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Challenging start to '09 schedule

The ACC has finalized its schedules for the start of the season. And your Miami Hurricanes have about as tough a four-game stretch to begin the season as anyone in the country. Here it is: 

  • Sept. 7 at Florida State (ESPN)
  • Sept. 17 Georgia Tech (ESPN)
  • Sept. 26 at Virginia Tech 
  • Oct. 3 Oklahoma 
  • Oct. 10 Florida A&M 
  • Oct. 17 at Central Florida
  • Oct. 24 Clemson 
  • Oct. 31 at Wake Forest 
  • Nov. 7 Virginia 
  • Nov. 14 at North Carolina 
  • Nov. 21 Duke 
  • Nov. 28 at South Florida 

So what are your thoughts about the tough early stretch? Are you worried the Canes could start 0-4? Or, could this work in their favor because they'll be catching some teams early on?  Here's a link to all of the ACC schedules released Thursday at 11 a.m.


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Cotdayum! Did we pick this?

Yes, the schedule is tough. But I like the early breaks between games. Allows a new coaching staff to regroup and figure out what works and what doesn't. And you can't complain about the chance to make a splash in the early months of the college football season, when all fans are watching every ESPN game.

0-4? noo.. probably 2-2

Also, FIRST! (Always wanted to try out being "one of those guys")

This is easily the toughest start to any schedule in the country... My goodness 4 ranked teams in a row!! 2 possibly in the top 5 in Va Tech and Oklahoma... FSU and Ga Tech at least top 20

we can even pull off a 3-1 I think....Is it me or is there no Bye Week?....and I agree we get a week in a half between Beating FSU and GT, and then another week n 2 dyas to prep for beating VT and then a week to do what we do against OU!....But no Bye WEEK?

I can see a 3-1 start. We have to beat FSU, GTech, and VTech (we are capable). OU will be a tough one. Carolina late is always tough as well as Clemson. USF should be a better game than we are anticipating, but by then we should be firing on all cylinders.

Always best to lose early if your gonna lose. Look at how that has worked out for teams in the recent past. I like the schedule because no haters can say " Creampuff teams are who they beat at the first of the season , they ain't played nobody". 2-2 is reasonable. Go Canes....It's all about the U.

I love the fact that we playing Va-tech and Ga-tech early.They usually start of slow.

Practice hard in the Spring boys... That is a monster first 4 games! Either Randy knows something I don't, or he has no influence in the conference whatsoever.

I guess with a young team, get the bruises out of the way early and build confidence at the end of 2009 so that going into the 2010 season the leaders will be polished. Is this his thinking?

I don't know if he has any pull on the schedule, but this is a good thing I think....look at the FU team we played at the begining of last season and the team which one the NC, they played a lot better in the season, while we didn't........Also with so many young guys, its best to get them involved fresh cause they will wear down as teh season goes along......hit hard and hit em early


This sucks. I hate having the FSU game early in the season. The games are usually poorly played and no one gets to see how truely good either team is.

I think it's good. What we don't need is a soft schedule at the beginning and have these kids think they're a better team just because they score 52 on a Charleston Southern type team. If we're gonna be a great team again, Shannon needs some big upsets and what better time than the beginning to the season. I'm not scared of FSU, V-Tech, or G-Tech. As far as G-Tech is concerned, we should play them a LOT harder than last year. They lost all but 1 of there d-line and that will be a big plus for us as well as the it being at home. Oklahoma could be that huge upset Miami is need of, bad. It's been to long since we've done that. It's time.

when will ticket go on sale???

0-4?! NO WAY!!! Our boys should be licking their chops. I get goose bumps looking at that schedule. If we want to gain respect, and gain it quickly, then I love the schedule esepecially two games back to back nationally televised. Great for recruiting!

This is how THE U does it. We never play nobodies unless they are in our conference. I hate playing teams we're going to score 50 on. It does nothing for the season. It might even set you back.


THIS STINKS! How in the world did we let this happen! I don't think we'll go 0-4 either, but FSU to open (on the road no less!) and then the triple-option that buried us the very next week? What the hell were we thinking? This is horrible for a team as young as ours, and we will still be very young despite the year of experience for some of the '08 class.

Man this stinks.

