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Haith: "Collins 50-50 decision for FSU"

For those of you Canes basketball fans, I got off the phone about an hour ago with UM coach Frank Haith right after his team's flight landed in Tallahassee and have some news to report.

> Forward Dwayne Collins, who suffered a sprained left ankle in practice last week, is expected to be a game-time decision for UM (15-9, 4-7) Wednesday night at FSU (19-6, 6-3). Haith said Collins, who missed Sunday's game and had a 32-game starting streak snapped, practiced some on Tuesday and the decision will come down to how he looks in practice Wednesday before the game. The one thing Haith said he doesn't want to do is make it worse. Miami does have four more ACC games after Wednesday.

> If Collins doesn't start, look for redshirt freshman Julian Gamble to be in the lineup instead of Cyrus McGowan. Haith said Gamble has really been coming on of late and probably deserves his first career start. "Julian needs court time," Haith said. "He has to get on the court. I think Julian is going to be good. He really has played well in limited minutes. He's got a good feel now."

> Lance Hurdle is going to the bench. Haith said he's trying to do whatever he can to get Hurdle going and has decided to bring James Dews back into the starting lineup. "Lance has to be better. Point guard has been our achilles' heel," Haith said. "The better he plays, the better we're goign to play. We got to do what we can to help him get his confidence back.


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You're really on a roll today, Manny.

Thanks for all of the news, and hopefully Dews or Hurdle can step up their game.

Manny's on writer's meth today.

Thank goodness they're benching Hurdle. YOU CAN'T SINK A LAYUP, BUDDY - STOP TRYING!

Rapper Luther Campbell was taken into custody Tuesday night in Miami-Dade County for allegedly failing to pay child support of $10,223.36.

FREE lUke !

Stay home U don't belong here

right decision on Hurdle he get's worse from game to game and now has become a major liability...

I must be on Manny's Do not accept list!... Tried to jump on some non believers with this post... and was rejected!!!

You Guy's must be wolves in UM gear!

"Anyone here that is dissing Arthur needs to check himself and stop flaming the fire. Arthur is a Cane...
What is wrong with you people and until you hear something negative from his mouth, then stop with the insults.

Most everyone is looking for instant gratification, in today's world and 100 percent of the time, it takes exposure, experience and time to learn a position before being a starter college. Most of the time, players don't become starters until they're in their junior year and if Arthur wasn't good enough, he wouldn't be in the rotation at all as a freshman... So get off his back... Mr.I want it now, Fan, who probably has never played a down in College... Otherwise you would have more respect for the player.

Some A-hole writes a blog on another site and everyone reacts, as it must be true...

Canes law... give yourself 24 hours before reacting to the sky's falling and anyone who doesn't want to see James and Bryce in the same backfield and Arthur, as a MLB'er in 2009, 10 and 11 is CRAZY... Starters or not, they will improve our chances of a NC Title on every play they're in the game.

Then I tried...
Manny,... great Blog! and still was rejected by saying... Sorry, we can not accept you content.

Ohhh Well.... Go Canes

Posted by: Cat5 Cane | February 18, 2009 at 10:20 AM

All we have a ban on Cat5 is bad words. If you tried slipping one past then that's why it didn't go through.

By Cornelius Ingram
February 18, 2009 9:42 AM | Link to this
Urban tricked me into staying for my senior year when I would have been a 1st round pick last year. He has ruined my career and my life.

Why is this article so one sided? Talk about that I made the wrong decision staying for my senior year only to tear my ACL. Even if I tore it in the pros, I get a signing bonus and I’m rich with a torn ACL.


By SaskatchewanGator
February 18, 2009 11:05 AM | Link to this
You’re a bottomless imbecile canesrule.

C.I. made his own decision to come back and improve his draftability. It was 100% his decision. As usual, you are on the opposite end of the facts.

C.I. also knew UF had an excellent chance of bringing home hardware. He wanted to be part of it. He was. He was on the sidelines celebrating with his teammates at every game. He will be an excellent member of this years draft and enjoy an NFL career. Goody emailed C.I. a E-get-well card from all the Gator faithful. I was extremely proud to be a Gator as fan after fan poured out their positive sentiments to him. The only surprise was that the foamy mouth troll didn’t spam it.

