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Epps: 'I'm not going to miss the season'

On my way into the Hecht Athletic Center for Randy Shannon's 2 p.m. National Signing Day press conference I ran into tight end Dedrick Epps -- and some good news. 

Epps, who underwent surgery for a left torn ACL in January, greeted me with a question: "Why are you guys saying I'm not going to play this year?" To which he followed, "I'm not going to miss the season."

Epps promised he wasn't just playing the role of Mr. Positive. "Dr. Uribe told me I could be out of this thing [his cast] in a few weeks. I'm already doing rehab. I'm planning to be ready for the start."

Epps played in 12 games last season and finished fourth on the team with 22 receptions for 304 yards and two touchdowns. He injured himself during Emerald Bowl practice.

If he does return in time, it would be huge news for the Canes, who are obviously short in supply of capable of pass catching tight ends.

I'll let you know what Shannon says about the situation and his signing class soon. 


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You and a lot fo other people seem to forget that Brown did play in the Army game and won co-MVP. Last time I checked, scrubs weren't on the field.

Posted by: CANEFOREVER | February 04, 2009 at 04:21 PM

Hello Steamer!!

This clown has Gaytor written all over him! Bryce is "Fasting" fool! He's not on the blog reading your dribble! Try as you might, you cannot sway The U's recruits with your negative campaign!

Go 'canes!!


That's cool with me. If it turn out that the guys is a cancer/bust, then he'll transfer/be forced out. You don't really lose out on anything, and at best case scenario, you have a real wo-headed monster in the backfield. In any case, you don't just turn your back on the number rated player in the nation.

Brown is not a scrub. the question we have to ask ourseleves is, Is he worth all the trouble? He is just an 18 year old having fun.

“If they were talking about any amount of real money, I’d guarantee it,” Butler said of Brown potentially playing in the C.F.L. He mentioned a C.F.L. team paying Brown $5 million a year for three years.

He added: “We’re not playing around. I can promise you that. I’m not scared at all to do anything, and Bryce isn’t either. Hey, he’ll hurt your feelings. He’s not worried about your feelings. He’s worried about what’s right and what’s wrong.” - NY Times

You've got to be kidding...I'm all for these guys getting paid, but where are the parents in this whole thing?

Arthur Brown is not a bust, he's a freshman and needs to work on his technique. Arthur is gonna be a player.

We's building depths is a trannie.

Stop bashing Bryce Bruce, his brother, and his parents. Everything that I have read about them is good except the parts about his agent, Butler, having him not stretch with the team because he was going through Butler's stretching exercises and shutting down in games to prevent injury after you pile up stats.

I believe that Bryce will finally sign with the U to be with his brother because they are a close family. Arthur has the tools to be a great linebacker. He accepted not starting this year, did a good job on special teams, worked hard this year and should be a starter in 2009. He has told his younger brother that he is happy with his decision to play for the U but told him that it is his decision.

No, I am not a personal friend of the family. I am forming these opinions based on reading the multitude of media reports that are available.

Randy is doing a good job in securing this premier running back. He has laid out the case for the U and is now allowing Bryce and his family to make the decision.

I guarantee you that Randy will not let this "agent", Butler, near the U facilities because of NCAA regulations about agents.
Butler will disappear from the UM except for calling to sell his new clients. Butler will milk the signing the Bruce brothers to the U to get new clients. He will fade away as the high school coaches ban him from their facilities because he has a negative effect on their teams.

Sarasota, You beat me to it. It's not hard sniffin out these GAYTURD TROLLS!!! They stink too much.

Randy shannon on WQAM,

Host asked him about Ray Ray Armstrong and Shannon without thinking said "hes Sean Taylor"
and that Ray Ray also runs track

hope hes as good as billed


Bryce Brown's "advisor" Butler is a trannie as well. I found a boy/girlfriend for you "We building depths..."

Casual Observer finally a guy with some sense on here.

And I was talking to a friend of mine thats into the CFL and he is telling me no way a CFL team is going to pay Bryce 5 mil a year when the highest paid player get just over a mil a year in that league.

His mentor/agent is just hyping him up

Thanks Can037, my friend Cobb, set me straight. Forgot about Calais Cambell.

My Bad...


Agreed. Man I would just love BB to sign here, and then watch RS just send Butler to hell. That guy really creeps me out and I truly hope BB is not going to keep him around.

