will only be an obstruction that he may never get over. One last thing.... so not for a minute think that the other schools are not paying attention to all of this.... The schools on his list are not divII schools they are top elite and will be aware of all this going on.I wish him the best....Unfortunately I think he is running out of time....while others are running out of patience

If Brown ends up coming to The U, I hope he does not exhibit the same indecision on the field.

Are Shannon and staff now questioning whether this kid has the character that The U is looking for? Could be.

If the kid is smart he takes his visit to the U and meets the players and coaches. One would think he would want to play with his older brother and DOMINATE in the ACC...We shall see wont we?

I posted earlier about Bryce, im Dan from oregon, would love to see him up here, but would be happy to watch him play wherever he goes. He's an interesting story and could be riding the crest of a new recruitment age whereby the young athletes may eventually end up being paid money and an education with a per diem like other athletes from other countries, (not like USC, over the table) perhaps even getting some money upfront. If Bryce is from a poor family, we are possibly watching the entire future of his family's retirement for several generations being planned out in the national eye. Maybe there will be insurance policies redeemable against his future prospects. Certainly a better gamble than working within the financial sector of the United States at this time where the likely result will be the rich getting richer on the backs of the underlings. out Quack Quack

Oregon has today announced recieving the letter of intent from wide receiver Tyrece Gaines, the nations highest rated jc wide receiver 6'2" 225 lbs, 4.4 40 yard dash, tough, great blocker, great hands, pleasant human being. This is an important piece of the duck puzzle................................................................ Quack............................................... Quack

Thank you R.S. let this p.o.s. go Lets get Jakhari and the best of so flo

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