By the way you foamy mouth troll, UF had 8 ACL’s last year. and still rocked the CHAMPIONSHIP. That speaks of depth that U can’t even comprehend. The crowning achievment was on your rental field. Biggest crowd ever.

UF owns the UM attendance record

UF gets ALL the glory

U get NONE

no one cares about UF here.


Good Luck 'Canes tonight in Tally!!!!

You Gaturds are awesome. Can't get enough of the canes. Anyway, We've had our share of problems at the U but there are plenty of things to be embarrassed for at FU. I LMAO when this article came out. Ranking of gator arrests. This was posted in July 2007 but is still funny.


1. After Jarvis “Puffy” Moss jumped up (Ganja increased his vertical by 18″) and salvaged the croc’s season against the Gamecocks by blocking a last second field goal attempt, it was revealed he to also failed a drug test during the summer as the clock ticked to zero. Guess what game he missed? The showdown between top ranked UF versus division 1AA Western Carolina.

2. Gator great, Marcus “Medicinal Puff” Thomas - a multiple drug test failure, pot and GHB. Gator fans tried to convince us all it was from the same test… then the truth came out, near the end of the season with his dismissal from the team. Moss and Thomas were both drafted by the Broncos. WTF was Shanahan thinking?

3. Baby Momma Slappin Avery Atkins. The alleged victim, Benerah Sanford, told police: She and Atkins argued Saturday on a drive to Atkins’ grandmother’s house. Atkins leaned over and punched her at least 13 times, and pushed her face against the car’s window while he conversed with relatives. Every time Sanford tried to exit the car, Atkins either punched her or stepped on the gas. When the pair finally arrived at Atkins’ home, she ran off and called the police.
Earlier this month, Atkins was found in a car in Daytona Beach with weed, gun and digital scales. To top it off, it was not his car. He had enrolled in UF in January with plans to “fight his way back to the cornerback slot.”

4. Brandon James a football player and Brandon Powell who coincidently is the basketball player who sucker punched the Vandy student in the back of the head [link], were found together in Gainesville with…. you guessed it: marijuana in the car during an undercover “buy bust”. One felony and one misdemeanor — purchase of a controlled substance and possession of >20 grams of marijuana — suspended indefinitely.

5. WR Riley Cooper smashed a windshield, welcome the perfect gater. And just who is Jasim Alidina? Adlina was the victim of Freshman Riley Cooper’s flailing haymaker through his car window. While Alidina survived the incident, remarkably unscathed, neither Cooper nor the car were as lucky. Cooper was taken to the Morton Plant Hospital.

6. Florida defensive back Dorian Munroe charged with felony for removal of parking boot and placing it in his trunk. This was later ironed out as expected as UF is thin at the corner. One felony — theft of a police metal parking boot from his car

7. At Da Club, Ronnie “The Rifleman” Wilson slaps some guy, then spits on him, then ends it by shooting at him, luckily police actually stepped in one time before he killed that guy. two felonies and one misdemeanor — gun in a parking lot near campus — suspended indefinitely

8. LB Dusty “Rhodes” Doe, pummels some dude (ala Channing the Chainsaw Crowder) in a Alaucha County vs. Pasco County gang fight (Reds vs. Crips style). Punishment? No suspension from Meyer. Doe to face the (Jaws intro theme) Leadership Committee. one misdemeanor — disorderly conduct for parking garage brawl

9. The 7-Man shower Self shooting gun incident, Gator players led by Dee Webb, Andre “Bubba” Caldwell and Reggie Lewis had a $60,000 SUV loaded with improperly registered AK’s and other machine guns… and they were all drunk while shooting at apartment windows for fun. Of course initially nobody took the blame and they all said they were in the shower (together) and that the gun must have shot itself… Gators went with the deniable plausibility angle when Dee Webb shot off his arsenal saying he had already declared for the draft, so he was no longer a Gator.

T10. Dallas “Bike Taker” Baker, steals a bike, but when cops questioned him, Dallas said, “heck man, I just thought the bike was ‘abandoned’”. The sophomore was issued a sworn complaint from UPD as an officer stopped Baker near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (which is a great place to take a deuce). Baker said he was late for an appointment and picked up an abandoned bicycle. Misdemeanor!!!