Stop bashing Brown's parents???? Typically, parents are the ones who know their children's best interests, noone else. Butler is making Bryce Brown look like crap in the national media. You get the impression this kid is looking for a payday or some type of special favor.

Brown's parents know the school (or the should) because they have a son there already. They've known signing day was coming for at least a year....what is the hold up? If he doesn't want to come to UM that's fine, but don't try to sell me you need time to make the appropriate decision.

If this was my kid, I'd go crazy on him. Butler wouldn't have gotten anywhere near my kid.

Well said, Tranquilizar.

We haven't even reached the ACC championship game yet. We just came off a loss in the Emerald Nutz Bowl, for heaven's sake. Let's face facts, we need all the good players we can get.

If, however, Bryce Brown chooses to go elsewhere, we should have enogh class to wish him best of luck.

And Canes fans, STOP bad-mouthing Arthur Brown. Remember, he's a member (in good standing) of the CANES football family. He has only GOOD things to say about the SCHOOL and the TEAM, despite the fact that he hardly played last year. He's no prima dona; he's no Willie Williams; he's no Robert Marve. Let's cut him some slack!

If bryce comes hey better for us if he decide to do whatever the wish him the best. Shannon did a good job signing a good class,this class is what the U need to add with the 08 class to balance it out. Also remember we have 2 running backs that are also rank top running backs. lamar play against talent in dade county which is domination by defense so trust me you can be a top play from out this state but until you play ball in florida where most of the best players come from especialy in south florida from west plam to miami if bryce sign here not going so easy breaking in that game time right away espeacialy in pratice at the U Where it very intense. but im happy for the canes these players they sign seem like under the radar players meaning they are really have potential to be great

As far as DC goes, Randy really wants to find someone to come in and take the defense. I just hope he takes his time and finds someone that fits the Miami mold.

USF is racking up recruits....good for them. Why is it called 'Univ of South Florida' if it's in Tampa?

Anyway, let's hope we can avoid another incident when we play them.

Hey shehoe, what's urban gonna do when the, "you can be the next percy harvin" schtick doesn't work anymore. Why is it I never hear of urban trying to sell the ,"you can be the next tebow" line huh... Maybe that's an easier sell for Ole' Pete out there in Cali huh...I guess sending QBs THAT CAN REALLY PLAY QB is an easier sell...huh shehoe. I bet if Randy did the same "you can be the next such and such" schtick, He would probably sit there aaaaaaaall day long just rattling off names of former Hurricane greats, INCLUDING HIS!

Its funny on the ESPN blogs USF fans are talking trash cause they got Webster.Great they got a guy that would be burried on our depth chart and would only play on special teams.

Anyone that calls a freshman who has barely touched the field yet a "bust" obviously has not been following recruiting/football very long. These guys take time to develop, especially in their first year...not everybody is Sean Spence, which is why he is special. Arthur will be an impact player at the U.


I understand your point but disagree with it. Bryce and his parents have decided to wait to see the OL blocking for him. The ACC has a reputation of a defensive conference. With no OL in front of him, his chances to go to the NFL as a first rounder diminish.

They also wanted to see the new OC to make sure that he would be prepared for the NFL.

The private school, small classes, academics, football family and the endorsement by his brother are all pluses that will be considered by his family.

The won-loss record of the past several years definitely is not a selling point. Coach Nix was not a selling point. The confusion on the sidelines, especially at the end of the Emerald Bowl was not a selling point.

You can bash the competition at his high school but he definitely showed he is a premier back against premier players in the U.S. Army game. Did you watch it?

His brother is a Cane,..., if his family decides this is the place for him,..., he will be a Cane. He, his brother, and his parents are quality people. This is HIS future they are deciding not the U's.

ESPN's most recent class rankings:
1. LSU; 2. USC; 3. Texas; 4. Ohio State; 5. Alabama; 6. Florida; 7. Miami; 8. Georgia; 9. Oklahoma; and 10. Florida State

Rivals and Scout have Miami ranked lower, but it appears that the average is a top 10 class

butler sounds like a fake, brown does not. why not just let shannon do his job. he will get brown here and excise the bad influence. brown is a stud player, not sure about him as a person...but i am not going to jump to conclusions about him or his family just for the sake of running my mouth on a blog. i hope we get brown and have a stable of horses to run people over with! if brown comes and there are problems b/c butler is around or he doesn't get his head straight, that is his loss. here we go canes!

