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Days of Our Bryce update

For those of you starving for updates in the University of Miami's quest to sign the nation's No. 1 recruit (or as I like to call it the latest chapter of Days Of Our Bryce), there has been no better interview with Brown in the past two months than the one Rivals.com writer Jeremy Crabtree conducted Tuesday.

Although you can get all the info mentor Brian Butler would like for you to know over at potentialplayers.com, nothing beats hearing the man, the myth, the 18-year old legend discuss his recruiting situation himself.

If you want the Cliff Notes version: Brown doesn't sound like he's coming to Miami anymore... his meeting with UM offensive coordinator Mark Whipple didn't go so well... he swears he really isn't doing this for attention.

For the complete interview, here is what Bryce told Rivals.com.


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Even if Bryce does sign with us, my perception of him is tainted just as it was with other knucklehead recruits like Da Predator. This kid isnt worth the headache and his bullsh#t circus act is making a mockery of the sport and the program we all love. What balls on this kid! He is got grown men, important men, heads of programs hanging on his every word and for what? Because some kid in the midwest made some sick TD runs? Please! This kid couldnt tie Miller's shoes, let alone shred D's in So. Fla, Ca, or Tex. Competion breeds champions. If your scared Bryce, go to church. If u wanna work, come to the U and get it done ala Edge, Najeh, Clinton, Willis, Frank, Jarrett and all the old school guys. If not.....peace. Good luck that whole Oregon/Clemson/Tennessee deal. Its their headache now.

There's a lot of hate on here against a 18 yr old kid. It's not as if the U says we're only taking one RB and that's it and then he leaves us when we don't take anymore backs. In fact maybe UM had a feeling he wasn't coming because they originally said they were only taking 2 backs but now they'll take 3.

I'm not saying that he's or his agent are not wrong for leaving us hanging. But they hate on here for him doing so is just crazy. I'd trade Bryce Brown for Gio Bernard right now!!!

one of the things i dont get is how he talks about whats best for his family. so making his parents go to two different schools on more then likely 2 different coasts is making it easier on them? am i correct in asking this question? I think it basically comes down to his "mentor" is getting love from Oregon and Randy is telling him to pack sand. Also im sure Oregon is making all kinds of promisses while Randy is saying if youre the best and you practice hard you'll get the most playing time. aka no guarantees

Please leave Arthur Brown out of this. It has nothing to do with him. Bryce is his own person and he is not Arthur. Let Bryce do what he wants and lets keep Arthur here because I believe in the long run of things he is going to be more valuable than his brother. Stop with the "Arthur transferring" BS because that is only going to hurt us. I was at every home game last year (and @ the FLA game) and our LB's weren't exactly NFL material. With that said, I believe if we just shut our mouths, our LB's (Spence, Brown, etc.) will be going to the NFL in 2-3 years with at least one national championship ring. Just get off the guys back or what else do you expect him to do.

It's not cool to boo college kids, but if this guy shows up at UM I will be merciless.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I remember a time bryce came to miami and watched lamar miller play against real miami comp, and I think that is what scared him from the U. Oh well i will miss him like school lunch, somethin you want but dont need.

Sarasota schools to cut 140 positions

By Kate Spinner

Published: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 1:00 a.m.

SARASOTA COUNTY - School Board members signed off on eliminating about 140 positions to save almost $9 million Tuesday, while also saying that more cuts are almost certain to come.

So that's how Floriduuh is going to pay for the new Jumbo Tron!

Wait till next year when the coaching salary war in the SEC kicks off! That will make the Jumbo Tron @ Floriduuuh Field look like an old black & white TV with rabbit ears!


Go 'canes!

This kid seems to me like pre-madonna, I want guys who want to be a Cane, guys who get excited about the U on the side of their helmet that don't expect anything but an opportunity to compete. A guy like Lamar Miller who is hungry. Bryce Brown can take his side show somewhere else, the U will be just fine without him.

The only team that cheats more than Oregon in the Pac-10 is USC. He's going to Oregon because that's who can offer the most money. The Ducks have Phil Knight as a "sponsor" so they can give Bryce and Butler more money than anyone outside of USC. The kid may be good but its not as if he's from Texas and playing against some of the best high school talent in the country. Due to multiple reasons there are a lot of red flags here and perhaps it's best that he's not going to Miami.

We need to focus on who we have and what we have to look forward to. It doesn't matter if he signs today or next month, he's still not gonna suit up til August regardless. It only matters right now to the people that are anxious to say, "we got the #1 recruit coming to our school!" The more that we pay mind to this kid right now and start blogs every time he turns his head in the direction of Coral Gables, the more we're setting ourselves up to be dumped. Let this kid do what he wants, if we move on and he chooses another school - no big deal, we had already moved on. but if he ends up coming to the U, I guarantee you this, it'll just be him, the circus Bulter's the ringleader of will stay in Kansas. Shannon won't allow it.
Now can we talk more about the roster we know we have. We have a quality squad this fall and two extremely solid coordinators. it's been a while since Ive been this stoked about both the OC and DC. I think Shannon has done quite well with his mulligans

It's hilarious to watch all you can honks eulogize Bryce Brown. A few months ago you were talking shyt about being a lock for the ACC.

