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Courtside blog: UM 69, BC 58 (F)

BANKUNITED CENTER -- As usual, I'll be here to watch Frank Haith's basketball team try and save its NCAA Tournament hopes with a win today against Boston College.

Haith told us in his pregame press conference Friday he was going to shrink his rotation a little bit to get the best players on the floor more. We'll have to see if that happens today. The starting lineup certainly features UM's best five in my opinion: Jack McClinton, James Dews, Brian Asbury, Dwayne Collins and Jimmy Graham.

> Canes jumped all over Boston College and had as much as a 17-point lead in the first half thanks some terrific shooting. UM connected on 9 of 13 from three-point range, including four from James Dews who had 12 points. Brian Asbury and Jack McClinton each have 10 points. UM shot 58 percent in the first half and held everyone but Joey Trapani (8 pts) scoreless for the first 10 minutes of the game.

I had a couple of other quick notes I wanted to pass along from conversations I've had in the past week and from some of my personal experiences...

> Like most of you, I think its more than unfortunate the University of Miami's baseball stadium has been renamed in honor of an admitted steriod user. But I definitely liked the upgrade to the facilities. The new press box, locker rooms, media interview rooms, everything associated with the final phase of the $14 million facelift looked great. A program that has won four national championships was long overdue in receiving facilities on-par with just about every other major Division I school in the country.

But, I've got one complaint: Where is the ATM machine? If you don't come to Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field with cash, you are basically screwed. Only one of the vendors (the pizza line) takes credit cards and you have to pay a minimum of $10 to be able to use it. Not cool. Also, don't make the mistake of getting in one line and thinking everything on the menu is on the menu. InsideTheU's Chris Stock thought he got in line for chicken fingers and fries. He found out 10 minutes later, it was only the line next to him that was serving it.

> Associate Athletic Director Jim Frevola told us late last night he expects the final finishing touches on the stadium (2,000 bleacher seats along the left field and right field lines) to be in place before UM hosts Florida State at the start of April.

> For those of you wondering if UM's basketball team is done recruiting, the answer is no. Haith can't talk specifics about unsigned recruits but basically confirmed his team still has a scholarship available to use in April. I've heard point guard Lisandro Ruiz-Moreno is no longer being recruited by Miami because of academics (most of his transcripts are still in South America) UM would probably like to get a point guard considering none of the three guards they have signed or lined up to come (Durand Scott, Antoine Allen or Garrius Adams) are not natural point guards.


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It's do or die time at this point. ESPN has even dropped them in the bubble team discussion. If they don't win out and make the Semis of the ACC conference, there is no chance of making the Tournament.

well, gotta like the way they started in the 1st half.

Manny, everyone is entitled to their opinion....i disagree with you about the naming. However, how come everyone is all over A-Rod for the steroid thing but its ok for almost all the football players to be on stuff and no one says a thing? Anyone with half a brain knows most of the players are on it, and I've been friends with a couple of ex-players who will tell you 60% or more of the football players are on stuff.

Everyone is quick to act like they wouldn't do the same thing, but if a $100M contract was staring you in the face, and the competition for it was passing you by because they were on drugs, you'd probably do it also. Its like the guy who talks crap when kobe or wade cheat on their wives and says they wouldn't do the same thing.......its all about opportunity. You can act whollier than thou when you have no chance of ever being in that situation

On a different note, who long before we start to fade in the second half and make this a close game?

Barring a good comeback by BC, the answer appears to be never, JayEl. Seems like a pretty solid showing by Miami. They need to keep it up!

well, a good game, but the free throw shooting is still abysmal. that needs to be worked on.

Manny...I don't disagree with you on the baseball stadium, I think it's unfortunate that an academic institution has it's stadium named after someone who is an admitted cheat. But you know what they say....money talks.

When is your interview with Randy Shannon?

If UM finishes 7-9 in ACC conference and pick up 2 wins in the ACC Tourney. They will get in to the NCAA's.

I don't know deebee. I hope so.

Good win for da U!! There is no doubt that this is a tournament team. If they can shoot better from the Free Throw line, REBOUND (Other team is getting way to many second chance oppt, Get the ball to Dwayne Collins as much as possible.

Hey Manny,
FYI, nobody that accepts credit cards can impose a minimum purchase on them. Mastercard and Visa explicitly state that in their rules and you can tell them next time you are there. If they refuse your transaction then you can call Mastercard or Visa and they will handle things (could be fined or lose their rights to accept credit cards). Anyways, glad to see the stadium has been upgraded.

On another note, How is it that only A-Rod's name was leaked? If they leaked his name, let's hear the other 100 or so names that were on that list. Big Papi talked a lot of smack about steroid users, but he might be playing with, or be one himself. I don't think its right to just slam A-Rod when there are others out there who are cowards. If they know they were guilty they should come forward before their names are leaked also!

