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Jacory Harris: 'New playbook like a dictionary'

Hurricanes football is back in session. Day 1 of spring practice is in the books. What happened? What was said? What did we learn about Randy Shannon's football team after getting a chance to watch them run around in shorts and helmets for an hour and a half at Greentree Practice FIeld?

Freshman tackle Jermaine Johnson (wearing 78) and running back Lee Chambers (32) make their way to Greentree practice field Tuesday for the start of spring drills. > All six freshmen who were early enrollees made their debut and did good things according to coach Randy Shannon, who said the first few days of spring practice are really intended for receivers and defensive backs to work hard while linemen and running backs wait for the pads to come on (Saturday).

Cornerback Brandon McGee, one of those six freshmen, described the day as a great experience. McGee is seeing most of his time at right cornerback behind junior Demarcus Van Dyke. McGee said he spends a lot of time going to senior Randy Phillips for advice. You can tell McGee is already fitting in just fine. During his interview, linebacker Sean Spence came by and pulled his shorts down. McGee laughed, but kept his composure and lifted them back up.

> If there is a freshman who is making an early impression consider it running back Mike James, who had sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris raving Tuesday. 

"I could go into the city, go home and people will be like I can't wait for Lamar Miller [to get there]," Harris said. "I'll be like 'I can't wait for you to see Mike James.' This guy really impressed me. He would call me to come out and throw on Saturdays when nobody was out here. He would tell me I got to be like [former Georgia running back] Knowshown Moreno. He sits up there and admires everybody. He's just so hardworking and determined, he wants to make it. The man, for a freshman, is super strong. Today, he maxed out at 350 [pounds]. I forgot what he squated, but it was like 400, 500 pounds. He's a man."


> No one was a more popular man after practice with reporters than new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, who was made available Tuesday to the media by Shannon for this one and only time (that is of course unless we decide to do a quarterback feature). Whipple didn't shed a whole lot of new information on the offense he's installing, but from what we heard from players there is definitely a lot of excitement surrounding the new offensive boss' creativeness. 

For starters, they are no longer studying film at the college level. Whipple has them breaking down NFL film.

"The new playbook looks like a dictionary," Harris said. "When I first saw it, it was stacked 10 inches high. But to be honest, it's not that hard to figure out. Once you learn the concepts, everything comes into place and that playbook shrinks...

"You can definitely sense the creativity in some of the formations. It's something he was telling us is not his offense, but bits and pieces of everything he's learned from being in the NFL. That's his style."

Jacory Harris takes a snap before the start of practice. > Harris said a big difference in the way quarterbacks play in Whipple's offense is how quickly they make their reads. He said it feels more like the offense he ran at Miami Northwestern because how quickly he gets the ball out of his hands. 

"It's kind of a big difference," Harris said. "If your No. 1 option is not there on your third step, you move quickly to No. 2, No. 3, No. 4. Your eyes are constantly scanning so that as soon as you see a linebacker move here or a safety or a corner, somebody is open. The ball should be out quick. Basically, I'm not there to be the one to sit in the pocket and run around. I'm just here to deliver the ball to the playmakers."

> Harris (who separated his shoulder at the Emerald Bowl) told us he's still experiencing some slight pain in his throwing arm and has continued to participate in rehab twice a day. Tuesday, he was wearing a long sock taped to his arm. But that was more for style than protection. Jacory by the way is up another three pounds and says he weighs 189. 

"Basically, I've been taking protein shakes and eating more," Harris said. "I don't have classes on Tuesday and Thursdays, so I go to the MLK restaurant on NW 62nd and 27th Ave. I go down there and get a big breakfast, come back go to sleep and go to meetings. I'm eating a lot."

> As expected, Harris took all of the snaps with the first team Tuesday and looked solid in a variety of drills, getting the ball quickly to his receivers, tight ends and running backs out of the backfield. He was often firing the ball before receivers even made their break, which allowed them time to react to the defense in open space.

> Redshirt freshman Taylor Cook certainly looked like the more impressive the two backup quarterbacks to me. Cannon Smith (5-11) can barely see over the offensive line and at times -- I thought -- had trouble finding receivers. Cook showed me he has a strong arm, but if you ask coaches, he has a ways to go. 

TOP PLAYS: UM didn't run 11-on-11 drills very long and spent most of the day working on 7-on-7 drills. There were no touchdowns, long completions or turnovers -- just like there was no real hitting. But there were a few nice plays made by Graig Cooper, Javarris James and freshman running back Mike James. Baby J brought the loudest roar to the sideline when caught a ball in the flat and made a move on linebacker Kylan Robinson, shaking him out of his shoes, en route to a big gain upfield.

