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Recruiting picture starting to clear up

The recruiting visits are finished. The final phone calls and pushes have been made. Now, all that's left to do is wait. The Miami Hurricanes have 20 committed players heading into Wednesday, the first official day high school football players can sign national letters of intent.

They could end up adding a few more before then. But we know of at least two players Miami was chasing after who won't be among those. Earlier today and as expected, Cleveland Glennville High All-American offensive lineman Marcus Hall announced he had chosen the hometown Ohio State Buckeyes over the Canes. And, Powder Springs, Ga. McEachern High tight end Terrell Mitchell (who never officially got a Miami offer or made a UM visit) made a commitment to Kentucky.

Gateway tight end Sheldon Richardson will choose between the Canes and Missouri Wednesday at 1 p.m. The good news for Miami: It looks like the Canes are very much in the hunt for a few other top-notch recruits including St. Louis' Sheldon Richardson, a blue-chip tight end/defensive tackle prospect. Richardson is set to announce his decision around 1 p.m. (noon CST) Wednesday. I caught up with St. Louis Post-Dispatch correspondent Nate Latsch who told me he thinks the Canes have a great shot at yanking Richardson away from Missouri. Latsch will provide the news for us with a story shortly after Richardson's announcement.

Richardson figures to be one of a handful suspenseful National Signing Day stories to follow if you are a Canes fan. Two will involve Canes commitments Kayvon Webster, a cornerback from Monsignor Pace and defensive tackle Luther Robinson from Fort Pierce Westwood. The others will involve non-committed recruits. They are: Washington D.C-area offensive lineman Peter White and Nassau Community College offensive tackle Andrew Tiller.

> Regarding Webster, I spoke to Monsignor Pace athletic director Joe Zaccheo who told me he expects Webster to "stick with his Canes commitment" when he announces his decision at noon Wednesday. I'll be there to see if that happens or if Webster jumps ship to the University of South Florida, where a few of his high school teammates are headed.

> Robinson, meanwhile, will decide between the Canes, Gators and Golden Knights at a 9:30 a.m. press conference at his school. His high school coach Waides Ashmon told me Monday Robinson came back from his Canes visit this weekend very happy. "The UM trip was scheduled last for a reason," Ashmon said. "He wanted to compare his feelings and I think he got to do that. I know he enjoyed his visit to Miami very much."

> White, who visited Miami this past weekend, is expected to announce his decision Wednesday morning. I've been trying to reach White's coach for an update and will post something once I get it. White is expected to decide between Miami, Maryland and Tennessee. We will have a correspondent there to tell us what happens when he makes his announcement Wednesday morning.

> Tiller, who also visited Miami this past weekend, told Canesport he will make his choice between Miami, Rutgers and Syracuse (where his former JUCO coach is now a secondary coach) at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. I think Tiller, a New York area kid, is headed to Syracuse.

> Jacksonville Parker linebacker Sam Barrington will make his choice between UM, Illinois and South Florida at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. His coach John Scible told me last week Barrington was planning to make his announcement at a downtown Jacksonville night club and that looks like it still will be the case. I think Barrington will pick Miami.

> I'm still waiting back on a phone call from the coach of South Carolina offensive lineman Quinton Washington for an update. Art Chase told me last week Washington would reach a decision before Wednesday and call the colleges he wasn't going to choose to let them know first. School officials at Timberland High said the school's signing day ceremony is supposed to happen at around 3 p.m. -- after classes are over. I was told by South Carolina preps writer Washington is a Gamecock lock last week. One website reported today UM is not even in it anymore.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST... Check out our new online show The Recruiting Report. It's only our first effort and it's nothing extra special. But it's a start. Hopefully we'll be able to continue this show on a weekly basis starting in the fall and bring in special guests and recruits for interviews.


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"The class is ok. Shannon got lucky last year by signing the whole northwest class. No Qb's, No Wr's, 1 true CB, No TE's. Miami needs the coaching situation to be straightened out. This looks alot like a Coker class that you guys would kill."

You do realize that we have 3 qbs on the roster along with Highsmith which is listed as an ATH but played QB in highschool.We also signed like 5 or 6 recievers last year.Im with you on slacking on the TE's though.

But damn Soup,did a member or Shannons family rob you or something.

