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Streeter shines on third day of spring

Each time I think about my trip to Dallas two years ago to watch Miami Northwestern take on Southlake Carroll, the first image that always pops into my mind is the one of receiver Tommy Streeter racing down the field underneath a long, rainbow pass from Jacory Harris for a touchdown. It was the highlight of one of the most impressive high school football games I've ever watched. 

StreeterTommy Streeter was the star of the day at Thursday's practice Friday afternoon during the University of Miami's third practice of the spring at Greentree Practice Field, Tommy and Jacory treated us to a replay of those long touchdown connections again. Only this time, they were wearing Canes colors. Streeter, who missed his freshman season with a wrist injury, made the play of the day Thursday. Not once. But twice! First, he hauled in a 75-yard touchdown pass during 11-on-11 drills, beating newly converted cornerback Sam Shields down the sideline on a long pass. Then, Streeter used all of his 6-5, 207-pound frame to stretch out and make a diving touchdown catch in the back of the end zone during red zone drills.

There shouldn't be MVP awards for spring practices conducted in shorts, shoulder pads and helmets. But when you consider how good Streeter looked in only his third practice back from wrist surgery, you got to give him something (at least a helmet sticker).

"It really surprised me to see him fly around like that,'' former Northwestern teammate and fellow UM receiver Aldarius Johnson said. "He looked pretty good for a guy coming off injury, being out all that time after surgery and having therapy. He talked a lot of smack before today's practice. Then, he came out and did what he said he was going to do. He stepped up today. It was like old times."

While Streeter definitely has to put on more weight to take the type of licking safeties will be sure to try and deliver on him, his emergence at receiver bodes well for the Canes. As Aldarius pointed out, "He can stretch the field," Johnson said. "That gives me and Laron and the other guys the underneath stuff. He can make a big impact."

> Streeter was the only player to a touchdown during full on 11-on-11 work, but he wasn't the only player to score Thursday. During red zone drills the following guys scored during red-zone work: Running back Graig Cooper scored on a 12-yard run, fullback Pat Hill on a 15-yard pass from Harris, tight end Richard Gordon on a 10-yard pass from Harris, and receiver Leonard Hankerson (who had a bad case of the drops for most of practice) hauled in a 15-yard jump-ball pass from Cannon Smith on a broken play.

> Other standouts from Thursday's practice included: Linebacker Kylan Robinson (who intercepted a deflected pass intended for Cooper and made a nice tackle of Javarris James after shedding a block); defensive tackle Allen Bailey (who also broke free from a block on a screen pass and drilled James); and defensive tackle Marcus Forston (who showed his speed chasing down Cannon Smith from behind).

> I've got to admit I've enjoyed the extra access coach Randy Shannon has given us for the first four practices this spring. Being on the sideline has allowed the media to really get a good look behind the scenes of who the real leaders, trash-talkers and effort guys are. During running drills today, we got a real good opportunity to listen in on how Orlando Franklin antagonizes opponents. During the entire drill he kept challenging defensive end Adewale Ojomo and clapped when Ojomo and Forston were given extra up-down drills for jumping offsides. Left tackle Jason Fox is another guy who likes to talk smack. He went over several times to the defensive players to ask them what was wrong. It was pretty funny. 

> Speaking of Shannon, he wasn't at practice Thursday because he was participating in a Nike Camp in Pittsburgh according to UM's sports information staff. We were told he'll be back for Saturday morning's practice, the first in full pads.

> I don't have a lot more to share in terms of interviews after practice, but I did learn a little about the offensive line from center A.J. Trump. Don't be shocked this season if you see Trump snapping with both hands. The left-handed Trump says when quarterbacks in the shotgun, he'll snap left-handed. But when QBs are under center, he'll do it right-handed because that's how they prefer to receive it. It hasn't really caused any problems in practice yet that I've noticed. 

As for potential backups, it's obvious Tyler Horn will be behind Trump when the season starts. But it was interesting to hear who UM is working in with Matt Pipho as the team's third and emergency center. According to Trump, freshman Brandon Washington is getting a look there. "He's a smart kid and he's picking up on things quickly," Trump said. "We need a third center right now, so why not."


