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Canes fall in Cameron, 78-75 (OT)

DURHAM, N.C. -- I'm here for the showdown at Cameron Indoor Stadium where the Canes will try to chop of the second head of what Adrian Thomas referred to as the three-headed monster (a three-game stretch against Wake, Duke and Carolina).

Brian Asbury UM coach Frank Haith has never won in this building. Obviously, never have the Canes. Duke is 13-0 here this year. They've won by an average of 20 points. This game is going to be awfully tough for UM to win. Clemson had a lot of success against Duke because of their full court press. We know Miami can't play that way. If Duke is on their game today shooting the ball, this one could be over quickly.

Miami won at home last year because they had an interior presence and because the Canes were red hot. UM shot 60 percent in the second half and 50 percent from three-point range in the game. They had a 30-point lead last year and still managed to only win by 1-point. Today, everything is going to have to be clicking for them to win again.

I'll check in at halftime and again once it's over to give you my thoughts. The game is on locally on WBFS-My 33. The radio broadcast is online at WQAM.com.


> You couldn't have asked for a better first half if you wear green and orange. I thought on Wednesday Miami's zone defense caught a break because Wake Forest was "off." Not so much. Whatever Haith and his staff devised is working wonders. Duke was 6 of 31 in the first half. You could see their players just flat out frustrated and confused, not knowing what do with the ball when they had openings. Kyle Singler was 1 of 9 from the field. 

> On the flip side, Miami wasn't spectacular on offense either. But the Canes were effective. Jack McClinton has 10 points. But I thought the real lifts came from Brian Asbury and James Dews, who combined for 14 points. Miami had nine turnovers at halftime. So, they are doing this -- holding a 32-19 lead -- despite still struggling to be safe with the basketball.

> If Miami can continue to play this way in the second half and hold on for the win, this would all but guarantee an NCAA Tournament bid. Big opportunity here. 


> It's hard to win in this building, much less a 16-point lead. The Hurricanes found out the hard way Saturday -- coming oh so close to a huge upset of Duke. Instead, they're going home wondering what could have been. What can you say about Jack McClinton? 34 points. So many big shots. Tough loss.


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Dyrty Dawg and Sarasota 'cane,


Shoot, all the so called ncaa tournament experts have the U with a "better than decent" chance of making the tournament - after the Duke loss.

And most have them "just inside the bubble" at this time.

Aside from their victory against WF they are especially impressed with their "quality losses ie Duke".

If they stick to their game and cut their turn overs and get their consistency back on offensive and defensive rebounds, they'll be fine. And they'll make the tourny!

the excuse makers (glass half full) keep saying hey, we were at Duke, in a tough environment, playing the #3 team in the country blah blah blah... they wanted revenge for last year's loss, blah blah, they wanted redemption for last week's loss to Clemson, blha blah.





So Fire Haith right? You are by far one of the dumbest people on this blog. Go hang yourself.

Oh on the Jones thing - B Ballcane you are one the money dude. To bad he didn't draw blood. That picture in the herald is priceless. It shows exactly what Duke is. All the talent in the world but still crying everytime something doesn't go like they want. I've played plenty of basketball in my life and what Paulus did automatically gets people upset. He does not need to touch the ball once it goes in. He needs to get set for D. So I know why D Jones reacted that way. Those Duke kids get a pass for everythig and if you watch them enough they are just as dirty as any other team in college bball. They talk smack and prance around as much as the next guy. But the Dickie V's of the world sit around and justify it when they keep there mouth shut.

Even the Gman (Mike Gminski a Duke grad) was questioning some of the officials calls againts us. That should say it all.

In all honesty I want us to be like that becuase things get easier over time when you get to that level. Refs are intimitdated, kids get the benefit of the doubt and perception is reality but in a good way.

I think we are getting closer. Go Canes

The Orange Bowl has now been torn down. The Florida Marlins have proposed a new retractable-roof stadium which will be built on the Orange Bowl site. Despite some protests, the historic stadium had been earmarked for demolition when the University of Miami announced that they were moving out of the Orange Bowl after the 2007 season to begin play at Dolphin Stadium in 2008 in a 25-year deal. On November 10, 2007, the University of Miami Hurricanes lost their final game at the Orange Bowl when the University of Virginia defeated Miami 48-0 in the Hurricanes worst home shutout loss in school history. The Florida International University Golden Panthers won their last game at the Orange Bowl against the University of North Texas Mean Green on December 1st, 2007 by a score of 38-19.

