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Streeter shines on third day of spring

Each time I think about my trip to Dallas two years ago to watch Miami Northwestern take on Southlake Carroll, the first image that always pops into my mind is the one of receiver Tommy Streeter racing down the field underneath a long, rainbow pass from Jacory Harris for a touchdown. It was the highlight of one of the most impressive high school football games I've ever watched. 

StreeterTommy Streeter was the star of the day at Thursday's practice Friday afternoon during the University of Miami's third practice of the spring at Greentree Practice Field, Tommy and Jacory treated us to a replay of those long touchdown connections again. Only this time, they were wearing Canes colors. Streeter, who missed his freshman season with a wrist injury, made the play of the day Thursday. Not once. But twice! First, he hauled in a 75-yard touchdown pass during 11-on-11 drills, beating newly converted cornerback Sam Shields down the sideline on a long pass. Then, Streeter used all of his 6-5, 207-pound frame to stretch out and make a diving touchdown catch in the back of the end zone during red zone drills.

There shouldn't be MVP awards for spring practices conducted in shorts, shoulder pads and helmets. But when you consider how good Streeter looked in only his third practice back from wrist surgery, you got to give him something (at least a helmet sticker).

"It really surprised me to see him fly around like that,'' former Northwestern teammate and fellow UM receiver Aldarius Johnson said. "He looked pretty good for a guy coming off injury, being out all that time after surgery and having therapy. He talked a lot of smack before today's practice. Then, he came out and did what he said he was going to do. He stepped up today. It was like old times."

While Streeter definitely has to put on more weight to take the type of licking safeties will be sure to try and deliver on him, his emergence at receiver bodes well for the Canes. As Aldarius pointed out, "He can stretch the field," Johnson said. "That gives me and Laron and the other guys the underneath stuff. He can make a big impact."

> Streeter was the only player to a touchdown during full on 11-on-11 work, but he wasn't the only player to score Thursday. During red zone drills the following guys scored during red-zone work: Running back Graig Cooper scored on a 12-yard run, fullback Pat Hill on a 15-yard pass from Harris, tight end Richard Gordon on a 10-yard pass from Harris, and receiver Leonard Hankerson (who had a bad case of the drops for most of practice) hauled in a 15-yard jump-ball pass from Cannon Smith on a broken play.

> Other standouts from Thursday's practice included: Linebacker Kylan Robinson (who intercepted a deflected pass intended for Cooper and made a nice tackle of Javarris James after shedding a block); defensive tackle Allen Bailey (who also broke free from a block on a screen pass and drilled James); and defensive tackle Marcus Forston (who showed his speed chasing down Cannon Smith from behind).

> I've got to admit I've enjoyed the extra access coach Randy Shannon has given us for the first four practices this spring. Being on the sideline has allowed the media to really get a good look behind the scenes of who the real leaders, trash-talkers and effort guys are. During running drills today, we got a real good opportunity to listen in on how Orlando Franklin antagonizes opponents. During the entire drill he kept challenging defensive end Adewale Ojomo and clapped when Ojomo and Forston were given extra up-down drills for jumping offsides. Left tackle Jason Fox is another guy who likes to talk smack. He went over several times to the defensive players to ask them what was wrong. It was pretty funny. 

> Speaking of Shannon, he wasn't at practice Thursday because he was participating in a Nike Camp in Pittsburgh according to UM's sports information staff. We were told he'll be back for Saturday morning's practice, the first in full pads.

> I don't have a lot more to share in terms of interviews after practice, but I did learn a little about the offensive line from center A.J. Trump. Don't be shocked this season if you see Trump snapping with both hands. The left-handed Trump says when quarterbacks in the shotgun, he'll snap left-handed. But when QBs are under center, he'll do it right-handed because that's how they prefer to receive it. It hasn't really caused any problems in practice yet that I've noticed. 

As for potential backups, it's obvious Tyler Horn will be behind Trump when the season starts. But it was interesting to hear who UM is working in with Matt Pipho as the team's third and emergency center. According to Trump, freshman Brandon Washington is getting a look there. "He's a smart kid and he's picking up on things quickly," Trump said. "We need a third center right now, so why not."


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Maybe Forston or Benjamin?

yes eric moncur has his sixth year eligibility

where are the reports for yesterday's practice in pads?

I dont know if any of you play NCAA Football or not but who do u think the canes impact players will be for NCAA 2010? pretty surer coop, spence, but who do u think will be the third?