Why are you guys going back & forth with the HATERS? They are not worth your time! You are each playing in to their hands & feeding their hunger for idiotic babble! IGNOR THOSE IDIOTS because no matter what you type, you will not change their haterade ways! It's in their in-breeders blood to hate the U!

enough of the uppercase dudes, your annoying.

Yeah, so what happening with Bobby Massie? Any shot?

Overall I think this is a pretty solid class....You got to remember these last few kids have two things in common 1) THEY ARE OUT OF STATE and 2)We didnt start making a huge push for them till the end. Considering how the economy is doing, it's going to be hard to overcome point #1 for some of these guys. The fact that UM is getting consideration for some of them is a pretty good sign. Keep with the winning recipe; lock down S. FLA and sprinkle here and there talent from across the country.

I was at every home game last year and saw a clueless HC. Why he pulled Marve against UNC ill never understand. Worst gameday coach I ever saw. Cant along with his staff. Mr. Accountability has no more excuses. Thank god at this time next year we will be having a HC after another Emerald Bowl lose.

You dont make an ounce of sense SOUP

Hello, all this crying about O-Line....we have 3 guys who will probably be ready to go come the first game...Washington (Prep school, on campus), Johnson (Prep school, on campus) and the other kid from NW (sorry forgot his name)...they all were 4 stars, so if your into stars, there....anyway I think both Washington and Johnson start this year and adds an additional 40-50 yrds rushing....and we will have a stable of unselfish backs (like our receiving group), James, Coop, Chambers, Miller, and Brown.....I still think D. Berry goes back to safety and get on the field....then you have to account for injury so with 5 rb's who can start at other programs waiting for their shot, we won't lose and beat if someone goes down!


Da U N Houston,
I agree with you on the O line, however, I do not know if any will end up starting immediately. I do think adding them to the rotation will benefit greatly especialy when injuries occur. I foresee the O line being an improved group with the returners getting shored up by the 1st year players.

Any one know whats the deal with Massie? I know some one said Ole Miss but Ive looked for info and no luck. Manny any word ? Thanks

Da U N Houston, I think you're thinking of Ben Jones - He came in last year from NW as a 4 star recruit.

Excellent work on the clip. Manny, do you have a time limit on that mini show? 4 minutes was a little short. Maybe about 10 minute would be just right.


Great job on the video's. I love the new segment.

Top recruitng classes are nice, coaching them up is what makes them great. Why dont we have any great players coming out of the U anymore? Shannon needs to learn to coach the coaches & the rest will take care of itself.
Shannon can't do it all himself & his coaches need some freedom.

Using all caps means that your ideas do not have enough validity to stand on their own. You obviously have a confidence problem and would get your butt kicked on the athletic field if you ever made an appearance on one. You probably have never left the comfort of your lazy boy. Athletics for you is using the remote control to mute the tv when making your insane remarks to an empty room. Exercise is playing with your little mouse.

That said,..., I think that Randy and his coaches are aware of the problems with coaching this past season and have addressed them with the addition of Whipple. I would like to see a DC to allow Randy to concentrate on his HC responsibilities.

The rotation of the qb last year was out of necessity because there was no experience at that position. I believe that Randy saw that
Jacory was the future qb and wanted him to get experience but wanted him to spend another year in the weight room before ascending to the starting job.

Marve was Nix's man. Marve saw early that Jacory was the future and was planning on leaving the U by midseason. Where would we be this coming season if Jacory did not get playing time last year?

OL? I believe it will be improved this year with the experience of the seniors (look at what Wake Forest does with OL that is 2 star: they red shirt them, start them at the feeding trough, work them in the weight room, teach footwork and hands on the practice squad and by the time they are juniors and seniors they are ready). The U OL is still another year from being good.

OL is the hardest postion to learn. It is a nasty attitude under control. You wince, it's illegal procedure. You blink and the DL is around you. If your feet are not right, you're blocking air. If your hands get outside your shoulders, its holding.

My opinion: Randy lost some games last year while building for the long term and living with an OC that was not on the same page. The U will be improved this season. If the U signs the commits including Bryce and steal Richardson plus another OL then we are posed to compete for the ACC crown and a BCS bowl in 2011. With a quality recruiting class next year, 2010, the U is will return to the NC picture in 2012.

Waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa!
Why didn't they go after this guy!?
Shannon sucks!
Waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa!

2009 class now #6 per ESPN.

You may have heard of them.
U know, they're the ones that actually grade on need instead of points like scout and rivals.
They seem to think Shannon's getting it done this year.
This is only his SECOND CLASS! And they're both LOADED!
Damn, STFU!