WHERE THEY WERE WORKING: As far as how players lined up, there were no surprises. The first team offensive line featured Jason Fox at left tackle, Orlando Franklin at left guard, A.J. Trump at center, Harland Gunn at right guard and Matt Pipho at right tackle. They were backed up in order by freshman Jermaine Johnson, Ian Symonnette (who did look a tad slimmer), Tyler Horn, freshman Brandon Washington and redshirt freshman Ben Jones (who is wearing Xavier Shannon's old No. 55).

The receivers constantly rotated with different units as did the running backs. The defense's back seven looked like this -- first unit: Demarcus Van Dyke and Chavez Grant at corner, Vaughn Telemaque and Jojo Nicholas at safety; Darryl Sharpton (middle), Sean Spence (weak) and Kylan Robinson (strong) at linebacker. The second team unit in the same order featured Ryan Hill and Brandon McGee at corner, Joe Wylie and C.J. Holton at safety and Jordan Futch (strong), Arthur Brown (middle) and Ramon Buchanon (weak) at linebacker.

INJURIES: Defensive end Gavin Hardin suffered some cramps near the end of practice, but other than that there were no injuries. Receiver Kendal Thompkins and tight end Tervaris Johnson wore green jerseys to designate they could not be hit during practice since they are both still returning from injury. 


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Thanks Mannie

Mannie, Where is Brandon Harris in the 2 deep? Why is R. Hill already backing up DVD?

Nice work Manny. Let's hope everything cranks up and goes for the rest of spring.

Go Canes, Go Randy Shannon - hit it HARD boys.

mike james has been a sleeper the whole time he has been recruited.now he will show his stuff on the field for the ppl that have never seen him play(such as myself).he will get the much attention he deserves i can't wait to see how we do come august. LETS GET IT!!!!

good Q Josh, I was wondering the same thing!

Good overview.

I hope Taylor Cook is a quick study or Jacory stays healthy. I like the fact that Whipple's O features quick reads and throws. Not only does that let the QB dictate, it keeps the sacks way down. Keeping my fingers crossed that the OL develops and stays healthy also. Next year we will shore up depth at QB, OL, and TE, but this year its about getting the most out of the guys we have and staying healthy.

Brandon Harris, Davon Johnson, and Travis Benjamin have Track obligations for the first week I heard, which is why B. Harris wasn't on the 2 Deep.

JJ's gonna have a good senior year. he has the tools. just has to stay healthy and it seems like he's gettin back the attitude to really have a special year. and i can't wait to see mike james.

great post btw manny.

Man i am not going to lie I have a little chub thinking about football this year!!! Go CANES

manny how did AB and Futch look out there in their positions? And who does it look like is playing leader on the defense out there??

Q Manny how you rank Berry among the running backs

Mike James I knew he was a sleeper. Forget about Bryce let him go to Tennessee witht that idiot Lane Kiffin

I like the quick reads by teh QB in Whip's offense too. I think a big part of the Miami QB problem in the past couple of years has been too much holding onto the ball and still making bad decisions. I don't know if this will eliminate int's, but maybe it will open up more big plays. Anyway, nice to hear some of the ins and outs.

Mike James sounds good. If he really does weigh 215 as a freshman and can earn some praise for having quick feet and a good work ethic, he could be exactly what Miami needs. Bryce or no Bryce, new faces and more depth are always a good thing.

Manny, how'd the guys' conditioning appear? Hardin being the only one with cramps is probably a good sign for Day1. It always seemed like the old Coker guys came up sluggish and lazy, but RS has preached changing that ideal.

Davon Johnson must not be running track because he is number 81 in the picture behind Jacory


did you talk to Vaughn Telemaque? And is he 100% healthy?


The key to this team succeeding more in 2009 will be staying healthy...What will A. Swasey do differently (if anything) to condition these guys for the upcoming season?


What do you think about Tommy Streeter ? He is 100% ?


I like the bit on breaking down NFL film, pretty impressive. I'm worried about Jacory's shoulder though. I had a similar issue in college, I got over it with therapy, but I wasn't a QB.

Darryl Sharpton (middle), Sean Spence (weak) and Kylan Robinson (strong) at linebacker... Jordan Futch (strong), Arthur Brown (middle) and Ramon Buchanon (weak) at linebacker.


Having Kylan Robinson (strong) at linebacker is a joke... has this guy even had any snaps in that spot in previous practices through the years at least?

Utilize the guy for what he is, we need some big bruisers to wear the defense down at times.

I'm not sure where the philosophy came from, but it seems that only scat-backs and Edge's Cousin are the only one's getting opportunities at the RB position.

Some guys are gamers, and are better utilized based ont he certain situations/tempo of the game. Let Kylan remain at running back, so that he can bust throught a 3rd and 2 for a first down.

