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Hurricanes National Signing Day blog

Good morning Canes fans. Today is National Signing Day. Or, as UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt once told me, Report Card day for him and the University of Miami coaching staff. It's the day all the hard work they've put in chasing after high school seniors becomes official or unofficial.

As many of you know, the Hurricanes had a collection of 20 commitments before the final 48 hours before NSD began Monday morning. After last night, they still do. Several recruits out-of-state recruits who visited UM the past two weekends have already decided they are passing on the Canes. 

Last night, Jacksonville Parker linebacker Sam Barrington became the latest when he stunned friends and family by choosing the USF Bulls over the Canes and Illinois. Others did the same before Barrington. Cleveland offensive lineman Marcus Hall chose Ohio State. And more could end up doing the same. We just don't know yet.

Lamar Miller signed with the Canes Wednesday. Throughout the day, The Miami Herald will have reporters and correspondents following recruiting. I'll be on the road at Miami Killian for Lamar Miller's announcement at 10 a.m., Miami Pace for cornerback Kayvon Webster at noon and coach Randy Shannon's press conference at UM at 2 p.m. But reporters will be checking in with me to provide updates on other potential Canes and we will post stories online as soon as we get them. I will try to update the blog as much as I can while I'm on the road.

Here is a schedule of key recruits for you to follow with a few notes...

> OL Peter White, St. John's College Prep, Washington, D.C.: White is expected to announce his decision at around 8:45 a.m. There were rumblings late Tuesday night he had already told coaches at Maryland he was headed there. White visited UM last weekend and was also considering Tennessee. We'll have reporter there to send a story. UPDATED at 9:01 a.m.: White has chosen Maryland. Check for a story shortly.

> OL Andrew Tiller, Nassau Community College: The big 6-6, 330 pound tackle prospect is supposed to make a decision from his home around 9 a.m. I've got his phone number and will try to find out what happens shortly after he decides. UPDATED 12:01 p.m.: Rivals.com reports Tiller has chosen Syracuse.

> DL Luther Robinson, Fort Pierce Westwood: His coach Waides Ashmon told me to expect an announcement at 9:30 a.m. Robinson made a few visits to Florida and UCF, but is said to be expected to sign with the Canes. We'll find out soon enough. I'll call Ashmon for an update and interview if possible afterward. UPDATED at 9:58 a.m.: Robinson sticks with the Canes. I'll have an interview later today. 

> CB Kayvon Webster, Monsignor Pace: I'll be at Pace at noon when Webster makes his announcement. There have been reporters Webster is still not 100 percent convinced on UM and is still considering USF. I'm not buying. I think Webster picks UM in the end. UPDATED at 12:31 p.m.: Webster spurns the Canes and shock the world by picking USF. He told me he made his decision about an hour before coming in. He said early playing time was the biggest factor. I believe the fact two of his Pace teammates are a bigger reason -- WR Sterling Griffin and WR Derrick Hopkins. 

> TE/DT Sheldon Richardson, St. Louis Gateway High: Reporter Nate Latsch, a freelancer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, will be there to provide us with a story from what could be Miami's biggest steal of this class. Richardson, a Missouri commitment, visited UM this past weekend. He's expected to make his decision at around 12:30 p.m. our time. UPDATED at 12:37 p.m.: Richardson has decided to stay home and stick with Missouri. 

> OL Quinton Washington, St. Stephen's Timberland, S.C.: All signs have pointed to the fact Washington, a UM visitor this past weekend, is not headed here. It's either going to be Michigan or South Carolina. But you never know if this becomes a stunner when the official announcement is made at 3 p.m.

I said earlier, continue to check back throughout the day for updates, notes, photos and quotes from players, coaches, recruits and recruiting analysts.


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I thought I heard the sound of another Blackberry breaking in Gainesville

President Roslin to the mutineers in Friday's Battlestar Galactica..."I AM COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!"

Coach Randy Shannon to college football...the same.

