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Lovett hiring official

It's official. John Lovett was named the new defensive coordinator at the University of Miami on Thursday. The press release was just sent our way -- right after those schedules popped in.

We told you all about Lovett on Monday and spoke to coach Tommy Tuberville, his former boss at Auburn and Mississippi, too. Lovett is a veteran coach with 18 years of experience as a defensive coordinator with stops at Clemson, Auburn and Mississippi. Here is what Randy Shannon had to say about him in the release.

“John brings a wealth of experience and success, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the ACC,” Shannon said. “He has consistently elevated the play of defenses at every school he has coached. Our players will love his approach and mentality. John is a tremendous recruiter and will also be a great addition to the University of Miami community.”

FYI, Lovett will be available to the media today at 1:30 p.m. -- right after we meet with a few players to discuss the start of spring football. I'll have interviews for you later.


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why do you automatically suggest 0-4? why are you just like the rest of the negative fan base. what if they start 4-0, 3-1 or 2-2 manny why don't you explain why this considered the worst fan base in america?



hah, I'm a turd...


hah, what a loser I am...

First!!! Go Canes!!!!

better than Martinez...



why so naegative, you are just like the rest of the fan base which is considered the worst in the country. the canes could start 4-0 or 3-1 or 2-2. why do you automaticallly go with 0-4?

bunion must have never seen UF fans or sec fans i have seen posts of gaytor fans dissing bryan pata (RIP) and another idiot who dissed a family that died in a car crash in miami so u tell me how horrible is that so take the sterotype elsewhere.

and read what he is saying he is asking if we could go 0-4 or it may benefit us by catching the good teams early he never said we are going to lose 4 games he is asking for an opinion

I Lovett!!!

This is the chance we WANT. WE ARE THE U. This starts the road back to the top. Nobody can say we got lucky if we do good and if we don't we know how we stand. Everybody talked about how our players were not learning how to play correctly, well listen up. The new coaches we just got are all about teaching and when you put teaching with talent look out. Randy is a good and smart man, he will learn from his mistakes and it is starting to show. THE U FOREVER.

Tough first half!!

Sept. 7 at Florida State (ESPN)

Sept. 17 Georgia Tech (ESPN)

Sept. 26 at Virginia Tech

Oct. 3 Oklahoma

Oct. 10 Florida A&M

Oct. 17 at Central Florida

Oct. 24 Clemson

Oct. 31 at Wake Forest

Nov. 7 Virginia

Nov. 14 at North Carolina

Nov. 21 Duke

Nov. 28 at South Florida


You are the most prolific sports writer in S Florida.

You deserve a raise whatever they are paying you.

All your stuff is timely and full of content. Your blog is the only place I go to get Cane news. Keep up the great work.

BTW I don't thin your article was negative.

This aint the teams of the past 2 yrs. lovett is getting a defense loaded with 4 and 5 star talented FOOTBALL players ,and not just star ratings. Guys, we have the top talent in america on defense, at every position, guys that were top 5 at each position---
Dline Forston was #1 overall
Dend--bailey top 5, robinson top 5
LBs==all were espn 150 players
dbs-ray ray,harris,mcgee,reid,holton,telamaque--all were espn 150 players--not counting the others i left off

What I am saying is we R loaded with talent on d. if we can put it together, go 2-1 or 3-0 and then knock off (at home) OU, we can be on our way. THE U BABY

If there is no improvement in the players...

(LOSS) Sept. 7 at Florida State (ESPN)

(LOSS) Sept. 17 Georgia Tech (ESPN)

(LOSS) Sept. 26 at Virginia Tech

(LOSS) Oct. 3 Oklahoma

(WIN) Oct. 10 Florida A&M

(WIN) Oct. 17 at Central Florida

(WIN) Oct. 24 Clemson

(WIN) Oct. 31 at Wake Forest

(WIN) Nov. 7 Virginia

(LOSS) Nov. 14 at North Carolina

(WIN) Nov. 21 Duke

(LOSS) Nov. 28 at South Florida

Best case scenario:

(WIN) Sept. 7 at Florida State (ESPN)

(WIN) Sept. 17 Georgia Tech (ESPN)

(WIN) Sept. 26 at Virginia Tech

(LOSS) Oct. 3 Oklahoma

(WIN) Oct. 10 Florida A&M

(WIN) Oct. 17 at Central Florida

(WIN) Oct. 24 Clemson

(WIN) Oct. 31 at Wake Forest

(WIN) Nov. 7 Virginia

(WIN) Nov. 14 at North Carolina

(WIN) Nov. 21 Duke

(LOSS) Nov. 28 at South Florida

We have a new Offense with a new Coordinator that nobody will have seen. I see that as an advantage early on in the season. If I'm Mickey Andrews, I'd $hittin Concrete Blocks!

