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Courstide blog: FSU 80, UM 67 (F)

TALLAHASSEE -- It took me awhile to finally settle in at the Donald L. Tucker Center (I had to fly into Jacksonville and drive) but I'm here for tonight's big Canes-Noles basketball tilt. We know Miami needs a win badly. I'll be here to provide you with a halftime update and postgame update.

> For you football fans, the Palm Beach post and Sun-Sentinel got a chance to talk to coach Randy Shannon "exclusively" today and collected some good nuggets before the start of spring next week. The most eye-opening news to come out is that Micheal Barrow is no longer the linebackers coach. Defensive coordinator John Lovett will now handle the linebackers and Barrow will be allowed to roam freely as a defensive assistant. The positive? Barrow is without question an excellent recruiter and this may allow him more time to go out on the recruiting scene.

> Sam Shields is indeed moving to cornerback as Canesport first reported last week. Shannon told the Sentinel he wanted more bodies there. My question is can Shields honestly help the team there or was this move simply made so he stops running out on the field at the wrong time on offense? I'm convinced the only place we are really going to see Shields on the field anymore is as a flier on punts and kickoffs.

> Well, the day has come and gone and Bryce Brown did not sign his National Letter of Intent. While UM has obviously told several reporters (including me) they will not renew the offer, I'm not going to buy it totally until I hear Bruce Brown, Brian Butler or someone from the Brown family say that's the case. The one thing I've learned covering this team is that things change quickly. And if Brown was told his scholarship offer was no longer available to him, he wouldn't be carrying on like normal. We would have had to have an update on potentialplayers.com, right? 

> Almost forgot: I've been told The Miami Herald will have its "exclusive" day with Shannon on Monday. Feel free to begin leaving me some questions you would like for us to ask if we indeed get the interview. 


> Dwayne Collins apparently did enough in practice Wednesday to convince Frank Haith he deserved to play tonight instead of resting his sprained left ankle one more day. Haith is glad he did. Collins has come out strong with seven points, four rebounds and two assists. 

> The bigger news is that Jack McClinton finally has some help. James Dews leads the team with 8 points at halftime. Dews replaced Lance Hurdle in the starting lineup and is showing us why. He's done a good job defensively. Hurdle by the way has obviously gotten a boost from being benched. He had 6 points in 13 minutes and was effective.


> Tough loss for the Canes. Jack McClinton gets held to 13 points. I'll have more for you tomorrow. I've got to drive to Jacksonville and fly home from there in the afternoon.


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All we have a ban on Cat5 is bad words.

Posted by: Manny Navarro | February 18, 2009 at 10:44 AM

anything goes …


I'll be down with the Fam next weekend 2/25-3/1. Any chance that a practice will be open to the public Wed to Sun?


Question for RS:
Any chance we'll wear all Black or fatigues this year? Just kidding...Seriously, was UM's decision not to reissue the scholarship(assuming we know the answer by Monday) to Bryce Brown an indication of the depth of talent South Florida has coming out in 2010?

If the answer on Bryce brown hasn't shown itself, will you ask RS if Willie Martinez was offered the DC, if not, why? or if so, what was the reason for his decision not to come to UM?

Question for the AD if possible:

Now that UM has dropped its prices on UM tickets, any chance Dolphin Stadium will agree to reduce that ridiculous price on parking? $25 to park is steep in today's economy.

Thanks for the work you do. We appreciate it.

This bball team is in a lot of trouble if they can't figure out how to make free throws. They also make a lot of really stupid turnovers, but I guess that's expected from a college team.

Question for Randy: 1. Will Joe Wylie get some playing time, 2. Will Lamar Miller arrive on campus with the rest of freshmen (grades), and 3. If Miller does come on time, will Damien Berry be moved back to defense?

Really frustrating that they can keep games against UNC and Duke close and play so bad against FSU. They look awful tonight. Need Jack McMiracle to show up in the last 7 minutes here.

Simple question, will there be media access to spring practice so the fans can be more in the loop, if not why not.

Surprised about Barrow...he can't be taking that well.

Please ask Randy Shannon why he doesn't open practice up to the public. Doesn't he think this would drive up ticket prices? They can even use the money to travel.

hey i couldnt find the exclusive nuggets on sun sentinel or palm beach post. anybody got a link?

Simple question, will there be media access to spring practice so the fans can be more in the loop, if not why not.

Posted by: dlu | February 18, 2009 at 08:54 PM


All practices are closed to the public except for two
-- jorge milian


Question For Coach RS :

The slow starts in games, and having to play catch-up in the 2nd half is killing the team's record, and many people think this UM team plays without the FIRE and KILLER attitude to win championships.