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MAN UP Manny and partner Greg Cote:

You guys have eggs ALL OVER your FACE!

Just do a mea culpa, and admit that you guys CREATED stuff when you hear one side say one thing -- a thing that can't be said legally to another -- and then, you get a half baked cross referenced quick take from the other side. Then boom, you strike back to the original side (not knowing the death of a Brown family member) saying: "I heard Bryce won't be coming for his visit on March 3rd", and yes Manny, you Greg Cote journalist are, indeed, creating scenarios for the two sides. You amplify this and that, then YOU are the translator, and much get lost in the translation!

Check this scenario:

You have Greg Cote saying that the Brown team/UM ties were severed, and Miami said "We're out of it [Brown derby]" all the while managing to lead out that "contrary to reports" UM has never "rescinded its offer to Bryce B". Then, Papa Brown comes to say that they have to plan funeral arrangements for a now dead family member, and can't make the March 3rd UM trip due to untimely death and consequent arrangements.

This is truly a drama by all parties.

As a attorney practicing, and with all types of laws guarding your every step not excluding patient confidentiality, don’t you think that the NCAA policies regarding coaches' inability to comment on recruits as one of the causes why so much differing output from sources are making the rounds? From the latest sources disclosure, this is what I get:

Before all this, UM wanted Bryce to make decision by 2/19, but he said he'd have to consult with family. When he called back to speak to Shannon, all he got was Voice Mail, again, and again. Message is left to UM [Shannon & RB coach] that Bryce keeps his plans. Communication from all parties has been through VM!

Brown family member drops dead, and Bryce wants to cancel visit date and still announce for UM [probably now] without benefit of said visit rather than re-schedule visit later. Then someone Brown had informed UM that Bryce may not make the trip without details and via VM! LM! [Left message]

UM, careful that NCAA is already snooping around this entire recruiting saga, can't call back Bryce to initiate what's really going on, so they let this come out to SCOOP MASTER Greg Cote that Bryce recruiting visit and UM are being dropped by the Browns, thus inferring consideration’s gone, all the while letting it be known that a mistake had also been inferred that they rescinded an offer that was not true, and allow for the Browns to know/read that they always wanted Bryce.

Papa Brown, who has all along said that his preference is that son Bryce goes to UM, comes out and say that consideration drop is "categorically false".

The bottom line, Manny, is not so much that you should get indignant with a 16 yr-old kid when he makes a commitment, but focus on not being merely used 'cause the sides have constraints and can't just initiate contacts with one another. RECOGNIZE when you are being used to talk for one side, rather than you, a journalist, creating, i.e., your Miami Herald Greg Cote false story lines. Foreign countries do this sort of thing all the time when communicating through journalists, just didn’t think that Webloggers like you and Cote could get so used, but c’est la vie.

Finally, Bryce will end up at the U, and I think we owe the Brown Family an apology for this expose on them not considering the U and forcing them to refute such Cote exclusive when they should tending to their loved one, and preparing funerals.

To think of all the weapons, inclulding Streeter, and Bryce joining them in the Fall, boy, Canes will be nasty! and hopefully all the posturing and speaking through the media will be forgotten!

I for one would like to see media access at all practices. It would not hurt a thing, only help gain fan support.

dlu, you don't think it'd be a bit of a distraction?

Wow! Last year's practices (the ones open to the public, anyways, that Manny covered) weren't nearly as exciting as this one. Looks like Whipple is making the impact everyone expected out of him. It could also be that our defense is terrible, especially our secondary, or some combination of both, but I don't think so. We have studs all over and (finally!) someone competent making the offensive playcalls (read: NIX SUCKED!). So glad Miami did what they had to do and hired Whip. Let's get 'em Canes! Keep on developing! Keep on Striving! GO CANES!!!

per rivals,

Javarris James has big plans for his senior season.

