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Canes fall in Cameron, 78-75 (OT)

DURHAM, N.C. -- I'm here for the showdown at Cameron Indoor Stadium where the Canes will try to chop of the second head of what Adrian Thomas referred to as the three-headed monster (a three-game stretch against Wake, Duke and Carolina).

Brian Asbury UM coach Frank Haith has never won in this building. Obviously, never have the Canes. Duke is 13-0 here this year. They've won by an average of 20 points. This game is going to be awfully tough for UM to win. Clemson had a lot of success against Duke because of their full court press. We know Miami can't play that way. If Duke is on their game today shooting the ball, this one could be over quickly.

Miami won at home last year because they had an interior presence and because the Canes were red hot. UM shot 60 percent in the second half and 50 percent from three-point range in the game. They had a 30-point lead last year and still managed to only win by 1-point. Today, everything is going to have to be clicking for them to win again.

I'll check in at halftime and again once it's over to give you my thoughts. The game is on locally on WBFS-My 33. The radio broadcast is online at WQAM.com.


> You couldn't have asked for a better first half if you wear green and orange. I thought on Wednesday Miami's zone defense caught a break because Wake Forest was "off." Not so much. Whatever Haith and his staff devised is working wonders. Duke was 6 of 31 in the first half. You could see their players just flat out frustrated and confused, not knowing what do with the ball when they had openings. Kyle Singler was 1 of 9 from the field. 

> On the flip side, Miami wasn't spectacular on offense either. But the Canes were effective. Jack McClinton has 10 points. But I thought the real lifts came from Brian Asbury and James Dews, who combined for 14 points. Miami had nine turnovers at halftime. So, they are doing this -- holding a 32-19 lead -- despite still struggling to be safe with the basketball.

> If Miami can continue to play this way in the second half and hold on for the win, this would all but guarantee an NCAA Tournament bid. Big opportunity here. 


> It's hard to win in this building, much less a 16-point lead. The Hurricanes found out the hard way Saturday -- coming oh so close to a huge upset of Duke. Instead, they're going home wondering what could have been. What can you say about Jack McClinton? 34 points. So many big shots. Tough loss.


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Lets Go Canes! Take these guys Down!

lets go canes!

NATCHITOCHES -- The Northwestern State community, the Demons' athletic department and especially Coach Bradley Dale Peveto and the football team, is providing an opportunity via e-mail to express condolences and support to assistant coach Dan Werner after the sudden passing of his wife, Kim.

Mrs. Werner passed away unexpectedly in her sleep overnight Wednesday in Oxford, Miss., where the family had resided the past three years. Her husband joined the NSU football coaching staff in mid-January as offensive coordinator after a 21-year coaching career including stops at Ole Miss and Miami (Fla.).

Funeral arrangements are incomplete but a service is tentatively set for Monday afternoon in her hometown of Birmingham, Ala., according to family friends.

Messages of condolence and support can be sent to coach_werner@hotmail.com via e-mail. Cards can be sent to the NSU Football Office, Athletic Fieldhouse, Natchitoches, LA 71497.

The Werners are parents of two children, daughter Maya (10) and son Ian (5). They met when Coach Werner was on the football staff in 1993-94 at Louisiana Tech.

"We appreciate the outpouring of concern and support for Dan, his children, and Kim's family and their friends at this terrible time," said Peveto. "The best thing we can all do right now is to keep them in our prayers. Setting up the e-mail address provides an opportunity to let Dan know how much we all hurt for him, their kids and those closest to him, while foremost also maintaining their privacy as they cope with this incredible loss."

A delegation from Northwestern, including director of athletics Greg Burke, Peveto and coaching staff members, will attend Monday's services.

WOW! A rare sight, Miami jumps out in front early instead of falling behind a quick 15pts.


Usually I don't like Israel's articles especially those on the Canes but the one published today is spot on.

ESPN360 actually coming semi-decent today.

Thanks Manny- not alot of posting going on, but I'm definately excited watching this game here in Atl.

Appreciate your coverage. As much as I love football, if your a true Cane, you have to enjoy watching the bball team have success!

call time out Haith goodness we are out of sink!!!!!!!!!

once they have success (winning today goes a long way) watch out - we football canes are dying to jump on board a winning bball bandwagon.

haith needs to learn how to coach, time out 4 minutes ago would have been nice. WTF

haith just cost us the game, again....

I can't believe Haith is going to sit in this zone and get shot out the gym.

haith is awful. get out of the freaking zone already. jesus christ

still in the zone. haith really deserves to be fired for what hes done today. its been that bad

final score?