I play NCAA like crazy but I think next year the impact players will be Jacory, Coop and Spence. Miami should be deadly next year on the game and in real life. Can not wait to see how fast Brown, Spence and Ray Ray are.

Rivals is reporting than Miami just got an early commit (2010) from Quinton Dubnar, a standout WR from Booker T. Washington.

He is 6'2'', 175, and runs a 4.5 sec 40 yard dash per ESPN.

Does anyone know anything real/more about this kid?

where are the reports for yesterday's practice in pads?

Posted by: Caneiac | March 01, 2009 at 10:51 AM

Sun Sentinel

Booker T. Washington High School WR Quinton Dunbar attended UM's practice yesterday and spoke with coaches, including Randy Shannon.

A day later he decided to become a Hurricane.

"I committed today to UM," Dunbar said. "I called coach (Wesley) McGriff, told him I was a Hurricane. He was real happy.

"It's a done deal - I won't take any other visits."

Dunbar also says he expects teammates Eduardo Clements and Jose Jose to follow him to Miami, although neither have committed yet.

"I'll be working on getting them to Miami also," he said.

A 6-foot-3 1/2, 175-pounder with 4.4-second speed, Dunbar finished last season with 739 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

He says his coaches compare him to NFL star Larry Fitzgerald.

Dunbar had three other offers - from Michigan, FIU and Oregon.

Why did he choose the Canes?

"I just like it down there," he said. "I've been there four times, and practice yesterday was real exciting.

"I talked to coach Shannon yesterday and he said if I come he'll have my No. 5 ready when I get there."

Dunbar says he also got pressure to commit to Miami from current Canes and former Booker T. teammates Thearon Collier, Davon Johnson, Brandon Harris and Chavez Grant.

"They wanted me at Miami, were saying to come," Dunbar said.

Why did Dunbar make such an early decision?

"I just wanted to," he said.

Baseball U is tearing it up right now in Canesville. Leading 16 - 2 to take the series sweep. The Canes have 20, yes 20 hits today. There's a long way to go, but you can't help the comparisons to '99. Young, hungry, and mentally tough.

Can't wait to see him making plays! It's all about the U!!!!!! C-A-N-E-S

"I committed today to UM," Dunbar said. "I called coach (Wesley) McGriff, told him I was a Hurricane. He was real happy.

"It's a done deal - I won't take any other visits."

These are the players that Randy wants at the U.

Canes nab junior receiver Quinton Dunbar
A 6-foot-2, 170-pound wideout, Quinton Dunbar of Booker T. Washington (Miami, Fla.) has given a Class of 2010 commitment to head coach Randy Shannon and Miami-Florida.

Dunbar picked the Canes over early offers from Michigan, Oregon and Florida International.

As a junior, he had 39 receptions for 703 yards and seven touchdowns.

HE IS OUR 3rd COMMITT---WE have Dade Countys #1 Player, DT Todd Chandler, We have (MUST KEEP HIM) FL and possibly the nations #1 DT 5 Star Louis Nix from Jacksonville, and now this WR
I read somewhere Cook ran a 4.6. BUT, I agree, and thats why we werent any good. Cook has had 6 yrs and most of us look better than him, Johnson didnt gain any weight, etc. Anyway, We have the talent fellas, the 2010 class is starting off great, and I believe we have 22-24 schollys correct? Manny had said if we signed 28 this yr, we were only having 15 next yr, so, when bb signs, thats 20, leaving us 7 plus the 15. 22. Then , assume adderly transfers like he is, and next yr youll have 2-3 more transfers(LIKE EVERY SCHOOL( hopefully we can get a top 5. SO FLA IS LOADED THIS YR, LOADED more than the 08 class.

Just a quick break from the football...Isn't it sweet? A 3-0 series sweep and a 16-2 smackdown of the Gators today. It's early in the season but the b-ball team looking good. In any event, to go into hicktown and punk out the Gators is NIIIIICE!

It is the OFFSEASON!!! Time for CANES HYPE!!!

Cant wait for the season to start and for the Canes to be sent right back to the basement and reality!

Enjoy this last offseason as a head coach Randy Shannon!

Hey rawpimple,

Still hurting from that beatdown you got in canesville today? Don't sweat it...put on your favorite jorts, grab a PBR, sit down on your plastic "indoor" chair, put a comb through your mullett, turn on the heater in your trailer, and chill. Oh yeah and stick to the Gator blogs. Kiss your sister goodnight.

hey nothing wrong with PBR haha

Do anyone know If you um considering recruiting corvin lamb from mnw, this kid is sleeper trust me, just look at what he doing in track

Stop unloading on Cook... Geez man. He was all we got and he obviously was the best player we got for the situation. He is now an alumni and probably a coach in waiting. If he hooks up with a team, it would be because he can help other more talented rookies adjust to the NFL.

