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Hurricanes National Signing Day blog

Good morning Canes fans. Today is National Signing Day. Or, as UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt once told me, Report Card day for him and the University of Miami coaching staff. It's the day all the hard work they've put in chasing after high school seniors becomes official or unofficial.

As many of you know, the Hurricanes had a collection of 20 commitments before the final 48 hours before NSD began Monday morning. After last night, they still do. Several recruits out-of-state recruits who visited UM the past two weekends have already decided they are passing on the Canes. 

Last night, Jacksonville Parker linebacker Sam Barrington became the latest when he stunned friends and family by choosing the USF Bulls over the Canes and Illinois. Others did the same before Barrington. Cleveland offensive lineman Marcus Hall chose Ohio State. And more could end up doing the same. We just don't know yet.

Lamar Miller signed with the Canes Wednesday. Throughout the day, The Miami Herald will have reporters and correspondents following recruiting. I'll be on the road at Miami Killian for Lamar Miller's announcement at 10 a.m., Miami Pace for cornerback Kayvon Webster at noon and coach Randy Shannon's press conference at UM at 2 p.m. But reporters will be checking in with me to provide updates on other potential Canes and we will post stories online as soon as we get them. I will try to update the blog as much as I can while I'm on the road.

Here is a schedule of key recruits for you to follow with a few notes...

> OL Peter White, St. John's College Prep, Washington, D.C.: White is expected to announce his decision at around 8:45 a.m. There were rumblings late Tuesday night he had already told coaches at Maryland he was headed there. White visited UM last weekend and was also considering Tennessee. We'll have reporter there to send a story. UPDATED at 9:01 a.m.: White has chosen Maryland. Check for a story shortly.

> OL Andrew Tiller, Nassau Community College: The big 6-6, 330 pound tackle prospect is supposed to make a decision from his home around 9 a.m. I've got his phone number and will try to find out what happens shortly after he decides. UPDATED 12:01 p.m.: Rivals.com reports Tiller has chosen Syracuse.

> DL Luther Robinson, Fort Pierce Westwood: His coach Waides Ashmon told me to expect an announcement at 9:30 a.m. Robinson made a few visits to Florida and UCF, but is said to be expected to sign with the Canes. We'll find out soon enough. I'll call Ashmon for an update and interview if possible afterward. UPDATED at 9:58 a.m.: Robinson sticks with the Canes. I'll have an interview later today. 

> CB Kayvon Webster, Monsignor Pace: I'll be at Pace at noon when Webster makes his announcement. There have been reporters Webster is still not 100 percent convinced on UM and is still considering USF. I'm not buying. I think Webster picks UM in the end. UPDATED at 12:31 p.m.: Webster spurns the Canes and shock the world by picking USF. He told me he made his decision about an hour before coming in. He said early playing time was the biggest factor. I believe the fact two of his Pace teammates are a bigger reason -- WR Sterling Griffin and WR Derrick Hopkins. 

> TE/DT Sheldon Richardson, St. Louis Gateway High: Reporter Nate Latsch, a freelancer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, will be there to provide us with a story from what could be Miami's biggest steal of this class. Richardson, a Missouri commitment, visited UM this past weekend. He's expected to make his decision at around 12:30 p.m. our time. UPDATED at 12:37 p.m.: Richardson has decided to stay home and stick with Missouri. 

> OL Quinton Washington, St. Stephen's Timberland, S.C.: All signs have pointed to the fact Washington, a UM visitor this past weekend, is not headed here. It's either going to be Michigan or South Carolina. But you never know if this becomes a stunner when the official announcement is made at 3 p.m.

I said earlier, continue to check back throughout the day for updates, notes, photos and quotes from players, coaches, recruits and recruiting analysts.


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Hey guys... checking in from Monsignor Pace where we are waiting for Kayvon Webster. I'll fill you on what happens.

lost out on tiller. bummer. think he could've made an immediate impact.

Got off the phone with some Cane coaches who are worried about Webster.

Tiller to the Syracuse...just reported by Scout.com


You better get over to the Tenn. blogs and start telling them how bad they suck! They are KILLING you with their new 5 million dollar coaching staff and recruiters! The U obviously does not need gimmicky coaches or promises! Come to The U, go to the "League"! It's music to a recruits ear!


Go 'canes!

Manny is the best!

C'mon Webster.

Yo U ? Any O.L. ?

Thanks Manny,
Keep up the great work, and go CANES

Tiller to the Cuse.

Webster has come in wearing a UM sweatshirt and a Canes tie. Is he a comedian?

Sarasota 'cane are you talking to me???

Is your name Kehoe?

he better not disrespect the canes like that.

I wonder if the Billy Sanders singning at TE, will make Sheldon Richardson-TE change his mind , and make him sign with his home team....

I think miami has done a great job, you can't really blame Shannnon when a kid he's recruiting decides to stay close to home...

That has everything to do with a kids personal preference and how close a kid is to thier family, and whether or not the kid feels his family will be able to see him play...

If i was a recuit, i would consider my mom being able to see me, as well as my ability to goto a program and still have the enough exposer to make it to the next level.

Some kids are more mature, and really look at thier opportunity to star at Miami, which will equate to a shot at the NFL....

Shannon is doing a great job, Him taking over as DC, and having the assistance from Whip, will have the U back on top!!!

We have what we need, everything else will be a plus for us!

Manny I think Webster is going to the U....


Nope...I didn;t know he was in here....