Win the sorry ACC Coastal division then talk smack.

U ride a frickin BUS to home games.

Your DC has a head the size of a watermelon.

Throw another tire on the dumpster fire that is Randy Shannon.


1. No one is cheering with him when they score haha
2. In the first hightlight that rat threw up da U after he scored.. wats he doing if he isnt comin here

I can really see all this is for nothing... On march 12th watch B. Brown commit to Miami... We have his brother who he's close to, and he's been on board all year, that is until his family friend decided to make him a lil money... If he doesn't come i don't care either... Mike James and Lamar Miller 2 really good RB's.

Even if Bryce does sign with us, my perception of him is tainted just as it was with other knucklehead recruits like Da Predator. This kid isnt worth the headache and his bullsh#t circus act is making a mockery of the sport and the program we all love. What balls on this kid! He is got grown men, important men, heads of programs hanging on his every word and for what? Because some kid in the midwest made some sick TD runs? Please! This kid couldnt tie Miller's shoes, let alone shred D's in So. Fla, Ca, or Tex. Competion breeds champions. If your scared Bryce, go to church. If u wanna work, come to the U and get it done ala Edge, Najeh, Clinton, Willis, Frank, Jarrett and all the old school guys. If not.....peace. Good luck that whole Oregon/Clemson/Tennessee deal. Its their headache now.

Posted by: california cane | February 11, 2009 at 01:52 PM

Jarret?!?! He was garbage!!!!!!

Yrelax and Nemo- While some of the blogs here are a bit rough on the kid, what you defenders seem to forget is that this kid,




"and at KSU......the emphasis will be on me and if I don't pan out, the finger will be pointed at me...."

I'm fine with Brown not picking the 'Canes. I want someone here who WANTS TO BE THE MAN! Doesn't sound like a #1 recruit to me.

Spring ball is coming up. Let's go.

Whether we know it or not Canes fans, Bryce not coming is a plus for us! I think it would bring turmoil to an already young team!

Now, lets get down to the fundamentals of CFB and start winning again. We have the tools and the abilities. Once again Manny, #1!

Let's never speak of him again.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | February 11, 2009 at 08:49 AM

Wasn't that the famous line in the movie "the Ten Commandments". You know, when Ramses father-in-law gets ticked at Moses(Charlton Heston)?

JAIME - I think Terrele Pryor wasn't half the drama queen that Bryce is. Terrele's beef was with his father, which is understandable, not some overweight con artist pretending/wishing he had the credentials of a sports agent. I don't even remember Pryor getting as much publicity as Brown (i could be wrong on this... after all, I'm a canes fan and NOT aware of what's happening in Penn State or Ohio State Nation).

Pryor turned out okay... he made a huge impact as a freshman when Beanie Wells got injured... also helped that he played in the Big Ten, i.e. not the most defensive conference. I'm sure he'll be productive going forward.

On the other hand, I doubt Bryce would make that kind of an impact with the Canes his first year and I wouldn't be too too surprised if he was a total bust as a Cane or Tennessee Vol. I see Bryce getting a couple of snaps here and there at the most in the ACC or SEC, whereas he'll be able to run wild against the pitiful PAC-10 and Big12 defenses, defenses similar to the ones he's played against in Kansas. Miller, however, will flourish in the ACC (not right away, obviously) since he's played against the typical ACC/SEC recruit his whole life. Plus, he wants to compete to win and has been a Canes fan his whole life, including our most recent heyday in the early 2000s.

So either way we're good. GO CANES!!!

*including DURING our most recent heyday...

He is the spitting image of all of the previous "big stars" that ruined this program by thinking being talented is enough, and who's terrible attitudes became cancers in the locker room here's just a couple of bone heads Ryan Moore, Willie Williams, Lance Leggett. Bryce is from the same cut as these players.
I really do hope Bryce can succeed but I don't want him here, he's not what the U is about, but god dam he'd be a real asset out west were the athletes blow.

Mr. CaliCanesFan,
Please tell me what RB you are talking about when you said Craig? Oh wait you might have meant Graig Cooper. Obviously you aren't really a fan since you don't even know his name. Pretty sad considering he is a starter for this team.

As a school, as coaches ,the need to draw a line somewhere seems to be missing. Figure out where Shannon and the U should draw a line in all recruiting. ONce everyone knows your position you get people or you do not but at least you are not jerked around by silly kids wanting attention.