"It's my senior year - I have a lot of experience, have played in a lot of games," James said. "I have most of the experience around here.

"(Coach Randy Shannon) told me he's going to need me this year. I tried to turn my work habits up this year."

After a stellar freshman year James suffered a pair of disappointing seasons, in part due to injury.

"I just have to take it upon myself to do extra stuff," James said.

What would be a good year for James?

"For us to go to the national championship," he said. "I've never been into the stats."

Of his junior season in which he ran for only 286 yards, James said, "I'm not mad or disappointed about it. It's part of the game."

* Ramon Buchanan moved from safety to strongside linebacker in the Virginia game last year.

And he's happy to be working at the same position he played in high school.

"The coaches came to me, talked to me (about playing linebacker)," Buchanan said. "I feel more at home (at linebacker)."

Buchanan says he now weighs 210 pounds; he says he'd like to play at 220 this season. Last year he played at 205 pounds.

"I'm with the twos right now," Buchanan said. "This year I just want to try and go out there and make plays, help the team out."

* AJ Trump says his transition from guard to first team center is going well.

"I'm getting used to it," Trump said. "It's a different position. I'm getting there. It's the position best for my body type. I like it, and I'm getting used to it."

Of how true freshmen Jermaine Johnson and Brandon Washington are coming along, Trump said, "Good. It's tough sometimes because we know the offense already. They're doing really well picking it up, but it takes time. You can't expect guys to come in and pick it up as true freshmen like we do. It's ridiculous. They give a lot of effort during practice, and that's all you can ask."

Trump says with Jeff Stoutland remaining as coach "there haven't been many changes" in what the linemen need to learn in Mark Whipple's offense.

Trump has a unique feature to his play: He snaps righty with the quarterback under center and lefty for shotgun snaps.

"I'm left-handed, so you want to do shotgun with the more coordinated hand," Trump said.

* WR Aldarius Johnson says Jacory Harris' passes have a lot more zip on them compared to the passes Harris was throwing in high school 14 months ago.

"You can tell he's a lot stronger," Johnson said. "The ball is getting there fast enough, and everything is on time."

Of the new route trees in Mark Whipple's offense, Johnson said, "It's exciting. You can go for a deep pass now and run excellent routes, learn from a good coach. It's just fun to be out here."

* Jordan Futch is working in as the second group WILL linebacker behind Sean Spence.

"Coach (John) Lovett is being hands-on, showing us the ropes," Futch said.

Futch currently weighs in at 218 pounds; he played last year at 225 pounds - his season was cut short by injury.

"With the injury I lost a little bit of weight," Futch said. "I'm gaining it back now."

Futch says he would like to weigh 225 pounds for the start of the year.

* On the first play of red zone 7-on-7 drills today Jacory Harris found Richard Gordon for a 15-yard TD in the back of the end zone.

* 11-on-11 highlights: Tommy Streeter caught a 75-yard bomb for a TD and had a diving TD catch as well; Kylan Robinson had an interception off the hands of Graig Cooper; Harris lofted a nice 20-yard pass into the hands of Johnson on the left sideline; Cannon Smith threw a nice 15-yard pass to Johnson on a roll-out; LaRon Byrd made a diving 30-yard grab on a Taylor Cook pass; Cooper ran in a 20-yard touchdown up the middle - he was almost untouched on the way to the end zone; Patrick Hill caught a short TD over the middle; Daniel Adderley had a 10-yard touchdown catch; on the defensive side Josh Holmes had a sack, Kylan Robinson made a nice one-on-one stop of Javarris James and Futch did a nice job breaking up a pass.

* Randy Shannon wasn't at practice today - he was in Pittsburgh working a camp.

Isn't Washington a little bit big to play the center spot on the line? Guess having a backup to the backup plan is not at all bad, though.

I'm excited to see a full and healthy wr corps. I think Miami really missed having a guy like Streeter last year who can truly stretch the field. I only question if Harris can get the ball underneath Steeter's speed down field? If that happens, I don't doubt that the offense may be further along in the building process than the defense.

streeter comin in as a playmaker, not just a reserve gaining experience to hopefully have an impact for the future, would really be big. big in terms of giving the canes a different type of threat, but also in terms of pushing other guys, and creating more depth. it was only one day of spring practice, but it is still exciting/promising.