Jelani Jenkins LOI to UF HUGE COMMIT


Five Star DT Gary Brown LOI to UF rated in everyones top 25

Dee Finley DB LOI to UF sorry U

Jordan Reed dual threat 4-star Qb LOI to UF

RB Mike Gillislee LOI to UF

Jelani and Andre are both HUGE additions . This is a stellar class. Jelani will be better than Brandon Spikes. Combine these two with Gary Brown and its already a highly successful day.

Better jump in Nu'Keese. You'll miss the bus .

Don't worry fools. Nuke was taking a free vacation and messing with those necks. He'l be in orange and blue at days end.

Urban Meyer is exacting his typically big last day on the competition. U are getting smoked.

What would be better than to see Luther Richardson LOI to UF? Not that UF needs him, it would just be fun to watch U get spurned.

Can't wait to see your 3-star O-line grab at days end. U fools just don't get it.


Richardson should know he is better than Sanders if he wants to be, if he wants to do the hard work, if he wants to be a Cane.

Bad signal Manny.

Coming in like that tells me that he is going to USF & enjoying his 15 minutes

No one cares about UF.

That would be messed up and he better hope he doesn't see the field when we play USF

Webster is going to South Florida. He tucked his Canes tie in his sweater.

lame. that kid just made a poor decision in terms of schools and how he announced as well.

yo depths,
we aint be got no time for yo foolishness.So take yo monkey ass back to canesvillewhere it belong! There you go canes fans. proof positve that the world is in no short supply of oxygen deprived gator retards

thats some bull$hit.... gonna pay for that one

He's signed his scholarship and going to USF with his teammates. I'll have an interview with him now.

Is that official?

god damn

His loss. See ya, Gayvon.

We's building depths

It looks as though athlete Nu’Keese Richardson from Pahokee High School in Florida is going to be a big Signing Day coup for the Tennessee Vols. Richardson had been committed to Florida for months. Richardson is a top-10 ranked wide receiver and a four-star athlete. Tennessee could also poach Marsalis Teague off of Florida’s commitment list today. --Scott Kennedy

best of luck to him and barrington, but that was the opposite of class.

I definitely agree...we filled gaps in positions of need (OL, DL, DB, RB, TE) and built depth at those need positions based on sheer #s.

OL: 4-5
DL: 4-5
DB: 4-5
RB: 2-3
TE: 2-4

However, I think we're much thinnerat LB though, with all the position changes.

'07: Bailey to DL
'08: Robinson, Hardin to DL; Cookie to S; Kane and Harper never came; Marti possibly off team

That leaves only 3 guys out of 8-9 signees from '08 that are still playing LB...Arthur Brown, Sean Spence and Jordan Futch.

Add the fact that Adkins, Romeo and Cook are gone and that leaves us pretty weak...I hope we go hard after some LBs in the '10 class. Not sure if there are any good local kids in the upcoming class aside from Ajagbe @ Ransom. There weren't many in this year's class so can't blame the coaching staff too much there.

ok, time for richardson soon...

What a punk coming in with a UM tie on and signing with USF. See you on the field boy!

punch him in his mouth... and take our um gear off him and choke him with the tie... disrespect us like that and watch... gonna get laid out on first special teams play

O well, that's a wrap...forget what was, and let's focus on what could be.....update on Richardson?

Thanks manny, Oh-well, that gives us more recruits for next year's class. Go Canes!!

Guess we shouldn't be totally surprised. Gotta' give Jim Leavitt credit for starting a program from scratch and building it to national status. Guess he actually washed uniforms, too, in their first years...and has stayed with them when other bigger football programs came calling.

Webster thanks he's funny ha?

Hope he plays next year!!!

Remember when we all thought we'd collapse without Deonte Thompson? Don't even remember him anymore.

Posted by: ChicagoCane

Kid has ELECTRIC speed. Scored 3 Td's in 08. Will score MANY more in 09. He looks to be a huge part of another championship. Go ahead and forget about him.

As of now (lemme know if something was missed):

1. Jermaine Johnson
2. Brandon McGee
3. Curtis Porter
4. Mike James
5. Olivier Vernon
6. Brandon Washington


7. Stephen Plein
8. Prince Kent
9. Jamal Reid
10. Malcolm Bunche
11. Dyron Dye
12. Ray Ray Armstrong
13. A.J. Highsmith
14. Luther Robinson
15. Cory White
16. Shayon Green
17. Jared Wheeler
18. Lamar Miller
19. Billy Sanders


Waiting on:
Whoever else they have up their sleeve?

Let them enjoy their 15 minutes. I wish him well too. He had his reasons for picking USF. More than likely it was his friends influence. Win some, lose some. It happens every year. It is still a great class!

Don't break you blackberry!!!

Lawrence Henderson is also on the list of maybes.

Bummer again to lose out on Webster, but realistically he has a better chance of starting without having to compete as hard at USF. Not a fan of going about it that way, but it seems like a lot of guys like to be clowns with this recruiting stuff.

Webster is smarter than U are

I'll snicker about that one the rest of the WEEK

With or without Nuke, UF has ALREADY had a monster signing day

Andre Debose

Jelani Jenkins

OK Manny get over to report on Sheldon

Richardson is staying with the tigers.

Webster said the opportunity to play early is what ultimately swayed him. Considering UM has four other defensive backs I wouldn't call it a huge loss. But I really like Webster as a player. Just another sign you have to respect USF as an up-and-coming power. It certainly isn't just the Big 3 anymore.

this idioit is too funny, i would love to play uf before 2013 but we will have to wait on that date. i think u better be worried about lsu, south carolina, and possibly tennesse. it aint looking to good for uf, look at the bigger picture and that is .worry about the teams in ur own confrence buddy. jesus had a hater miami has one as well and its the guy that live at his computer desk.

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