Just cause the guy maybe hasnt busted at 90 yard run in practice shouldn't eliminate his value in the backfield.

Thats my only complaint as far as the program. For some reason, some guys just aren't being utilized.

If anything, it seems that Aurthor Brown and Jordan Futch should be battling it out for the starting Strong-Side LB position.

If you want to give Kylan R a shot, place him at MLB, which has less responsibilities, and is easier to adapt to.

With the scenario being laid out the way it is currently, it looks like Jordan Futch is going to be the starter. Which probably would have happened if Jordan and Aurthor were to go head to head in competition.

It's easier to say Sharpton (a senior) won the MLB job over Aurthor Brown (Sophmore), than it is to pronounce Futch (a 3 star LB) as the starter over Aurthor Brown (a 5 star all-world LB) at the Strong-side LB spot.

Seems like a cover-up to avoid Author Brown from looking like an obvious bust to me.

I think RS wants to see Futch, Brown, and Spence on the field at the same time. Can't call Brown a bust, yet. Hopefully he will win the middle LB spot from Sharpton.

I don't like Kylan Robinson at LB. It's too hard to make that transition deep into your college career. DJ Williams was able to handle it, but he was a superior athlete.

I'd like to see what Buchanan can do at LB. He seems to be the type of player who will be useful against spread teams. He's like a hybrid safety/lb that you need.

The following information is directed at Gaytor fans and recruits who are conidering whether to go to UF or UM:

Despite UF having won 2 of the last 3 NCs and Ohio State being in 2 of the last 7the NCs, and despite OSU, texas, USC, LSU, and Oklahoma being or winning the last few NCs, THE FOLLOWING IS THE MOST RECENT UPDATED LIST OF NFL PLAYERS BY COLLEGE:

UM 53
MICH. 47
LSU 45
OSU 47
FSU 42
USC 38
UF (LOL) 37
OKL 32

It's not even close. It's too funny. It's reality. Recruits: U want to play on sundays, play at the U. NFL-U that is. That is why Bryce Brown is burning a bridge that may never be rebuilt!!

Maybe Author isnt a bust just yet, and I really hope he isnt, because during the action he was involved in on special teams, he displayed promising athletic & physical skills... But lets face it, the AB is strong, fast and quick; but he's RAW!!

Sure Brian Butler got those guys together to prepare them physically; but he sure didn't teach them anything about the game!

Which is not Butler's fault... I don't think AB was taught anything significant in High School about the LB position!!!

AB just waits to see the brown ball, and runs hard after it; that's pop warner stuff??

Which confuses me, becaues i thought Dade county had the worse schools in the nation across the board, so how can kids from miami know more about the details and reads of a LB position than a kid from Kansas?? (LOL)

Although I'm joking that ought to tell us something's wrong there.

To be honest when i see Bryce, i see him just running hard too. I don't see Bryce making any moves; no elusiveness!

When I watch Bryce's tape, i see kids from Kansas that were afraid to lay a hand on the guy...

Not a bust, but maybe just not a started until next year... So sad, to see all that talent on the bench; but who do you blame for that?

Arthur likes to hit people. He should do well if he's learned the position. Kansas v. South Florida, no comparison. That's why I like the RB's we've got now, not the one who is going to Oregon....no wait Tennessee...no wait LSU.

Bryce Brown is a dumbass!! He says he wants to go to a school that's gonna give him a shot at the next level? Are you kidding me? He also says that he didn't like what Whip was telling him about the offense, yet the offense is studying NFL game film to get ready for the season.

Brown should have been at the practice yesterday. What an idiot!! I like the move for Arthur to middle linebacker. He's big, very athletic and had less room to make up playing the middle. Being from Kansas, the teams and players move slower than South Florida. That's why Spence and the other South Florida kids had more success last year.

Our linemen need to stop hitting the MLK restaurant.

Ha Ha, Orson Charles just kicked the Gaytors to the curb.

What a smart kid.

My boy Braden Gall over at Athlons asked me to pass his review of our recruiting class around to all my fellow Cane fanatics!


Per rivals,

Redshirt freshman QB Taylor Cook is battling Cannon Smith to be the team's No. 2 quarterback.

And Cook, who players say has the strongest arm on the team (Cook says he can throw the ball 70 yards downfield), is excited about his progress.

"I've learned steps, drops, reads," Cook said. "It's fun."

Cook says his goal is to be the team's starting quarterback.

"You have to go to No. 2 first," he said of his battle with Smith.

What is he doing better this spring than he did when he arrived last August?

"My throwing motion, I've changed it up a bit," Cook said. "I have a higher release than I used to have. And my footwork has gotten a lot better since when I came in."

Cook says he arrived at UM weighing 220 pounds and is now up to 235.

