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Days of Our Bryce update

For those of you starving for updates in the University of Miami's quest to sign the nation's No. 1 recruit (or as I like to call it the latest chapter of Days Of Our Bryce), there has been no better interview with Brown in the past two months than the one Rivals.com writer Jeremy Crabtree conducted Tuesday.

Although you can get all the info mentor Brian Butler would like for you to know over at potentialplayers.com, nothing beats hearing the man, the myth, the 18-year old legend discuss his recruiting situation himself.

If you want the Cliff Notes version: Brown doesn't sound like he's coming to Miami anymore... his meeting with UM offensive coordinator Mark Whipple didn't go so well... he swears he really isn't doing this for attention.

For the complete interview, here is what Bryce told Rivals.com.


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Bryce is a chump loser



1. Mike James,
2. Lamar Miller,
3. Lee Chambers
4. Jakari Gore (next year)

He'll have to compete with these guys everyday in practice.

Bryce is afraid of REAL competition.

I got to keep reminding myself he is an 18 year old kid who is confused and doesnt know where he wants to be. I hope he is happy with his choice, but at this point, i think we pull the plug. We stood by him, we can give him the best atmosphere for what he is looking for (camaraderie and long lasting relationships? what other school has what we have? what other school has nfl players that come back year after year and look out for each other on the next level?). We dont need to be dragged into this drama. RS should set an example and say if you arent committed to us, if you dont know by now, dont come. You dont want a player who second guesses himself on his choice his whole college career. I hope Arthur understands how we fans must feel, but we should move on. we got a sick class of rbs. Lamar Miller-is gonna be sick (Go courgars). Been awhile since we had a cougar with skills ala thrill hill. Good luck bryce wherever you end up.

Hey, Bryce, good luck to you. Can't say will miss you since you were never here. Canes are ready to turn all cylinders on, and make this machine run better than ever.

I am not sure when this interview took place but if it were me I would let this guy go. Turn it off now before he turns the 'U' off by turning us down. Bad PR.
He is looking for relationships. What is he talking about? What other school has the former players bond in the manner the 'U' former players do. Regardless of how far they go and how high they reach, the former players always come back, work out, provide mentoring.
This guy is a looser.

Oregon. The Clemson of the Pac 10. I hope he comes just because his brother is here. We already have good RB's now. And he would make set for 3 or 4 years. Not saying that we wont be good without him. I just would like to see him follow on with his word and stay a Cane. Being like Terrell Pryor and waiting isnt helping. And with this """mentor""" that really isnt helping. im sure this guy is gonna be getting paid someday. lol....

I know this kid is just 18, but he has shown a total lack of class during this whole process. My only concern is that his brother might transfer from UM because of the heat he will take for his boneheaded brother.
Bryce is just not a good fit. Listen to how many times he uses "I" and "Me" in this interview. The upperclassmen would knock his *ick in the dirt every practice. For once I'd like to see that Shannon mean streak and tell this kid he is off our list and he better be praying he never faces a UM defense. This guy is a 5 star jerk and I came to that conclusion without a mentor, fasting or a website.

Make set for 3 or 4 years?
Are you kidding? Guys like this only want to stay around for 1 or 2 years. There is no loyalty with guys like him. Even Marve looks good compared to this guy.
Dump him now!


If you want the Cliff Notes version: Brown doesn't sound like he's coming to Miami anymore...

U loved the "Next One" last week... Soooooo, now let the typical U bashing begin ...

Too bad, he could could have driven the BUS next year... We'll there's always Arthur... Or is there ???

Duh U New Motto Next Year ...


Come To Duh U Recruits, join us and Major in Mass Public Transportation !!!

Pathetic... Ahhhhhh Haaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaa .... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh HHHHHAAAAAAAA HHHAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! Triple AAA MinorLeague Bush League !!!!!

U Better Not Miss Duh Bus !

Dump him now. Arthur Brown wants to stick around, that's fine. He wants to transfer, good riddance. The Canes don't need this bull... No 18 year old is bigger than the game or the school. RS send a message of support to the guys that have dedicated themselves to the U and broom this kid.

Again, the point isnt tha the is "18 in america" the point is he verbally committed toa program, got involved witha "mentor" who put up a pay-for web site for "Bryce updates", and he hasn'tdone squat yet to prove hism ettle other than be a great hs player in Kansas! LOL. That is just NOT the player we need here at thistime. That drama, that attitude. He is probably wavering because he can't and won'tbe promised thestarting job! Well, BOY, go to USC. You'll sit behind 4-5 other star tail backs waiting their turn. Go toOregon, that gimmicky spread offense, who hardly sneds anyone to the NFL...ever! Besides, you won'teven be the star in th PAC-10- thatwill go to sensation Jahvid Best, who is only 2 years older tha you (at most), and already has proven himself.

