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Recruiting picture starting to clear up

The recruiting visits are finished. The final phone calls and pushes have been made. Now, all that's left to do is wait. The Miami Hurricanes have 20 committed players heading into Wednesday, the first official day high school football players can sign national letters of intent.

They could end up adding a few more before then. But we know of at least two players Miami was chasing after who won't be among those. Earlier today and as expected, Cleveland Glennville High All-American offensive lineman Marcus Hall announced he had chosen the hometown Ohio State Buckeyes over the Canes. And, Powder Springs, Ga. McEachern High tight end Terrell Mitchell (who never officially got a Miami offer or made a UM visit) made a commitment to Kentucky.

Gateway tight end Sheldon Richardson will choose between the Canes and Missouri Wednesday at 1 p.m. The good news for Miami: It looks like the Canes are very much in the hunt for a few other top-notch recruits including St. Louis' Sheldon Richardson, a blue-chip tight end/defensive tackle prospect. Richardson is set to announce his decision around 1 p.m. (noon CST) Wednesday. I caught up with St. Louis Post-Dispatch correspondent Nate Latsch who told me he thinks the Canes have a great shot at yanking Richardson away from Missouri. Latsch will provide the news for us with a story shortly after Richardson's announcement.

Richardson figures to be one of a handful suspenseful National Signing Day stories to follow if you are a Canes fan. Two will involve Canes commitments Kayvon Webster, a cornerback from Monsignor Pace and defensive tackle Luther Robinson from Fort Pierce Westwood. The others will involve non-committed recruits. They are: Washington D.C-area offensive lineman Peter White and Nassau Community College offensive tackle Andrew Tiller.

> Regarding Webster, I spoke to Monsignor Pace athletic director Joe Zaccheo who told me he expects Webster to "stick with his Canes commitment" when he announces his decision at noon Wednesday. I'll be there to see if that happens or if Webster jumps ship to the University of South Florida, where a few of his high school teammates are headed.

> Robinson, meanwhile, will decide between the Canes, Gators and Golden Knights at a 9:30 a.m. press conference at his school. His high school coach Waides Ashmon told me Monday Robinson came back from his Canes visit this weekend very happy. "The UM trip was scheduled last for a reason," Ashmon said. "He wanted to compare his feelings and I think he got to do that. I know he enjoyed his visit to Miami very much."

> White, who visited Miami this past weekend, is expected to announce his decision Wednesday morning. I've been trying to reach White's coach for an update and will post something once I get it. White is expected to decide between Miami, Maryland and Tennessee. We will have a correspondent there to tell us what happens when he makes his announcement Wednesday morning.

> Tiller, who also visited Miami this past weekend, told Canesport he will make his choice between Miami, Rutgers and Syracuse (where his former JUCO coach is now a secondary coach) at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. I think Tiller, a New York area kid, is headed to Syracuse.

> Jacksonville Parker linebacker Sam Barrington will make his choice between UM, Illinois and South Florida at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. His coach John Scible told me last week Barrington was planning to make his announcement at a downtown Jacksonville night club and that looks like it still will be the case. I think Barrington will pick Miami.

> I'm still waiting back on a phone call from the coach of South Carolina offensive lineman Quinton Washington for an update. Art Chase told me last week Washington would reach a decision before Wednesday and call the colleges he wasn't going to choose to let them know first. School officials at Timberland High said the school's signing day ceremony is supposed to happen at around 3 p.m. -- after classes are over. I was told by South Carolina preps writer Washington is a Gamecock lock last week. One website reported today UM is not even in it anymore.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST... Check out our new online show The Recruiting Report. It's only our first effort and it's nothing extra special. But it's a start. Hopefully we'll be able to continue this show on a weekly basis starting in the fall and bring in special guests and recruits for interviews.


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i agree 100% caneiac.. a little disappointed.. we'll see what happens tomorrow

why'd he say for the next 4 hours?

Wow terrible finish. I guess Hall, White, Barrington, Watts, Sanders, Campbell, Massie, Morgan just wanted free trips to South Beach. Hopefully Brown wasn't serious about watching the Oline commits.

