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Economy hurting Canes too

Newspapers, car dealerships and every other business in America aren't the only ones worried about economics these days. Consider your Miami Hurricanes high on the list of collegiate programs pinching pennies and looking for new ways to survive.

Athletic director Kirby Hocutt met with the media Tuesday to discuss UM's new ticket pricing plan for the 2009 football season. And surprisingly, nothing is going to cost you more money if you head to Dolphin Stadium. In fact, things are going to get a little cheaper.

Hocutt unveiled a plan in which the school is slashing prices on about 24 sections -- most in the upper levels -- that will cut the ticket prices on about $15,000 seats. It should make U happy. What should get you a little worried? The fact your five-time national championship program isn't riding first class to games anymore.

Kirby Hocutt Hocutt said Randy Shannon, in an effort to help UM's struggling economic budget, has offered to take chartered buses to two road games next season instead of chartered flights. OK. It's probably not that big a deal when you consider its USF and UCF. But it's yet another sign of how cash-strapped the Canes are compared to some of the elite programs in college football.

In case you missed the article, USA Today ran a piece Tuesday with Gators athletic director Jeremy Foley talking about how he was worried the Gators might have to make a few cutbacks here and there. UF's athletic budget is $85 million this year. The Canes? $60 million according to Hocutt. That's actually around the middle of the pack -- about where the football team has played the past three seasons.

So, where do the Canes stack up to other football monsters? According to a Bloomberg report, Ohio State manages the biggest athletic budget at $115.4 million. Texas is not far behind at $101 million.
Still, in the ACC, Miami is doing pretty good. Only Maryland ($61.0M) and North Carolina ($61.4) are a slight bit richer. And they've actually got more teams. Comparing the Canes to the SEC? Seven schools have bigger budget than UM: Tennessee ($86.5M), Florida ($85M), Alabama ($77.0M), Georgia ($76.3), LSU ($75.8), Auburn ($75.2M), Kentucky ($67M).

> For those of you wondering if UM will nix its plans to rename Mark Light Stadium in honor of Alex Rodriguez this Friday, guess again. Hocutt said despite A-Rod's admission to using performance-enhancing drugs, the Canes will still honor him. "Our event Friday night is going to proceed as scheduled," Hocutt said. "Alex Rodriguez has been a very generous supporter to the University of Miami and its athletics program. We're looking forward to our event."


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Cash is KING and always will be. They could care less about ARod, as long as that paper is flowing.....everything's all GOOD.

is it feb 24th yet?

Awesome,we support illegal substances. hahaha

Anybody heard about Bryce Brown yet?

If you don't mind my asking. What happens on the 24th?

spring practices yo. If you don't know when spring practices is why are you here lol

Isn't that the first day of spring practice? Feb. 24th?

Manny , what are you hearing ???

- Bryce Brown To The CFL ??? :


February 4, 2009, 1:32 PM
Bryce Brown to the C.F.L.?
WICHITA, Kan. – The top-ranked player in last year’s high school basketball class, Brandon Jennings, skipped college to play professionally overseas. Could the same thing happen in football?

Brian Butler, the controversial manager of the top-ranked football recruit, Bryce Brown, is open to the idea. Butler told The Times that if approached by a Canadian Football League team, he’d consider sending Brown there.

Butler said he planned to have someone explore the possibility of Brown playing in the C.F.L. next season. “If they were talking about any amount of real money, I’d guarantee it,” Butler said of Brown potentially playing in the C.F.L. He mentioned a C.F.L. team paying Brown $5 million a year for three years.

He added: “We’re not playing around. I can promise you that. I’m not scared at all to do anything, and Bryce isn’t either. Hey, he’ll hurt your feelings. He’s not worried about your feelings. He’s worried about what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Brown would be eligible to play in the C.F.L., because there’s no minimum age limit. In the N.F.L., a player has to be three years removed from his high school graduation class. But Brown’s price tag could be a hitch in Butler’s plans: C.F.L. teams have $4.2 million salary cap … per team.

Still, this notion raises an interesting possibility. Could we actually see a player leave an American high school and go straight to Canada?

Will the canes proceed carefully in light of possible NCAA violations?

I hope so ... the last thing we need are ncaa infractions / penalties.


That's exactly why Bryce needs to go to college. If he let that idiot Brian Butler say that Bryce is going to get 5 mil. to go to Canada, Bryce needs to take a math class. Butler is a fat, wannabe rapper moron!! Bryce needs to cut this leach off him and make an educated choice.

adios, Eddie Rios


Manny, I don't frequently criticize your reports, but this was not a good one. All of the schools you highlight are public institutions with, in many cases, 10's of thousands more students. OSU and Texas are two of the biggest campuses in the country. Furthermore, the SEC has bigger schools than the ACC. That factors into the athletic budget.

Miami is a private school! Compare Miami to other private schools. Not public school giants. I'd be willing to bet that Miami is probably top 3 in the country as far as Athletic department budgets for private schools (maybe behind USC, Stanford). Notice they aren't listed?

Hocutt is making the right decision with ARod, in my opinion. $4 million is $4 million. I'd ask if there's more?!

Green ...

I hope this Allen kid wants to COMPETE though, not simply banking on instant stardom... opportunity doesn't guarantee a starting job. Some no-name guy from a small country town who got the last scholarship just might be better.