Hey manny tell those cats to get the clock right!

amazing game. Duke escaped by the skin of their teeth in their own house. UNC next. Let's get 2/3.


If ever there was a question how many times is it possible to turn the ball over in a span of 5 min. Miami answered it tonight. In a span of 4 minutes they saw a 15pt lead evaporate. INEXCUSABLE. Lazy passing, lazy ball hadling and even lazier defensive rebounding.

Please oh please ask Haith why this team continually shows zero discipline on the court.
They should be embarrassed when they review the tape of the 2nd half. They should not be relying on McClinton to hit 30ft 3 pointers just to get back in it. Again that was disgusting to watch!

Unfortunately we lost the game today, but this Hurricane team is a dangerous team. If they keep playing like this the rest of the year they'll go far in the NCAA.

Michael & Rupert, if you could coach you would be on the sideline coaching as opposed to watching the game from home like me. Therefore, STFU with the BS.

I don't care what anyone says, McClinton is definitely a 1st rounder. I very much like his game.

Go Canes!






My condoleances to Coach Werner and family. It has got to be a very tough loss for him. I hope the Miami Athletic Department shows him their appreciation and send one of their representatives at the funeral.

Thanks for bringing that up to our attention Sarge.

"If they keep playing like this the rest of the year they'll go far in the NCAA."


Were we watching the same game? Play like this the rest of the year? They were horrible today. The TOs they kept committing are atrocious (to make an analogy it was like watching their 2min. Offense against Cal or Kirby trying to complete a pass against NCST) passes to nobody, numerous traveling violoations and how many Offensive boards did they give up to the Dukies in the 2nd half. Keep playing like this? Are U out of your freaking mind?


Calm down buddy.... Clearly, I was referring to the way they played in the first half..... holding Duke down to 19 points....

Jack is truly great but he needs to learn his limitations much in the same way Dwyane Wade does (although he's been much better at it this year) and much in the same way Guillermo Diaz never really could...some of these shots he's taking are just ridiculous, there's such a thing as having too much confidence...yes one of those shots sent the game into OT but several (many) of them gave away scoring opportunities that could have made it so we didn't need to tie to send it into OT...

well cant win em all. i think if we beat UNC next week and then win out, we'll be in good shape.

and for the record I liked the zone and I loved the way they were rotating up until apparently Coach K figured it out because there was one play where the EXACT SECOND the man in front of him started rotating, Gerald Henderson was already in the paint with the ball in his hand...so obviously they figured out the rotation pattern and exploited it but you need to change your rotations at that point not necessarily abandon the zone

rbleigh- I'll tell you why_ bad coaching.

How in the world do you blow a 16 py 2nd half deficit if it isnt bad coaching. Lazy passes, lazy coverage, lazy shots= lazy coaching.

And I got lambasted by a d--head named Frankie or Freddie or something for speaking the truth.

You see, the talent is obviously there. NO question.

Can this team close out wins that they aren'tsupposed to win say in OT at Cameron against Duke? Could they pull out a win like that in the tournament, INSTEAD OF MAKING A GOOD SHOWING AND LOSING ANYWAY? we'll see. This was a tough loss, because they had them, by Golly they had them.

I disagree. Coaching isn't necessarily the problem. Just that Duke has a great coach who made great adjustments. And, yes, Miami clearly turns the ball over. They have all year and I expect them to do so down the stretch. Nothing makes me think otherwise. That's the problem with not having a true point guard.

Forgot to mention that the death kiss this season in the ACC has been 10 point leads before halftime. I've seen more comebacks this year than it seems like I've ever seen.


i dont know what tourny you think we are going to, right now it looks like the nit, i have the right to my opinion, coach let this game get away, again, a time out earlier could have had them regroup instead of waiting forever to call one. so you can stfu

Are you serious? Miami just pounded Wake Forest and were thisclose to beating Duke in back to back games. When did you ever dream of that happening...ever???

This team has no PG or ball handling ability. That's the reason for the turnovers. Lance Hurdle is absolute garbage. I hate that guy.

The only problem I had was with the stubborness of staying in the zone the entire game. Duke cleary adjusted in the 2nd half. Miami should have done the same.