We have the advantage early on!

TonyCane........Brah, here at The U....best case scenario is 12-0..you never give a best case scenrio with losses....that's why its BEST CASE

Manny you've probably heard it many of times but I'm going to say it again. You are on fire!! You are the only source for Miami Hurricane football. The other paper can't even hold a candle to your reporting. They'd much rather bash A-Rod and praise the Gators then report Canes news. Keep up the good work.

Plus, we can beat USF. And I wouldn't even consider that an upset. The Big East sucks. We should be able to beat any team in that conference.

usf sucks!!

we're gonna dogg them..

i say 9-3.. maybe 10-2 !!

gooo canes!!

There was more scoring, more big plays and more action in last year's FSU game than there was in all three Labor Day games combined against FSU. Maybe it's because the defenses are far ahead of the offenses, but for whatever reason, the season openers against FSU are dull and painful to watch.

Canes are slated to play nine straight games. It would have been better to have a week off somewhere in that stretch.

I'm praying Jacory can make it through the first four games. He's a skinny kid and there's no doubt he's going to take a few shots.

This is Hurricane football!! Take everyone on and prove ourselves against the odds. When you think we're in the corner, we come out fighting and on top. The reporters are gonna dog us and say we're being thrown to the dogs. Past Canes will let our guys know what it's like when they played the Penn State's, Nebraska's, Notre Dame's, and Oklahoma's in the 80's and 90's. Go out, have fun, and dominate.


If he can get his system solidly in place and the D plays up to the talent it's supposed to have, we'll be fine in that area.

Obviously the bigger concern is with offense...just remember this, although obviously different as it was a smaller school, when he took over UMass in 1998, he was given an option-based offense. That's right, before he arrived there UMass was an OPTION team. What did Mark do? Only implement a well balanced offense and went undefeated and want the Div II championship.

Anyhow, if an offense full of players used to running the option can turn around and pick up his system and execute it amazingly well from the get-go and be that successful with it, I can only be optimistic about our offense picking it up well. I won't expect perfection, but I have high hopes that as long as the O-Line does their job, our offense will be able to execute its gameplan in a much better fashion than we've seen the last several years.

Jacory will be the key. Know he has the brains, just know that WHipple will only push the offense as far as he can push Jacory. Hopefully his weaker arm is sufficient to let him fully run the type of system he'd like to implement and not have to pull back at all. Least we know Whipple won't force Jacory into plays he'll have a difficult time executing.

Ok, so I just read the John Lovett Q&A on Rivals, and I have to say. I LIKE HIM! Great attitude, much respect for the U for a very long time. He has a real positive outlook on all the players. A lot of the Defense players we've recruited over the past 2 years, North Carolina tried to recruit too but lost out to us. So he says he's already very aware of a lot of these players and knows there potential. I'm not gonna post it here out of respect to Manny, but he said some real great things. Be excited and I'm sure Manny is about to post it........ GO CANES!

Manny your are digging so much, quite it I have work to do, good job.

Once you are done reading Manny's great blog, how about helping along some UM journalism students? Hi, this is Michelle Kaufman, Manny's Herald colleague. I teach a sportswriting class at UM and they launched a blog. Check it out and give them some traffic and some comments! Thanks!!

WIN) Sept. 7 at Florida State (ESPN) Loss (away,new O,new D First game)

(WIN) Sept. 17 Georgia Tech (ESPN) Loss (we where run over and humiliated last year, theres a shot tough with Lovett who stopped then in their tracks last year at UNC, but it's too much to ask, maybe we can outscore them but I don't think so)

(WIN) Sept. 26 at Virginia Tech loss 70% (away, in Blacksburgh!! very tough)

(LOSS) Oct. 3 Oklahoma LOSS 100% certain Thumping

(WIN) Oct. 10 Florida A&M Win

(WIN) Oct. 17 at Central Florida Win

(WIN) Oct. 24 Clemson ?