If UM had a decent point guard right now they'd be at the top of the ACC... It kills me that Eddie Rios didn't see opportunity, by simply playing solid minutes off the bench this year, then taking over and running the show next year.

In the same way that it baffles me that Marve couldn't have stayed put, worked harder and gotten better for next year... does everybody want to be Instant NBA/NFL studs?

But I do wish them both future success ...

this budget thing upsets me. we have to many high paid nfl players in the league for us to be struggling ray lewis, ed reed, andre johnson. i mean cant all of them put money together for there program, we have to many of them in the league geesh canes give back why dnt ya.

Hey Manny,

Didnt see an area for comments on your latest post about Antoine Allen. Quick question: how does Allen's commitment affect John Wall's consideration of Miami, if at all?


I agree cane man, if like everyone from the U in the NFL just give a million wouldnt that be like 49 million or something!! that would put us at like 100 million dollar athletic budget.

Manny ...

Better decisions can be made with the dollars we have... it's sad for the UM program, when EVERY other college football stadium is packed with wild & crazy screaming fans... and a UM game looks like a spring scrimmage at Pro Player... it helps to play to a packed house... helps the team play with more passion, helps recruiting, and helps fans get even crazier.

... why the biggest money-making program with a great history can't have a Big-Time Game Atmosphere Stadium.???

... the current decision-makers are taking the program in the wrong direction.

I like Cane_Hopeful's point on filling the stadium. Why don't they seal off the 400-level and let everyone sit on the lower levels. At least it would look like the stadium is packed.

Please vote for us

Hey, wake up! Don't pull the trigger. Read the article. The U has the 3rd largest AD budget in the ACC.

And the 3rd highest AD budget in the country among "Private" schools. USC, Stanford, The U.

It isn't as bad as you think. Relax.

Green ...

I hope this Allen kid wants to COMPETE though, not simply banking on instant stardom... opportunity doesn't guarantee a starting job.

Posted by: Cane_Hopeful | February 10, 2009 at 07:29 PM

I can do what I do out there because I work hard in the gym everyday, and push myself to the limit. I’m about staying focused and putting out hard work.
-- Antoine Allen

when hard work meets up with opportunity =


it's sad for the UM program, when EVERY other college football stadium is packed with wild & crazy screaming fans

Posted by: Cane_Hopeful | February 10, 2009 at 08:52 PM



why the biggest money-making program with a great history can't have a Big-Time Game Atmosphere Stadium.???

Posted by: Cane_Hopeful | February 10, 2009 at 08:52 PM

in 2002, U averaged 70k …


the current decision-makers are taking the program in the wrong direction.

Posted by: Cane_Hopeful | February 10, 2009 at 08:52 PM

in theory, lower prices boost demand …


Awesome,we support illegal substances. hahaha

Posted by: Banned | February 10, 2009 at 05:58 PM

You're stupid.

After being in Cincinnati last week, THE Ohio State Football program is worth more than the rest of the state.

I personally will be never happy with this arrangement with Dolphin Stadium. For this team to have to travel 45-60 minutes for a HOME GAME is ridiculous. It is more than that, it is really a slap in the face to the prestige of this program. Yet, I understand that we are stuck with this arrangement for now. At least the powers that be at The U could market the program a little better. Come on folks, this program was ranked #10 in ESPN's prestige rankings of all-time football powers and you can only manage to draw 45,000. You have to be kidding me. Don't that have some kind of marketing department over there?

What about dropping the prices further? If prices were $10-1$5 cheaper and that attracted 5000-10,000 additional fans to the game, the gate receipts would be about the same but the money made on concessions, food and merchandise, would yield a bigger profit for the school.

What about marketing the program nationally, as this team has a national fan base? There are Cane fans and fan clubs in every corner of this country. Why not market some package deals (flight, hotel room, a game of golf and cheap Cane tix) to these groups to help fill the stands.

What about giving Dolphin and Marlin season ticket holders a discount on Hurricane season tickets? They all share the stadium for now, and some cross-marketing might help fill the stands for all teams.

How about discounted tickets for school kids? That is how I saw my first Hurricane game back in the day, when I was in elementary school, and believe me it left an impression. I have been a Hurricane fan from that moment on.

I mean those of just some of the ideas I came up with sitting here and I have never taken a marketing class or done any marketing in my life. I am sure somebody who gets paid to do this might come up with even better ideas.

The bottom line is that there is absolutely no excuse for this team to be playing in a half empty stadium. Get on the ball folks.

I don't know what all the steroid fuss is all about....the stuff been around for decades !! Why fans are all surprised or shocked is a big joke !!! Itz like the war on drugs ,,, LOL !! Take the 4 Mill & ask for 2 more ,,,, Go Canes'

Until the Canes' get a stadium,,,,,we will be damaged goods with 50% crowds ,,,,, TV will shy away,,,,it's goin' to be sad,,,,I only wish smarter minds could have seen this coming !!!!! Go Canes'

in theory, lower prices boost demand …


Posted by: green | February 10, 2009 at 10:38 PM

Free Tickets hasn't ...


You got it wrong, son. The U still attracts tons of TV coverage (even in down years). The Emerald Bowl had very good ratings (8th overall), and UM has playedin the 3 most watched CF games in history!

Foley is worried about finances and they are putting a state-of-the-art video screen up at BHG?

Foley speaks with a forked tongue,

Sounds like a stimulus plan! How about a bailout? I'm sure Sha la la la la la has some connections in DC.

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