My beloved OB, UM football will regret the disrespect they showed to your legacy, when they lost their final game 48-0...I will avenge them for the disrespect and for ultimately destroying u...Mark it down, UM football is cursed!! They will never win a national title as long as they are playing at Dolphin Stadium. Since FIU won their last game at the OB, I have given them luck now & given them the power of unlocking the UM curse...Um however must humble themselves and play FIU @FIU stadium...This is the only way the curse will ever be lifted...Luckily this curse only applies to UM football, so UM fans root for UM basketball & baseball, cause they are the only ones at a shot at a national championship...Time is on my side & will prove my words!!! Long live the OB!!!

kenny D- You are one mouthy b--otch.

No real person would ever te another to hang themselves. You have to be real coward. As you haveshown to be. Talking all brave behind your computer. LMAO. Your probably some fat slob eating cheetos off your keyboard!

I came on here an apologized about askingHaith to be fired. I admitted Iwas wrong.

Itstill doesn't prevent me from voicing my opinion. You must have been eatingyour cheetos duringthe game and missed what happend in the second half, or you must have strong feelings for coach. The latter is possible. Don't blame, you, he is a good looking guy.

The other thing that is sad, is thatyouare one of those sorry, excuse makers. You are probably a gyturd in disguise, worse yet a siemn-hole. Just like "wies' building depth". Shame. tsk tsk. I thought this blog was for Umfans only. buh bye fatso. This is the last I will comment to you. It really is benath me torespond to a L-oser like you.

canesforever- dont forget the winagainstkentuckyand the "quality" losses against U Conn, and OSU.

Posted by: jaime | February 08, 2009 at 04:08 PM

Now I see your point! We should cancel the B-ball program! 1000 pardons 'O Great 'cane fan! I'll never watch another game again! Thanks for your insight!

Sounds like Jaime wants perfection & there are no excuses for ANYTHING. The U must be perfect & there is no room for losses.

You can express yourself & provide your opinion... the irritant is that your opinion does not provide perspective or reality.

Absolutely no room for mistakes! No room for losses! Kids!?!? I don not care that they are just kids?!?!? They must be perfect!!! says Jaime. I do not care that they played at DUKE & nearly pulled out an upset win!!! says Jaime. I do not care that they are un ranked & beat WF!!! says Jaime. The U must be ranked #1 and be undefeated even though this program has not signed the great players that all these other teams in their won conference has signed! says Jaime...

Unfortunately for the U... they have failed to live up to Jaime's expectations.... Oh well... I am sure they are losing sleep over it...

I hope we get Chuck Pagano as our DC by the end of this upcoming week!



Posted by: DrtyCane | February 08, 2009 at 05:22 PM

ONLY 8!!! says Jaime...

Babalawo aka,

Please stop with the OB curse stuff. We all know about the games played there (except for the meaningless FIU score you mentioned). Put away your plastic Larry Coker VooDoo Doll and leave the chickens alone.

If you dont stop I will have to summon the ghost of Dolfan Denny and have him possess your body. You will wake up wanting to wear an aqua/orange sparkled suit, a goofy hat and grow a porno mustache. You will crave running from endzone to endzone and making appearances at local fast food restaurants.

Please go away!

sorry, i meant Babalawo aka Psycho

First of all, learn how to spell, you jack@ss. Second off all, who says "tsk, tsk" and "by golly" you freaking geek. Third of all, I'll kick your fcking head in.

And I am a real person and yeah I did tell you to go hang yourself, you dick. It would be one less complete moron in this world.

I am a girl, and i would still slap you like the b-ch that you are you loser. Loser. Loser with a capital L.

This comment is for Dirty Dawg, who unlike the fa-g Kenny D, did not resort to name calling and insults. Oops I just did the same. Sorry kenny D-(ick).

Dirty- No I never said I wanted perfection or a 30-0 season. I just pointed to the problems in the last minute "folds" that this UM team has had, which incidentally had very few of last year: due to poor leadership, turn overs, and inability to close out. I blame it on coaching. Some here have said it is a very undisciplined team. Opinions vary. I just felt this team should be better than last year with most of the core team back. I hate to bring this up- kenny D the disguised gator may like this: the gators are better this year. So are the Noles. Why aren't we? Th ACC is not THAT much better, Duke and Carolina are the same as last year, BC is way down, so are Ga Tech and NCst (which we choked against), and Virginia. I mostly criticize the excuses-

identify the problem and fix it.

Yes most would think that the team should be better. That's comparing it to LAST year's originaly LOW expectations. LAST year, Hurdle was new & Rios was new. LAST year, Dews surprised most. So thinking that the team outperformed LAST years expectations, yes... most would think that those same players would be even better THIS year.

