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Lovett expected to be named DC

Just got off the phone about a half hour ago with a high-ranking UM official who has confirmed North Carolina special teams coach John Lovett will be introduced as the Canes' next defensive coordinator later this week.

John Lovett mug Lovett, 58, comes to the Canes a lot like the last guy who was here running the defense -- with a lot of experience. He's played the role of defensive coordinator at four different schools: Bowling Green, Clemson, Auburn and Maine. Most of his experience comes coaching the secondary and outside linebackers.

My question to you is: Do you like it? Lovett? Or hate it? 

Lovett began his coaching career at the high school level in 1976 and has coached as a position coach with the New York Jets, Brown University, UNLV, Cincinnati and at Mississippi from 1995-98, where he first coached under Tommy Tuberville. Lovett eventually left Mississippi with Tuberville for Auburn where he had some success against Steve Spurrier and the Florida Gators. In 2001, Lovett's defense shutdown then No. 1 ranked Florida, holding them 20 points, -36 yards rushing and 328 yards of total offense (all season lows) in an Auburn upset. He then moved onto Clemson where the Tigers became one of the best defenses in the country. In 2002, his defense intercepted 21 passes. He then moved onto Bowling Green before joining Davis' staff as special teams coach.

When I asked one UM official to describe his play-calling I was told "very aggressive." Miami was 28th in total defense (317.46) and 56th in scoring defense (24.1) last season. But they've got a lot of young, talented players including All-ACC Defensive Freshman of the Year Sean Spence at linebacker.

> To be honest, I don't know how to feel about Lovett. To me he looks a lot like Bill Young -- experienced, been around the block and to a lot of different places. Young was just at better schools like USC, Ohio State and Oklahoma. The fact he is also can help with the special teams is a plus (he was named a finalist for Special Teams Coach of the Year0. He certainly looks like a hard worker, too. He played at C.W. Post College and made the team as a walk-on before elevating himself to co-captain by the time he was a senior. 

> On a basketball note, Jack McClinton has been named ACC Player of the Week. He had 32 points in a win over Wake Forest and a season-high 34 in the overtime loss at Duke. It is the third time he's been named the conference's player of the week and the first time this season.


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Thank god we didnt get Martinez

Here is what a UNC student says about Lovett

"He's a great guy, and he really changed his demeanor this year. He got along much better this year with players, and he knows a LOT of football. Really on top of things defensively, and has a lot floating around up there. His biggest thing will be relating to the guys. Can he do it? Yes. He definitely knows what is going on, and I have no doubt that he'd be a good Defensive Coordinator at Miami, especially with all the kids they've got down there. Plus, it would give an "in" on UNC's secondary, and defensive structure. I don't like that. At all. "

``He's also a very good recruiter. He's great in the northeast -- New Jersey, New York, that Washington, D.C., area.''

Good. Now we can start pulling some OL from that area--something we weren't able to pull off this year (Malcom Bunche excepted).

He sounds like a solid hire to me, but of course the proof will be on the field. I'm just glad that Randy can focus on learning the HC role completely and not have to stunt his development by pulling double duty. I maintain that something special is brewing in Coral Gables.

08' Patriots didn't have better athletes than the Giants. Brady and Moss are great, no dispute from me, but after that you got a bunch of dudes who should've retired a long time ago. How many times did the Giants defensive front whip the Pats offensive line.

You're suggesting the Giants outcoached the Patriots?

Don't have an opinion either way on the hire. I just don't know enough about the guy.

Butch has got to be upset as hell, hope he doesn't 'hate' on him.


If UNC is a middle of the road college team what the hell does that make the U?


You just made "the stupidest statement" ever made on this blog.

Shannon's defenses were so aggressive - that it was common for opposing coaches (and color commentators, you know the former players and or coaches) to make the following statement;

- We need to take advantage of this "aggressive Hurricane defense" if we're going to have a chance tonight/day.

Don't comment or come back until you educate yourself, MORON!


Tuberville and Johnson are very impressed by this guy. He has both NFL (Jet's) and college experience.

Great defenses as DC at both Auburn and Clemson. Secondary and special team specialist. We need help at both. As a DC, he has produced very high scoring defenses with lot's of picks. We need that.

So, all in all, I'll take JJ and Tubs impressions on this guy and go from there.

Direct from the Hecht:

Pagano, a name bantered about for a few days was actually helping out with the search, in fact Lovett was his push.

So, Pagano, Tubs and JJ are all impressed with this guy.

Good enough for me. So now . . . produce!


Do your research! These guys did. Read below, they know more than you or me or anyone else involved.

Direct from the Hecht:

Pagano, a name bantered about for a few days was actually helping out with the search, in fact Lovett was his push.

So, Pagano, Tubs and JJ are all impressed with this guy.

Good enough for me. So now . . . produce!

Posted by: InsideCane | February 09, 2009 at 07:14 PM

better athletes win over a great coach every time.

Posted by: Canes1 | February 09, 2009 at 04:21 PM


tell the 02' UM football team that
tell the 04' Lakers
tell the 03' Yankees
tell the 08' Patriots

True but one common thing is that they all made it to the Championship and had a chance to win it. Thats all you can ask for, ie Ohio State


Maybe your right about our present talent compared to the early 2000's, but on ESPN College Football these "experts" claimed The U's talent now is at or approaching quickly their talent of the late 90's and early 2000's.