Can somebody tell me when Lance Hurdle transferred to another school? Haven't seen him for the last few games.

still in the zone. haith really deserves to be fired for what hes done today. its been that bad

Posted by: michael | February 07, 2009 at 03:40 PM

You need to be fired for the post you sent today!! News flash Michael, DUKE IS A VERY GOOD TEAM AND A PERENIAL POWERHOUSE IN BASKETBALL!! Coach Haith has made this team relevent in the ACC. This team has been blown out by more than 15 points the last 13 times they played Duke on the road and they just lost in OT!! I am very disappointed in them losing such a huge 2nd half lead (I was yelling at the T.V. so loud my wife said I sounded like I was watching the last 3 minutes of the Emerald bowl again), but they made a big 3-pointer to send it into OT. This team played a heck of a game and lost to a good opponent. After losing some tough games, including losing to Maryland, a team they definetly should have beat (yes, Haith is responsible for them getting up to play that game), everyone thought that their NCAA tournament chances were over. The same guy you wanted to fire got his team up to beat a very good Wake team by 20+ points. He then goes into Duke and almost pulled off another upset. He is getting kids from the Northeast and Carolina's, kids who could go to traditional basketball powerhouse schools in their region to not only consider, but attend UM. Frank Haith has a real passion for UM and building it's basketball program. He does have his faults (like 99% of the other coaches in America), but if we fire him, who else are we going to hire that is better? We may get someone who is using UM as a stepping stone to get to a traditional powerhouse program, but Haith appears to be here for the long haul. Michael, when you burn the fires at the local bowling alley where you work on Monday (for the umpteenth time) since you've been there, I hope some schmuck in lane 5 tells the manager to fire your lame behind!!

that was really well put cliff clavin, i agree he shouldn't be fired for losing to duke although they cant continue to give up leads like they did today.it looked like they had this one in the bag early on.

that was was well put by cliff clavin.he shouldnt be fired for losing to duke but at the same time he cant allow his team to give up big leads like that,um had this one in the bag.

All I want to know:

1) Duke's # of turn overs and UM's points off those TO's.


2) UM's # of turn overs and Duke's points off those TO's.

If anyone has this info or can send me to a link that has said info, I will appreciate it, thanks in advance.




I didn't get to see the game, though checked out the stats and saw we completely out shot them from the field and at 3 pt range and did ok at the free throw line. Naturally, I thought to myself, "self, how the hell did they lose this game?" Well... check out the differential in offensive rebounds and turnovers and the answer is obvious.

Never get off the boat, absolutely God damn right. Well, Kurtz got off the boat, he split from the whole fcuking program.

Cleaning up the turn overs is fix one. Fix two we need to find a Point Guard and fast. Hurdle just can't cut it. And Rios wasn't the answer, regardless of what we know about him now, he wasn't much better than Hurdle.

I know the PG thing ain't happen - so maybe, if we can be more consistent with the defensive rebounds - great 1st half gone in the second half.

I bet if had stayed consistent with the defensive rebounds and cut the turn overs - the result may have different.


Thanks. Just what I thought.

I appreciate the links.

Tough lose for the Canes. I love the way that they played against Wake and I loved the 1st half against Duke. I am proud of the improvements that they have made, but they can't continue to be out rebounded and out hustled (thats what cost them the game). My condolences to Dan Werner, his 2 small children and the rest of his family. I wish them all the best in this time of their grief. Thanks for sending the info. Sarge.

Yes we should fire Haith because we lost to the #4 team in the country in the most hostile court in basketball in OT


You people are just as stupid as the people that want Shannon fired

You could not have said it better Category5Cane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haith has done more with UM in his short time here thann Perry Clark, and yes maybe even Leonard Hamilton. I mean Haith has won games in tough ACC arenas, in the ACC tourney, the NIT, and now in the NCAA's. I was a student in the early 90's and I know Leonard didn't do anything in the Big East tourney, NIT, or ACC for years, and when he did it was really only a short 3 year run. So, give him a break, he is clearly doing some things right. However, this Duke game should not be satisfactory to anybody. They blew a 16 point lead! And that would be unacceptable to the Celtics. These OT losses have shown that this team cannot close the deal. They are plenty good on offense and defense, but come crunch time, everyone stands around and waits for McClinton, this inconsistency definitly falls on Haith. And it amazes me that no fans, writers, or team members are saying anything about what DeQuan Jones did. Terrible! That technical was so damaging. McClinton slaps some Ohio State punk in retaliation and it makes CNN. DeQuan Jones' play might be the most significant momentum changer in the biggest missed opportunity for this team since they lost to Tulsa in the 2000 Sweet 16, and not even Manny and or Haith has a word to say about it.