* Redshirt freshman WR Tommy Streeter says dealing with a wrist injury last year that cost him the season was difficult. He couldn't even work out while recovering.

"I used to cry some of the games, being that I couldn't play," said Streeter, who tore a tendon in the wrist and also had a displaced bone. "Especially the times we were down. It hurt."
Streeter says he hasn't lost any speed from before he was injured.

"Being in the (Andreu) Swasey program I regained everything quickly."

Streeter tapes the wrist before practices to keep it stable.

"There are times it feels a little weak, when blocking," Streeter said. "In a year-and-a-half at the most it'll be 100 percent. There are going to be nicks, I'll feel uncomfortable at times, but I have to look past that. It's a little hindrance."
Streeter's take on new coordinator Mark Whipple?

"I love him," Streeter said. "Coach Whipple has so much NFL experience. He's just a wonderful guy."

* Randy Phillips said today he knew his best option was to return to UM for his senior season coming off a knee injury.

He had LCL surgery Sept. 22.

"I felt real good about the players we had coming back this year and the system," Phillips said. "So I stayed."

Phillips was injured on the first play of the Texas A&M game.

"It was really frustrating watching the guys play," Phillips said of missing the rest of the year. "They did a good job for the situation they were in. This year they have to be a lot stronger, and it's going to start with me as our senior leader, Chavez Grant, Sam Shields and Ryan Hill. We want to be No. 1 and let everyone know by our play on the field."

Phillips is weighing in at 215 pounds. He began last year at 208 pounds.

"It's all muscle," he said. "I worked out really hard."

Phillips says he's not quite 100 percent yet.

But he's getting close.

"I'm running good - it's stable," he said. "I'm back to where I need to be, just need a couple of more tweaks."

Phillips also made a prediction.

"We definitely will have more interceptions this year than last year," Phillips said.

UM had only four interceptions in 2008.

* Randy Shannon said of Sam Shields' transition to cornerback from receiver that "His footwork is pretty good. He's moving around, learning the defense. He looks kind of natural back there. The recognizing routes and all that, he has an advantage because he played some receiver. He's been looking pretty good."

Shannon said Shields' move to CB isn't simply an experiment.

"It's a permanent move," Shannon said.

* Shannon also said there are no plans to move Orlando Franklin from guard to tackle. Matt Pipho is currently working as the first group right tackle.

"We're going to find the best five guys," Shannon said. "If it's all five offensive tackles, all five offensive tackles will be in the game. It could be all tackles, guards. We just have to find the best combination right now."

* Ryan Hill says his return to cornerback from safety isn't too difficult a transition - he was initially recruited as a cornerback before moving to receiver and then safety. Hill says he doesn't see himself playing another snap at safety.

"I'm looking forward to playing cornerback permanently," Hill said. "It's a lot of switching, but it's positions I played before (in high school). I just like to play football."

Hill says it was coaches' decision to move him from safety to cornerback.

"I want to do what's best for the team and also myself," Hill said.

Hill played last year at 195 pounds and is now up to 203. He says he'd like to get up to 210 pounds for the season.

"I want to be agile - if I can still be agile at 210 (that's ideal)."

Hill's goals for the team this year?

"Nothing less than an ACC Championship," he said. "We came so close last year. This is Miami. Everyone comes here to win championships, and that's what we want to do."

Asked the toughest receiver for him to cover, Hill pointed to Aldarius Johnson and Leonard Hankerson.

"They give you a lot of double moves, so you have to respect that - they run real good routes," Hill said. "Those two I have to get in the extra zone when they come up."

Hill also said of Sam Shields' transition from receiver to cornerback that "He's doing a lot better than people expect. He's coming along. This spring will be really good for him, because each day he'll learn."

* Former Cane star Ed Reed attended today's practice. Signees Billy Sanders and Stephen Plein also watched on again.

* The stretch depth chart receivers receivers on Day 2: Aldarius Johnson and Leonard Hankerson were lined up in front with Tommy Streeter and Thearon Collier behind them.

Highlights from the day's work (the team practiced for two hours in shells):

7 on 7

- Jacory Harris hit Aldarius Johnson for a 50-yard gain with Brandon McGee in tight coverage. - Cannon Smith found Leonard Hankerson for a 20-yard gain on the left side.

- Taylor Cook hit Hankerson for 25 yards on the left side. Hankerson got wide open on the play.

11 on 11

- Harris hit Leonard Hankerson for 25 yards down the left side with Chavez Grant in coverage - it was a great touch pass. He also threw a nice touch pass over Demarcus Van Dyke to Hankerson for 20 yards on the right side.

- A pitch to Graig Cooper was fumbled, but Cooper grabbed the bouncing ball on the run and wnt 40 yards downfield before being touched down.

- Ryan Hill intercepted a short pass by Taylor Cook.