Posted by: TonyCane | February 04, 2009 at 10:04 AM

Cool another BSG Fan who is also A CANE fan...
Need we say more? Also Hi! gHaters! Thanks for supporting THE Eye On The U Blog. We won't be returning the favor...

Andrew Tiller Signs with home state Syracuse; his JUCO coach is now there...

I think it was a bad move, career wise, but put your self in his shoes; he's a kid who probably has all of the trust in the world in his former coach...

Could this be good for UM football?


I think so

Massie signed with Ole Miss

The Rivals Wire apparently removed their one-liner about Tiller and the Oranges. What the hell does that mean? Does anyone else have any other source regarding tiller?

According to Canestime, Quinton Washington has already signed his LOI with Michigan.

Instead of hanging around on their own website, isn't it amusing to see how intensely interested in the U the assorted lizard fans are. Despite what they arrogantly proclaim, if they weren't worried about the resurgence of the U, they wouldn't care.

In my uninformed opinion, I think BB has his mind made up. It doesn't matter if we keep landing the big uglies or not.
I think it's a combo of the #1 status going to his head and the $$$ factor for his mentor's website.
If he holds out and keeps his mouth shut, the only info outlet will be Butler's site, and people will pay to get some info on the status of the nation's #1 recruit.
Not saying I agree with him his antics, but I have to believe that's gotta be the case. He committed to us a year ago and his brother is here, I think he's coming.

I think malcolm Bunche is better than Tiller anyway. Everything will work out. overall, a great class so far. Let's see if there are any more surprises. Go Canes!!

ChicagoCane: Gore and Clements are good but they need to have great senior years to convince me that they are of the caliber of Mike James, Lamar Miller and Bryce Bruce.

Bernard, the kid up at St. Thomas Aquinas is best in the South Florida 2010 recruits.

Canestime also reports that TE Billy Sanders has signed his LOI with the U after all. Go Canes!

Check out this disturbing story!


Bryce Brown contemplating Canadian Football League

I think we get this kid Richardson but I think he might be cutting it close on qualifying. He is our shocker of the day but he has to get qualified. He might end up at a prep school for the fall and be here next spring semester.

Am I seeing correctly that Sanders switched back to UM?

Any word on Massie and Campbell from Hargrave?

Telfort to USC and not Florida!

Looks like Ole Miss for Massie

Am I seeing correctly that Sanders switched back to UM?

Any word on Massie and Campbell from Hargrave?

Posted by: AZCanesDude | February 04, 2009 at 11:26 AM

Yes it's true!

Massie to Ole Miss.....poor Nick Saban!!

I think Miami blew it with Frankie Telefort the kid is gonna be a star. Even if he was too small he could have been a Defensive back. USC just got a steal and Coach Shannon blew it. I love the U so we win some we lose some.

Honestly, What we have already confirmed will make us alot better next fall. I can't wait to see what Bryce Brown does! Any word on Tiller?

Bummer about Massie. Any chance at Campbell? Sorry for repeat questions and comments if I have any. Clearly the whole PhD thing doesn't help my ability to read "More Comments". HAHA!

JRod....isn't that crazy? Dude after reading that article it really makes me think that Butler is in it for himself.....but from my take of the Brown family, they seem to be real focused and depedent on the Lord, I would be HIGHLY surprised if they allow that to happen, and have Bryce not get a college degree and go play in Canada.....that is just ridiculous.....why would someone even think that?.....WOW!

Brian Butler = Jim Jones of high school football, don't drink the Kool Aid kids. and no I'm not talking about Jim Jones the rapper..

As far as the Shalala story...Luke for prez!

Tiller has not signed yet according to Rivals.

there are better Offensive Lineman in next years recruting class. We will be fine!! Go Canes!! I personally think Lamar Miller is the best running back in the country period!! he is a hell of a running back

Brian Butler is a crook, and he's going to get caught and shut down real soon.