The fact that USF fans are talking trash on ESPN blogs and not here shows that they have more class than UF fans,..., and for that matter, more class than Webster.

Hey Arthur - take your crap hole and your brother "little crap hole" and get the hell out of our town, your tumbleweed scum, GO!

This guy is a problem 1.

And 2 what kind of talent could he possibly face in Kansas? He's a jerk.

His brother sucks as well, he's a jerk!

Posted by: CANEFOREVER | February 04, 2009 at 04:03 PM

Let's stop bashing the kid and especially Arthur. He is not his brother. Arthur is just the brother so leave him out of this. I agree this Butler guy sounds like trouble, but leave the kids alone.

windy, thanks for the update. i don't put any value in the rivals or scout rankings b/c they are only based on ratings and the number of recruits. they don't take into account need, they only care about aggregate. i hope without brown we still manage to fall into the top ten and with him we are no lower than 5 in the real rankings like espn's. does anyone know of any other rankings like espn's that actually take reality into account? next year's recruiting class is gonna be key!

Hey Bryce,

It's time to start eating again, get in the weight room at the U, and get ready to say you had a big hand in making Miami the place to go to win championships once again. Get rid of that short, fat rapper/trainer/agent/advisor/mentor/con-artist you have hanging around you and just play ball like your older bro is doing.

Make the right choice dude. Don't let some con-man do it for you.

"FSU steals recruits from three SEC schools"

"TALLAHASSEE -- Strengthened by the signings of three players who had earlier committed to Southeastern Conference schools, Florida State soared into the top 10 of national recruiting rankings Wednesday afternoon."

I keep telling you guys, Bobby Bowden is one hell of a recruiter. (Despite his age, he may be the best closer in college football). Unfortunately, FSU remains a force to be reckened with in the ACC.

Let's hope Jacory is the real deal - and our OL is much improved - and we can unleash a stable of fleet-footed rushers, next season.

Beating FSU will send a clear message to all the UM haters, the UM doubters, and the UM naysayers that DA U IS BACK.

Manny, whats up with the Getting to know the U?

that's if we get BB..

Speaking of Canada, is it still late to recruit some of their lineman, i mean that is where we got Brett Romberg from.
Another question, anybody like the previous jerseys better than the ones we were now?
Heres a picture of the ones we wore in the early 200s, and also my favorites -


2nd favs, the jerseys we wore from 2004-2006 -


And last, the ones we were now -


Lets follow the logic. We dont care Webster left because hes only a 3 star but guys like Bunche are big time yet he is only a 3 star from Delaware. Arent you the same guy who says a 3 star kid for SF is better than most 4 stars. Oh wait Rivals and Scout take into number of scholarships yet didnt Miami sign 33 players last year which vaulted them to #1.

Oh yeah Shannon is the best finisher in the ACC according to Espn. Thats great analysis. He closes much better than Bowden.

The round-ball team is beating the #6 team in the nation by 30, and not a mention on this blog.


I watched Bryce in the Army game, no doubt he's got skills, I just think he is a little overrated. He can compete for a spot here, but I think he'll lose out to Lamar Miller. I might be wrong, I hope we get to find out.

Bryce Brown has enough skills to get himself a scholi anywhere right now....I just hope he doesn't end up being a victim to the incompetence of his representation. If he was my kid, I'd pick the best academic institution and atmosphere and make him sign. If you can ball, it doesn't matter where you go to school.

Arthur Brown is going to be a good player. I love the way he laid people out on special teams all year. He didn't complain, really we never heard a peep out of him. I've been wondering why he doesn't see the field.

Anyway, let's see what happens. Go canes!

Great win Canes. Eventually the fans will catch on.

Good game tonight against Wake. The team has to play like that for the rest of the season.

BB has 2 weeks , guessing. Butler is a hustler who has BB , brain washed, period. Butler is using the religion, control thing, because he knows the family and BB are religious. Butler is straight gaming the Brown family for fame and fortune and it is working. New York times working. Must be hell for BB really.

Great win! This team really needed a confidence builder, and I hope this one was it. Man, you just don't know what team will show up.

