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The lesson Bryce Brown taught us

Wednesday afternoon, instead of being out at the University of Miami for the second practice of the spring, I was inside The Miami Herald filming our newest installment of The Recruiting Report (a new webcast set to be released in two weeks). During our show, I got a chance to sit down and talk with the No. 1 recruit in Miami-Dade County for 2010, Miami Northwestern defensive tackle Todd Chandler.

Northwestern defensive tackle Todd Chandler is one of two of UM's 2010 commitments. By first impressions, Todd was one of the most polite and personable kids I've interviewed recently in the 13 years I've been following recruiting and covering high school football in South Florida. Everything out of Todd's mouth began with 'No Sir' and 'Yes Sir.' He was funny, engaging and had a lot of interesting things to say about himself. For starters, he fought obesity an early age (weighing 167 pounds when he was only 7 years old). He's also the nephew of former Cane Earl Little. But the most interesting stuff to come out of Chandler's mouth during our interview -- on and off camera -- was the reason why he decided to commit to the University of Miami before his junior season was even over. At first, everything Chandler said sounded great, the type of response you want to hear from a high school recruit.

"It just feels like family," Chandler said of UM. "I know Jacory [Harris], Marcus [Forston], all those guys. We all won a championship together. Plus, it's home."

And then, the word BUT got into our conversation. "But, I've been really beginning to feel the love from other schools," Chandler said. "Oklahoma, Florida State, they're really coming hard after me. I'm going to have to give those guys a look."

Before the conversation went any further, I'll admit I lost my cool. 'But aren't you committed to Miami?,' I asked. 'Did you say you were done with recruiting?', I continued. 'Or,' I stammered, 'Is this going to be another Bryce Brown situation?'

Chandler quickly backpedaled. "No way, Sir," Chandler responded. "With all due respect to Bryce and his decision making process, I'll never handle it like that. I'm committed to Miami. When I make up my mind, it will be over. I'm not going to create a circus like that."

Willie Williams took us for a ride in 2003, but even he had more respect for the recruiting game than Bryce Brown. Chandler isn't the first kid I've interviewed whose been committed but still isn't done with his head-scratching process. Bryce Brown wasn't the first either (Canes fans remember the Patrick Johnson show in 2007). Still, the phenomenon of being "committed while looking elsewhere" is relatively new to the recruiting world. Sure, kids have made dramatic last minute switches before. There were stunners on National Signing Day long before Bryce Brown ever became the nation's No. 1 recruit and running back. 

But there is no denying the way the recruiting game is being played nowadays is much different than it was just a few years ago. A month before national signing day 2009, nearly 90 percent of Top 150 players in the country were committed -- and still taking other visits. It seemed like there were really just a few players who might make things interesting. Then, when it came time to sign the paperwork, stunning stories began to take place across the country as longtime commitments jumped ship, and others like Brown decided to hold off on signing. I was at Monsignor Pace for one of those stunning moments when defensive back Kayvon Webster (a longtime UM commitment) didn't even call Hurricanes coaches to let them know he was going with USF. He just bolted, did them dirty.

Somehow, NSD 2009 just felt very dirty to me too -- even more filthy than what I thought was the scummiest recruiting story I had been around. You know the one I'm talking about. The year was 2003. Me and more than a dozen reporters were sitting in a library at Carol City High, waiting for the then national recruiting story of the year then to make up his mind. We'd find out later a lot more about Willie Williams not long after that. But what I appreciate now (even after the circus that story turned into) was  the genuine level of suspense and honest build up of emotion of it. Nobody knew where Williams was going to UM before that day. Nobody knew because even Williams (somebody with a lengthy police record) treated his recruiting process and the colleges chasing him with more respect than most kids do nowadays (even with his laugh out loud commentary in his recruiting diaries). Why? Because he didn't lie to anyone about his feelings. He didn't commit to Larry Coker or Bobby Bowden or anyone else and then change his mind. He spoke the truth when he was asked about where he wanted to go to school, telling reporters all the time 'I don't know.' High school athletes nowadays ought to know (whether their mentors want them to say it or not) there is nothing wrong with saying 'I don't know where I want to go to school.' 

Bryce Brown committed to UM in February 2008. 13 months later, nobody is still sure where he is going Now, just as I felt then when the Willie Williams diaries changed the game (it certainly did change the way colleges spend lavishly on recruits during their official visits), I feel this Bryce Brown saga has changed recruiting again. Maybe for the better (maybe the next high school superstar will stop short of committing when he knows he wants to take visits) or more likely for the worst (maybe it's the start of a permanent, new trend). At the very least, we know this: it's rendered commitments meaningless. Now, instead of being excited about a high school star's decision and the college choice they've made, fans are going to be wondering if any of it is true. We are going to judge them -- fairly or unfairly -- the moment "BUT I'M TAKING MY VISITS" comes out of their mouth.

Bryce Brown should not take all the blame for ruining recruiting and the word commitment. The media has done its part in further glorifying the "commitments" of high school players to prospective colleges. Rivals and Scout have certainly made a nice living off it. So has The Miami Herald, and every other struggling newspaper in the business. I've been a part of it, too. I've been just as guilty in trying to be the first reporter to tell you who the next high school superstar is to choose the Canes. Earlier this week, I dedicated an entire blog to a pair of high school players coach Frank Haith reeled in 'commitments' for in Miami's 2011 and 2012 classes.

But the truth is we've made this story much more than it needs to be. We've turned it into a yearlong odyssey. Blue-chip reporters from top-notch newspapers like the New York Times, magazines like Sports Illustrated and TV and radio stations have covered Bryce Brown nearly as much as the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal. They've done it all because they want to be the first to tell you whether or not Bryce Brown's letter of intent was pulled by UM, or, if he may or may not make an official or unofficial visit to watch the Canes practice next week. Frankly, it's pathetic. 