How is it fair to the recruits they play it straight up. How is it fair to a coach like Whipple spends a day flying and driving to be jerked around. I thought the U was for players that wanted to be at the U, MAKE it so.

Jaime's right: Bryce Brown and his mentor brought (or invited) the criticsm their getting on this Cane blog. In an effort to draw attention to themselves, they are turning the whole Cane community against BB, much like they turned BB's Kansas HS football teammates against BB and killed that team's chemistry.

BB - there is no "I" in team. Aside from his own self-centeredness, there is absolutely no reason why BB could not have had his visits when other recruits were visiting. BB could have met his potential teammates at that time, got to know them and committed on NSD like they all did. Instead, he chooses this overblown drama that we are dealing with right now.

B. Brown and B. Butler's secret message to Whipple: When you visit Kansas in an effort to recruit BB, bring three things with you: (1) a scholarship offer; (2) a promise that BB will be the featured back for the next 3-4 years and (3) a brown paper bag full of cash for Mr. Butler's advice.

Cane-nation's message to B. Brown and B. Butler: YOU AINT GETTING (2)-(3), we wish our coach would pull (1) for being a drama queen!

Thank god Kyle and Kirby are no longer here.

So I mis-spelled his name. You obviously knew who I ment gayturd fan. What, did you look up the roster to make sure that you spelled it right yourself? Try to say something constructive when you come in here or just stay out. Never seen you here before and hope to never see you again.

Cane fan since '83 fool!!

Too many great names to remember how to spell and too many future great names to count here at the U.

Good thing you gayturd fans don't have that problem beside Pursie and Teblow.

If I am not mistaken, the Scholarship offer is valid for 14 days. After the 14 days are up, Miami has to issue another one to him. Hopefully RS will choose not to issue another offer and just let this die. There is no need for press conferences or drama, just don't send the next offer.

Oh yeah....I agree with the other post, one look at Lamar Miller and the competition that LM was running against down here in South Florida scared BB right out of his yellow VW bus, incense haze. Down here, with South Florida Football Competition.......YOU AIN'T IN KANSAS ANY MORE SON. Strap on your big boy pants or go to the PAC 10.

Would have been nice to see Bryce in Miami uni, but hey things happen and RS was smart at getting Miller and James to commit. Let Bryce go..so long. I agree with the poster on the recent people in Bryce's life. They are corrupting this kid. No bashing here. BB would have to beat out Baby J, Coop, Miller and James. Not an easy job. Let him go somewhere and be the big man on campus. He will get hurt and not get enough rest. Where at UM he would be tutored along and rested.
Whipple probably laid it down and BB couldn't take it. See you BB.....enjoy your time somewhere else and when you do leave college to the pros.....the Canes in the pros do not forget!! So when Ray Lewis or Ed Reed pound your head into the turf..don't say I didn't warn you!!

Finances at the U and Bryce Brown:

Finances at the U? Don't you people know how to read? Must be Gray-turds. Read! The U has the 3rd HIGHEST AD Budget, that's HIGHEST, in the ACC. The U also has the 3rd HIGHEST AD Budget among ALL Private Universities in the NATION!

Relax. I can assure you there will be many, many schools that will bus their football teams to game that are a 5 hr drive or less next season, guaranteed.

Bryce Brown?

One, Shannon must let Brown make his decision. If RS pulled the scholarship and Brown went on to a "great career" elsewhere, it would always be held against RS.

Two, Arthur Brown, "the best LB and the best player in the country coming out of high school?" Hey fans, AB can't even break into our LB corp. Which isn't much.

According to Bill Young, "Arthur Brown is light-years behind the local freshmen LB's. He lacks the technique to compete."

Now if this doesn't tell you something about the defenses Brown's stats where against as opposed to James and Miller. Give James and Miller all day long!


Is it true that UM will now be putting an *asterisk* next to the name of their newly remodeled baseball field??? ... Also, should we still expect A-rod at the Dinner at the Diamond?

You are guys are so right. Bryce is going to stink because of that weak competition but his brother is going to be monster. Competition doesnt matter for him.

Give me a great South Florida RB like Charlie Jones, Bobby Washington and Tyrone Moss and so on. They ran through those SEC recruits and became big time TB's.

Also got to love Randy bringing back the old school Miami attitude back. Remember when the U told Jeff George either play for the U or lose to the U. Randy is doing the same thing to Bryce. Sending out the O-Coordinator who Bryce makes fun of and begging him to come here. I love Randy bringing back the attitude.

Bill Young said it, "Arthur Brown is light years behind the local freshmen here."

Now if I remember correctly, AB was the #1 LB and Player coming out of High School last yr. Should tell us something about the defenses that little brother Bryce is being judged against.

Give me Miller and James, now!


