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Hurricanes National Signing Day blog

Good morning Canes fans. Today is National Signing Day. Or, as UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt once told me, Report Card day for him and the University of Miami coaching staff. It's the day all the hard work they've put in chasing after high school seniors becomes official or unofficial.

As many of you know, the Hurricanes had a collection of 20 commitments before the final 48 hours before NSD began Monday morning. After last night, they still do. Several recruits out-of-state recruits who visited UM the past two weekends have already decided they are passing on the Canes. 

Last night, Jacksonville Parker linebacker Sam Barrington became the latest when he stunned friends and family by choosing the USF Bulls over the Canes and Illinois. Others did the same before Barrington. Cleveland offensive lineman Marcus Hall chose Ohio State. And more could end up doing the same. We just don't know yet.

Lamar Miller signed with the Canes Wednesday. Throughout the day, The Miami Herald will have reporters and correspondents following recruiting. I'll be on the road at Miami Killian for Lamar Miller's announcement at 10 a.m., Miami Pace for cornerback Kayvon Webster at noon and coach Randy Shannon's press conference at UM at 2 p.m. But reporters will be checking in with me to provide updates on other potential Canes and we will post stories online as soon as we get them. I will try to update the blog as much as I can while I'm on the road.

Here is a schedule of key recruits for you to follow with a few notes...

> OL Peter White, St. John's College Prep, Washington, D.C.: White is expected to announce his decision at around 8:45 a.m. There were rumblings late Tuesday night he had already told coaches at Maryland he was headed there. White visited UM last weekend and was also considering Tennessee. We'll have reporter there to send a story. UPDATED at 9:01 a.m.: White has chosen Maryland. Check for a story shortly.

> OL Andrew Tiller, Nassau Community College: The big 6-6, 330 pound tackle prospect is supposed to make a decision from his home around 9 a.m. I've got his phone number and will try to find out what happens shortly after he decides. UPDATED 12:01 p.m.: Rivals.com reports Tiller has chosen Syracuse.

> DL Luther Robinson, Fort Pierce Westwood: His coach Waides Ashmon told me to expect an announcement at 9:30 a.m. Robinson made a few visits to Florida and UCF, but is said to be expected to sign with the Canes. We'll find out soon enough. I'll call Ashmon for an update and interview if possible afterward. UPDATED at 9:58 a.m.: Robinson sticks with the Canes. I'll have an interview later today. 

> CB Kayvon Webster, Monsignor Pace: I'll be at Pace at noon when Webster makes his announcement. There have been reporters Webster is still not 100 percent convinced on UM and is still considering USF. I'm not buying. I think Webster picks UM in the end. UPDATED at 12:31 p.m.: Webster spurns the Canes and shock the world by picking USF. He told me he made his decision about an hour before coming in. He said early playing time was the biggest factor. I believe the fact two of his Pace teammates are a bigger reason -- WR Sterling Griffin and WR Derrick Hopkins. 

> TE/DT Sheldon Richardson, St. Louis Gateway High: Reporter Nate Latsch, a freelancer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, will be there to provide us with a story from what could be Miami's biggest steal of this class. Richardson, a Missouri commitment, visited UM this past weekend. He's expected to make his decision at around 12:30 p.m. our time. UPDATED at 12:37 p.m.: Richardson has decided to stay home and stick with Missouri. 

> OL Quinton Washington, St. Stephen's Timberland, S.C.: All signs have pointed to the fact Washington, a UM visitor this past weekend, is not headed here. It's either going to be Michigan or South Carolina. But you never know if this becomes a stunner when the official announcement is made at 3 p.m.

I said earlier, continue to check back throughout the day for updates, notes, photos and quotes from players, coaches, recruits and recruiting analysts.


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FIRST!!! Thanks Manny! GO CANES!!!

watch this train roll down the track
I`m gonna bring it on home
bring it on home to U
-- led zeppelin

1) Stephen Plein ... C-A-N-E

3) Jamal Reid ... C-A-N-E

4) Malcolm Bunche ... C-A-N-E

5) Dyron Dye ... C-A-N-E

6) Ray Ray Armstrong ... C-A-N-E

7) A.J. Highsmith ... C-A-N-E

2) Prince Kent ... C-A-N-E


Any chance that we get some really out of the blue committment? Not these guys specifically but someone like a Greg Reid or a Debose committing to the U today?
I can't see something like that happening, but then again, my job isn't to follow recruiting.

Great class so far! But...... Dade and Broward are loaded for 2010 so I would keep a few scholarships for then. Would hate to lose any of S. Fla talent.

Great job Shannon and the coaching staff!


The above info says that White will announce @ 8:45ish..Any info cuz o-line is a big concern

They have White down as a solid commit to Maryland...

Peter White, St. John's College Prep

Chooses Maryland over the U.

White is signing with Maryland..

