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Recruiting picture starting to clear up

The recruiting visits are finished. The final phone calls and pushes have been made. Now, all that's left to do is wait. The Miami Hurricanes have 20 committed players heading into Wednesday, the first official day high school football players can sign national letters of intent.

They could end up adding a few more before then. But we know of at least two players Miami was chasing after who won't be among those. Earlier today and as expected, Cleveland Glennville High All-American offensive lineman Marcus Hall announced he had chosen the hometown Ohio State Buckeyes over the Canes. And, Powder Springs, Ga. McEachern High tight end Terrell Mitchell (who never officially got a Miami offer or made a UM visit) made a commitment to Kentucky.

Gateway tight end Sheldon Richardson will choose between the Canes and Missouri Wednesday at 1 p.m. The good news for Miami: It looks like the Canes are very much in the hunt for a few other top-notch recruits including St. Louis' Sheldon Richardson, a blue-chip tight end/defensive tackle prospect. Richardson is set to announce his decision around 1 p.m. (noon CST) Wednesday. I caught up with St. Louis Post-Dispatch correspondent Nate Latsch who told me he thinks the Canes have a great shot at yanking Richardson away from Missouri. Latsch will provide the news for us with a story shortly after Richardson's announcement.

Richardson figures to be one of a handful suspenseful National Signing Day stories to follow if you are a Canes fan. Two will involve Canes commitments Kayvon Webster, a cornerback from Monsignor Pace and defensive tackle Luther Robinson from Fort Pierce Westwood. The others will involve non-committed recruits. They are: Washington D.C-area offensive lineman Peter White and Nassau Community College offensive tackle Andrew Tiller.

> Regarding Webster, I spoke to Monsignor Pace athletic director Joe Zaccheo who told me he expects Webster to "stick with his Canes commitment" when he announces his decision at noon Wednesday. I'll be there to see if that happens or if Webster jumps ship to the University of South Florida, where a few of his high school teammates are headed.

> Robinson, meanwhile, will decide between the Canes, Gators and Golden Knights at a 9:30 a.m. press conference at his school. His high school coach Waides Ashmon told me Monday Robinson came back from his Canes visit this weekend very happy. "The UM trip was scheduled last for a reason," Ashmon said. "He wanted to compare his feelings and I think he got to do that. I know he enjoyed his visit to Miami very much."

> White, who visited Miami this past weekend, is expected to announce his decision Wednesday morning. I've been trying to reach White's coach for an update and will post something once I get it. White is expected to decide between Miami, Maryland and Tennessee. We will have a correspondent there to tell us what happens when he makes his announcement Wednesday morning.

> Tiller, who also visited Miami this past weekend, told Canesport he will make his choice between Miami, Rutgers and Syracuse (where his former JUCO coach is now a secondary coach) at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. I think Tiller, a New York area kid, is headed to Syracuse.

> Jacksonville Parker linebacker Sam Barrington will make his choice between UM, Illinois and South Florida at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. His coach John Scible told me last week Barrington was planning to make his announcement at a downtown Jacksonville night club and that looks like it still will be the case. I think Barrington will pick Miami.

> I'm still waiting back on a phone call from the coach of South Carolina offensive lineman Quinton Washington for an update. Art Chase told me last week Washington would reach a decision before Wednesday and call the colleges he wasn't going to choose to let them know first. School officials at Timberland High said the school's signing day ceremony is supposed to happen at around 3 p.m. -- after classes are over. I was told by South Carolina preps writer Washington is a Gamecock lock last week. One website reported today UM is not even in it anymore.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST... Check out our new online show The Recruiting Report. It's only our first effort and it's nothing extra special. But it's a start. Hopefully we'll be able to continue this show on a weekly basis starting in the fall and bring in special guests and recruits for interviews.


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Tiller is going to follow his coach to the Cuse.

White is the best bet. He has an attitude, is a good drive blocker and will open holes for the RBs. He needs to learn some good habits from Bunche and spend time in the weight room to get his weight and conditioning under control. Film on him shows that his pass blocking is poor because he lacks mobility and footwork. On sweeps he can seal off the defensive tackle and interior line while your guards pull to lead the RB.

Hey everyone,

"SOUP" is really our favorite Gaytor Troll, Kehoe's Steamer! This is his annual "recruiting update special"! This fool thinks he can influence the recruits with his garbage! He is posting with no less han 3-4 identities! He is once again having conversations with himself!


Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | February 03, 2009 at 03:32 PM

I agree with you 100%. String bean "Soup" is Kehoe's streamer and he is trying to get UM recruits (yes guys, the recruits and family members get on these blogs all the time, so careful how some of us bash them because they are taking a little longer than we would like to make aninformed decision) to wonder if UM is the place for them to be. He is a Gaytor or some other fan who is nervous how UM is pulling in another big recruiting class, even though we went 1 game over .500. Truly, if he were a disgruntled 'Cane fan and did not like Coach Shannon (all are entitled to their opinion), why would he wait till the last couple of days before NSD to start belly-aching so much when we have a couple of good recruits "on the fence". In his perfect world, wouldn't it be better to have Coach Shannon get as much talent in here so that this job would be a no brainer to anyone who it is offered to in 2010, after Coach Shannon is fired. So that proves the point he is a Hurricane hater. If he is a disgruntled fan, he is a moron, because he is picking the wrong time to air his complaints. There will be lots of time after Wednesday to belly-ache. For the record, I like Coach Shannon and his coaching staff and hope that they will succeed. He is doing a great job of brining in talent, again. To any possible recruits out there, we would be honored to cheer for you once you put on the orange and green!! Go Canes!!

Great article. You are the best source for information about the Canes.

Manny, I saw that Seminole v. NW game and Ray Ray Ray Armstrong or D. Dye were spectacular. Could either of them play tight end, or are they both better fits on defense?
As for the Jacory Harris critics/Robert Marve fans, JH statistically did a better job of moving the team to scores and JH showed greater leadership on and off the field (Marve's arrest, poor class attendance, jerk attitude, suspensions, etc., didn't help his cause). According to ESPN, JH's passer rating 125.8 (4th in ACC) to 107.2 for RM (9th in ACC). JH, who is 1 1/2 years younger than RM, was an upper tier ACC quarterback. JH's numbers will only improve under Whipple's tutelage and direction. As JH's numbers improve and this good, young defense (ranked 28th in the country, and 3rd in ACC) improve, UM should be ready to take an ACC title.

I agree with all the other posts that Barrington fits UM's needs moreso than Telfort. Barrington has the physical tools that UM needs, and he is a more versatile LB athlete based on his impressive high school stats as a 6'3" running back.

Last year's UM recruiting class was good because of their #1 ranking, the players filled UM's needs AND that class delivered on the field. This 2009 class is also good in terms of filling needs and ranking, and only the next two years will determine whether they deliver on the field. 5 OL already committed is impressive, and as other posts have pointed out, the recruiting evaluators often get it wrong when it comes to OL, which is difficult to project.

These are great classes and the UM program is headed in the right direction.

This shehoe clown is nothing but a closet racist, why else would He make inferences to Shannon as being incompetent. Now I know shehoe doesn't have the character to look beyond skin color, but I have enough sense enough to know that urban meyer is a true PHONY!

I think the guy (Kehoe) works for UF! You would have to be a position coach or recruiter to be that crazy about another team! He's up at 6-7am everyday making his 1st post for the day!

I'm not sure that I blame him though. If I was a Gaytor Honk and had to listen to us for the last 23 years, then something would have to give! Their championship game was not in Miami, their title was in G-ville when they finally beat The U after 23 LONG years! That's after taking 50 years to win their conference for the 1st time!


Go 'canes!

Since this is a forum of opinions:

Although I would like to see one more OL, White, I feel because of the injury to Epps that the real key to this class is Richardson. His size and skills appear to be good enough to start his freshman year. This gives us a great blocking tight end that has the speed to run seam routes past linebackers and between the safeties. Because of his size (I have read reports from 270 to 290 pounds) if he continues to grow he may move to defensive end after the first year. Wow! can you imagine that monster at either position?

As far as BB, if we lose him we are losing the premier RB. Lamar & Mike James have the speed but I do not believe that they have shown the hands to be a pass receiver out of the backfield or spread out if you shift into an empty backfield. Neither block as well as BB at this stage but that was something that Clinton Portis learned.

Lamar reminds me of Ronnie Brown's first season with the Fins. He is not patient waiting for his interior line to open holes. He is too quick to turn everything outside. Of course,..., that is assuming that the interior line opens holes for the running backs in 2009.

Let's not forget that these players are evaluated by UM coaches and are picked according to what the coaches expect from a championship calibur player. The little stars by their name mean squat. Remember Willis McGahee was not a RB in the begining of his UM career. The coaches and staff know what they are doing, and apparently ESPN can see that. We're more on the way up than down.


Coaches don't win games. Players do. So, I don't care how big of a clown RS is, if he keeps recruiting like this, I don't care if he becomes the school president and offensive and defensive cordinators (by the way Jimmy Johnson was also a clown, but just like Shannon he was a sick recruiter/talent evaluator)... And, even if we're only average this year (which may but probably won't happen), we're going to be pretty stacked for the years following (once we get rid of Coker's stunning legacy).

