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Days of Our Bryce update

For those of you starving for updates in the University of Miami's quest to sign the nation's No. 1 recruit (or as I like to call it the latest chapter of Days Of Our Bryce), there has been no better interview with Brown in the past two months than the one Rivals.com writer Jeremy Crabtree conducted Tuesday.

Although you can get all the info mentor Brian Butler would like for you to know over at potentialplayers.com, nothing beats hearing the man, the myth, the 18-year old legend discuss his recruiting situation himself.

If you want the Cliff Notes version: Brown doesn't sound like he's coming to Miami anymore... his meeting with UM offensive coordinator Mark Whipple didn't go so well... he swears he really isn't doing this for attention.

For the complete interview, here is what Bryce told Rivals.com.


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I don't want him here. He sounds like he will try to be the star and tear apart our family atmosphere. That isn't what we need right now.

Bryce's scholorship should've been pulled after signing day, can't do it now as it would seem too petty. As a human being I sure hope he doesn't flop, it would hurt him for the rest of his life.

For all of you who think this isn't a good recruiting class...what other programs can shrug off losing a hyped player like Bryce Brown? Mike James and Lamar Miller are excellent prospects who did it in Florida.

I hadn't seen a Mike James highlight until this morning. We should be very excited about this kid, I don't know why he isn't getting more pub.

U Better Not Miss Duh Bus !

Posted by: Ralph Cramden | February 11, 2009 at 06:33 AM

The economy is in complete shambles and Kehoe is bragging because the team he likes (not the school he attended) is blowing money hand over fist, while the non-essential UF employees (professors, administrators graduate assistants, etc.) are be laid off and/or having their hours cut!

The state budget is in complete crisis mode, but hey, let's throw up an 8 million dollar Jumbo Tron at Floriduuuuhh Field! Why not??? Miami has one on their home field!

Kehoe, the 'canes will skateboard up to G-ville to play the team you like!


Go 'canes!

if you look at the teams of the 80s and 90s, yeah, those guys were cocky and brash and outspoken, but they competed with each other and helped each other. they knew they had to earn their spot in the lineup and they knew that if they didn't perform, they weren't gonna keep playing but these kids now don't care about any of that...most of them don't...they wanna be the focus but mr. bryce has to realize that being a 5 star recruit doesn't mean anything...if you don't believe me, ask Charlie Jones, Bobby Washington, Kyle Wright, Brock Berlin, Willie Williams, Tyrone Moss...i think you get my point...meanwhile, a kid like Ed Reed who only had 2 offers (Miami and Tulane) or Sean Taylor for small Gulliver prep...someone correct me if i'm wrong, but sean was a 2 or 3 star recruit...but you get the idea...get in school, kick butt in the classroom and on the field and THEN tell me how the offense should be built around you

Pompano, Signing day = 1st day to sign. No player has to commit his signature on signing day.

Anybody remember LeSean McCoy? The one that got away? Well, he's going to be a first round draft pick this year. I have a feeling Bryce Brown is very much the same. It's a big loss for Miami, but it's clearly not the end of the world.

Man just get Arthur Brown on the field. Tell him to go get the football. I know he would have been a lot better than the linebackers we used last year, except for Spence. The linebacker core should have been all freshmen. I met Arthur Brown, he's a real cool dude that loves the U. Please lets leave him out of this. His brother has his own mind. Leave him alone.

i think its all bs and he still comin to miami..

ESPN picked up the story about the UM budget...that isn't good pub for the school. We should be ashamed as fans because that stadium hasn't been filled yet.


I wonder what the Ohio St. fans were saying about Pryor this time last year?

Personally, I don't think the U (and its rabid fans)should feed in to any of the Brown hype/drama/frenzy. That being said, he did look like by far the best RB at the All-Star games and so we should continue to privately recruit him. Don't treat him special.

If he comes, great. If not, he can "shine" at Oregon for a few years and disappear into anonymity after.

Give the kid a chance to rid himself of his baggage and see if he can cut it. If not, his loss...not the U's!

Do I want Bryce?? Yeah, of course! Do we have a backfield that can compete within the conference/state/BCS? Yeah, of course!

Bryce graduated in December and was eligible to enroll early, which he chose not to do! Miller and James have always wanted to be 'canes, and when it was time to sign, they signed!

If Bryce has a better opportunity somewhere else (which is quite possible considering the talent coming into The U) at least show some humility with the process!

One last thing, if he does come here, he better strap on and get ready to rumble, because he will have to compete like every other tailback for playing time!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota...one thing you forgot to mention (and I'm sure you're aware of but others are not) is that it's our freakin tax dollars paying for that jumbotron in Canesville, that should be going to the essential employees!

To the children inside the adults...

We're all hurt by this Bryce thing... but no more then Arthur and we as fans need to take a good look at ourselves.