This was my first time watching Miami play basketball on prime time and I saw sparks of greatness there, but they got to close out games with a winner. It takes determination and a will to win to do that. The "U" BB team is good, but need to be more resilient down the stretch in the 3rd and 4th quarters. They look like they exert too much energy in the 1st half and then lose gas in the 2nd half, but I believe the players are winners. Get away from all the talk about firing the coach. That is absolutely absurd.

This b-ball team will not go anywhere if they even make it to the dance. i don't know why you guys get so excited for Canes b-ball... they suck. Not one person on the team has any kind of handle. They play sloppy, have no real offensive game plan, and while Duke was destroying our 16 point lead with the full court press and getting TO"s did anyone see Haith's dumb butt take a timeout. No! After Duke took the lead then this genius calls for a TO. This team isn't going anywhere and I wish Miami never brought the b-ball team back back in the 80's. Should of left it dead like it was. All they do now is take money froim the football team because they don't bring in any money. And the football team can use every cent it can get right now.

This team isn't going anywhere and I wish Miami never brought the b-ball team back back in the 80's. Should of left it dead like it was. All they do now is take money froim the football team because they don't bring in any money. And the football team can use every cent it can get right now.

Posted by: tron | February 08, 2009 at 10:05 AM

I'm at a loss for words! You are certainly a lock for "Most Ignorant Post of the Week"!

Go 'canes!

Am I reading right? I am reading ppl pointing fingers at everything & everyone about how this basketball team "sucks", how coaching "sucks" & should be "fired". Frustrated as you may be, you do not sound like ppl of reason & you are not convincing ANYONE that you have knowledge of the history of this Bball program. What it was, where it came from & what this coaching staff, administration & players have gone through to even get it to a respectable program.

Here is my question, how many of you ignorant idiots screaming for Haith's head has even made it to a home game this year? How many of you who has NOT gone to a game, LIVE in Dade County? I may not be an alumn, however I am a fan of the U who is realistic & keeps things in perspective. I also live neap WPB and I HAVE BEEN to a home game this year.

Keep things in perspective guys & have realistic expectations. They were at DUKE playing the #3 team & took them in to OT. Don't forget DUKE was also looking for redemption from last years loss to the U and their loss to Clemson(?) a couple days ago.

This team isn't going anywhere and I wish Miami never brought the b-ball team back back in the 80's. Should of left it dead like it was. All they do now is take money froim the football team because they don't bring in any money. And the football team can use every cent it can get right now.

Posted by: tron | February 08, 2009 at 10:05 AM

I'm at a loss for words! You are certainly a lock for "Most Ignorant Post of the Week"!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | February 08, 2009 at 11:29 AM

I agree Sarasota 'cane,
Not sure why tron would think to post such a moronic statement. If you do not wish to support the program, at least provide a compelling & legitament argument. So far, no one has been able to do so.

All the BBALL haters are just showing how stupid the our fanbase can be. BBALL is one of the best parts of the college experience and the Miami program is one of the up and coming programs in the country. Better for the school to have bball as a whole.

Now to the games - Do we need some improvement sure. To many turnovers, gave up to many off rebounds - I think D Jones getting ejected was big since He had 6 rebounds in 11 minutes and not having one more guy to go to other than Jack is big issue. But we are still in this NCAA race I think. 4-6 in ACC can be 8-8 by the start of March. Get a win in the ACC tournament and you are in.

For the future just look at this - Malcolm Grant - played really well at Nova when given a chance, D Collins, McGowan, Dews, Jones - will be a big time player, Gamble and Johnson are back.

Coming in - Durand Scott (higly touted and very smooth player), Garrius Adams (late bloomer who people are very high on), Donovan Kirk (we beat out MSU for this kid and he is from Michigan), Moreno (Argentinian kid that said to be a great passer and ballhandler) and finally whatever we do with Eddie Rios scholly.

The future is bright so stop the stupid talk.


Look, I know in your "girls basketball" - things like you mentioned just don't happen.

But to set the story straight;

regarding Jacks situation against OSU,

every one of the ref's stated after the game had they taken the replay tape back a few seconds further they would have seen that the OSU player slapped Jack first. Had they seen this at the time of their decision it would have been a double technical and in fact the OSU player might have been ejected and not Jack.

As for DeQuan Jones against Duke,

So what, looked like an accident to me. Next time though, if your going to accidentally elbow someone make sure you - break his stink'n nose.

EZ11523, stick to "girls basketball."

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