I tend to agree with you, but we are getting close.

Offensively, I've spoken to an old friend who played for Whipple at UMass and he said;

"combining Coach Whipple with UM's talent and speed is going to be a very, very potent offense. If they don't average 500+ yrds and 50 points a game I'll be surprised."

And with Lovett being "pushed and approved" by Pagano, Tubs and Johnson give me confidence. His turn over and defensive scoring stats have always been the highest in the country.

So, lots and lots of points and a stingy defense can only lead to good things.

at some positions, talent is great. at some positions, you need guys who know how to play football. just because they are talented doesn't mean they are going to be good at football. the players of the late 90's and early 2000's knew how to play football as well as the fact that they were faster than everybody else. i'm not convinced that miami has had a lot of those guys who are both talented and know how to play football.

You all are bashing the hiring of the guy... I personally "Lovett" (lol).

I see the comments that Lovett was going backwards, because he went from Auburn to Bowling Green... Well darn, if anyone of you guys were to lose a job at Publix, if Winn Dixie has an opening, I bet you would apply to continue to pay the bills yourself!!

Next, if Butch thinks the guy was worth hiring, that alone tells me there's content with Lovett...

Lets explore this: Ok the guy was hired to run the special teams at North Carolina when Butch had a chance to hire whomever he desired; much less a strictly special teams guy... Now, before Butch hired Lovette, Im sure he knew Lovette was a DC at Bowling Green... So did Butch hired an inexperienced special teams guy? Or did Butch hire someone who had loads of knowledge of the game? I bet Butch liked the thought of having a guy who knows his stuff on several facets of the game, and can help out with developing talent, strategy etc; so what if his official title is Special teams co-coordinator.

If we were to start and unrelated opinion on how good Butch in terms of college football, we would all agree that Butch is good. But are we now saying Butch is a bad judge of talent?

In stead of recognizing that Lovett went to Bowling Green, stabilized his footing, and was working his way back up, we want to say the guy is going backwards. To me, going from BG to NC to Da U seems like going forwards...

Talent rules! There are several guys whom philosophy's lead to success, but just lack the opportunity to be surrounded by the talent. As much as i hate Urban, he's an example of that: Who da heck is Utah or whereever Urban was? Its not the helmet thats going to win or lose, its the scheme that the Gators hired, which is now being fused with talent, which equals a successful team. (Hate to use the Gaytors in an analogy, but I needed to make my point so that you all can understand the concept).

Expand ur mind guys... Its all about Da U, Shannon has the blueprints and is implementing the scheme we need to be successful as we speak, and is loading the talent to run the scheme, of which will get us back to where Da U belongs!!

Now look people. This guy has endorsement from Butch Davis and Tommy Tubbervile. Two very good defensive minds. Futhermore we know UM's private school budget and what we're up against. So lets just look at it as Shannon already knows he has to Micro-manage and has to oversee all position coaches, but his mainstay is the defense of course. Of course Shannon will be involved more with the defense than he was with Bill Young being there, so we really dont need Lovett to be able to carry the total weight of the DC position. Remember his strong suit is db's and special teams. Shannons is line backers. So we need to understood where the Shannons priorities were.

He needed to lock up and solidify the offense and give someone autonomy in that area thats not his in which he did with Whipple also allowing him Assistant coaching duties, which free's Shannon up. Then he goes out and hires Lovett which may not be the sexy favorite and big name, but with Lovett's experience and Shannon now having the flexibility to devote a higher percentage of his time to the defense, much wont be asked of him. Lovett knows the cover 2 man to man defense, the defense Butch oversaw when Schiano was DC,and the defense Shannon ran when he was DC. Lovett is not going to need much direction from Shannon to run the defense the way Shannon ran it. and at the same time Shannon wont have to devote all of his attention to the defense, thus allowing him to handle his HC duties.

Shannon will tell Whipple he wants a balanced high powered offense, that uses the Pro-set, Runs the ball effectively and uses the play action pass. Effectively using all componets of the offense.Rushing, WR, TE, receiving backs etc. Its very hard to defend against every position. He'll then miro manage all other position coaches except for Lovett and the defense where he will implement strategy and assist in the schemes that both he and Lovett know.
This is Shannons strong suit, and where his additional time is needed and welcomed if not anywhere else on the field.
Does Shannon make these types of hires and good decisions his first year or two as a head coach, NO. But i dont think he was as great a recruiter as he was his first year or two at recruiting either. He will have come into his own as a Head Coach this year. When he took this job we all knew that his heart and desire would be into it, and thats what we need as he passionately is working to get this team back to where we all want it. The same way we want players that love the U and only want to be at the U and play for the U. We have that in Shannon. U dont think he knew he would be getting offers from other D1 schools for head coaching positions soon, and at a higher pay. Please trust that Turner Gill is only the next sexy choice b/c Shannon is already in the trenches with Miami. He is a great man and there is no better Head Coach than Randy Shannon for the U.

wat i remember from last yr was that UNCs special teams were incredible in all facets.. lets explain.. the kicker set the record for most field goals, tate killed it in returns (which was proly more due to his talent) and did carter or someone record like 6 punt blocks or somethin ridiculous? sounds good to me

u know what im not worried with the athletes we have here u gotta be really bad to not look good with these guys!

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