I agree, Arthur will be a monster . . . as a JR. Not until. He lacks technique, and Young felt he would be a 2 yr project.

Seriously, this situation has gone way too far...MIAMI fans should be excited about the kids that are signed and excited to be a part of THE U...I hate to admit it, but what Lou Holtz said so many years ago, rings true here:
"Don't worry about the guys you don't have, worry about the guys you DO have!"...Those are the guys that are honored to be MIAMI players and someday will succeed in the NFL...


Good point. I heard that too, I just don't remember the time frame but I think your right.

So, right now RS has 2 scollys to work with not including BB's.

Interesting. If I were RS with 2 unused schollys and has no real need for 3 right now, I would continue with BB. And if goes elsewhere - no harm no foul. But if he pulls it - and BB goes on to a "great career" elsewhere he would look stupid.

Willie Williams was the #1 LB coming out as well. He dominated South FLorida. Some called him the greatest LB in 20 years in Florida. I wonder what Bill Young would have said about him.

This situation sounds a lot like the Willie Williams recruitmant situation. We all know what happened there.

He is young, so we might say he is immature, but all the other guys who committed and signed are not. His ego is too big and his head does not seem to be with the Canes. He also played in Kansas...

If he decides to come here, that is fine. If he doesn't, that is also fine.

Bryce can go where ever he wants. I know he doesn't want to be in a gimmic offense and that's why he's not considering the Gayturds. At least he kinda knows where the quality is. The "U" is going back to NFL quality.


As usual a MORON! Listen to the interview idiot, All Brown mentions is the type of offense Whip will run - that's what x's and o's refers to MORON!

Oh of course, your a Gray-turd, what else should we expect.

Not that you have the intell to understand this but the U will 2 1000+ RB's and 2 1000+ WR's this season, MORON!

You are guys are right. Barry Sanders came from Wicheta, Kansas. Kansas football is terrible. You can only be good if you come from South Florida. Who cares that everybody that has seen him said he is a beast. Rivals, Scout, Espn they are all wrong. He got lucky dominating that All-American game.

The Gray-turds are back. SOUP and his/her gang.

Always a good sign for the U. When they're complaining - we're winning.

Good news.

You are right Canes 11. They will have all that. The offense will be explosive. The Oline will be dominating. I mean look what Whipple did with the UMASS Oline the 1st year. I think they might get 3 1 1000 yard Recievers. How many guys will be at the Heisman Ceremony from the U next year? I think A Johnson might make it because Harris and Cooper are definites. How many 1st rounders do you think there will be next year? IM thinking like 7.

There's no way UM wants this guy anymore. A complete idiot can tell it's all about him and only him. I don't blame the guy for wanting to find a place where he feels he can do his best but this guy thinks everything on the team should revolve around him. I can understand why he didn't get excited about his visit with Whipple. He got told he was part of the scheme and not the scheme. I'm sure he realized he would have to share the glory. He isn't picking anywhere where there's a chance he might not be top dog and he isn't picking anywhere that does not build their program around him and have him as the main feature.

Please, please, UM. Withdraw your scholarship offer to this guy. Just tell him you don't want him. Otherwise he's going to do all he can to rub us in the dirt.

Wow you guys are sharp. The gayturd remark really got me. When you guys watch the games next year, Ill wave to you from my seat. I am assuming you are the typical fan who never goes to a game.


Yea, Witchita, Kansas is the bedrock of great American RB's. Shoot, we should just pick all RB's from tumbleweed. Right. A broken clock is right twice a day.

I'll match all RB's from South Floria against all those from Witchita, Kansas and you lose.

These people on this blog have pegged, you are an idiot.


I was at UMASS Whip's first yr butt-face. He took
a team that was 2-9 the year before he arrived and had the most sacks and least yards rushing in the country - to the least sacks and 3rd most rushing yards and a national championship, butt-face.

Your an a55!

Your right. You know how to make points. You can only be good if you play in South Florida. This blog is full of genius.

LEt me guess canesdude, the highlight of your life was playing HS football in South Florida.

If he can do it at UMASS, he can do it at UM. What happened at UMASS when they were like 3-8 with the kids he recruited? Your a Minuteman. Get off a Cane Board.


Yea that's what impresses me about Whipple. Everywhere he's been he makes a significant improvement in the O-Line and RB's, QB's and WR's . And he's always turned around 2-9, 1-10 type teams - into winners the next yr. In fact, teams that compete for championships. He's a winner and will do well here.

Can't you see that SOUP is afraid of what we are starting to do here. He seems like a knowledgeable guy, so that's why he's on a Cane blog trying to piss people off. To make him feel better about the impending collapse of the Gayturds once Gim Teablow leaves. Keep talking your trash SOUP! I'm guseeing you're chicken noodle.

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