The freshmen are now sophmores.NCAA start getting scared start really getting scared. Its a cane thing what the rest of nation fears. LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPEEDWRECKS: For a lawyer, you sure have poor communication skills. That is one cluttered post. And aren't lawyers supposed to be concise? Must be an FIU grad.

"fullback Pat Hill on a 15-yard pass from Harris,"

Whoa!! You mean they are actually throwing a pass to the fullback.

I'd never thought i would miss having that play but after nix it showed me how much I miss the little things.

"On the first play of red zone 7-on-7 drills today Jacory Harris found Richard Gordon for a 15-yard TD in the back of the end zone."

so he's actually doing it. Richard Gordon is actually stepping up his game to be the go-to tight end. how does everybody think he'll do?

per rivals,

When Cane coaches asked Sam Shields if he would move from receiver to cornerback this spring, Shields didn't hesitate.

And he says he's had no second thoughts after three practices at the new position.

"I'm feeling pretty good about it," Shields said. "I'm repping it, just have to get the techniques down. I'll be alright."

With Demarcus Van Dyke and Brandon Harris competing in track this week, Shields has gotten first team reps. He hopes he will be in position to get a significant role this season.

"I figured this was an opportunity to help out the team at another position," Shields said. "I had confidence to go out there and help out the team on defense."

Shields says he's helped by the fact that he's played receiver.

"It helps a lot knowing what the receiver is going to do," Shields said.

He says he also is helped by the fact that he knows UM's current receivers' tendencies, having played alongside them. So will it be more difficult when he goes against another team's receiver that he isn't familiar with?

"I don't think it'll be that difficult," Shields said. "You just have to have confidence. It's football."

The hardest part of learning cornerback?

"Backpedaling - I've been sore on some parts of my body," Shields said. "Moving your hips, going backwards - I'm used to going forward. Things like that (are difficult)."

Shields was asked how he thinks his Cane career has gone so far.

"I've matured a lot, knowing things I'm supposed to do - be a team player, going to classes," Shields said. "(Doing things right) off the field will help me on the field."

Shields is wearing No. 9.

"I just figured I couldn't go out there with No. 83 and play corner," Shields said. "I chose 9, went to the coaches and talked about it."

Might Shields go both ways in a game?

"Whenever the coaches need me on the other side I'd be happy to go back on the other side and help out," Shields said.

Per rivals,

Redshirt freshman WR Tommy Streeter was the star of today's practice with a pair of touchdown in 11-on-11 work.

His first came on a bomb from Jacory Harris where he got separation from Sam Shields and went for a 75-yard touchdown. His second score was a diving 15-yarder in the back of the end zone.

"The long one was a vertical route - Sam was pressing me, so I felt I could beat him," Streeter said. "Jacory trusted me, threw it out there. I used my body position to shield him off because he's very fast.

"The other touchdown was a slant. The corner was playing three yards off and the safety was over the top. It was kind of pass interference, but I was able to use my body position to get around and make the diving catch. Jacory put it in great position - low and away. So I was able to get down there and make the catch."

Streeter missed all of last year due to a wrist injury. So how did it feel getting a pair of TDs in just his third practice as a Cane?

"Real good," Streeter said. "It felt real good just to be back out there. I hadn't gotten a touchdown since the state game (in high school). It felt good to be back out there doing what I used to do."

Streeter says his goal is "just to work hard every day, get better, just make a difference."

Former Northwestern teammate Aldarius Johnson said of Streeter's breakout day that "It's fun to see him back off of injury going 100 percent."

If Streeter can get into the mix along with the other youngsters who already showed their ability last year, just how good can this receiving corps be?

"This receiving corps is already good," Streeter said. "I'm just hoping to add to it. Me and Kendal (Thompkins) sitting out a year, we have a lot to bring to the team."