Arthur Brown is a Cane and you can't smear his brothers name on the wall without repercussions... So Stop the BS and let Bryce choose his destiny on his own terms.

Now is the time to support Arthur and Family and Team... and to show some respect as to how we respond to and what we write, as a fan... as this is going to be a tough month and the fans need to respect the whole Brown family, before it is too late.

Yes, the key words used in the interview still hurt but interpretation is in what we hear, not always what was said.

but the bottom line... it's his future, not ours.

Finally, It's up to us to take the high road on this one and to wish him well, if that is his choice.

Thinking... I Can't wait to See Ya in 211 for NC

This reminds me of the Love Him/Hate Him ads Nike did a few years ago.

If he comes to Miami all these posters are going to love Bryce.

agreed lb.

Committed to the U a year ago... great.
Still committed, but leaning Oregon... WTF!?
Talk to me through my shady advisor... uh, oh.
Won't make his decision on signing day even though he's had months to decide... ummm, you're kidding, right.
Even though this has been a complete circus, I still hoped he would join the U family. That was, until I heard this interview.

Wants a team to be tailored to what he "thinks" is the right offensive style for him, yet doesn't want the program to "put everything on him."

Wants to be part of something for life. HELLO!!! No other program has our bond between current and past players.

Wants good players around him. Yet leaning Oregon ("the Clemson of the PAC-10", nice ZarOkoN). Can anyone say #1 class last year and #7 this year?

Now the things his high school coach said about him seem very perceptive.

This is the first interview I've heard with this kid and can now say with absolute confidence that he will not mesh well with Shannon. He sounds more like a Coker recuit -- mentally soft, indecisive. With his "me" mentality, he will single-handedly destroy the "team-first" chemistry that RS has been building these past couple of years.
After hearing this interview, the red flags are everywhere. I am done.

You're a religious kid, right? Well you best repent to the gods of the U and get your head straight! Otherwise, you may find yourself on the wrong sideline in a couple years looking right at Forston, Spence, and A Brown.

Sounds to me like this mentor is taking advantage of this kid. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by Brown making a committment now and even more to gain by it being suggested that Brown might go elsewhere... vis-a-vis his website which you have to pay a small fee for membership to. Am I missing something there?

Sounds to me like this mentor creep is taking advantage of Brown to promote himself. Does anybody agree or disagree?

well it is sad to here him say he isn't sold on UM but owell i'm so happy we got james,cooper,miller,chambers,andjj.Why are SOME idiots on here bashing Arthur Brown last time i checked he plays for da U so please shut up.If BB wants to go elsewhere let him go, if he feals like another school can offer what UM can't let him go it is his life, but i do feal like we shouldn't pull is scholly like a person said earlier."why cause a rift with his brother and, miss out on the qb from kansas if we do cut ties".If this yr we can win 9 to ten 10 games beware we will be loaded at key positions for 2010.(how USC has copied that mold from us)Don't worry canes fan be happy with what we have we will be ok we just need to win games and thats what we should focus on his how we will compete to 09.

I'm gonna love Bryce if he comes here....we need people on special teams.

Unlike Manny, I am not convinced he will end up in Oregon in the end. It seemed to me from the interview like Miami is still very much in the picture. Despite his glowing review for Oregon and its coach, I see his already established relationship with Miami (players and coaches) as being the deciding factor. He liked the fact they will try to get him in open space, he wants to be in a competitive environment, and he also wants to be part of a family...Sounds like he's describing the U to me.

It's amazing how quick people are to bash him. Some of you completely forget that he is 18 years old, has had the spotlight on him for the past 12 months (something very foreign and uncomfortable for someone that young), and has been provided absolutely awful guidance from a selfish mentor.

Two more things:
1. Miami will be fine without Bryce Brown (an unproven kid that's getting more hype than Coop or JJ - guys that have been there and done that)
2. Lay off Arthur Brown. He has done nothing but bust his ass. Bear in mind the difficulty of being knocked back down to earth after being hyped as the #1 or 2 player in the nation.

Bashing a kid is juvenile. Good luck to the young man.

Bryce Brown sounds like a chump 18-year old. He needs to head up to Winnipeg or Saskatoon. Shannon should only use players that actually want to play. He already reminds me of Willie Williams. Miami should pull the offer and give it to a diehard local kid that wants to walk-on.


This whole thing just has a bad smell to it. Faux-Agents for an 18 year old recruit, CFL, pay websites, NY Times articles. It reminds me a lot of Willie Williams, just on a larger scale. This has got NCAA issues written all over it.

I do think he is a great player, and would love to have him on the team....but I'm just not sure if I want the drama that will go along with this.

BB should go where he wants to go. But it will be real tough on his parents, if one son plays in Miami and the other in Oregon.

