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Hurricanes National Signing Day blog

Good morning Canes fans. Today is National Signing Day. Or, as UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt once told me, Report Card day for him and the University of Miami coaching staff. It's the day all the hard work they've put in chasing after high school seniors becomes official or unofficial.

As many of you know, the Hurricanes had a collection of 20 commitments before the final 48 hours before NSD began Monday morning. After last night, they still do. Several recruits out-of-state recruits who visited UM the past two weekends have already decided they are passing on the Canes. 

Last night, Jacksonville Parker linebacker Sam Barrington became the latest when he stunned friends and family by choosing the USF Bulls over the Canes and Illinois. Others did the same before Barrington. Cleveland offensive lineman Marcus Hall chose Ohio State. And more could end up doing the same. We just don't know yet.

Lamar Miller signed with the Canes Wednesday. Throughout the day, The Miami Herald will have reporters and correspondents following recruiting. I'll be on the road at Miami Killian for Lamar Miller's announcement at 10 a.m., Miami Pace for cornerback Kayvon Webster at noon and coach Randy Shannon's press conference at UM at 2 p.m. But reporters will be checking in with me to provide updates on other potential Canes and we will post stories online as soon as we get them. I will try to update the blog as much as I can while I'm on the road.

Here is a schedule of key recruits for you to follow with a few notes...

> OL Peter White, St. John's College Prep, Washington, D.C.: White is expected to announce his decision at around 8:45 a.m. There were rumblings late Tuesday night he had already told coaches at Maryland he was headed there. White visited UM last weekend and was also considering Tennessee. We'll have reporter there to send a story. UPDATED at 9:01 a.m.: White has chosen Maryland. Check for a story shortly.

> OL Andrew Tiller, Nassau Community College: The big 6-6, 330 pound tackle prospect is supposed to make a decision from his home around 9 a.m. I've got his phone number and will try to find out what happens shortly after he decides. UPDATED 12:01 p.m.: Rivals.com reports Tiller has chosen Syracuse.

> DL Luther Robinson, Fort Pierce Westwood: His coach Waides Ashmon told me to expect an announcement at 9:30 a.m. Robinson made a few visits to Florida and UCF, but is said to be expected to sign with the Canes. We'll find out soon enough. I'll call Ashmon for an update and interview if possible afterward. UPDATED at 9:58 a.m.: Robinson sticks with the Canes. I'll have an interview later today. 

> CB Kayvon Webster, Monsignor Pace: I'll be at Pace at noon when Webster makes his announcement. There have been reporters Webster is still not 100 percent convinced on UM and is still considering USF. I'm not buying. I think Webster picks UM in the end. UPDATED at 12:31 p.m.: Webster spurns the Canes and shock the world by picking USF. He told me he made his decision about an hour before coming in. He said early playing time was the biggest factor. I believe the fact two of his Pace teammates are a bigger reason -- WR Sterling Griffin and WR Derrick Hopkins. 

> TE/DT Sheldon Richardson, St. Louis Gateway High: Reporter Nate Latsch, a freelancer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, will be there to provide us with a story from what could be Miami's biggest steal of this class. Richardson, a Missouri commitment, visited UM this past weekend. He's expected to make his decision at around 12:30 p.m. our time. UPDATED at 12:37 p.m.: Richardson has decided to stay home and stick with Missouri. 

> OL Quinton Washington, St. Stephen's Timberland, S.C.: All signs have pointed to the fact Washington, a UM visitor this past weekend, is not headed here. It's either going to be Michigan or South Carolina. But you never know if this becomes a stunner when the official announcement is made at 3 p.m.

I said earlier, continue to check back throughout the day for updates, notes, photos and quotes from players, coaches, recruits and recruiting analysts.


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It's official.. Tift County High School LB Shayon Green is now a Cane......... Keep em coming........


Wheeler is in

Green is in

Calling me a hater dosent even begin to decribe my contempt for the gators.And you will soon feel the effects of what the canes had to go through. Losing stud players as underclassmen, losing your best coaches to other schools (Dan Mullen) And keep you repile mouth shut in this blog until you have 5 rings with 3 of them coming by vertue of UNDEFEATED SEASONS...YOU LOST AT HOME TO A UNRANKED TEAM.CHEW ON THAT CHAMP!

10) Shayon Green ... C-A-N-E

Lokie0424 and Green, where can you see oficial lists about who has actually signed?


I appreciate you keeping this blog updated with LOIs. I can do other things and just refresh this.

Thanks again

Manny is Miller in or what?

Let's Go Already Tiller!!!

Tiller and Miller! Tiller and Miller! Fingers crossed. How am I supposed to get anything done today?

Seems to me that there are some worried gator fans in the world. Last I checked Bryce is still a miaimi commit ,and last I checked the u has a top 10 class right now with the gaytors somplace in the back of the pack. How many decommits for the gators so far. Try winning a n.c. with a undefeated season..you lost at home to a unranked team..it was freking halarious watching tebow cry his but off giving gator nation his apology..Pathetic...