(WIN) Oct. 31 at Wake Forest Win

(WIN) Nov. 7 Virginia Win

(WIN) Nov. 14 at North Carolina Loss

(WIN) Nov. 21 Duke Win

(LOSS) Nov. 28 at South Florida Win

no bowlgame

Hey guys were buliding depths is such a loser he doesnt just bash the anes here, he's also on the palm beach post...wat a loser 12-0 baby

Good stuff Manny.

I'm glad the coaching staff and recruiting class are now finalized and in place and the only thing left for UM football is:

time to go to work boys, put the women and children to bed and go looking for F'ing dinner

P.S. about UM's schedule. remember to be the best you have to beat the best and I fully believe Jacory & company have aspirations of being nothing but the best and will bring UM back to the top.


Manny, Dude I live in California. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your hard work on the Canes. Can't wait to hear the audio. Thanks Manny!!! Welcome to the Miami Hurricanes Lovett. I hope you have much success here.

Since we're on the prognostication wagon, we're still green but will go 9-3.

The Sooners, VT and GT will be the hardest to take out. But win or lose LEAVE A BRUISE! Next time they'll be looking in the mirror in fear and grow alligator arms.

We've got the Villmas and Taylors, but still need the experience.

We'll be in the NC hunt in '11

BTW, anyone who thinks we'll lose to USF,,, never mind.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!

Why do we have to end every season on the road?

All the negativity on Jacory... Dorsey was a string bean too. Sheesh!!! How soon we forget. Like a previous poster said Best Case Scenario is 12-0!!! I BELIEVE IN THE CANES!!! Do you?

I don't know how the W's and L's will fall. But I can tell ya this - boyz.

With the "Whip" in town ... we will put lotz and lotz of points on the board and I don't care who we play. Guaranteed!

Now, Lovett - we just need that aggressive "ole' time Hurricane defense" and those W's will ALL fall our way . . . bring'em on!

Go Canes!

Hey fans if we had Whip last season we would have won a minimum of 3 more games than we won.

This season, with the experience and talent returning on offense - combined with the great mind and coaching ability of Whip, we will gain many - many yrd's and score many - many points in every game this year.

And now with Lovett coaching - the old time Canes "speed and aggression" on defense. We will do well this year. I'll be surprised if we only win 9 games.

Look, Lovetts coaching style and concepts matches our speed and talent perfectly. And I know what Whipple can do and will do here. You just have to forget the crap we've grown accustom to.

I know it's hard to believe, but "Whip" doesn't and won't - put up with anything less than perfection. I mean this, - this guy is "a really good teacher, coach and game-day play caller."

And the good thing about the start to our season is the time between games 1 & 2.

I see both GT and USF as our swing games. GT was stopped cold last yr by Lovetts defense. And they have a habit of putting the ball on the ground. While USF will be a tough and important, but, win-able away game.

And word is - Jacory is now closing in on 200 LBS. He'll need that extra strength.

Don't forget that we were close with the eventual national champs for over 3 quarters with freshman playmakers, a conservative offensive approach, and a defense that did not utilize our speed like the 4-3 of old used to. Now our playmakers are getting stronger, faster, and smarter so those close losses turn into wins and confidence will bring good things for us.


The first four games of the season are brutal. The most difficult part of the season is early on. We have a new coach on offense, a new coach on defense . How fast will the team take to bring their "A" game to the table? How much should the coordinators change the offense and the defense from last year? Will see a conservative play calling in our first game of the season because we are a young team learning a new system playing in hostile territory like we did last year in Gainsville? Will we see an self-imposed, obligatory shuffling of quarterbacks or someother position because someone on the staff demands we do this? Will the defense struggle like it did the last 4 games of the season? If we correct our mistakes from last year, we will do fine (not great but fine , ie 3-1 to start). If we fail to correct the mistakes from last year, then we'll do poorly (1-3). The unpredictability of football- but if you really want to be a good fan buy your season tickets to watch the season unfold. The team could use your help as the "12th man on the field"

DA U N Houston...I agree with you, with one exception. The true best case scenario is
13-0, with that final win coming against LSU or Ohio State.

Best case scenario would be 14-0 including the ACCCG (against FSU preferrably) and NC (against UF)

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