Perhaps, he will end up here after all.

But I agree. It is NOT looking good.

PS. I know that many of you think that Miller and James are a winning tandem of running backs. Isn't that exactly what you guys said about JJ and Coop?

PPS. Maybe, after a couple of four hour bus rides, you'll finally get the message. Bottom line: Miami does NOT have the $$$ to compete with the top-tier college FB programs. (SAD, but true).

Just read this on the Herald:

“Word is UM's early-season football schedule will be very tough. According to a tentative schedule in the Atlantic Coast Conference office, UM opens Labor Day night at FSU; plays Georgia Tech here on Thursday night, Sept. 17; has an ACC road game Sept. 26 (Virginia Tech was being considered); and plays host to Oklahoma on Oct. 3. Changes are possible before Thursday's announcement.”

We could go 1-3, maybe even 0-4 in this run. I doubt we’ll be 0-4 but you never know. My expectation is that we’ll be 2-2 (wins at VaTech/FSU; losses agaist GaTech and OU).

I am glad we might be playing GaTech early in the season. Canes should be hyped about beating the crap out of them and should have enough time over the summer to prepare (i.e. watch the LSU-GaTech game a million times) for triple option.

And OU? No one expects us to win but it would be nice to show up strong like we did against UF. Both OK and GaTech will be home games. Since ticket prices just got cheaper, hopefully we’ll have a decent crowd.

So 2-2 is my expectation; 3-1 is possible and would be awesome (especially when you consider that our energy levels will be high; we looked fatigued after the VaTech game last year). We might win out after September (i.e. in the regular season), another reason it's good to get these difficult games out of the way early on. We’ll see.



P.S. I might be moving to Cali in the interim (guess I'll have to change my screen name). If any of these games are at noon and I’m in Cali, I’ll be wathcing 9AM Canes football for breakfast!!! Haha! Can’t beat that (besides actually being at the game). ALL ABOUT THE [|_|]!

Bryce isnt coming to the U. If he wants to be a heisman contender his first year (haha what an idiot), then he has to go somewhere with no competition. He wont get any gametime at RB his first year at the U. There are too many good back way ahead of him.

Good riddance. Bryce Brown is one player...he is not the team. He has too much baggage. How often do you hear high school coaches making negative comments about players from their programs. That's a red flag. UM does not need any additional drama. The Canes needed a tough runner to complement Cooper's style and they found that in Lamar Miller. Bryce doesn't want to have to compete for his position.


Pulling his scholarship is a dumb move. What would that accomplish? Absolutely nothing. Afterall, despite all this he may still come here in the end. You never know.

Why are you surprised he said "me" in the interview alot? When an interviewer asks you questions with the word "you," the natural reponse is to say "me" or "I". Here are some examples: How are YOU? I am fine. What do YOU think about....? I think...... Please people get half a brain.

The guy is the #1 or #2 recruit in the nation. If he wants to live it up let him. It is quite an accomplishment. When I was in school I was an A-student. Getting all those A's made me feel pretty damn good. I walked around feeling proud of myself all the time. You might say I had "swagger." I enjoyed it. He's just enjoying himself a little. God forbid a person wanting to enjoy himself.

Than some of you go and criticize his brother. What does he have to do with anything? The only reason you are lashing out at him is because he is BBs brother. If his last name was Smith, you would not care about him. Guilty by association.

Two things worry me. The first is the comments by the coach. They insinuate that he was not a team player. That is a big deal. That is something to talk about. That is a reason not to want him at the U.

The second is that he may not want to come here because of competition. There's two schools of thought here. One is that the competition with another elite back will make him better. On the other hand who can argue with him going someplace where he knows he will be the guy. Especially, if he picks Tennessee, which is another school that will run an NFL-style offense. I for one think there is plenty of space on a football team for 2 RBs. In fact, the NFL has become a 2 back league. Why not college football? There's more plays per game in college football.

Finally, our program is not being held hostage by him. Our future does not hinge on this kids commitment. Our RB situation looks great with what he have got in town all ready. Randy Shannon is not sitting at his desk, paralyzed because he is waiting to see if he signs. The coaching staff is getting ready for the season, same as they would be if he had signed. Bryce Brown is frosting on an already tasty cake.

This kid is a walking NCAA violation. Miami should pull the scholarship and walk away.

Don't let emotion erase rational thought fellow Canes fans. If he is as good as they say and he chooses Miami we will all be thrilled, and this blog will be filled with praise for him and Shannon. If he goes elsewhere, good ridance.

Everyone wants Bryce to come to Miami, but c'mon, no recruit is above the process! If he wants to go somewhere else then more power to him!

I'm sure Bryce does not have the baggage that Willie Williams and PJ had when we were recruiting them, but why does everyone get the same un-easy feeling that I do?? Why graduate early if you are not attending college in the spring??