Lets here the excuses now. A team that needed more depth missed. Look at the '10 Championship Run you all took about. No experience TE's, great for the proset. 5 true Lb's. A senior Oline class of Symonnette, Franklin, Figueroa and Chaz Washington. Looks like a title run to me.

white to maryland is not confirmed, but sources close to the situation say the terps even tho u never kno how far that actually goes.. and i meant 4 yrs

SOUP whose ur squad?

owell it is still a good class whether we get tiller or richardson. as long as we keep the soft verbal commits we are fine but just to add those other two would be adding cherry's to a stacked ice cream sunday.

Good News!! Sheldon Richardson is staying with his verbal to Missouri and becoming a Mizzou Tiger..

wont be espon top 10 payattentiontotheu

truman the tiger ur full of it

Today's Espn article about Miami

Last year's No. 1 overall class obviously delivered on the field in 2008, and the 2009 class shows no signs of slowing down. Coach Randy Shannon & Co. have been able to lure championship-caliber defensive talent to southern Florida. Their most recent addition, safety Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford, Fla./Seminole), could be another Kenny Phillips. The Canes must hold onto RB Bryce Brown (Wichita, Kan./East) down the stretch and grow up in a hurry on offense with their current roster. We feel that between the 2008 and 2009 classes, Miami has the pieces of the puzzle to become a national power once again.

what about daniel campbell any news on him? dont worry bout barrington that dude was gonna play spot up duty he wanted to start(i hope we dont need to worry). we are ok at LB. next year we gotta bring some in tho.

jkasse: i don't know about us not finishing top ten. it has been said if we keep what we have we will still be in the top ten (basically keep bryce). espn has us at 6 but i don't care about that as long as we get the players we need im all good with what we pick up.

daniel campbell expected to announce siging with michigan tom

ye agreed caneiac.. we dont need a website saying we are top ten, but they way we are closing it doesnt look like we are gettin the most we could, barrington whatever, he wuld been a nice addition but not a biggie, but greg reid goin to fsu hurts, i kno we didnt have much of a chance but atleast go to the SEC. White seemingly not coming, campbell goin to mich.. jus not lookin that much forward to NSD tom cept sheldon.. and i want some DC news

Wow! Could the canes get shut out for new commitments on signing day?

*sigh* come on tiller, white and richardson.

Let's see what tomorrow brings. We will be fine!! Everything will work out. Go Canes!!

keep me posted on Wednesday, guys.

Shannon is a great closer???

This depressing. Perhaps, tomorrow we'll have at least ONE new commitment. That would be nice.

VERY disappointing NSD eve!!!

We'll see what NSD brings tomorrow, but if we don't get some good news tomorrow it will be a below expectations day.

I think RS and the recruiting staff need to rethink & re-engineer their closing strategies. Obviously, unless major surprises occur tomorrow, the current approach (other than the NW kids) does NOT work.

Manny what's your interpretation of today's fiasco!!

Manny what's you interpretation of this fiasco tonight!!

I am disappointed too that it seems, again, it seems, that we have not picked up any new commit's. Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow. Even if we don't pick up another commit (as disappointed as I am), if we keep the guys that are our verbals I will be okay. I am not going to throw the entire coaching staff under the bus and tell them that they need to revise their whole "closing set-up". I believe that they will tweak some things, but this staff has done a great job of recruiting. Let's wait till tomorrow before we start jumping off bridges.

Neither rivals or scout is showing White to Maryland at this time. Is there a source for the story that he has

U Will Walk The Gallows The Next 24 hrs.

The Fallout is just begining ...

In Honor Of Duh U 2009 Recruiting Class ...


While it's important, but it's not disastrous like how some of you feel about the ones that got away. Talent is only part of the equation.

First, it's also about the coaching and development of players. Who (outside of The U coaching circle) had predicted the success of Irvin, Sapps, Kelly, Jerome Brown, Stubbs, Lewis, Barrow, Moss (Winston and the brothers), Reed, Meriweather, Gore, Highsmith, Dorsey, McGahee, James, Portis... when they came out of highschool? Many were not even playing the position they were playing in college. Shannon knows talent (track record since 99) and how to develop them as DC. However as HC, he had to entrust this on his assist. and some were not good enough and/or share the same philosophy. Even though inexperienced, he has shown that he won't hesitate cutting hindrances, players or coaches. Succeed or step aside. That's his job as CEO. On the other hand, it also take time to find loyal, talented employees with a limited budget. Those of us in management understand that this is paramount for long term success.