* Miami has tomorrow off before returning to practice on Friday. That morning is also UM's NFL Pro

Seems like a fair bit of jealousy on these posts - don't worry guys, maybe you can win two more BCS championships in three years one of these days...you probably won't win back-to-back basketball championships and you'll never have Tebow, but we won't hold that against you.


bg1906 - your boy at Athlons ranked Miami's class at 14 - what is he smoking? Let's do us all a big a favor and ignore the Gaytor fans who have a man crush on Tebow and are closet Canes' fans, that's why they are always on our blogs. Also, let's stop talking about Bryce and concentrate on the RB's that we have - it is going to be fun watching these kids grow up in a hurry.

The detailed info you are giving us Manny, makes me feel like I watched the practice myself.

Everything I read suggests that UM is much improved over last year position-by-position. In addition, Whipple has brought some enthusiasm on the offensive side of the ball, and his offense seems to play to the players strengths - quick reads, get ball to playmakers, etc. - and the receivers seem capable of making plays and Jacory is making throws. Lovett's defense (with his emphasis on technique and with players who are now more experienced) will also be an improvement over last year.

Arthur Brown was more highly touted recruit than Spence, but its clear who the better player on the field is. AB's move to the middle suggests to me that AB is destined to be average LB at UM unless he improves drammatically, while Spence is destined for the NFL.

Its clear now that RS and the UM players are pleased with their current RBs, including Mike James and Lamar Miller, who are not only studs, but also promote team chemistry (unlike Bryce who destroys it). You never know how good a running back is until he takes a good hit, and MJ and LM are battle tested in Fla., while BB wasn't tested in Kansas. I cannot wait for the season to start because Cane fans will see a remarkable improvement.

GUF: Maybe one day you'll know what it's like to dominate football for 25 years. Maybe one day, you'll know what it is to have the most players in he NFL bar none (by the way currently UM has 53, UF has 38). Maybe one day you'll know that 5 is a bigger number than 3. That is first grade math by the way. Maybe one day, you will realize that UF and SEC teams never play anyone outside their cushy little SEC. Maybe one day youwill realize that UM has beaten UF more times head to head ever. ever. That is, despite thefact that Um is a small private school and UF has thousands of alumni and millions more dollars. LOL.

you'll never have Tebow, but we won't hold that against you.

Posted by: GUF | February 25, 2009 at 10:13 PM

You'll never have Tebow? LOL...are you serious? Yeah, Miami will never have Tebow because Miami doesn't run a gimmick offense, that disguises a POS QB like Tebow. Let me know what Tebow does in the NFL. Oh yeah, I can tell you already. He's going to flop on his face like every other sorry-@ss UF player.

wow we will never have tebow ok lets compare tebow to dan morgan, umm i think ray lewis umm maybe michael irvin, could toretto fit in their how about ken dorsey or maybe clinton, willis,man lets face it you can compare about 4 ppl that made your lil dynasty while WE CAN NAME AN ENTIRE DECADE of a team that tower's over your program.

cote reporting BB eliminated UM from consideration. That whole saga stunk!

yeah, how does Manny gets out-sourced by Cote? sources are throwing stuff everywhere!http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2009/02/test-4.html Funny thing with this "exclusive" is that the Miami source decides to let out NOW that Bryce Brown offer had never been rescinded!! WOW!! Which UM had said that they might not be offering another letter of offer to Bryce??!! And now, they expect someone to read that UM "had not, contrary to reports, rescinded its offer."

Geez Luiz, where were UM sources to comment when all these "reports", were saying that the offer was "rescinded" or might not be "re-issued"?

I think UM giving these sources to release these comments almost smack of discussing recruits? Where and why did it "source" out that UM were upset that Bryce didn't fall all in love with Whipple Xs and Os? I don't know where this will all end up, but these UM sources are not showing a bright light on the U!

Below is one of these UM "source/s" saying that:

"The University of Miami no longer wants Bryce Brown. A UM source said Tuesday night that the Hurricanes will not re-issue a scholarship offer to Brown, UM can send Brown another letter of intent, but will not!" http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/content/sports/epaper/2009/02/17/0217brown.html

Now, after hearing this stuff, this 17 yr old gets upset, according to his Dad, then what would one expect the family to do? Then, they speak to UM, and UM says that there is no change/problem to the family while offering these UM sources much leeway to say what the U allows out! These journalists tell back the family that I got my sources that you are not wanted! The 17 yr-old kid Bryce, and his family could get frustrated

I have been around colleges & universities for a long time, but can't ever remember how do so many UM source/s go commenting about and outing a 17 yr-old kid? While we are likely fine at the RB position for years to come with or without Bryce, this is no way for a PR dept to run its football operations!