U are correct above about losing early is better, BUT, thanks when ur ranked in the top 10. If we start unranked, and go 2-2, we r probably going to have to reel off 5-6 in a row to get ranked. The VT,GT On a good note guys, if we did start 4-0, and if OU is a top 5 team, that would vault us into the top 5 and back to national prominence. What a yr to have OU as our non conference team. we will stick it to fsu. we have too much talent to let GT run over us again, and we whooped va tech and they won the acc. so, its possible

Wow. some schedule. i believe that they can pull it off. this is miami. and not the same miami team of the past. im sure we can beat fsu. vtech is a must and gtech game should be something to watch. OU is the game that i am fishy about. i believe that we can with if we play them like florida did. we have to keep Bradford off the field. run the rock. our defense will get tired cause he can light up the defensive backs. umm...as for the rest of the schedules....im sure we can go to the top.

I have been following UM football for some time, and I don't recall a stretch like this to open a season. The bright side of this is that UM will be tested early and we will know how good they will be before they play the doormats. If UM goes 3-1 or 4-0, they will instantly move up the top 25 and find themselves in the BCS discussion a lot faster.

I am so pumped.

We have the advantage early on in the season. Nobody will have seen our new Offense!

The schedule shouldn't matter, we have to play these teams anyway. Let the teams on the schedule be concerned about when they are playing us.

The schedule is tough, but at lest we'll know pretty quick how good the Canes are.

From a fan perspective, at least there is only one Thurs. night home game. I am sick and tired of not being able to enjoy a little tailgating before the games, its one of the few times I get to see some of my fellow Cane alums. I hope that Holcutt stops selling out to TV and that there are no noon games, but I also know that is probably wishful thinking.

Now le'ts hope

What if Miami makes it thru the first 4 games and can comes out 4-0? If that is the case then the rest of the schedule looks pretty favorable for an undefeated season. Any thing is possible

Just win the ACC. The rest will play itself out. The game against OU is going to be fun, but it won't matter in December. We just have to take care of home---ACC!!

We will beat fsu no doubt. Im only teams i see giving us a real challenge are G tech, OU, and NC. Were looking at no worse than 9-3 and possibly the ACC championship game

Maybe 3-1. I think the only way we start off 4-0 is if Ken Dorsey sneaks into the locker room and disguises himself as a walk-on QB. I have high hopes for this season. FSU and Va-Tech aren't as tough as they are showing and Ga-Tech killed us because of all the freshman hitting the wall in the middle of the season. Come on, now. Let's get this goin'. C-A-N-E-S CANES!

AtlCane, how many drinks did you have at lunch today? I'd walk to Orlando for the UCF game if we went 4-0.

Enough is enough--it's time to win the ACC title!

I like this schedule a lot. It puts a carrot in front of the young guys early-on in their careers. A lot of the new recruits (Ray Ray in particular) said they want to help return the U to prominence. Well there's no better way than having an opportunity to beat four potentially-ranked opponents in a row (FSU is a fringe preseason top-25 team). It is a tall order? Of course. But let's test the mettle of these young guys and new coaches sooner rather than later.

3-1 is a definite possibility. 4-0? Wishful thinking. But what's better motivation--if the Canes go 4-0 they will be not only ranked, but ranked in the top-5. Yes, that's a fact. Can you think of a time another squad beat four ranked teams in a row? Again, wishful thinking. But after blowing the "control your own destiny" set-up last year, I think these young Canes want to prove they can get the U back to the top!

If the people on this board would look at things realistically, they would realize a 1-4 start is likely and 0-4 a possibility. UM easily an underdog in all 4 games, maybe double digits to VT and Oklahoma. Georgia Tech may have manhandled the Canes worse than anybody last season. The assignment football needed to deal with their offense will not be easy to accomplish with a new Defensive Coordinator that early in the season. I honestly believe that FSU might be our best chance at winning. Bowden can always find a new way to lose to the Canes.
Hope we catch lightning in a bottle and shock some people but the toughest 4 game start in the country is not what we needed to turn this program around. Hang in there Randy.

I have to agree with "someperspective". At best this team wins 1 game out of the first 4. That really puts Randy behind the eightball as far as getting this young team to the ACC championship. I believe this seals Randy's fate and he's out after this season if they don't get to that game. The worst part of it is that he had no say in the schedule and this coaching staff will be torn apart again once they hire another new HC. Sorry but most people on this blog and "Canespace" are idiots and dreamers.
Maybe 5 wins this year.