Good riddance- se y0u. Lets'now focus our attention to Lamar Miller and the rest of the U.

This kid is acting as though he is an unrestricted NFL free agent! He is only looking for a place that he can shine and get all the individual recognition. I can respect that, but football is the ultimate TEAM game and where ever he goes, he probably won't fit in very well being a "me" guy.

I completely agree with the idea to pull the scholarship offer, cut ties with him now, and move on. It honestly sounds like he could do more negative by coming to the U then positive.

It is all about the U, not all about any one player!

Although I have been a BB booster on this blog, I have to admit after hearing the interview that I believe that Bryce wants to be the big man on campus and is afraid that will not happen with all of the quality running backs at the U.

I really beleive thats its time for the canes to focus elsewhere. This dude is starting to piss me off. I know he is 18Yrs but he seems very intelligent, and what he really needs to do is picka school and stop messing around.

Me before team is his creed.

I'm really pumped to see Lamar Miller

Seriously, we don't need this kid. He's selfish and over-hyped like his brother, who sucks. You can't be that good and be from KS. UM needs to take the offer off the table and move on. I don't want him on our team anyway.

If he sees himself going to Oregon, and Oregon is tops on his list, how is he still "committed" to Miami?

Maybe at Tennessee this weekend, Kifin will let him run through the smoke.

Good riddance Bryce. We don't need you!

Why is Butler throwing salt in my game?

Recruit pimpin since way back

Would like to have seen him here, but honestly, he would have come in with too much baggage. It's easy to bash the kid now since it looks like he's not coming, but can you blame him for turning tail? He wants to make it to the big leagues and put up huge stats. Not going to happen when you don't even know if you can make it into the rotation. I honestly believe he lost interest in us when he was out watching LM play.

USC has too many RB's so he probably crossed them off the list as well. My guess is, it's between Oregon and Tenn. If I had to choose in his position, I'd say Oregon. With the exception of USC they play nobody worth a sh** in run D. He can really pad his stats there.

Bryce is all about Me, Me, Me. He even mentioned marketing in LA. Are you kidding me??? We will be just fine with James, Coop, Lamar, MJames, and the SFla studs coming next year. Cya

this whole thing is turning into a farce...bryce is extremely talented and he will help us, but as much as i love college sports, this is where it gets crazy. People in Coral Gables, Eugene, LA, Knoxville or whatever college town this kid has put on notice, are waiting breathlessly for a fickle 18 year old to make a decision. bryce...you're a good player, but the CANES need someone that's about the team. i don't want to see this dude arguing with the coaches when it's 3rd and 1 and he's not in the game or they've called a play for someone else...he's a primadonna and i hope to God he gets it together and grows up and makes us all look like jerks for assuming he's that self centered...

Good luck Bryce!

Welcome Lamar Miller!!

Welcome Mike James!!

We don't need the drama, let's move on....

I hope this circus motivates Miami RBs for years to come. No one man is bigger than the team. I expect this kid will be a topic of discussion for years......everytime all the other fine backs at the U carry the ball for a TD.

This interview shows you he doesn't have enough mental toughness to play here, glad he's not coming. Let's never speak of him again.

Here are the two main issues I have with Bryce's way of thinking:

1) He's not completely sold on Whipple yet. Okay, that's fine. This is not Chip Kelly's first year as OC at Oregon, so Chip’s been recruiting Bryce essentially since day one. My counter to this, and this is something I hope Bryce has thought about, is Mark Whipple's first act as new OC was to immediately fly to Kansas and meet with Bryce's family (and advisor, which I add through clenched teeth). That's a clear sign of commitment. I believe if Bryce thought about it for a moment, he'd realize he still has a lot to learn about the Whip (and vice versa). And if Bryce would take the time to meet Whip in person, not communicate solely via conference call, I think their relationship would grow in a manner similar to Bryce's relationship with Coach Kelly. Bryce admitted in the interview that he likes Whip’s X's and O's. Hopefully, over the next month, Barrow or Randy Shannon can help facilitate a face-to-face between Bryce and Whip.

2) "I want to go to a school that's committed to me for life, not just three or four years." No other school is as committed to their players as the U. To play ball at the U is to become part of the greatest fraternity in college football. There's a reason the majority of the Canes in the NFL return to campus to train in the offseason. If going to a school that is committed "for life" is really one of Bryce's criteria, I cannot fathom why he’d favor Oregon (or any other school for that matter) over the U.