Dunno whether BB ends up here, but it would seem that both sides need to make amends with each other if Bryce were to join his Bro Arthur as a cane!

Looks like Bryce fasted and now he is not coming to the U. Boo hoo. All this fasting business was obv BS.

Based on what has been reported, Miami didn't do anything wrong in this situation. If Bryce would've signed on LOI day he would be a Cane. He didn't sign so he's not. I like our current RB's more anyway.

There are alot of U haters out there, we always load up, and currently were loaded at RB. Bringing in BB just scares all those haters. It wouldn't make sense for the U to put up with a whole year of this circus and drop BB know. That's what everyone wants, with less than 2 weeks we have nothing to lose by offering him a scholly....

Rivals: Feb 26, 2009

Brown's Father denies report

The father of Bryce Brown, the nation's No. 1 player, said reports of his son dropping Miami and narrowing his choices to LSU and Kansas State are not true.

Bryce Brown's father denied a report that his son had dropped Miami.
The Miami Herald reported in a blog posted on their Web site that a source familiar with the decision process said Thursday morning that Brown had eliminated the Hurricanes. However, Arthur Brown Sr., Bryce's father, said the report is inaccurate.

"That's not true," Brown told Rivals.com Thursday. "That's categorically false."

Brown and Bryce's mentor, Brian Butler, both confirmed that plans for a visit to LSU this weekend are still on schedule, but there has been a complication that might make a final visit to Miami scheduled for next week difficult.

"We just had a death in the family," Brown said. "My whole intention was to take this visit this week (to LSU), then when Bryce comes back he would fly to Miami Tuesday for an unofficial visit. With what everything that's going on and the funeral arrangements that are being made, I'm not sure even if that's going to be possible."

"With all this going on I'm not really sure we're going to be able to keep that time frame. I know we want to wrap this all up. But to answer your question about Miami, Miami is definitely still strongly under consideration, and he's committed.

Butler echoed the Brown's thoughts on Miami.

"Bryce has not dropped Miami," Butler said. "Bryce has talked to the coaches, let them know that Miami is still definitely still under his consideration and that he's still committed to Miami. He has not dropped Miami."

Brown already has taken visits to Clemson, Oregon, Tennessee, Kansas State and Missouri, and Clemson and Missouri appear to be no longer under consideration. Brown will announce his decision March 12 at the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.

from the reports it seem's like bb isn't coming after all.at first many UM fan's wanted him here since we needed as much talent as possible but now it has turned into something bigger and weird.this is bb life if he chooses not to come owell we have enough r/b in the stable plus 2 maybe 3 coming in next yr. i hope bb makes a good descion for himself either here or in oregon,but i can say is the kid did sound a lil full of himself in the rivals interview saying "i didn't like the feal of whip's offense'.the kid has never rushed a down in college and thinks the ball should me moved around him i thought he should've been humble but he is his own person if he wants to be the star he has to earn it if he wants to play at the U. with that beeing said if this young team can gel quickly it is scary to see how our offense will do with our receivers l.bird 6'4, a.johnson 6'2, plus streeter 6'5 that is scary not to mention the other recievers with the speed to play the slot. jacory will have the weapons but our o-line has to be good for it to work. WE COMING!!!

Gaytor fans are stupid!!

QB Harris loves Hurricanes' new offense
Matt Shodell, CaneSport.com, Managing Editor

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Quarterback Jacory Harris said after Miami's opening spring practice that he is extremely impressed with new coordinator Mark Whipple's offense.

"I love the offense because there's always something open," Harris said. "It gives you time to progress through your reads. You can check down to the running backs, so the backs might have 10 catches a game. It's fun."

Harris said when he first laid eyes on the new playbook "it was 10 inches high."

Jacory Harris says there is always something open in this offense.

"I looked at it, then the next day we were going over things and I knew basically everything he was talking about," Harris said. "I'm very impressed [with the playbook]."

Harris said most of Whipple's offense is already in.

"We've learned 75 percent of the offense," he said. "It's a lot of plays. All these receivers, the O-line, the whole offense has learned everything and knows it like the back of our hand."

Harris said Whipple told players that his offense "is bits and pieces of everything he's been in. That's his style."

Harris added, "You can sense the creativity in the offense."

And Harris said "it has the feel" of an NFL offense.

That's not just Harris' opinion. Whipple has hammered home that NFL feel by having the offensive players study NFL film.

"We'll watch the Eagles vs. the Giants, the routes we've installed," Harris said. "We'll watch [Philadelphia Eagles quarterback] Donovan McNabb run Texas Wild. We just go through the reads."

Last year the team only watched college film.

"This time [last year] we were watching spring from the year before or cutups from the last year's regular season," Harris said. "I feel [watching the NFL tape helps]. Looking at the playbook was humongous, but then once you learn the concepts it shrinks down."