Dont forget in 5 of the 6 losses, we could have won-----with JH playing, and more weapons coming(streeter, poss brown,), and more depth, we could have a 1-2 loss season--last yr's losses
UF- it was 9-3 in 4th when tebow got that out of bounds call, if its incomplete, we get the ball back down 9-3 in 4th
NC--winning 24-14 in 4th, blew the game
FSU---Lost by 2, shields screwed up 1st and goal at 4 yd line
GT--only game we didnt have a chance
NCST-close all the way till that drive that killed us., lost by 10
CAL--tied at 17 with 3 min left when JH fumbled

SO, if U look closely, I know the gator game is tough to say we could have won, but we had a chance in 12 of 13 games last yr, we were 1-2 plays from being 12-1, thats what experience brings, and depth. and, next yr, we wont be playing 5-6 true freshman on each play-and they have all had a yr in the wt room w/swasey
U NEVER KNOW--------4-0 could happen

It's definately going to be tough starting the season against 4 ranked teams. I do believe that the games being spaced out a bit will help us. That being said, I like the schedule. We have to play them anyway. Plus, I think all of our young guys are going to be much better than last season. I also think a healthy James will be huge.

Maybe this will motivate them to hit the weight room like they should. Lets get bigger, stronger, and faster. lets go Canes. I don't care what happens, Miami is my team for life.

nah guys i'm not buyin it. we are the U. we have to have the unwavering confidence if we want to really assume our identity. we gotta stand unblinking in the face of giants and beat em. i say we go 4-0. we might lose other games, but i think if we really buckle down and the fans believe and the team believes, we can do it. those are the hardest 4 games anyway, so heck, why not win em? why not just do it? manny, please tell the players that i believe that they can go 4-0 over that stretch and after that, it'd be easy street. i mean don't look past anybody, but thats the hurdle. 4-0 in 2009. lets go canes.

someperspective, please believe a lil bit. wouldnt you rather be the underdog with something to prove? i mean if we dont believe we can, we cant. just believe.

I think the hurricanes has one of the hardest schedule in college football by saying this if we go 12-0 we should play for a national champonship but how that bcs system they probably try us again like they did in 2000

I think this is good simply for the fact that we got spring and summer to prepare for our first two game. know the guys have time to gwt psyched up and focus get their bodies right and they no what tey need to accomplish. they'll be fresh and ready to play ssome ball

I can tell ya this boyz.

With the "Whip" in town - we will put lotz and lotz of points on the board!


Go Canes!

There is no Bye week- is that a new thing? Or is are there mistakes in this schedule? I realize there are 10 days between the first and 2nd games, and 9 between the 2nd and 3rd, but most teams have 1 or 2 bye weeks.

one more thing...


to follow-up, looking at things realistically does not mean you don't want the team to win or you aren't a true Cane fan. They could win all their games, but looking at what this team did last year and with this schedule, it is highly unlikely. A couple of other points: a lot of talk about getting James back and that is important but I think the biggest loss we had last year was Colin McCarthy. He brought energy to that defense. (remember that hit on the punt return against Carolina)
Finally, all this talk about fans believing in the team can make it happen is a little scary. Go to the games, make a bunch of noise, join the hurricane club and give them the cash they need to be competative, but thinking you can wish a team to victory on a message board and wanting Manny to give messages to the players is a little wierd. Guess it is the same people who love to be "FIRST!" on the board each day.

Yes Manny I am worried about an 0-4 start. My gut tells me we will pull out 1 win, though - most likely the opener or at home against GTech. I fear the bigger problem will be a failure to win a game or two later in the year that we should win. I think the safe call this year is 7-5. I would not be shocked at 6-6 or 8-4. I would love to be surprised with a better season, but year after year now it is the same story so I will believe it when I see it.

lol nah i never do the "first" thing. theres zero point to that. but i do go to the games and stuff. lol maybe the message was wierd.

yah. lil carried away there lol. sorry, overexcited.

Looking at the high school talent in Kansas is B.B. that good. A big frog in a little pond. Does he think the competition in Miami is too great for him to handle. He seems to lack maturity and leadership. At this point, do we need him. Good luck B.B, where ever you decide to go.

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