Posted by: UM95 | February 02, 2009 at 09:54 PM

Exactly. You idiots have no idea who these players are. All you are doing is reading rivals and looking at their stars. Bunch of morons.

"Well - it is not looking good for the O-line prospects -Washington is not coming, Hall is going to OSU, Tiller staying in New Jersey or New York, and White up in the air - it is not going to be a good day Wednesday. "

How sad is it when CaliCane is trumping up the "U MASS LINE" when prognosticating about his teams chances in 2009. U MASS ? To hear ANY cane fan qualify Da U with references to some wimp a s s D-2 in the snow brings a tear to my eye cane fan. The erosion shows itself in sometimes subtle ways. ( If anyone would have mentioned U MASS one week before we all heard of Mr. Whpple, everyone of U would have shouted,"they are PU$$IES.") How far U have fallen.

The class is ok. Shannon got lucky last year by signing the whole northwest class. No Qb's, No Wr's, 1 true CB, No TE's. Miami needs the coaching situation to be straightened out. This looks alot like a Coker class that you guys would kill.

I am paying attention to the U. What I see is not good.

"NIX WAS A LAST RESORT....." -pay attention

The list of last resort coaches is getting impressively long.


Who else belongs on it? I don't pay that close attention to UM's staff. We know it's been less than stellar with the top guys-where it counts.

ur too funny guy truly u are

The class is ok. Shannon got lucky last year by signing the whole northwest class. No Qb's, No Wr's, 1 true CB, No TE's. Miami needs the coaching situation to be straightened out. This looks alot like a Coker class that you guys would kill.

Posted by: I'm Paying Attention It's Bad | February 03, 2009 at 08:51 AM

This class is ok? With Bryce Brown, this will probably be a Top 10 Class. How is that an ok class? And what the hell do you know about recruiting? You have no idea who will or will not be good, so shut up.

cliff: tell me where any of my ideas didn't VALIDATE MY ARGUMENT? U are sitting here making argument that im trying to imply to the other haters. if really think U can tell a person how they live just off of how they use caps is insane. so with that being sad chill out buddy it's a blog we are making opinons about UM not on whether cap's are being involved. that was one of the most dumbest sterotypes i've heard of. and i could say the same about u. u being a guy that has no love life or just is the kid that always was picked on in highschool. am i getting warmer? answer to that is no cause i have no idea who u are, to me u are a nobody so keep ya crazy, idiotic,comments in your head. u make no sense. (back to um football)

I was at every home game last year and saw a clueless HC. Why he pulled Marve against UNC ill never understand. Worst gameday coach I ever saw. Cant along with his staff. Mr. Accountability has no more excuses. Thank god at this time next year we will be having a HC after another Emerald Bowl lose.

Posted by: SOUP | February 02, 2009 at 10:59 PM

your an idiot, Marve sucked plus the whole season Shannon said he would rotate QB's

and just how do U think the Duke & UVA games end if Jacory doesnt play??? 2 more loses and UM doesn't go to a bowl game. So yeah Shannon doesn't know what hes doing LMAO U and your canespace crew dont have a clue

If we can make some changes to our loacal pop-warner leagues, which are regulated by weight-class, then we can give our genetically big-ugly's a head start on becoming a great Offensive Lineman.

Our local Big-Guys are out of shape, and never get a chance to play football until thier in highschool, generally speaking.

Other states only use a birth certificate to define thier pop-warner teams. To me that's the only diffrence between Miami's program -vs- others. Thy have big guys with experience, which they are able to lock up locally to attend college at home.

We definately have the athletes, but with out a great offensive line, we can't get anything clicking offensively.

In general, most of our local offensive lineman just aren't prepared for Division one football. Yes, Vernon Carey was able to put it together, but it just isnt the norm.

We have to pull teeth to get an offensive lineman to pan out locally of late.

I do applaud Shannon for making the effort to focus on the Offensive line, and reaching out of town to get a blue-chipper...

However, if we change out pop-warner system, then we'll have guys prepared locally, and it'll make bringing in big-ugly's allot easier, so we don't have to depend on out of state kids.

Manny, point us in the right direction to get a petition started : )


I think Bryce Brown is a little overrated, I prefer Lamar Miller. Jakari Gore looks pretty good, I haven't seen the other kid you mentioned. Bryce, if he decides to come, won't see the field this year. Lee Chambers looked really good in the bowl game, add Coop and Baby J...that's the rotation.