Manny, what's going on man? You've been slacking. I don't think it's too much to ask for constant updates on the recruiting trail, interview on all incoming Canes, an assessment and prediction on all Freshmen, and updates with the basketball team. I also expect a transcript of your one-on-one with BB by tomorrow.

j/k Manny. Good job today keeping us updated. Looking forward to your next post.

score on the Cane B-Ball game?

Just got back from the BUC - WHAT A GAME!! Fans rushing the court, national TV, etc, etc, But wheres the coverage on Eye on the U???

Canes BBall team looked great tonight. That defense held wake to less than 60 points!


If Bryce Brown doesnt come to Miami and become an all world starting runningback getting thousands of yards rushing and receiving he is going to have a big problem and began to pout and be a distraction. I doubt he will be a team player. i could be wrong, but he doesnt seem to fit the mold of the type of team player Shannon is building. I think part of the reason he is second guessing his Miami committment is because his brother has been given a reality check, and isnt all world at the U like he was in high school.

Manny, who's this stephen plein guy. espn has him at tight end and inside the u has him at OL. which one is he? have you seen anything on him? is he any good?

Let me say this, and let me know what yall think... on the recruiting front, we all know the deal with ray lewis and ed reed having low star ratings and being great. With that said i feel as if your a 5 star u have peaked to ur best ability.. not all the time but sometimes. Now radny is evaluating players with heart and desire to win. I feel as if it doesnt matter ur star rating or espn class rankings. randy knows what hes doing and who hes looking for. I honestly have to say but 2010 latest 2011 we will have a NC, and thats not coming as a canes fan but a casual observer

Chew on this!


Tifton (GA) Tift County High School LB Shayon Green decommitted from Purdue to Miami Jan. 25 after an official visit to Miami.

Posted by: DA U N Houston | February 04, 2009 at 02:37 PM

Dude, relax... He's a ** player

ESPN #7 Rivals #11
coming off a #1
and heading into a better 2010 class with extra scolarships...
it's a coup.
amazing job for Randy and Hurtt.
Can't wait to start the season!

Damn..you guys need to relax on this Bryce Brown saga. I get the feeling that the '#1 overall recruit' tag is getting a bit to his head. But his "mentor" is the real artist here...he's leeching off of this kid and riding him for everything he's got. He's gonna milk it for as long as he can and at the last minute let him sign.
I think BB will be here in the end, but we need to work on making sure Butler doesn't follow him here and try to continue this into an NFL (or CFL) career. RS must be able to see through this kid's brainwashing and see that he truely is a good, religious kid (much like RS himself) in order to continue the recruiting process. If there's one thing we know, Randy can spot a bad apple and has no qualms about dumping them.

btw, for all the haters out there saying this, i got 1 name for you...Terrell Pryor.

As last year's #1 recruit he acted much like BB is acting now..and how'd he turn out??

Give these kids a chance on the field and then we'll see. Don't crucify them before they have a chance.

And to that guy saying Arthur Brown is a jerk and sucks...you are an idiot! You obviously know nothing.

manwhorlio: all i have to say is great point. bryce know's exactly where he is going but he has the wrong ppl telling him the wrong things and making him believe he his something much more that he isn't. if in fact he does come to miami this butler charcter needs to be back kansas not in miami.He should know that all the stuff he got away with in highschool is not going to cut it in college no matter where he end's up(bryce). i don't know about the butler guy, he has never done this with arthur and he was a stud now he dosen't with his brother maybe butler wants to get as much expoure as he can because butler knows the things he his doing won't fly by nite with Randy.

pay attenttion to the U:

gotta agree...BB, his fam and Butler must know where he's going. But if BB signs his LOI now then no one is gonna pay for Butler's site! Butler just wants to profit as much as possible. If and when BB comes here...RS needs to keep him away from the U and from Bryce, if not, I can only imagine the sanctions. We can't have him anywhere around our program.

Unfortunately, Butler is gonna ride Bryce's coattails for as long as possible, then jump on the next unsuspecting top prospect.

I'm also a huge hockey fan...and there are similarities in this story and the story of former NHLer Mike Danton. His mentor was a wacked out youth/junior coach that brainwashed his star athletes to the point where these kids did everything and anything he said and he'd use their success to get a new stable of kids. Unfortunately he tagged along some of his athletes even into their pro careers. Allegations of sexual abuse, giving them alcohol and girls kind of set this story apart to a more disturbing level...but the similarities of grown men that use these unsuspecting kids and their families is really sad and needs to stop.

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