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Jack, Canes get job done at Virginia

I wasn't in Charlottesville for tonight's must-win game for the Canes, but I did catch UM's 62-55 win over Virginia at home and wanted to share a few observations...

> Before we get to the highlights, here's what Thursday's win means: Miami's NCAA Tournament hopes are still alive. UM has now improved to 6-8 in ACC play and moved up one spot in the conference standings after N.C. State fell to 5-8 with a loss to Wake Forest Thursday. What the Canes would love to do by the end of the season (at the very least) is move into eighth place in the ACC standings. Maryland is the next team ahead of UM, a half-game in front with a 6-7 record. The Terps have N.C. State, Wake Forest and Virginia left on the schedule.

Jack McClinton > Thursday night's performance for Jack McClinton wasn't spectacular. But it was still special. The Cavaliers ripped the defensive playbook from Florida State and played McClinton face-up the entire night, denying him any breathing room when he got the ball. But when the going got tough, Jack still did what he had to do to put Miami over the top. People will point to his three-pointer with 46 seconds left, which put UM up 60-55. But his steal on Virginia's possession right before it was an ever bigger play. Most people weren't aware of this, but apparently McClinton was playing with a brace on a recently sprained left knee. He didn't practice all week because of it. McClinton's final stat line says he finished with 11 points on 3-of-10 shooting to go with three turnovers. But he still was the reason UM was able to come away with a good road win.

> While Dwayne Collins has disappeared down the stretch this season (he had 6 points and 4 rebounds in 18 minutes Thursday), senior Brian Asbury deserves a lot of credit for stepping his game up and being the second leader UM has needed. In my opinion, AB has been the second-best player on the court in ACC play for UM night in and night out. He led the Canes with 13 points Thursday and had four rebounds to go with two assists. His numbers aren't eye-opening, but he does all the little things UM has needed from him to win these close game. His offensive rebound and put-back with 2:41 left gave UM a 57-55 lead. He made plenty more big plays before that, too.  

> The Canes have two games left and a nice little break before their next game -- at Georgia Tech on Wednesday. That's a nice six day break for McClinton, who obviously could use more time to get over that sprained knee. 


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Great write-up, Manny. Here's to hoping for a couple more wins and a Tourney bid.

When does football start?

Great win, fellas! One at a time, one at a time.

Go Canes!

MAnny- I chose not to read Cote's blog, butone of th eheadlines is "UM out of the running for Bryce Brown" waddup?

UM's last two wins have been gutsy. That's what we need at this stage. Guts.

Manny- I read the blog. Cote seems quite sure of his inside source saying UM is no longer "in the running" for BB. Kansas State and Oregon are the most probable....etc etc

All due respect, did Cote get this right? Did he scoop you on this? IS this for real? Is this (thankfully) the end of this charade?

let's get this show on the road, then.

Conflicting news on Brown...

From Sports Illistrated 2/26

The father of Bryce Brown, the nation's No. 1 player, said reports of his son dropping Miami and narrowing his choices to LSU and Kansas State are not true.

The Miami Herald reported in a blog posted on its Web site that a source familiar with the decision process said Thursday morning that Brown had eliminated the Hurricanes. However, Arthur Brown Sr., Bryce's father, said the report is inaccurate.

"That's not true," Brown told Rivals.com Thursday. "That's categorically false."

Brown and Bryce's mentor, Brian Butler, both confirmed that plans for a visit to LSU this weekend are still on schedule, but there has been a complication that might make a final visit to Miami scheduled for next week difficult.

"We just had a death in the family," Brown said. "My whole intention was to take this visit this week (to LSU), then when Bryce comes back he would fly to Miami Tuesday for an unofficial visit. With everything that's going on and the funeral arrangements that are being made, I'm not sure even if that's going to be possible."

"With all this going on I'm not really sure we're going to be able to keep that time frame. I know we want to wrap this all up. But to answer your question about Miami, Miami is definitely still strongly under consideration, and he's committed.

Butler echoed the Brown's thoughts on Miami.

"Bryce has not dropped Miami," Butler said. "Bryce has talked to the coaches, let them know that Miami is still definitely still under his consideration and that he's still committed to Miami. He has not dropped Miami."

Brown already has taken visits to Clemson, Oregon, Tennessee, Kansas State and Missouri, and Clemson and Missouri appear to be no longer under consideration. Brown will announce his decision March 12 at the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.

Posted by: texascane | February 27, 2009 at 09:03 AM on Canespace

CAt5- Thanks dude. Good info. Manny- hire the man. he can be your assistant, while you cover the b-ball and baseball teams.

Haith needs to have a very serious conversation with DC about asserting himself offensively. Virginia is soft inside yet he did NOTHING. The same for GT. He did well against NC State earlier in the season so should have some confidence for that one.

I agree with you 100% Manny on Collins disappearing. In addition, Collins is turining into a baby. When coaches took him out he threw his mouthpiece into the crowd. What the heck is Collins doing out there? The guy cut to the FT line instead of to the basket and shoots a fade away jumper. Does he not know he can't shoot from out there? There were several instances where he got pushed out of the lane when he caught the ball in the post. If he played with the effort that Graham plays with he would be a 15 and 10 guy every game. He doesn't work. My kid actually asked me "Why is Collins so bad daddy? He's really strong." I told him it's because he doesn't work hard. Collins sucks. You had a good article on the guards not to long ago. How about the other positions? Does anybody know?

I agree, Manny. Asbury has stepped up recently and made some big time plays when we've needed them. He recognized last month that he was in a huge 3 point shooting slump, so he's now become much more assertive in driving to the basket and taking pull-up jumpers.

Wake up the sleeping giant. Collins can be really really good. He's just been sleeping. Coach's job is to find a way to wake him up and unleash him as a beast upon his prey underneath. Wake up DC, you are hungry, and Yellow Jackets are tasty with your cereal and Wolf meat is great for dinner!

Kudos to Coach Randy Shannon for getting 2 All-American caliber running back recruits lined up for the U. He covered the scenario of losing Bruce Brown very well.

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