Streeter is playing the Z receiver spot with Travis Benjamin and Leonard Hankerson. The X receivers are Johnson, LaRon Byrd and Davon Johnson. Slot receivers are Thearon Collier and Thompkins.

Streeter has been working in with the first team.

"We rotate," he said.

* Streeter says he hasn't been timed in the 40-yard dash since last summer, when he ran a 4.51.

"I know I'm faster than that," Streeter said.

* Of the difference in Jacory Harris' arm strength since he was last catching passes from Harris in high school, Streeter said, "His passes get to you a lot faster. After your break you have to get your head around a lot quicker."

* A little known fact: Harris and Streeter are cousins.

"It's through marriage," Streeter said. "It happened a couple of years back. I remember one day we were at Northwestern and my dad had my little cousin with him. So Jacory says to my little cousin, `What are you doing out here?' And my little cousin says, `I'm with my uncle.' And Jacory says, `But you're my cousin.'

"We went to a family gathering a month ago - we're cousins."

anyone know what Southlake Carroll players are on division 1 teams and if any of them are making an impact?

Leonard Hankeson dropping passes? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can't believe it! I'll be a turd in a tick's a---!!!! You've gotto be kidding me!

All practices should be open....USC does this and it works just fine for them.

thx jr reed

thx jr reed

Posted by: anonymous | February 27, 2009 at 09:45 PM

No problem, Its a CANE THANG!!!

This is a great article Manny, again making us feel like we were there. It suggests receiver will be one of the UM's strength of the UM offense - what a change since the Coker days, eh? As a matter of fact, this might be the best group of receivers in the ACC next year - any disagreement? The question will be how do you play all these great receivers and keep them happy? UM is loaded with playmakers and an OC that knows how to use them.

Sounds like they are scoring off of passing plays and Whipple will pass the ball around, including all the running backs - everyone is a threat in the passing game.

Players are enthusiastic about running Whipple's plays, and it appears that UMASS Cane is right, Whipple will bring more excitement, YPG and points to the offensive side of the ball this season. The interviews suggest that the players all expect to score more points this year, and if they do, the Canes will win a lot of games in '09.

I agree with duanet75, that UM's opponents need to be really scared

Nate, I do not think having the media in spring practice is too distracting.

I keep saying it but the more Whipple tests the D in practice the more likely the D will shut down other offenses. Because like the old canes the toughest football was practicing. That just has not been the case for the last number of yrs. Play against enough good competition any your game rises to that level, both sides of the ball.

Is it true that Cook ran a 5.46 in the 40??? That is mind bogglingly bad, I hope that was a typo! Maybe 4.65? Wow!

Also, Adkins ran a 4.43, Johnnon ran a 4.4, and Reddick ran a low 4.5.

We probably won't have guy picked until the 3rd or 4th round, at the earliest, but I am still rootin for these guys...


Great job as always Manny. Thanks for keeping us up on the latest with practices. Digressing a little back to your Todd Chandler/recruiting entry, I really believe that the NCAA should have an early signing period for football like they have for basketball. That way, if a guy has his heart made up on a team he signs AND NO OTHER TEAMS CAN TALK/TEXT/CONTACT IN ANYWAY, TO HIM OR THAT TEAM WILL LOOSE 2 SCHOLARSHIPS TO THE SCHOOL WHERE THE KID HAD ALREADY COMMITTED TO. Just my thought.

That is one cluttered post. Must be an FIU grad. Posted by: CanesFanStuckInNYC

Actually NYCStuckup,
Manny is the one who is the FIU grad!