I'm not going to sit here and bash on Bryce (or Arthur Brown; I think the A. Brown bashers really need to shut up), but I can't help but think that the presence of Lamar Miller and Mike James, not to mention Baby J and Coop (who I think is going to have a breakout year) is swaying Bryce's decision. I mean, look at Oregon's 2009 incoming class: there's not a single other RB recruit! No competition at all. Bryce would be Oregon's future because he's their only option. I'm sure that's music to BB's ears, but I prefer players who enjoy healthy competition in practice against the best of the best.

And a final note, look at the notable RBs from Oregon and the U that have made it to the league in the last decade:

Miami: Edge James, Najeh Davenport, Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Frank Gore

Oregon: Reuben Droughns, Onterrio Smith, Jonathan Stewart

Game. Set. Match.

Arthur Brown shouldn't have to suffer any because of the Bryce situation. Arthur had a good season on special teams and appears to be doing everything being asked of him.

Well, I suppose this prima dona could visit all Div.1 schools and then meditate some more and in the end flip a coin as to where he can become the biggest star in the land. He has loyalty to no one but himself, but there's no I in the word team. If he was on the The Apprentice, Donald Trump would fire him the first show. He hates people who are disloyal.
It's not good for business.

Time to fish or cut bait. RS should talk to this guy and by mutual consent agree he is officially a free agent. 'nuf said.

Bryce Brown????? What has he done and who has he played??? There are many like him who are now pumping gas as Amoco.

I read a great article in the Atlanta JC about Paul Johnson and how he pulled the scholarship from a prize QB recruit this year just because he decided to take a trip to Auburn late in the game. I loved it, and he's getting great press for it. If Arthur Brown were not at the U already Shannon would already have pulled the scholarship offer, just like he did for the D-lineman that didn't want to commit early. But you have to respect his brother here and not do anything to alienate the players you have on your team, so I think Shannon is playing this one right...don't pull the scholarship but stop kissing his butt and paying him too much attention. You'll notice Whipple has only been out there once and noone from UM is begging this kid to take a visit anymore. They have pretty much said come or don't, but we have spring ball to worry about.

RELAX....Ok Bryce is not coming...OK...cool, I hope the best for him....I would not "pull" his scholarship offer, that would show a lack of class on UM's part, you have to respect the young man's decision to take his time.....And why yall trippin on A. Brown...I respect him letting his brother choose, that way if it doesn't work out, Bryce can't blame AB.....AB is going to be beastly, starting this year and finishing up year next to Spence....I just hope BB realizes, there is no way Oregon plays for a Ntl title, no way, now UM has a shot for it in 2010, best believe....

For Miller, it never was a question. He always wanted to be part of the UM program even if it meant going against family members.

"When I was growing up, I always liked Miami, but my mom was a Gators fan," Miller said. "So it was between the two. Ever since I can remember, I've been going to [visit Miami]. They produce a lot of running backs and good players into the [ NFL]."


You can't be that good and be from KS.

Posted by: Jim | February 11, 2009 at 07:53 AM

While I think you may have a point in the grand scheme of things, Barry Sanders was from Kansas.

Anyways, I can't seem to hear/see the interview but if he is a "Me" player than I completely agree that maybe it's time to wish him well and send him to another school. Doesn't sound like he would fit with the U family.

I think he's making a HUGE mistake and listening to the wrong people instead of listening to his heart. Having said that, we need to cut the very thin strings already. We have a stable of backs, and they're ready to rock. Lets move forward Canes. Buh bye Bryce.

I agree with DA U N Houston 110%. The best thing to do is not to pull the scholarship and just see how this whole situation pans out. A lot can happen in the next month.

But please let us as fans show some respect as well and not bad mouth Bryce the way some of us are doing.

Another valuable point...do no bad mouth his brother Arthur. Arthur did a great job of what he was asked to do and I know all of us believe he is more than ready to take that next step this year.

But the most important part about Arthur is that he IS A CANE...so show the man and his family some respect!!

AMEN - The U........more important topics, have anyone seen Mike James play, he reminds me a mix of Portis/Mcgahee (running style, size, and loves the U)...I am glad his is in there now getting Swasey'ed.....and Brandon McGee also.....could we have to Brandon's starting at DB...I really hope DVD plays football this year....I think once he stops thinking and starts allowing his abilities to kick in he will be good, Kelly Jennings good.....I love the passion that Harvin has, will like to see it translate to the filed this year! (In other words, lets talk about what we working with, not what might be!)