Can anyone update us on the recruits????

Nukeese Richardson spurns fu ...


Yeah Go C-A-N-E-S, it would be nice to see one list that keeps getting updated on the blog.

Green is a GREAT pick up...gives us our LB for the class...great pick up!

Who did Nukeese switch to?

11) Jared Wheeler ... C-A-N-E

Lamar Miller in!!

lamar miller just signed, welcome

Lamar Miller just signed LOI for Canes.

Caneiac goto:


I wish Bryce Brown well, he needs to do what's best for him.. who knows if this kid will be a star or not.. it's about the kids returning @ Da "U"..

LOL...LOL.....LOL.....LOL.....Man, look out....I did not know his numbers.....just that he was very productive....NICE

"Miller is confirmed as a Cane signee.

A 5-foot-11, 205 pounder with 4.28-second speed, Miller has been compared to Clinton Portis in his running style."

12) Lamar Miller ... C-A-N-E

Miller is gonna be a stud at The U. If we DO get Brown, the RB crew at The U will just be ridiculous. If not, I feel very confident in the guys we're getting...

Patrick Patterson picked Ol Miss....I love it....Alabama and Tennessee thought it was a two man race....lol.....NSD is hilarious.....

Per green, so far:

1. Stephen Plein
2. Prince Kent
3. Jamal Reid
4. Malcolm Bunche
5. Dyron Dye
6. Ray Ray Armstrong
7. A.J. Highsmith
8. Luther Robinson
9. Cory White
10. Shayon Green
11. Jared Wheeler
12. Lamar Miller

Keep it rollin...

Thanks Lokie0424

Yeah, much appreciated Lokie0424. Green's list follows that one (no discrepancies).

That means that all of our commits are in except Brown and Webster?

I think its funny as hell that there are gator dorks in this blog running their yaps!

according to Canesport and the Lamar Miller updates, just waiting for Kayvon Webster, Tiller and BB (whenever that'll be)

billy sanders to the U

13) Billy Sanders ... C-A-N-E

Apparently, Sanders signed per Scout.

Billy sanders is in

Big B just got signed by Drew Rosenhaus

I really can't believe how much these Gayturd fans are obsessed with Miami Hurricanes Football!! It is truly amazing that no matter how much they brag about their sorry program, that they are constantly worrying about what UM is doing!!

Unbelievable GAYYYYYYTurds!!

Tranquilizar, per rivals/canesport those are the only ones outstanding. So I guess the remainder already started early with the U? That would be:

Mike James
Jermaine Johnson
Brandon McGee
Curtis Porter
Olivier Vernon

Is that right people?

Great news about Sanders in the end! Still, Richardson is the big finishing piece of the puzzle!

Sanders would be a HUGE pick-up. waiting for TOS to release the story

wasn't sanders suppose to go to ucla? great stuff lets keep it moving

yes Caneiac, those guys are already on that UM Pro-work out program (their already enrolled)

Gayturd fans obsessing on a MIAMI blog on signing day... does that speak volumes or what? GO CANES!!!


Coeur d'Alene (ID) Lake City High School TE Billy Sanders committed to Miami early in the recruiting process, then backed out and decommitted to UCLA.

But he took a visit to UM the weekend before signing day, and it convinced him to be a Hurricane.

He is confirmed as a Miami signee.

"It was a tough time deciding," Sanders said. "It was between Miami and UCLA. I decided last night."

What made Miami win out?

"The opportunity to play at tight end early, and their new offensive coordinator (Mark) Whipple who has a lot of tight end plays," Sanders said. "We met with coach Whipple - he just said that I remind him of Bill Celek, the tight end he coached in Philadelphia, and that he thinks it would be a good fit for me to go there."

Sanders also says coach Randy Shannon compared his senior highlight film to a young Jeremy Shockey.

Sanders called up Cane coaches this morning to give them the news.

"They were exited because they need a tight end really badly - they only have one (with experience) going into spring ball," Sanders said.

This past season Sanders had 32 receptions and three touchdowns. He also played defensive end and had 82 tackles and nine sacks.

"I also long snapped," he said.

As a junior at Brophy College Prep in Arizona he played tight end only in the first game, finishing with three catches.

Coaches moved him to defensive end after that and he had 70 tackles and 8.5 sacks.

"We had some injuries on the D line so they shut me off at tight end because they needed more defensive linemen," Sanders said.

The 6-foot-4, 235-pounder with 4.71-second speed says he's happy to be a Cane.

"I'm excited," he said. "I'm excited to go in and play. I'm ready to make an impact."

He hopes that impact comes as a true freshman.

Looks like Billy Sanders came back to sign with the U ...

Pay Attention,
he was headed to UCLA until USC lost their #1 TE to UCLA

Jermaine Johnson
Brandon McGee
Curtis Porter
Mike James
Olivier Vernon
Brandon Washington


Canieac, all those guys signed their LOI according to Rivals.

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