Also, this class is going to be sick with or without Bryce "drama queen" Brown; although it would be a lot better with Richardson, White, and Barrington (why is everyone knocking Barrington anyways? Just because he's not "ranked" as well as Telfort? I hope you're kidding, he sounds pretty damn good, and I'm sure the coaches know a little more about recruiting than a couple of websites).

Okay alot of people are going to strongly disagree with me but I'm cool with it. I think Miami should move on from Bryce Brown and mcnairuser solidified my reasons why. We have Lamar Miller and we could potentially have Gore and Clemments next year and honestly, I'd rather have those 2 than Butler who is not sure he wants to be here anyway. The "experts" will say that it's a huge loss but so what no big deal the talent that WANTS to come to miami will come no matter what. And Manny please don't cut me off.

Haha, UM can recruit all the best players they want, but they will never be able to lift the OB curse...It is going to be so much fun seeing UM lose, year after year....My beloved OB, they will regret destroying u...

The only way UM can break the OB curse, is to play FIU @ FIU stadium...Haha it will never happen because u dumb fans will never allow it to happen...To each their own, the Curse will continue!!!!


Why would the U want to play a D2 school?

The only acknowledgement I could give you Babalawo, is that you're a moron!


Why would the U play a D2 school?

Good Luck Randy: The recruiting hAS YOU BACK NEAR THE TOP1 mUST AGREE ON GETTING ART KEHOE back!Coker fired that bunch to place the blame on everyone but himself> Something you all didn't know! Coker ask his staff what seemed to be the problem? Their reply YOU! Everytime we bust their butts, you console them and be the nice guy. P>S> Coker was fired at Ohio State!!!!

All these comments concentrate on tomorrrow's NSD, and the OL we can or cannot get.

My question is: What about OL that are currently at UM and are either Sophomores or RS Freshmen (e.g. Ben Jones OL Fr.HS6-5/310,Tyler Horn OL Fr.HS6-4/289, Harland Gunn OL Fr.RS6-2/313 (Ranked 3rd OG by ESPN), Orlando Franklin OL So.2V6-7/335)?

Are we saying here that they are not up to snuff?

Good point JMM, but we need quality depth for the young guys comming in and future guys considering Miami. Shannon know's that to win, you have to win in the trenches. If he can get quality depth in the O-Line, they can rotate in and out and wear teams down.

I think shannon's a pretty darn good coach. its a rough patch right now, but i think its gonna get much better in the future. the claims that we don't develop the players and stuff are dumb cause, at least from beginning to end, our players deveoloped quite a bit this year. true um didnt win cause we didnt develop our players. but that era is over. QB rotation is officially over too. i mean this past season seemed like a real development season to me. of course we wanted to win the games, but getting the qbs experienced was really the most important thing. I really dont get the claims that he's a clown. and people that say that JH is average...like where could that possibly come from?? for a freshie, he was great! once he's seasoned and has more weight on him, he'll be good! and the leadership he has is the most important thing! and the recruiting class doesnt need to be EVERYTHING. look what we already have!!! I mean i truly, truly dont understand what the detractors are talking about. preseason hype the last couple years may have been unfounded but i mean really. how could it not be obvious this year??? the results from the 08 class? the class coming in??? and the people talking about whipple only being good in D2, its not about the league. watch the video from those years! check out the schemes! thats the important thing. plus the nfl experience! thats what stands out to me! just let us be great!! 9-10 wins in 09. trust me!

How is Shannon a sick talent evaluator? Who has he recruited that broke out? Where was our Julio Jones? A.J. Green? Deande Brown? Jonathan Baldwin? Janoris Jenkins? He is so sick.

Please Jacory Harris was above average last year. 3 completions over 35 yards one coming against Char. Southern. Wait it was his 4-6 for 14 yards against UCF or his 4-8 for 41 yards against Wake or his 3-7 for 32 yards against FSU. I hope he keeps throwing those 3 yard completions.

Hey guy's last season is over, Nix (a desperation hire) is gone and The Whip is here!

Whip will have 2 - 1000+ yrd RB's and at a minimum 2 - 1000+ yrd WR's.

He's proved his worth as both a play caller and QB coach, but what most people are missing

- and all one has to do is listen to what Dolphins coach Sparano has to say - is his O-Line coaching ability.

Sparano says Whip taught him everything he knows about the OL. And Sparano is an OL coach.

The proof is Whip has taken sorry teams with sorry OL's and sorry records and turn them around "Dramatically" in ONE YEAR! At every stop. I repeat at every stop.

He's what we know as "a winner", just like Jacory. One helluva combination.

The OL will show a dramatic upgrade regardless of the players, period.