Brian Butler=Crook

Can someone tell me the difference between an "Advisor" who creates a paid website on behalf of a client and an agent? I really hope that Brown didn't break any recruiting rules that would cause him to become ineligible.

More importantly, someone needs to give this Butler dude a beatdown. I hope while at Miami Brown will take a class that will teach him the difference between advising and exploiting...

BTW, ESPN has Miami as the #6 Class.

Billy sanders cane we got a te

Houston... I don't believe that he would go to Canada either, but the fact that this scumbag is whispering all this crazy talk in his ear scares me... If he does come to UM and gets popped for "inappropriate contact with an agent" aka Brian Butler, you know that UM will get the "death penalty" from the NCAA...

They are probaly already drafting the NCAA sanction paperwork in anticipation of BB signing with us

When you combine Miami's recruting class last year and this year, it's loaded with playmakers and talent. Go Canes!! Why do you think the gators fans are so worried?


Denard Robinson picked Michigan over Florida
Telfor Usc over Flroida

UF your 15 minutes are up!!!

The class "ranking" is bogus. ESPN only has the Canes ranked that high because of the number of ESPN150 recruits. Scouts Inc. has them at 17, currently. The bottom line question: which team has filled its gaps the best? Miami has addressed the D-line and secondary issues, clearly. They've addressed the O-line issues as well. They also added a stellar RB class with or without Brown in the end, a QB, and several TE's (maybe Richardson too...knock on wood). They did not add any linebackers or wide receivers, but last year's class in those positions was outstanding.

I can't give Miami an A+ because on paper they lost out on some guys, but so far I think they are in the A range.

It is troubling to see how many people can get sucked in by a con man like butler. The previous post says it best...The longer Bryce waits to announce, the more hits his 59 dollar a year web site gets...What an unimaginable dirt bag. I would like to officialy nominate him for director of public relations for the university of florida!

Webster at noon and Richardson at 12:30 are big..

Is Billy Sanders and Malcolm Bunche signed with the U yet? Just asking.

Canestime's commit list now shows that Jamal Reid has signed his LOI with the U. That only leaves Webster and Brown unsigned. GO CANES!!!

Bill Sanders TE switched from UCLA to the U. He is a CANE.

We didnt get any lbs or wrs because we cleaned house last year aldarius, leron. spence, brown ,etc...

Miller & don't forget about Mike James-He is also a stud. Keep the scholarships for next year because Dade county is stacked next year.

Billy Sanders TE is a Cane. Switched from UCLA. My computer is freaking out, and posting wrong.

Posted by: AZCanesDude | February 04, 2009 at 11:44 AM

They definitely didn't sign "several TEs". I think the Billy Sanders committment helps a lot. Could've used another couple of corners too. Webster decision will be huge.

I give this class a B+, Richardson would push it to A range forme

yeah, the depth of last year's class was off the charts. i have no complaints about not getting any wr's or lb's this year. i think miami only offered like 3 scholly's to wr's this year anyway. and they couldn't have looked at more than about 5 or 6 lb's either. besides, ray ray could end up being a hybrid safety/linebacker in the end.

"Cheese" Robinson C-A-N-E!

This class is pretty good. 4 big offensive lineman, possibly 5 if Cory White plays OLine. Minimum of two solid RB's. Miller and James may be just as good as Brown because of the talent they have to play against. No need for many big WR's, we signed about 15 of them last year. The signing of Vernon, Robinson, Porter, and Dye are huge and should all probably see the field next year. And the DB's were all really good signings. These two classes, including last year's, are really special. Here comes the U!!

Teague to Tennessee over UF...Ha Ha

Billy Sanders pulled a Cookie today and signed with UM

This class is great! We signed players for need positions, not just debth. Our biggest need was OL and we have two players already signed and attending school.

not just players, good players. players with high ceilings.

I'll tell you what time it is,losah "We is..": It's CANE TIME, N--GGA, and don't you forget it!

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