Dedrick Epps has to recover and play this season.

Randy Shannon has done a good job going out of state for OL recruits. He does a great job of evaluating talent and closing down on them. If he could only apply those skills to coaching!

"Another name that i forgot to mention was Frankie Telfort. How come Miami didn't go after him?"

"For the life of me I don't understand why Miami didn't go hard after Frankie Telfort!!! I'"

You guys need to get off that train. As a Gulliver alum, I followed him very closely. He had an impressive JR year because of the talent around him (Lichter, Marti). This year, he was no where to be found. Took poor angles and looked lost, and this is against 2A competition. Seriously, I have nothing against the kid, but I doubt he would have seen the field much if he came to UM.

pay attention to the U

Thank you. It is so much easier on the eyes and easier to read when you use lower case.

I agree with your points to soup and rawpimple.

If you don't stop picking on me,..., I'm,..., I'm,..., I'm gonna tell my mommy.

"Another name that i forgot to mention was Frankie Telfort. How come Miami didn't go after him?" "For the life of me I don't understand why Miami didn't go hard after Frankie Telfort!!!

He is to small to play middle LB in college and that is what we need! He might make alot of plays but what happens in the running game when a 300lb center blocks him? Just like Zack Thomas, an all pro player who always had trouble with good centers aka the Jets. If you have a MLB that is 6'2' or taller and 235+, they can blow up that center on running plays. That's what we need and that is what Shannon is recruiting.

Name a great MLB in the pros that is under 200lbs??? There isn't any, and this guy weighs a 180 pounds.

btw-- the "soup" that we're seeing here has to be fake soup.

i was only asking why they didn't go after telfort. I wasn't complaining. Settle down folks. I wanted to know why we are going after barrington so late instead of going after telfort who is probably more athletic and probably could have played TE or something. They should have anticipated Harper not being able to cut it and went after another LB early

Uh.... There are no linebackers in the NFL weighing less than 210! Duh....!


i doubt spence signed with miami weighing over 200lbs....look at glenn cook...he never broke 200 in his college career

your an idiot, Marve sucked plus the whole season Shannon said he would rotate QB's

and just how do U think the Duke & UVA games end if Jacory doesnt play??? 2 more loses and UM doesn't go to a bowl game. So yeah Shannon doesn't know what hes doing LMAO U and your canespace crew dont have a clue

Posted by: Manny's the MAN | February 03, 2009 at 09:56 AM
Your the idiot. The beanpole was average the whole year. Under Shannon's reasoning, Cook or Smith need to rotate this year because Miami has no backups with experience. If Shannon didnt pull Marve against UNC, Miami wins the game and the Canes roll but got to get Harris in. Continue to drink the Kool-Aid. What out of state lineman did Shannon land?

Great analysis MR. Whipple. Knock a borderline hall of famer in thomas to make your point.

Maybe you can tell us what kind of LB's had at UMASS. Maybe he can bring that attitude to just like the Oline.

Washington likely heading to Michigan

Barring a last second change of hear, Under Armour All-American offensive lineman Quinton Washington (Saint Stephen,S.C./Timberland) will sign with Michigan on Wednesday. The Wolverines are the choice ahead of South Carolina and Miami.

According to sources, Michigan sold Washington and his family on the number of linemen they put in the NFL and also on various programs that the university offers.

The in-state Gamecocks were considered the strong favorites throughout but sources indicate that an in-home visit with Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez sold Washington on playing football in the Big Ten.


sean spence is only 190+ lbs and only an inch or two taller than frankie when he came to UM and we all know what sean did! so what's the point mr. whipple???? if u got the speed, and u have football smarts, you can always go around the big 300 lbs blocker and outplay the guy!!!!

OBVIOUSLY USC and Florida sees something legit about frankie, and those are big time programs that seems to have a knack for big time recruits, they see a kid's potential that most school doesn't and we shouldn't be any different from them, dunno' really the reason why Shanon ain't pushing for him, but i guess he have his reasons!!!! whatever it is!

though i really don't think it's because of his size, the kid might not be interested in us at all, coz' afterall we did recruit sean spence and pushed for him hard, Shannon definitely knew his potential regardless of his size!!!!

When Sean Spence was recruited he was a legit 6' 195 pounds. He is now over 200 pounds and I would not be surprised if he is an inch taller now and weighs in over 210 lbs after the offseason conditioning.