During the championship years, UM teams played with Passion and Swagger... do you feel the coaches are now creating a choir-boy atmosphere, which down-plays the reason recruits sign with UM, and contributes to the slow start in games ???

NIT. What a dissapointment. Hard to say what the problem was this year except a regression of Hurdle, and a lack of toughness come crunch time. Missed opportunity, because next year's team might not be as good.

EZ, easy to see the problems: 11th in ACC in free throw percentage and no ball controller (point guard).

Please ask Coach Shannon why he keeps the fans away from the practices - I had been going to watch the practices for over 40 years and under Shannon I, along with other fans, have been locked out. As an alumni I don't like it and, frankly do not see the rationale behind this wall of secrecy. I take it personally and feel that fans are being alienated from the program. Perhaps I will let the school know how I feel when they call me asking for donations in the future.

FYI, most schools don't allow spectators to practices. Just to certain specified ones for media and spectators. Shannon holds two of those and the spring game, correct? So, stop bitching and deal with it.

It's pretty ridiculous how nobody is at all interested in the basketball team on these blogs. Afterall, they've been better than the football team. Even though Miami didn't look so great tonight, they can still win out and have a good chance at the NCAA tourney with their RPI and SOS.

Hey AZCanesDude - you are a moron - who told you that most schools close their practices to the public - that is just not the case. Most schools treat their fans like part of the program, that is why schools like Alabama can draw 90 thousand fans to their spring game. You need to do your homework before flaunting your igonorance here. Not even the Dolphins close their practices (unless they are in the playoffs or superbowl). For your information, I have known every coach at Miami for the last 30 years and not one of them closed the practices; I have contributed a lot of money to the school and the football team, and I have attended almost every game and many practices since 1979, so I think I have the right to voice my displeasure with being locked out of the practices by Coach Shannon, even if you don't like it.

Amen Canes1...USC opens their practices, and noone seems to be stealing their plays. Doesn't UM realize this will help their crappy season ticket sales.

What about Ramon Buchanan? And what position he'll play.

The b-ball game was excrutiating to watch, especially losing to a former coach. After Jack leaves, I'm not sure how this team will be. A team can't just rely on sinking 3 point shots (which I hate).

AZ Canes Dude... I love basketball, and I support the Canes BBall team all the way.

Hurdle is a player, but seems to run out of gas, as he did in the Ohio State game... Hurdle plays like he has a gas leak or something... but the kid's got talent when he eats his Wheaties.

Jack has to play GREAT almost every game just to get a win. You are right, all they need is a big time point guard... an opportunity that which RIOS blew away.

Coach Frank Haith has gotta steal some BIG-Time Mcdonald All-American Type Recruits, you know, the ones that go pro after one year in college... (A Kenny Boynton type) then you'll see some real excitment around the U BBall team.

Next year, without Jack, things could get ugly... it's not okay in the ACC to be average... just ask Duke.

this is a bb blog- why are the geniuses eg Frankie D, and others not here to defend Haith? Where are all the haith defenders? Where are the comments on this pathetic underachieving team, that was ranked #20 starting out, projected to make the NCAA tourn, and now will likely finish 15-15?

Miami bball needs a guy who is more confident at ball control. McClinton can do some, but he's such a pure shooter that you don't want him with the ball all the time. And it was certainly clear last night that all teams have to do to beat Miami is double or even triple team Jack. With Jack gone next year, it's going to be interesting and maybe not fun to see where this team goes. They need some more big-man presence other than just Collins to really make a splash in the ACC.

Oh, and somebody needs to tell these guys to make their FREE throws! FSU had 31 (89%) last night to Miami's 14 (58%). Can't afford to be both out-rebounded and out-shot at the free throw line.

rios never had an oportunity with coach haith he wanted to go to war with his guys....,ha,ha,ha,ha. bring your troops home too ..haith

I hate Haith!!!!

He blows as a coach...just when we start making a run with about 5 minutes left and hit a 3 he calls timeout to stop "OUR" run. You call a timeout for that when there is 1 minute left not 5 minutes left.

When a team is destroying the zone defense any good coach would switch out of it.

They were killing us by penetrating the zone on the baseline where they created 2 on 1's down low.

This was a wasted season. Haith blew it. A Player like Jack does not come around often and to see what should have been a magical senior season for him has become a disaster.

If coach K was coaching this team we would have at the very least 4 more wins and would not be on the outside looking in on the NCAA tourney.


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