I truly believe today will be largely uneventful for the Canes; however, those who don't follow recruiting closely shouldn't take that as a failure for the U. Signing day is no longer the spectacle it once was. We have a great class that fills key needs. A class should be judged by how is complements the previous class in covering key positions.

Despite all of this, I'm still going to have my fingers crossed when Richardson announces. He would fault this class into the top 5.

Bryce Brown ...


Maybe Andrew Tiller will sign on the dotted line..We really need to upgrade this o-line with some new blood if for no other reason than to push the returning starters. Competition breeds champions!

lrt those loosers pick against the U! watch us burn 'em on the field and our athelets go to the NFL on draft day while they are undrafted. USF!!! ppplllleeeeaaassse!!

Barrington brought two hats to the club -- Illinois and South Florida -- and placed them on a table.
-- miami herald

U cut him ...


It completley floors me to see a kid pick maryland over the u. Why would u pick a cold weather climate over the u not to mention the n.f.l. potential. The U is a pieline to the league, what has maryland produced


He won't be able cut it at the "U"

36 Current NFL players are from University of Maryland

Quinton Washington announced yesterday that he was going to Michigan. It was reported by the local South Carolina media on the evening news last night.

Debose sent UF his LOI at 8a.m. Sorry U

HE"S A GATOR. Quit dreaming now.

If Bryce spurns U , U will have puke ALL OVER U (likely)

For " We,s building depths,
In the immortal words of Gen. Maximus in Gladiator, " The time for honoring youself will soon be at an end"

Could care less about the Debose decision. He was always a gator commit. He's a great player, should enjoy the gimmicky offense. Go celebrate on the UF blogs Gaytor troll.

Ibis, You can't let yourself get upset over the kids decisions. Whatever school they choose. They have their reasons. No worries. Our class is still great.

Someone go wake up Andrew Tiller and tell him to quit hitting the snooze button.

Go build depths on your own blog.... oh I'm sorry.. does po dunk gainesville not know how to start their own... probably too stupid so their bandwagoner fans from other places have to come find ours

And as for Mr. Debose being a gator.......

luther commits to The U ....

ROBINSON A CANE!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry Shaw...Cane

Cory White has signed With the U

funny thing is.... already saw their little nc plaques on wholesale @ costco... nobody wants that crap in their house...they all just showboat their one ugly orange and blue shirt, hat, and wrangler jeans... for some reason they now belong

No doubt about it force. Our incoming clas is a killer! With or without Bryce! It would be great to land him and see him stick to his commitment, But Lamar Miller is no joke and he is singned sealed and delivered. And lets not for get about Mike James!

Green? Who cares about that phrase uttering moron. Dude couldn't put a sentence together to save his life.

This is the same guy that trumpets "Kohler toilets".

What an enormous tool.

How'd those toilets work out for U Greeeeeeeeeeen?? Were the $17 chicken sandwiches moist and delicious? Was watching Beanpole Harris run for his life in HD more enjoyable. Did Wayne lube you before he bent you over for $20 parking? Did you enjoy the ambiance of having 30k in a 75k stadium? Did you shed a tear of pride when you glanced upon the polyvinyl removable ring of honor?


Posted by: Gator agent provocateur....great work detective greeeeeen | January 29, 2009 at 08:21 AM


But it wasn’t until the Gators returned home from their BCS Championship Game at Dolphin Stadium - home of the world’s largest high-definition video screens - that the need for new scoreboards at BHG became glaringly obvious.
-- pb post


Luther Robinson is official! He is now a Cane.

OL Quinton Washington, St. Stephen's Timberland, S.C.: Michigan

8) Luther Robinson ... C-A-N-E

Rivals has the U and K State for Bryce. I hope he picks today for crying out loud, we don't need the drama.

Where do I sign ?

Andre Dubose

9) Cory White ... C-A-N-E

soon be at an end? Okee dokee hater, U keep believing that. If you had on shred of reality in your brain you would see that UF's depth chart is still GROWING. U can't grasp that. Meyer is still getting the ball rolling fool. This thing is far from winding down.

Andre Debose is officiallly a Gator. Signed his LOI at 8a.m. this morning.
He's our next Harvin.

It's funny to hear you guys harp about how UF will be done when Tebow leaves. U clearly have no idea what U are looking at.

But please, keep hating.

Bryce will NEVER come to UM. He knows what time it is.


link to upcoming announcements over the next 10 hours

It's so great to see Gator fans on a UM forum on signing day. Are you kidding me? Thanks for the support idiots.


link to upcoming announcements over the next 10 hours... plus a running tally of the current ranking classes...

"Bryce will NEVER come to UM. He knows what time it is."

He will also never be a Gaytor. At least we have a great shot at him. Get a life and admit to yourself that you care about what happens in Canes land than you do in Gaytor land. That's why you are on OUR blog. What a loser.

President Roslin to the mutineers in Friday's Battlestar Galactica..."I AM COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!"

Coach Randy Shannon to college football...the same.

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