Now... put some perspective in this...

HURDLE's play had not improved. RIOS is no longer with the team & DEWS is inconsistent.

Another thing to consider & tell me if LEADERSHIP is THE factor:

Of the entire roster, how many U players would be STARTERS on any other ACC squad? Only JMac and on some ACC squads, he would be option #2. Speaking of option #2... who is it for this team?

One last point Jaime... Yes... the ACC IS THAT MUCH BETTER. Let's see... NC, DUKE, WF, CLEMSON.... They are top tier teams this year & not just the conference... They are top tier teams in the NATION.

I am proud of the effort & LEADERSHIP of this team. The University & the coaching staff is BUILDING a legitimate program the right way with no shortcuts. They are right there ready to turn that corner where players they will be able to steal one or two players that normally would have signed with DUKE or NC. I can only hope it would be soon & it would be great if it were one of our local players (Boynton or Knight).

who let a girl in here???

ill take some fried chicken and a biscuit.. ho

Jaime is a girl....d@mn, she knows her sh*t! way to go woman.

How many basketball players have you had ejected this year? Nine? You've got your thugs playing the wrong sport; stick them in helmets and shoulder pads and put them on the gridiron, maybe your football program won't so much! You all have done nothing but bring shame, disgrace and embarrassment to the ACC since we let you join! You suck at football, you'll never be anything more than average with the occasional decent year in basketball, you crapped the bed in baseball last year, you're a joke academically, all you're good at is getting arrested off the field and starting fights and getting ejected on the field. Get the HELL out of the ACC already! Go join a prison league, something more your speed!

Oh, and aren't you all naming your baseball field after A-Roid? Figures. Dirtbags of a feather, flock together. GET OUT OF OUR CONFERENCE!

Hey Charlie in Charlotte aka Gayturd in Disguise. This was posted on an earlier blog by CaliCanesFan. Hopefully someone can read it to you.


The College Football Talk 2008-09 Turd Watch season began on August 15, 2008. Teams “earn” seven points for a felony arrest or conviction and three points for a misdemeanor arrest or conviction. Standings are below.

Florida 14

Notre Dame 9

Virginia 9

Virginia Tech 9

Cal 7

Kansas State 7


West Virginia 6

East Carolina 6

Penn State 6

Georgia 6

Toledo 6

Florida State 6

Arizona 3

Iowa 3

Illinois 3

Michigan 3

Texas 3

Wisconsin 3

Notice NO MIAMI in the standings. These are the standings we don't want to be in.

Posted by: CaliCanesFan | February 04, 2009 at 03:55 PM


Take a good look! Don't see the Canes on there! What I do see are those wonderful law abiding citizens of the Gayturd Nation representing themselves at NO. 1.........GO TURDS!!!!

Anybody hear about wqam confirming that Miami has picked a DC?

Um however must humble themselves and play FIU @FIU stadium...This is the only way the curse will ever be lifted...Luckily this curse only applies to UM football, so UM fans root for UM basketball & baseball, cause they are the only ones at a shot at a national championship...Time is on my side & will prove my words!!! Long live the OB!!!

Posted by: Babalawo | February 08, 2009 at 03:15 PM

If any team cursed the OB it was FIU!! Did your team ever win a game there???

Let's see, the Dolphins rocked the place, The U rocked the place, all the local high school teams rocked the place, FIU...not so much!

As we speak, USF is starting to "grow" a championship caliber team, while FIU is still biotching about playing Miami! Why would we play FIU??? The last time we met, FIU started a huge brawl, and then the whole country blamed it on UM! You made your bed losers, you sleep in it!

Go 'canes!

Rumor has it that Lovett for DC! Manny is this true?

Rumor has it that Lovett for DC! Manny is this true?

Posted by: Casual Observer | February 09, 2009 at 12:30 PM

Thats what im reading too, but i really HOPE that this is not true.

Thats what im reading too, but i really HOPE that this is not true.

Posted by: miamiboisince85 | February 09, 2009 at 12:56 PM

Why is this pal?? What have you heard about Lovett? All I learned about him was on UNC's website.

Thats what im reading too, but i really HOPE that this is not true.

Posted by: miamiboisince85 | February 09, 2009 at 12:56 PM

Agreed. May be I'm looking too into it, but he's been all over the place in just a few years. He went from DC in Auburn to special teams coach for UNC. This is a huge "?". Then again, maybe he's had spurts of genious that has RS excited. I'm going to have to look into his resume a little more closely.

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what do people know about Lovett?

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