Telfort is 5'10.5" and I believe his true weight is closer to 180 lbs. I laughed when somebody on this blog said move him to TE. The kid has speed but he could only be a defensive back at the next level.

just crious, saw above some people saying this is shannons second recruiting class... but... wasnt his second w/ the N'Western Boys coming in .. the Year before he had Marve, that WR that were in that Car Crash (both Transfered), DVD (Him and Major Wright switched UM and UF Commits... think the U got short end on that one), and a few others that i really just dont remember. so this would be his 3rd class... not saying this to antagonize anyone just wanted to point out its his 3rd class.


stop antagonizing us CJ!!!! LOL

technically this is Shannon's 3rd recruiting class but in actuality its his 2nd

because remember Coker was fired after the bowl game and Shannon was named the head coach shortly after in which the only recruiting he did as head coach was to sure up the kids who already committed to UM, so really it's just his 2nd full recruiting class

With all the talk about Telfort, Here's the problem with goig with an undersized LB, Miami already has enough of those... You can sacrafice talent and speed for a few scholarships not all of them.

Take for instance special teams, there are a certain number of LB's DB's S's assigned to special teams, You need a LB that's a good 6'3 230lbs thats going to run down and bust a wedge open.

Spence is good, and a rare talent, but busting a wedge isnt the best way to use him, and we need those kinds of guys.

Here's the LB's we have on deck already from last years class, proving why we can't take another 5'10 180lb Linebacker:

Sean Spence OLB 6-0 190
Ramon Buchanan OLB 6-1 190
Marcus Robinson OLB 6-2 222 (moved to DE)
Gavin Hardin OLB 6-5 225 (decent size, will move to DE)
Jordan Futch OLB 6-3 202 (decent needs to fill in)
Brandon Marti OLB 6-0 196

As you can see 2 out of 6 guys close to prototypical size for a Linebacker; we can't afforf another tweener

For goodness sake, we have Safety's that are coming in with similar sizes of our Linebackers:

C.J. Holton S 6-2 195
Vaughn Telemaque S 6-2 180
C.J. Odom S 6-0 198
Joseph Wylie S 6-2 171

Telfort good, but just came out of the wrong class, this year he would have ended up on special teams... Which would bee injeapordy with a bunch of Saftey sized playes trying to cover kick-offs.

Our coaching staff teached toughness and heart, which can make up for size, but we need to be smart while we're recruiting too; this is football - a physical game...

CJ, this will be the third NSD since Randy Shannon became HC. Some of us cut him some slack because he was given the HC position close to that first NSD and his role was to save the commits from Coker's regime.

Recruiting now starts when these kids are freshman and sophomores in high school. They can make their commitment during their junior year. (Bryce Bruce made his commitment to the U last Spring. We already have 2 OL commits for the 2010 class.)

There is an article in today's Herald about recruiting starting in middle school for basketball players. You should see the chat rooms discussing middle school bb players in Dade and Broward.

btw Manny,

You are slacking off a little bit. Why aren't you at Barrington's announcement tonight in the Jacksonville nightclub?

I do expect a new blog rom you at 8:31PM after the announcement.

If you can pull off a #6 class with losing some of the guys you wanted, I think you're doing a good job. Now Shannon has a OC that he's on the same page with and can leave the offense alone and concentrate on the D. We're gonna be good this year. Maybe not National Champs just yet but a BCS is not that far fetched either. Remember, we almost had that chance this last year.

Hey everyone,

"SOUP" is really our favorite Gaytor Troll, Kehoe's Steamer! This is his annual "recruiting update special"! This fool thinks he can influence the recruits with his garbage! He is posting with no less han 3-4 identities! He is once again having conversations with himself!


Go 'canes!


Some good points, if Shannon follows through on his logic, we should see another QB rotation this year. Of course we won't because he just wants Jacory to be the QB. I also agree with your point on Marve in the UNC game, if he plays the entire game Miami wins and the season might have gone differently.

Jacory Harris was average this year, but he moved the ball. Harris looked good when he came in at times when Marve was ineffective.

I still like Jacory Harris' potential and think he will do well.

No SOUP for YOU!!!

I thought we would know about White by now. I hope we manage to get White and Tiller, that would be a pretty solid OL group for the future.

I think beside Barrington's choice tonight, we won't hear from anyone else until tomorrow.

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