Second, any successful team must have a clearly defined philosophy. Last year, we can see that developing in Def (scheme, attack, blitz), but in the future probably go back to The U's way of depending on player talent and discipline. However, Off was schizophrenic. They should have had a line in Ceasar Palace on predicting what scheme for what game. Who were we? Looking back, we can now sense the tension between Shannon and Nix. Sure, all blame stop at the boss, but Nix must have the plays and players ready for every situation. Of course the CEO get blame for his products not making sale deadlines if his R+D can not get them out on time. Sure he looked like an idiot, but he did his job and we have a new R+D guy putting out pro-style O. This will also help the human resource guy recruiting talents that can see how this can help get them to the NFL.
Also, that's the reason why most teams/companies has one or two speakers and a few "reliable anonymous sources". Less noises for the consumers and critics to go nuts on.

Third, who are these recruiting experts anyway?
How can few guys know enough about all the talent out there to know what's good for The U. Who's better to say a 6'0" 208 4.50 40's in scheme A is better than a 6'2" 215 4.6 in scheme B is better for The U than the coaches at The U (who has seen signif tapes, practices, live plays, and face time of these two and then take them into account with the philosophy, academics, depth/needs of the team)? Look at how much the Fins improve with a cohesive philosophy and coaching staff. Short of us being in the war room, our best sources usually are the informative, mildly favorably biased beat writers.
Props to Manny!

Fourth, the number one reason a player picked a school is proximity to home. Well known facts. 200 miles if I can remember right. Look at what most of them said. They want to have their family at the games, they want to go home for the weekend and holiday, friends can visit them ...They are 17 and 18 years old. Every mile we go past Orlando our chances go down significantly, and that's without competitors spreading lies. For a small private school, why have we been so successful? Hungry local talents. You can not convince every parent to let their boy go away.

Last, be careful of what we want. Let's hope that Brown will not turn out to be Marve v.2. I completely agree that he needs to do what's best for him. Millions of dollars are at stake. But the entourage may make Eugene Marve look like a mute. If he comes here, what if he doesn't earn the starting spot? What if he was not in for the 3 and goal at the 4, down by 4, with 1:31 left, and on national TV? What if he can not handle Jacory being the man? What if "Bryce is not happy"? Forget about tearing up team chemistry, we will have chaos. Even Jessica Simpson may pop up. All the national articles on this "advisor" are concerning. Read the New York Time article on their front page today. Yes, even the NYT.

Sorry for the long winded blabber, but Manny don't block me because I kept it clean.

By the way, whatever the result tomorrow, all the bitter people with insignificant lives will be putting us down. Ignore them.
If there is this annoying chihuahua that keep yelping, would you waste your time barking. It's just their massive insecurity talking big hiding behind anonymity. In psychiatry, I thing they call it small di@% syndrome.

That guy Buttler was also a rapper.

Jeez ! What's happening?

Any word on decommits ?

Jeez ! What's happening?

Any word on decommits ?

Posted by: U in 2010 | February 04, 2009 at 05:42 AM

Not yet, Meyer is going to wait till this afternoon to discuss UF's de-commits!

Go 'canes!

watch this train roll down the track
I`m gonna bring it on home
bring it on home to U
-- led zeppelin

1) Stephen Plein ... C-A-N-E

Not yet, Meyer is going to wait till this afternoon to discuss UF's de-commits!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | February 04, 2009 at 08:10 AM

U wanna bet he's smiling ?

2) Prince Kent ... C-A-N-E

Patrick Nix was horrible. His offense sucked! I agree with you Pay attention to the U. We have plenty of WR's and, QB's our Oline will be fine to. Randy and staff knows what we need. Some of you guys need to just calm down.

LMAO @ SOUP. This guy comes in here and drills U. And you're all up in arms about , "IT"S THAT GOD D^&M KEHOE ! " Soup throws out numbers and stats. I NEVER do that unless I'm citing your FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO YARD CUCKOLDING by GT. Who cares.

U guys get your panties all up in a knot about every recruiting class. Soup said it eloquently. You will shut up when Oklahoma BLASTS U behind the woodshed. Seriously.

You guys CLING to these rankings like it's life and death. Sad. Mr. Soup points out that it doesn't matter WHO U bring in if you can't coach them out of a wet paper bag.

U got pushed around by very mediocre teams in 08 and your push for OL's in 09 aint panning out so well. Will U have ANY players drafted? Sad.

Your KICKER was your MVP.

That's called EROSION.

Keep dreaming losers. Debose sent his LOI to UF at 8a.m.

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