Believe it, I felt bad that Manny went off on sixteen (16) year old High school Northwestern Junior Todd Chandler simply for voicing an intent of potentially taking trips within his UM commit confines. The fact that he got this kid to back pedaling introducing to the kid stuff about "circus" and "drama" is a bit over the top. A journalist should not create news, only report it. Yet, Greg Cote and Manny create. While it is refreshing that Manny is a UM fan as well, other journalists take it even many steps further to lure in Bryce Brown; one even accused falsely that Coach Shannon called the NCAA [ http://www.kansascw.com/Global/story.asp?S=9919954&nav=menu676_1
***NEW INFORMATION*** A source in Miami tells Eyewitness Sports that it's possible Randy Shannon, the head coach of the University of Miami, placed a call to the NCAA about Butler and Brown. ]
on Brian Butler, a la, Urban Myers calling NCAA on Patrick Johnson/Peterson. Lies to turn off Bryce & family vs. the U family! Sorry to belabor this point, but outlandish lies talking about "it's possible Randy Shannon... placed a call to the NCAA about Butler and Brown" are placed for one purpose, and that is to speak to a direct party by influencing a decision. Now, see how fast these lies are picked up by another web site saying that it’s all news! Further, many outlets went on quoting Greg Cote partly erroneous entry that Browns dropped UM while not quoting that UM still has offer for Brown. A local newspaper should not feed false to the national media that loves to hate on the U!

Reality is Diplomats, foreign countries feed nformation/disinformation to the media routinely at times of competing and touchy circumstances, just didn't think you'd find these journalists' sources being in so much conflict with each other coming from the same or from the camp, i.e., Brown camp. Unlike the usual fan-atic for college sports, readers of international disinformation are keen enough to not trust unnamed sources but so much, and these real journalists outing these don't just point the garbage without qualifying the information, unlike Greg Blog, I mean Greg Cote. Hey take that for lack of conciseness :) just get the jest, the real jest, lol

Great Job Manny Man. There is a tropical depresion out there looming and I hope people take notice!! Please be ready because I am.
Its great to see that we are talking about the players that are in camp.

speed wrecks- Good point. A bit long-winded, but we get it.

There is no way that Glenn Cook ran a 5.46 40 in the UM combine. That HAD to be a typ-o. Please Susan, tell me it was a typ-o. Does anyone have any info outthere about the real numbers?

In the interview, Cook sounded confident and pleased with the performance and showing of Cane players. I can't imagine him sounding like that after a 5+ 40.

If that number is real, it is proof in the pudding why UM has struggled in the last 5 years. Unmistakeable proof, and it pains me to wonder why RS left him on the squad to get beat over and over. Yeah, he had a couple of nice games here and there (key word- couple).

But I think the number is wrong. Or is it?

Let's pull for Martin Bibla, who is trying tomake it back to the NFL. That guy is still a stud. Strong as an ox.

A bit long winded??? How about a complete Soap Box moment.

Anyway, with this update on Streeter, I have never been more excited over a core group of receivers. Think about it, A. Johnson, Streeter, Bird, Benjamin, D. Johnson, Hankerson, I don't think the U has had this must talent ever. I am looking to see what Whipple delivers with these guys.

Thanks Manny for the update.

Wow, conspiracy theories and international intrigue.

I'm just fukking with you Speedwrecks. Nice rebuttal. And I met FIU Law. GO CANES!

*meant FIU law.

I must agree with CanesFanStuckinNYC - SPEEDWRECK's post was a "WRECK"! It is incoherent, has a myriad of grammatical errors and is just plain bad. I think he actually attended the University of Florida; I hope he is lying about being a lawyer! FIU is actually a pretty good school academically, they just have not caught up to the rest of Division I with their football team yet!

Now I understand why Coach Shannon is so tight lipped all the time regarding the "U". I know there are NCAA rules, but this recruiting process is a beast that can take a life of its own! In this football business, you have to be somewhat aloof with people b/c everything you say is so scrutinized. Sincerely, RS is a 'Cane from the heart' and wants badly to win. This year will be the year of the turnaround at the "U". I for one am in GREAT EXPECTATION! GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

canesfanstuckinNYC = FAIL

Manny ...

Can you post a list of players who attended / worked-out at the UM Pro Day ???

Thanks ...

I don't buy for a second that SPEEDWRECKS is an attorney. Those writing skills are horrible. Not to trash on a fellow Cane, but wow.