Don't forget that his story as a football player/coach should remind you of Randy Shannon. Yes. If we had an opening on the staff, he probably gets in.

Dunbar, Clements, and Jose would be huge gets for the next class. I don't know if it's possible to get all 3, but that would so big for us.

Arthur Brown is only 210 lbs! Go to MLK Restaurant son.

Arthur Brown is only 210 lbs! Go to MLK Restaurant son.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | March 02, 2009 at 10:49 AM

Must be from all the fasting.

BB talking up LSU, both father and BB visited and had dinner with Les Miles. Sounds like BB headed for LSU. Plus Les knows how to provide incentive$$$ to prospects. Kind of comes off like a sleazy used car salesman but they do love him in Baton Rouge. My money says BB selects LSU


BB talking up LSU, both father and BB visited and had dinner with Les Miles. Sounds like BB headed for LSU. Plus Les knows how to provide incentive$$$ to prospects. Kind of comes off like a sleazy used car salesman but they do love him in Baton Rouge. My money says BB selects LSU


Posted by: Always a Cane | March 02, 2009 at 03:35 PM


where r u manny???

Dunbar, Clements, and Jose would be huge gets for the next class. I don't know if it's possible to get all 3, but that would so big for us.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | March 02, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Theres a 95% chance we get all of them, all three of them want to play together, and having them play here real close at Booker T helps tremendously

http://www.lsureveille.com/recruiting/top_recruiting_prospect_brown_visits_lsu_but_makes_no_decision-1.1590250 Ok, so he visited LSU just as he said he would, but with Brian Butler in tow. Les Miles cares less about Brian Butler, but merely wants this premier player. Moreover, Butler must be all clean, since Les Miles, from his background would jeopardize his program for even Bryce Brown. My money on where Bryce goes lies with ... Awwh, forget it!

BB's comments on LSU visit (from Butler's website, Potentialplayers.com

Brown Breakdown of LSU Visit
Bryce Brown's Visit Breakdown:

Friday: After academic meetings, Bryce met with the offensive staff and discussed their teaching process and gameplan of how they would use him initially in their offense. Bryce said, "I liked how they were planning to use me. Coach Porter(Running Backs Coach) was real cool and I see why he's considered one of the top RB coaches and recruiters in football." Then Bryce and Mr. Arthur Brown Sr. met for dinner with Les Miles and most of the coaching staff. Bryce was escorted for the rest of the night by running backs Charles Scott and Keelan Williams.

Saturday: The day started with breakfast with the entire coaching staff and then a tour of the academic center. "This is the best academic center that I've seen on all my visits. I like their plan for all students, not just the football players." Then he met with Coach Moffitt and the strength staff and got the "LSU Way" in the weight room. "Coach went over their daily strength program and showed me how he would help me be the best I could be," Brown stated.

Then one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip came when Bryce met with Coach Stud(offensive line coach). "Coach Stud was great, he had alot of energy and discussed the depth chart of the O-Line. He talked in detail about each of his linemen and showed his passion for protecting the quarterback and making holes for the running backs".

Meeting with Coach Miles: "The meeting with Coach Miles went great, he talked about my skills and how he pictures me in the LSU program. We discussed the success and the competition in the SEC and how they get their players ready for the next level. Coach Miles talked about the success of Coach Porter's running backs and all of the things that LSU can do for me. I was very impressed and intrigued by what LSU had to offer, and it made me think about what I could offer them."

Saturday ended with a night out on the LSU campus with future star quarterbacks, Jordan Jefferson and Russell Shepherd.

It looks like the Tigers will be a force to be reckoned with on Brown's signing day(March 16th).

Who cares anymore - let him go to LSU and live among the rednecks that make up most of the SEC.

Time to forget about this kid and concentrate on those that are here and want to play for the Canes.

How about a practice report? Are Streeter and Thompkinds keeping up the good work?

Probably Travis Benjamin

If the ESPN 360 schedule I saw was right the UM basketball game is not televised anywhere.

I just thought I would let everyone know that it is on the ACC.com website. You'll want to click on the ACCSelect link on the left side of the screen than scroll down to the schedule to watch the game.

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