I have heard of "stage" parents, but his dude has a handler for God's sake!

Go 'canes!

You cares we have Miller and James. Future RBs are on their way too. GO CANES!!!

Okay, this is the deal Bryce. You have to make a decision. If you feel that Oregon is the place you see yourself at and not Miami, say so. It's not the end of the world and the U will survive. You read the Bible and you know the word, right? This is what James 1:5-8 (King James Version) says:

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Commit to the Oregon Ducks and let the U go on to someone else! Stop being afraid and MAKE A CHOICE.

Brown wants to start immediately and he knows he won't get a chance for at least a year or 2 at miami. Coop and James all the way babaaaaaaaay! plus did u guys see that kid chambers?...kid can run!

ESPN picked up the story about the UM budget...that isn't good pub for the school. We should be ashamed as fans because that stadium hasn't been filled yet.


Posted by: Canesjunkie | February 11, 2009 at 10:33

Can't we get some of our great past n present U Pros to pony up and give back to the University that gave them their opportunity for fame and fortune?

Jeez, who's in charge of Alumni Affairs at Miami? I know it's fiscally responsble to cut n save, but we could certainly do without this type of Pub (nationally it's not good) at a time of rebuilding the program...

At the very least, wait til next year to make any type of official announcement.

Just saying, with the Multiple Millionare resources the University has, it's absolutely avoidable...

Okay, Bryce, here's the deal. If you have been dreamin' about being an Oregon Duck, you are. When you can get a mental image about something, that is where you belong. Stop the U hostage and choose Oregon. The U will be just fine, they will survive. If you are having problems making a decision, read James 1:5-8. A double minded is unstable in all his ways. I think the double talk is going on b/c of the people you have surrounded yourself with. This game of football is much bigger than you. It is a TEAM sport and you cannot win the Heisman or any other award without the team. I do not see RS sucking up to this kid at all. Hell, he didn't do it for his own kid. RS, let him go and GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont need ya cuzzzzzz

Did you guys see how UM is setting up their sked next year. THE FIRST MONTH COULD BE A GAUNTLET!!!

labor day FSU
Sep 17th GA tech
week later Va Tech
Oct 3 OU

Are they trying to get shannon fired?

Bryce your holding the ball like a loaf of bread.

Simple Math
Addition by Subtraction.

forget him we have enough great and young talent to do well with out him. piss off brown we dont need you.

NYC Cane, in mentioning Cane RBs in the NFL, please don't forget Tom Sullivan, Chuck Foreman (5 time All-Pro) and OJ Anderson (Super Bowl XXV MVP). The last two were first round picks.

Go somewhere else Bryce.
The U does not want you.

Hey Bryce,

Lamar Miller just called you out in the media and you're still looking for "competition"? I hope you DO come so Lamar, Mike, Craig, and Javaris can show you what time it is, and what the "U" is all about. You just want to go to the school with the least competition so you can pad some stats and leave in 2 years. If you're looking for a relationship beyond college with your teammates, look at this:


The "U" is all about family. Ray and Sean didn't even play together at Miami. Family is family no matter what generation you come from.

You people need to leave Arthur Brown alone though. He's been nothing but class since he's been here. He didn't make a instant impact when he got here like Spence, but did we hear any whinning or crying or threats of transfering? NO!!

Don't forget we had a quarterback who started every game he wasn't suspended for, and look what happened with that.

Arthur, if you read this at all, don't believe anything some of these people are saying. I know you're gonna ball for us in the upcomming season and help get the D back on track.


What is the problem with some of you people here? You sound like a bunch of junior high girls who were stood up by some punk for the junior high prom - get a grip! Why are you putting this kid down just because he does not want to come to Miami? He is taking his time because he wants to make the right decision for him not for the schools he is considering - of course he committed early, but he has the right to change his mind especially after Miami fired their OC and their DC left to go to another school - a team coming off bad seasons, with a QB that left the team and was treated like a criminal, a team that hardly competes in the ACC and a revolving door for coaches during the past few years - how can you blame him for reconsidering and taking his time in making one of the biggest decisions in his life? Those of you who are attacking his brother Arthur are morons - Arthur has all the talent in the world, he just needed to get used to the speed and complexity of the college game - leave him alone - he is a Cane and true fans should support him. Arthur has not gotten involved in his brother's recruting and nobody should get involved in Arthur's life. Some of you so-called Miami fans make me sick! Bryce will do what is best for Bryce because that is what everyone does, we all do what is best for us when we choose a school or a job - stop this nonsense and stop flaunting your ignorance.

Let's hope this lights a fire under Whipple so vicious he's out to turn Miller into a Heisman winner and tear it up across every defense on our schedule starting this September.

We got a lot to prove. Feels nice. Let's get to work.

Well said, Urelax.

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