Harris said a key to the offense is to get the ball out quickly. "I'm just here to get the ball to the playmakers," he said. "Catch the ball, three steps and then throw."

If they're this far along already, imagine how they'll be by the end of fall camp? Awesome!! I just hope the line will be on point during the games so that we can get those points on the board.

solid iwn for hte BBALL canes tonight, Asbury did well.

Great write up on the U at


Some recent Miami Hurricanes related news lately. Let's dive right in.

Linebacker coach Micheal Barrow was recently relieved of his duties as head coach Randy Shannon wants new defensive coordinator John Lovett to handle linebackers. Some have questioned the move and fear Barrow will look for another opportunity. Personally, I think it's another strong play by Shannon.

Barrow will now focus on special teams (a weak link for Miami as of late) and recruiting. Before returning to The U, Barrow was defensive coordinator at Homestead High (2006). Prior to that, Barrow wrapped up a thirteen-year NFL career. Homestead was the first stop in the former Cane's coaching career.

Barrow is as important a coach as Shannon has on staff, so you have to believe this reassignment was handled tactfully. All signs point to Shannon wanting Barrow to learn more as a defensive coach, specifically from both he and Lovett. Cut his teeth with special teams and work his way up to defensive coordinator someday.

Barrow earned a nice NFL payday and isn't in the game for money these days. This is a labor of love. A hometown kid back home working for his alma mater. A coach on the fast track might not have handled the 'demotion' but Barrow is a unique situation and this was a great move on Shannon's part. Barrow is a top recruiter for The U and there's no way Shannon would've done something detrimental to Barrow's future with Miami.

Mark Whipple got some good ink this week. Critics, media members and Miami players are impressed with his playbook and stated that it's giving an "NFL feel" to UM's offense. Jacory Harris expressed his excitement and stated that there's much more creativity in the offense.

Whipple has Miami players watching NFL film, something that never happened on Patrick Nix's watch.

Whipple wants Harris making quicker reads. Release the ball quicker. Find #2 if #1 isn't open. Expose mismatches by lining running backs up against linebackers. For the first time in forever, running backs are learning more passing routes and will be more involved in the passing game. This is something that's been talked about at Miami for years (Who hasn't forgotten about Coker talking about Devin Hester or even Graig Cooper becoming "the next Reggie Bush"...)

Shannon had an interesting comment regarding Whipple's offense, saying "sometimes you're going to have to outscore people and that's one thing Coach Whipple has always been able to do."

The Herald's Barry Jackson went on record saying that Shannon has placed no limits on how creative Whipple can be with the playcalling. Sounds like the head coach wants to clear the air after a recently-fired Nix accused Shannon of putting restrictions on him.

The Bryce Brown circus looks to have come to an end; at least as far as Miami is concerned.

Rumors are flying, so it's hard to tell truth from fiction. Shannon isn't allowed to speak on the matter (and probably wouldn't anyways...) so all news coming out is either from Team Brown, Bryce Butler or conspiracy theorists.

What we do know as fact, Signing Day was February 4th and Brown's scholarship offer expired on the 18th. Team Brown insisted that wasn't the case and that the door was still open according to Miami coaches, though it never rang true among fans and sounded more like damage control.

According to the Miami Herald, Monday was showdown day as both sides traded calls. It appears The U sent a strong message; commit and end the charade now, or make plans to go elsewhere. Team Brown is pressing on with their sideshow and Miami hasn't returned their call since. Brown is expected to visit LSU this week and no trek to UM appears to be on the books.

While Bryce and "mentor" Brian Butler continue with the double-talk, the elder Brown at least has a level head about things.

"In all fairness to Coach Shannon, I have to kind of say I understand where they're coming from. This thing has turned into something we never anticipated," said Arthur Brown Sr.

"It has gotten to the point where this whole thing should have been avoided and could have been avoided. If we could do it all over again, there are a lot of things we should have and would have done differently."

"For Bryce, I'd say regardless of how you express the need to make additional visits, if that's your plan, then don't commit. Don't commit. Also, you should keep a very frequent communication with the coaches -- Coach Shannon and the other coaches. If you have that time constraint, then keep in mind that [the coaches] have time constraints, too, and you should be sensitive to that."

Couldn't have said it better myself, Pops.

From an on the field standpoint and regarding Brown's skills, it's a shame he won't suit up for Miami. That said, from a maturity and a 'where his head is at' standpoint, he's proving to be the exact type of player Shannon is weeding out. Thankfully this circus appears to be over... for now, at least.

As I peck away with this blog, a Google alert just informed me that a brand new Sports Illustrated article has Brown Sr. stating that there's been a death in the family and that reports of Miami being eliminated from the equation are absolutely false.

Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Stay tuned, I guess.

Spring practice is officially underway, so prepare for the media onslaught. ESPN's College Football Live profiled Miami on Monday and didn't say anything that the uber fan doesn't already know. New coaches. New schemes. Brutal schedule.

A nickel's worth of free advice to the fan who hangs on every article or tidbit of coachspeak; it's not even March yet, people. We're half a year from kickoff and a lot of things will happen between now and then. More time spent in the weight room. More unofficial practices led by players. New blood making their way on to campus this summer.

Yes, there's been some good news out of Greentree. Freshman running back Mike James is 'wowing' his teammates with his work ethic, attitude and skills set. Rumors of Sam Shields doing dual duty at WR/CB have been squashed out by Randy (Shields will stick with defense, no offense.) Jason Fox is taking young offensive linemen under his wing and is attempting to pass on some knowledge.

The Herald did a write up on Tommy Streeter and Randy Phillips, both sidelined last year due to injury and ready to get back to business. Vaughan Telemaque wasn't mentioned in the piece, but he too is expected to give the defense a jolt upon his arrival.

There will be a lot of feel-good stories this spring, but keep things in perspective. Spring ball is for the team, not the fans. This isn't about sizing up the competition from the fans' perspective. It's about getting these kids back in football shape, putting the pads back on, introducing new schemes, new coaches and new players.

Start your "worrying" in August and save the criticism for them. Until then, let the players play.

Miami Baseball started its season last weekend with a homestand against Rutgers. The Canes eventually took the series, 3-1, handling the Scarlet Knights. Miami outscored Rutgers 28-12 in the three wins, but dropped a 5-4 contest in the late game of a Saturday doubleheader.

Head coach Jim Morris notched his 1,200th career victory in the season opener, last Friday night as the newly dubbed Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field. A sell-out crowd of 3,000 were on hand for the new season.

The Canes opened the season ranked 12th and climbed to 10th after winning 3-of-4 against Rutgers. Miami lost a lot of talent after last year's College World Series run and is doing their best to reload. Some of Morris' best teams have been a bit more under the radar and found a way to overachieve, while talent-heavy teams went ice cold in Omaha.

Miami faces its first big challenge of this young season this weekend with a three game series against at 13th-ranked Florida. Since 2006, the Gators have won six of the past nine against the Canes. Seven of those contests were decided by three runs or less.

Time is officially running out for Miami Basketball. 16-10 overall and 5-8 in the ACC, this team came into 2009 with high hopes and is now hoping others lose to assure a spot in the conference tourney and outside shot at an NCAA bid.

On some level the Canes underachieved this year. The games I've watched, it's been the Jack McClinton show and everyone else. If McClinton was off, rarely did someone else pick up the slack. A three-game skid in late January might prove to be the nail in the coffin this season.

From a talent standpoint, Miami could sit somewhere around 21-5 right now. In February they proved they're a dangerous bunch, taking Duke to overtime and falling at North Carolina by four, in another game that went to the wire. From there, a 13-point loss at Florida State in a must-win situation.

Road trips to Virginia and Georgia Tech remain, with a season-ending home game against NC State. Miami obviously has to win out and hope that a handful of other things happen. With no control of their destiny or collective fate, I've stopped trying to do the math. Here's hoping these Canes get a chance to prove their mettle in the ACC tourney, but should that bid fall short they have no one to blame but themselves


For those who argue that Coker isn't to blame...

... hopefully you folks caught a recent episode of ESPN's College Football Live where Todd McShay talked about this year's NFL combine and the lack of presence regarding the Miami Hurricanes. Cornerback Bruce Johnson is the only Cane invited to Indy and he's expected to at best, be a late Sunday pick. At worst, he's not expected to be drafted at all.

When pressed for an answer regarding what happened to the Miami program and dropoff in overall talent, McShay said the following:

"It's been building the last few years. You look at Larry Coker when he took over as head coach and this program as a whole got lazy recruiting. They thought that they'd be able to just pluck every player they wanted from the South Florida area and it just hasn't been the case.

You've seen the Florida Gators get some of their players. Teams from outside the state, Rutgers for instance, coming down to South Florida and taking out very good players.

Right now you're seeing Randy Shannon do a really good job of putting a fence around that area, getting some of the top guys and really, it comes down to speed and athleticism and they're starting to get those young players back in the program.

I expect two to three years from now we'll be looking at that year's combine and saying 'you know what, they're back to being Miami with four, five or six guys in the first day that are prospects right now."

Again people, it's not just Coker bashers here and the former Hurricanes coach was hardly a scapegoat for what went wrong. Miami's bread and butter players simply didn'g get on board between 2003-2006, when the program head simply got lazy recruiting Miami-caliber players and let too many good ones get away.

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