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Canes trail Heels 29-26 at half

Tremendous first half effort for UM defensively, holding No. 3 North Carolina to 36 percent shooting in the first half. It just wasn't enough to establish the lead. 

The Tar Heels finished the first half on a 7-0 run to take a 29-26 lead at the break. UM is obviously playing shorthanded without the injured Dwayne Collins, its No. 1 scoring option in the post. The problem for UM tonight is they can't get any offense generated inside the paint. Everything they are putting up is a tough shot. 

Jack McClinton leads all scorers with 12 points. Lance Hurdle is still struggling with his shot. He was 1-for-6 from the field in the first half. We'll see if Miami can continue to play this way and remain in the game.


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It's over. UM proved again that its just not capable. Not capable of finishing off. Not capable of winning that one game that matters. Hey BC beat Duke! Virginia beat Clemson! why not UM beatingNC? Because they aren't capable. They fold at the last minute. That is unfortunate. Thay are good but not good enough.
Clearly, the coaching has to be questioned. I have read prevous blogs defending Coach Haith. How long are the defenders going to continue?

Disagree with zeal, Holmes. Miami's got talent, but not Duke/UNC talent. They've lost some games they should have won, but they're getting more and more talent in each year. Give Haith more time. Another five years and we'll see.

Even with a valiant effort being without their starting center, I was expecting to see some negative posts & Holmes does not disapoint!

Unfortunately, this is what we've come to expect from Miami. A valiant effort that falls short. The game was there for the taking, but...

Great teams find ways to win, and others find ways to lose. Look at the Fl. State, N.C. State, Va. Tech, Duke, the first N.C. games...the pattern repeats.

NIT, here we come!

Another 5 years?!? I have to wait that long?How about another 12 years? Seriously, though, this team is not on the talent level with UNC and put up a great effort without Dwayne Collins. Very impressive. The problem though is that they have not been consistent in crunch time, proving it again with Asbury's out of control play with a chance to take the lead (even though that was not a charge). These overtime and end of game losses are killing UM. Great game, but the blown lead vs Duke, and the OT losses have us on the outside looking in. Now the FSU game is the first MUST MUST WIN of the season. We'll see. I just hope that if it is close with a minute or two left, that they can close it out. They haven't so far.

No bolddan,
It's not what we expect, it's reality. Aside from McClinton, the U does not have the consistent "night in, night out" players that most other teams in the ACC has. Not expectation, not settling, it's a fact, it's reality.

Put McClinton on NC, Duke, WF, Clemson. He would BARELY be the 2nd option on those teams. He would likely be 3rd or 4th option.

So, when I watch this team & root for them, I am realistic, not living in a fantasy world. You only stay warm for so long when you p!ss in your pants...

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