Soup, Travis benjamim was on track to being one of those real standouts. What about Sean Spence and Marcus Robinson? And either way, one player doesnt make a team. a lot of good players is better than one really really great one. basically, the class brokeout instead of 1 guy.

and jacory was a true freshman! he got less than half the playing time! those games are horrible horrible examples! are you kidding me??? 18-28 for 185 against duke! 12-21 for 160 agains virginia! 25-41 for 194 against Cal! He balled out at that game except for one bad play that can be blamed on the O-line, which, btw, is getting more experience and depth! Those are the games when he got most of the playing time! plus, over 35 yards is a bomb! how many did he have of 15 or more? aren't those the real ones that drive the team down the field? you really want every throw to be over 35 yards? you make no sense!

SOUP, I could tell you where Marcus Forston, Sean Spence, Adralius Johnson, Marcus Robinson, Theron Collier, and Travis Benjamin are.

The U baby!!

Go back under your rock SOUP. Florida had a nice, cute little run, now we are back to take what is ours. National Championships boy. Thanks for warming our throne sweetheart.

Robinson had 3 sacks, all in one game.

Spence was good. A Johnson should be Laron Byrd's backup.

Harris has a terrible arm. He is lucky the guy from Duke dropped the ball. He was not impressive at all against Cal.



so, Barrington at 8:30?

I normally do not give much weight to the rankings in Scout.com, however, I see that FSU is #16 & the Gaytors at #20. Unless I "mis-remembered", wasn't the Gaytors ranked higher then the U a couple of weeks ago? What happened?

Its great that Shannon is visiting strong. He couldn't sell any key recuits down the stretch. What a closer. Cant think of a worse signing day when the Canes were not in on any major recruit.

whats wrong with his arm??? he has really good accuracy. and he's getting his arm strength up. thats something that you can work on! accuracy is harder to teach. and i mean how can you not like the 2 touchdown drives during the cal game?? we answered them well until the last comple drives. give him some props. he was above average. and with more development, he'll be great. he was great for a freshman. and come on. you gotta love the leadership. whats your take on his leadership?

Greg Reid dissed Florida and Georgia and is going to FSU.

Id like to know what drama is Bryce causing?

Is he calling press conferences to say he still hasnt decided? No.

He just isnt signing on the first day available to sign.

And plus this decision will impact his entire life,where as if will impact ours (the fans) for 3 to maybe 4 years.And I bet if you guys were the top recruit in the country you too would weigh out all of your options and would wait to see who the best fit would be

Long story short,get off of Bryce's back.He is the most touted back coming out of highschool since Adrian Peterson.

You are a blooming no nothing moron.
Sean Spence was a beast at LB. Jacory Harris won at least 2 ACC offensive Freshman of the week awards. Laron Byrd and Aldarius Johnson (A.J. did drop some passes later in the season) had great seasons. Is it their fault that they had an incompetent OC who did not know what kind of offense he wanted to run? Marcus Forston was a cog in the middle of the D-Line. Marcus Robison was the defensive MVP of the Va. Tech. game and had a very good season. Travis Benjamin before he got hurt, was a true gamebreaker. You call yourself a UM fan, did you see the FSU game? He came back very tentative from that injury and just was not himself. I'm not going to go any further with you as regards the great Freshman class we had Soup. One thing responding to you has done for me though is just remind me how talented we are (young, but talented). Last years talent will have another year of experience and we will see the benefits of having them out there last year. So as a matter of fact. Thanks Soup.

I dont know how great of a leader he is. I was not on the sidelines. His leadership was amazing against NC State when he was throwing killer interceptions. Maybe he will be good, maybe he wont. He will not be good unless the Oline play changes.

The South Florida class isn't as great as it has been in past years, so you can't say Shannon is doing a bad job. Miami needs linemen, db's and te's...that's what he is recruiting.

I'll slam Shannon all day on his personality, gameplans, and coaching ability, but I can't argue with his recruiting prowess. The man can evaluate and recruit talent.

Peter White is going to Maryland.


Why was Robinson great? He was great against VTECH but awful against GTECH and NC State. Fortsen was disappointing.

Aldarius Johnson was inconsistent.

read that press conference he had about the "hulk" of a task. and o line play will change. be positive soup.

Why are you guys responding to the idiots??!?! Ignor him!!! He NEEDS you to respond to him so that he has something to do.

THis class is just like the 05 class. Lets hope Shannon can actually coach them up.


I working on that.

Sam Barrington has chosen USF. We have a reporter there who will file a story for us.

barrington to south florida, greg reid to fsu... god damn

Barrington commits to USF. Oh well... Move on...

dangit barrington. whatd he have to say about it?

barrington to usf


he had to say "im gona be a bull for the next 4 yrs" this is going down hill in a hurry specially since White is said to pick Maryland


we better get sheldon richardson, i thought we would finish better than this. doesn't mean we have a bad class, it is quite good...i just expected a better result down the stretch.

manny is white to maryland confirmed?

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