I don't see how Oregon is a better option in terms of his future, but whatever. Tennessee would be a much better fit than Oregon since Kiffin runs a pro-style offense. I don't know who he signed as an OC though. I can't imagine it being one with a better resume than Whipple though. Whatever he decides, good luck to him.

Bryce stated earlier in his recruiting he would like to be split out some to take advantage of matchups vs linebackers. That sounds like what Coach Wipple had in mind for him. But now he isnt feeling it!?

Sound like to me he starting wavering after he went to Killian High and watched Lamar Miller. Then thought oh sh*t I may never even get to play here!

Miami, should just pull his offer immediately, Signing day should mean, That this is the last and final day that players have the opportunity to sign, if players don't have to sign on Signing day and they can drag it out for a few more weeks, why have it at all ? Miami should not be 'Taken Hostage' by an 18 year old kid,Who cares if is the "#1 Recruit in the land" He hasn't proven anything at the next level yet, His brother was supposed to be a monster, He's done alot so far... We have what looks like a great stable of backs right now who are committed to the 'U'. We will be fine without Bryce. Miami should flat out say, if you want to go Oregon or Canada, Have Fun, but as the Bartender yells at closing time, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here"

This kids a loser.

Bring on Gore, Gainer & Clements.

Honestly if he went elsewhere I would not be surprised. I think when he saw Miller play @ Tropical Park really scared him off. If he chooses the U he has to work hard he might as well red shirt because lil booty head is the real deal. Richmond Heights represent!!!!!

I like our home grown kids who pick the U for love and not who can get me to the league. Cutt the losses now and ride with them down south florida boys.

When Jimmy took over he saw the talent and lost his mind. Coach Shannon please don't let this kid destroy what you are building. I wanna win too but i dont wanna join the circus and then get disappointed because some pimp who is trying to get rich.

As far as i am concerned our class is done when does sping start.

ok...i just listened to that interview...i was disgusted with this kid and his ME ME ME attitude...he was talking like he's just the whole THING! he's concerned with how he's gonna be utilized and how's he's gonna be the focus...if he comes to UM and becomes the superstar, then i will gladly eat my words, but right now...this kid has a lot to learn and he's selfish...MAURICE CLARETT!!!!!

How come after Bryce scores a TD in this video none of his teammates celebrate with him.


We don't need br I I I I ce!!!


That is the ultimate knee-jerk-reaction...
I understand that pulling his scholly would show that the U won't be taken hostage by an 18 year old, but it's not like the coaching staff is at his every beck and call. They are keeping their distance and letting him do his thing. Pulling a scholly is supposed to sever ties...why do that when you can just let it play out, you have nothing to lose.
College football is politics (see "boosters")...pulling his scholly might be perceived as pretty offensive to his brother Arthur and might cause a rift with him and the staff (and in case you didn't know this...big bro Arthur was a true freshmen last year, you're really going to grill him over his 1st year? do you not have an ounce of patience??).
Also, the U is trying to recruit a 2010 QB from Wichita that is supposedly "friendly" with the Brown bros and we don't necessarily want Wichita to become Tampa Plant part 2.

And talk about taking someone hostage...Signing Day actually means the FIRST day to sign and you want these kids to make a decision as soon as the clock strikes midnight. The U might've been taken hostage had we not inked Lamar Miller AND Mike James, but thankfully, our coaches are smarter than that.

"Well there you go again crowd... Keeping me in stitches... LOL give the kid a break... you all act like he is the first kid to cut and run from a UM commit. Give me a break. So the kid is not comming here...or he has not made up his mind... So be it. bury the bone and move on. Next year we will go out and get another RB to take his place... And the world will keep on turning... NOW go out and buy your season tickets and STHU... And give me a break about the bus issue. LOL the guy that wrote the bad vibes on that issue needs to cut a check to the "U" to help with money issues. If not Keep your DMS... Keep moving forward...Ah the sweet smell of spring football can you smell it.....TNT

Disappointing to say the least but not a deal breaker for the tremendous off season (do they have an off season in college football?) that Shannon has had. I have been a huge negative critic of Shannon's but I am not only impressed with the past month I am also anxious finally for the next 11. I don't just like the two coordinators he stole but I LOVE them. I feel that these guys are more like Randy's kind of guys which make them UM's kind of guys... teach the game, practice it over and over and coach the kids UP... not down... and accept nothing but the best... and finally win at all costs. I feel good. Which means nothing come game time next season. Winning will cure any and all of UM's ills. I now EXPECT UM to beat OU at home and plan on getting tickets for the game to root them on.

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