T10. Linebacker Taurean Charles. A UF student said Charles touched her against her will, the sworn complaint issued by the university police department said. Charles allegedly slammed her on the bed and onto a computer desk, picked her up over his head and threw her down on her roommate’s bed, according to the complaint. Charles was later dismissed from the Florida team.

Who is worse? Florida or Montana? [link]

Honorable Mention

Nyan (Cap’n Stabbin) Boateng gets into a heated arguement with some chick, a knife fight breaks out, Nyan Dogg ends up bloodied on the floor, luckily he was still alive.

“Nyan has some issues he is dealing with, and in the meantime, he will not participate in any team activities,” Florida spokesman Steve McClain said.

WR Percy Harvin, the star of the 2006 recruiting class, is a guy who was banned from Virginia High School sports. Why? Because he slugged a ref and had been involved in numerous brawls.

Chris Rainey and other recruits brag about how many gifts and wads of cash they are getting from Gator Alumni/Boosters… Cash, Jewelry, and throwback jerseys. But he was just joking. Ha Ha Ha.

Joakim Noah swipes at Vandy cheerleader [link], and later confronts the Vandy coach! That will show her and him. They were gatorbait!

Two Gator linebackers Darryl Gresham Jr. and Jon Demps go up in smoke, Cheech and Chong style, suspended from team on National Signing Day. Suspension/dismissals free up crucial scholarships for incoming Blue Chip recruits. Linebacking now a concern.

The unknown 6′4″ 280 pounder. A University of Florida student claimed a Gator football player stole his beer keg from the back of his truck which was heavily damaged as his head hit it. The student had a knot on his head and his neck was slashed by a ring. This was reported to the police as per a story in the Florida Alligator. This story quickly vanished. The student got his keg back and continued scraping the paint out of the knot on his head (legend says that the student now has a full scholarship!!)


Plus, don't forget Carl Johnson for violating the injunction for protection this month, Jacques Rickerson's domestic-battery charges and Cam "the scam" Newton, who (and I love this part) "allegedly stole a student's laptop and threw it out of his dorm window after coming under suspicion."


There was so much more, but this should do for now. Enjoy!

And BTW, "Don't Taze me Bro!"

Wow ! I didn't read a word of that mess.

Who cares about gaturds.

This is on Brian Butler's website Potentialplayers.com:
"A Goofy Little Thing?"
MiamiRivals.com reporter, Gary Furman said that Bryce Brown's plan of fasting to make a decision was "One of many Goofy little things". Bryce's fasting shows his willingness to humble himself and that he is not just concerned with himself. He knows that his decision will impact so many others; including coaches, players, and an entire football program. With that being said he should be commended for doing this "Goofy Little Thing."

Here is what the Bible says about fasting:

Psalms 35:13 says fasting is used for humbling a person's soul. In Mark 8 when Jesus used seven loaves of bread to feed four thousand, in verse 2 he said he has compassion on them because they have been with him three days, and have nothing to eat. In 1st Corinthians 7:5 the word says to Deprive ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not because of lack of self-control. Jesus also said that the type of faith that can move mountains comes from prayer and fasting(Matthew 17:21).

When it comes to great decision making, for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior, prayer and fasting is very helpful when trying to hear from God. Bryce Brown doesn't want to make a decision that is without God's 100% approval and all of us(Arthur Brown Sr., Arthur Brown Jr. and Brian Butler) are willing to fast and pray to support him. The exact same approach was used last year when Arthur Brown Jr. chose Miami. Nobody from Miami called it a "Goofy little thing" then and at that time God showed us all that the "U" was the best place for Arthur.

We expect God to give us all the same clarification, when it comes to Bryce's decision. We would hope that everyone understands that this is the most important decision of Bryce's life and he wants to do all he can to make the correct one. But, we also know that Jesus was crucified by non-believers and that everyone won't understand.

By Pastor Wade Moore(Christian Faith Centre) and Brian Butler (Bryce Brown's Mentor/Trainer not Street Agent/Handler)

WOW! This guy got testy! Also, it's dated 2/19?

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