What do you throw to a drowning lawyer?

A: His partners.

Can't wait to see what this team looks like in another 6 months! GO CANES!!!

That picture of Glenn Cook with his shirt off working out for scouts says a lot.

Our STARTING middle linebacker was built like a punter!!!

Its no wonder we got man handled on run plays

Put the shirt back on you are giving the "U" a bad look.

Swasey did he miss your workouts?????

"Now I understand why Coach Shannon is so tight lipped all the time regarding the "U". In this football business, you have to be somewhat aloof with people b/c everything you say is so scrutinized."

When you recruit an Adrian Peterson, Bryce Brown, you realized the entire fortune of a city, a county, or as published by a local paper trying to get (successfully) a local boy staying in-state, they literally lay the future of an entire STATE of Missouri on his shoulder http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/sports/stories.nsf/mizzou/story/A00FF6E975EA698C862575510008549C?OpenDocument ... And when these high profiles ballers are being recruited, and things don't go as planned, the NCAA ain't far behind in snooping around!! So, yes, inasmuch as SPEEDWRECKS rendition of "international intrigue" , disinformation through competing unnamed sources seems a overstretched web, it does bring a convoluted clarity of the constraints of this business of college Football. Moreover, the NCAA does not want to allow another Reggie Bush situation to develop; so they are putting Brian Butler on notice that he shall stay clear of introducing amateurs to benefits unfit for such standing. In regard to that original Butler claim of securing $15,000,000 from the CFL, it is ridiculous only in its magnitude but in plausibilty of rendering an amateur an unexpected pro, it's real. While there will probably be no finding of a Bryce Brown loss of amateur status, the NCAA has a way of showing up before... well, let's just say the old adage of: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

But as far as Glenn Cook running a 5.45/40, I can beleive it; he played on instinct harbored through six years of donning an LB number & Cane uniform. While that fat boy Butler don't look like much of a trainer, his work with average and good player/athlete yields far more athletic improvements in ballers than Swasey -- when Swasey is not working with the best of elite athletes that are already good and making to the NFL-- I cannot fathom as a Freshman Bruce Johnson coming in at 170 lbs, and leaving 5 years later at the exact same 170 lbs, and a step slower from 4.4 /40 to 4.5 / 40 as posted at the NFL combines!

per rivals

Linebacker Sean Spence says the linebacker corps "looks good, is coming along well, is still getting adjusted to the new defense."

How tough is the adjustment to coach John Lovett's defense?

"He's trying to make it as simple as he can," Spence said. "We're just trying to fly around, play fast."

Spence was asked about Arthur Brown's progress and said, "He's doing well. After the transition he made to Mike linebacker, I feel that's a benefit for him. He's playing well there."

Asked who has caught his eye on offense at this early juncture, Spence said Kendal Thompkins and Mike James.

"Kendal had a shoulder injury and redshirted, but now he's making a lot of plays," Spence said. "Mike James, to be a freshman just coming in, he's running the ball pretty well."

Spence also said he played last year at 205 pounds; he's at 211 pounds now.

* Newcomer Olivier Vernon's biggest task this spring?

"Getting used to the speed of the game," the defensive end says. "I knew it was going to be fast, but I didn't experience it. It hit me a little bit of how it is.

"I'm trying to get as many reps in as possible to get ready for the season."

Vernon has gone one-on-one against Jason Fox in practices.

"He's one of the best offensive tackles I've ever gone against - going against a senior offensive tackle like that will make me better for all my years here," Vernon said.

Vernon says he weighs 247 pounds. He weighed 235 pounds as a high school senior.

He also says Coach Clint Hurtt is working hard with him on his hand placement.

* Coach Randy Shannon says Sam Shields, who moved from receiver to cornerback, is "coming around better than what I thought. He looks like a corner out there. Every once in a while he'll do something that's not sound, but that's part of him growing and learning the cornerback position."

* Shannon says there are some big tasks ahead for his coaching staff.

He says while the new coordinators are working on learning UM's personnel, "The other coaches have to know the coordinators. Coaches have to mingle and get to know each other."