Like most of you, I think its more than unfortunate the University of Miami's baseball stadium has been renamed in honor of an admitted steriod user.
-- manny navarro

yeah …


But I definitely liked the upgrade to the facilities. The new press box, locker rooms, media interview rooms, everything associated with the final phase of the $14 million facelift looked great.
-- manny navarro

hey dawg, snap photos of the new ballpark …


Manny...I can't believe they could win without your man, Eddie Rios.

If the Canes magically fix their free throw problems, they could do some damage in the ACC tournament and even the Big Dance. Missed free throws have cost UM big games including Duke and UNC. They are making threes and show no sign of slowing down there, even when defenses stretch to half court to guard it. Collins and Graham are holding it down on the boards with a plus 7 rebounding ratio. If Miami can sort out the free throws, Jack can keep performing like he did today with a hot hand and getting the ball distributed well and Graham can keep battling down low, UM will be a dark horse in the ACC tournament. GO Canes!

So if we win out, we will be 19-10 with an 8-8 conf record. Six teams already have 19 wins right now and eight other ACC teams have single digit losses. At best, the ACC will send 6 teams to the NCAAs, but will probably send only 5 IMO. So the 8-8 record will likely put us at 6th to 8th place in the regular season final standings with a total win count that will be at best 7th (if every thing falls our way).

So with that reasoning, we will have to win out in the regular season and get at least 2 wins in the conf tournament to even get a chance of being selecting by the NCAAs.

No way a 7-9 record gets us in since if that happens will likely finish 9th in the conf and there is no way that the 9th best team in the ACC gets in the tournament unless we win the whole ACC tournament (good luck to us with that).

All I'm saying is that we are pretty much in a single elimination tournament right now with NO margin for error. A single loss from here on out and we are done.

LOLLL...SFCane...you are clueless bro...at best 6 teams for the ACC?

ACC is getting 6 100% and 7 is 75% and there's a great shot at getting 8 teams this year.

As usual, I'll be here to watch Frank Haith's basketball team try and save its NCAA Tournament hopes with a win today against Boston College.

What's usual ?

NBC6’s Adam Kuperstein: Goodbye, Bryce

I hope you're right and I'm wrong KP.

I can't think of any time though where 7 teams have gotten in from one conference. Right now the media LOVES the Big East. They probably have a better chance of getting 7 teams in then we do. BTW I believe the ACC is better top to bottom, I'm just saying the media loves the Big East more.

With that said, we NEED at least 6 teams to get in from the ACC to even have a chance.

Like I said, I hope I'm wrong.

Miami is not going to the NCAA Tournament. They have had so many chances to right this ship. It is too late. There is no way that 7-9 will make it. Not with all the bubble teams in the Big East and ACC that will have .500 or better conference records and major victories. UM killed itself by not being able to beat Duke or UNC at least once, or FSU or Clemson for that matter. Kentucky is the best out of conference win. And the SOS/RPI will go down now that GT, UV, and NCST are on tap. They have to win out and take at least one in the ACC tournament (it would help if that one was another bubble team or tourney team). They might need 2. They haven't been consistent all year, so what makes anyone think that they are about to reel off 5 wins in a row, only one of which will be at home???

EZ11523 we split our games with FSU this year,Plus we swept BC a tournament team beat WF another tournament team won at Kentucky probably a tournament team took Duke to ot we win the next three and one in the ACC tourny and were in.

Maryland and BC beat Duke. Sweeping BC and splitting FSU is not going to do it. That Kentucky win is almost nothing. Do you have any idea how many bubble teams there are with better resumes, even if we go 8-8? It doesn't matter, because ultimately you just disagreed and then agreed with me in the same paragraph, but I tell you, that the ACC tourney win has to be vs another ACC bubble or tourney team.

Keep dreaming U.

"Bryce see's what Randy is building." (exactly)


coaching carousel

NO development of players

No draftable players

No ACC titles, none in sight

Yes, Bryce does see what Randy is building.

Manny saw on another site that Haith about to get a commmitment from kid in Mississippi class of 2011. We need details

Go Canes

Miami Hurricanes are headed in a postivie direction. I like what Coach Shannon and his staff is doing, anybody that knows anything about team sports know that the only way he will be able to build the type of National Power Miami use to be is by continuing to bring in players that are willing to buy into the system that him(coach shannon)and his staff is implementing. the players don't necessarily have to be 5 Star athlete(B.Brown), but they must be able to a. buy into his system and b. be able to play on UM level

Haith has more losses than Rios has charges they are both in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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