Shannon added that "Expectations are always to get better - that's the one thing everybody has here, is about winning. It's not nervousness about making mistakes; it's all about winning."

Because of spring starting early and with the coordinators taking over recently, is this a big learning time for the assistants?

"No," Shannon said. "It makes you grind and get closer real quick. You don't have time to think. All you're doing is talking ball. There's no down time. That's helped us out more than anything."

* DE Marcus Robinson says he's working hardest this spring on fundamentals.

"I'm working on shedding blocks, more physical stuff like that," he said.

Robinson says he's gained 15 pounds from last season.

"I'm at 240 right now; I want to play between 235 and 240," Robinson said. "The extra weight feels better. Now I'm used to working with it."

Robinson says he hopes the extra weight will let him be an every down player. Last year he was utilized in primarily pass rushing situations.

And, while Robinson had nine tackles for losses and four sacks a year ago, he says, "(The season) didn't go like I wanted it to go. I wish I'd have done more tackling, more sacks, more everything."

Robinson says he doesn't expect many changes in the way the defense functions under new coordinator John Lovett.

* The team practiced in full pads today.
Perhaps the best line regarding that came from Micheal Barrow, who was telling players, "You have your big boy pants on today."

* In 11-on-11 red zone work Jacory Harris found Aldarius Johnson on the first play for a touchdown. Javarris James later ran in a 17-yard score, getting free around the edge. Mike James also burst up the middle, breaking tackles, on his way to the end zone, Taylor Cook hooked up with LaRon Byrd and Daniel Adderley for short TDs; Kendal Thompkins got turned around by a Harris pass behind him but still came up with the ball in the back of the end zone for a score.

In regular 11-on-11 drills Mike James broke outside for a gain of 25 yards.

On defense Marcus Robinson had a sack, Ryan Hill recovered a Leonard Hankerson fumble (Hankerson made up for that a few plays later when he caught a short pass and turned it into a 50-yard gain) and JoJo Nicolas had an interception on a tipped pass. And Chavez Grant had a pair of passes broken up - his second pass breakup was on the final play of 11-on-11 and had the offense running gassers instead of the defense.

"At the end we had a competition - we were working on third down," Shannon said. "The offense took the lead and the defense came back and it was tied, 6-6. We had one opportunity to break the tie-breaker (to see which unit would run) and the defense (won). It was a good throw by the quarterback, the line picked everything up, it was a good play by Chavez."

* Demarcus VanDyke was on the side working with the injured players today. There was no immediate update on the nature of his injury.

* Cane signees in attendance included Dyron Dye, Ray Ray Armstrong, Stephen Plein and Billy Sanders.

5.45 is pretty bad, so is Cook's physique. I think I look better...that's sad.

Manny whats up with some new audio uploads. You've been there for three days already. Got anything?

Arthur Brown shuts down any transfer talk, past present or future.

" Arthur did you ever think about not coming back, was transfering ever an option that you considered?"

Arthur: "No never,(pause) never, (pause) never."

Point blank period.

Manny! I need some answers..that dude at the other paper said BB was def. not coming to the U...is it official?
I saw his father was quoted as saying BB wasn't making a visit b/c of a family death but he was still interested..

Only you can give us the truth Manny..so what's the deal?

I dont know if any of you play NCAA Football or not but who do u think the canes impact players will be for NCAA 2010? pretty surer coop, spence, but who do u think will be the third?

Glenn Cook supposedly ran a 4.6 40.

A reallist: Man, that post was funny. Dude, you cracked me up. Glenn Cook looks like a punter. Dude, shut up. That was too much. LOL.

I dont know if any of you play NCAA Football or not but who do u think the canes impact players will be for NCAA 2010? pretty surer coop, spence, but who do u think will be the third?

Posted by: andtheman | February 28, 2009 at 07:15 PM


is eric moncur going to be able to play one more season at the u

Geek are u retarded? I guess u have never played the game. ther is no such thing as an impact lineman!!

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