Ultimately, nobody will ever really know until March 16th what Bryce Brown is going to do. What I can tell you is I'm done using the word 'commitment' loosely when it comes to recruiting. I now fully understand why coach Randy Shannon doesn't believe in it. No matter what a kid can tell you about his heart, his feelings, his dreams and where he would like his future to be, it means absolutely nothing until he signs that scholarship. I think we can all agree, Bryce Brown has taught us that. From now on, when I talk recruiting with any prospective high school star and he mentions the word commitment, I'll follow it up with the obligatory question if he mentions taking other visits. You know what it is... Is this going to be another Bryce Brown situation?


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Amen, Manny. Look at you breaking out the introspective prose! Pipeline to the prose! Recruiting is definitely headed into unhealthy territory - mostly for the recruits themselves, I believe. Premature media sensationalism and unearned praise inflate these kids' heads. You can fast all you want, but you're not gonna forget about the hundreds of rivals and scout articles telling you how good you are and how the schools should be honored to have you, rather than the other way around.


Who cares?

If Bryce comes to Miami, Great. If he doesn't good luck to him, except when he plays Miami.

End of Story!!!

If he decides not to come, it won't affect Randy Shannon or Clint's ability to recruit.

It is the same with this guy or the next guy. Miami will get their share of players, and LSU, FSU, USC, and Florida, etc will get theirs.

Let's worry about the kids that are on the Roster or are committed to Miami. Of course, we want the best kids, but it is not that important to be the best coming in, as it is to be the best coming out.

'nuff said!!!

Excellent post Manny.

great article. filled with truth.

i have never understood the disconnect with what seems to be an honorable young man with solid advisers and this circus.

Bryce - do the right thing and live up to your word.

Great Story Manny,

Nice that you took the time to really speak with a great sense of reality while at the same time, put a journalistic feel to this one...

Most reporters are too eager to lean towards being the first to report what they feel is about to happen; but in the end merely show that they've gotten ahead of themselves (Cote).

Kudos for reporting "I don't know' !!

At the end of the day I beleive Coach Shannon is allot wiser than the general public gives him credit for.

It's a battle til the end, and I feel that with Shannon, I like our chances to close in on our needs when it comes to recruiting; best closer in the business... (our only weakness has been the lack of quality home-grown O-Lineman in our own backyard)

Shannon understands that it's never a done deal until we receive that Fax.

Word, send Brown and his pathetic brother packing. Why we want kids from Kansas anyway. And so what if he was CO-MVP of the ARMY All-American game? We all know the best players in the country were at the Under Armor Game anyway.

Kansas, stick to hoops.

best entry to date manny. would like you to also write in such detail about the possible early signing period.

lastly, the way that Webster disrespected the canes (coaches, players, and fans) by not calling the coaches and then showing the u up during his announcement will not be forgotten.

I truly hope that some time down the road we get to play Bryce and whatever school he decides to go with... should be a lot of fun

I wonder what my wife would've done if I told her I was going to "take visits" after we got engaged? After all, its just a verbal at that point, right. Seems that either Butler and/or Bryce have no integrity.

Yes, Manny, the recruiting thing has been and is headed for questionable, moral territory. Recruiting needs to be cleaned up or it is going to blow up, all of the signs are there.
More and more lavish "outings, visits" is not sending the right messages. There needs to be some kind of incentive for kids to sign on the dotted line early.

Is this a national trend or an early sign that UM is losing its edge for top recruits? If we had won ten games and a major bowl the last two years, or simply played better than we did down the stretch, I think that none of these guys would have flip-flopped.

Brown is an over-managed, self-obsessed, coach's nightmare, and our recruiting classes are still good, but we can't keep losing games and expect flawless recruiting.

Damn good post Manny. One of your bests for sure.

You now have all the combines, UA events accross the country gives the HS recruits a ton of press. The NCAA needs to move in with better signing and visit rules or you will get worse and worse behavior by schools trying to impress the recruits. And the recruits will and do think that they deserve all of the press, the attention and "gifts or vists or whatever.

I still believe Bryce did this because he's afraid of competition and wanted to sit back and look at everybodies recruiting class. He is selfish and wants to be the man. Remember running back is probably the easiest position to learn so he wants to start as a freshmen and leave as a junior.

wad up Jaun?
Nice article especially having the nads to include the Herald in the people making money off the Brown circus.

Cosmic karma has it's own "what goes around comes around."
Willie Williams never ending odyssey is a good example.

Material Boy decides whats best for him, great.
The days of bounties on players will be haunting him the rest of his career.


They should just get rid of the term "commitment" altogether. Change it to "highly considering" on something like that. That way it doesn't feel like a double cross if a kid that is "highly considering" a certain school switches to another. The word "commitment" is taken as just that.....A COMMITMENT! So if a kid is "commited" to a certain school then swithches, it feels more like a double cross to that school. It's just not right for the kid. Look at Bryce, everybody is bad mouthing him just because he was tagged a "commit" and now considering other schools. If he was just "highly considering" Miami but was looking at other schools, we wouldn't be nearly as harsh on the kid as we are. Think about it.

jxrey: i don't think its a trend that we keep losing players. look at how we finished the other year,5-7 and we nabbed the number 1 spot for recrutitng. look at florida they lost 3 big time recruits on national signing day and they just won the NC, how about clemson losing players to south carloina, our USC losing players it happens to the best programs(count clemson out) miami will always get the players because of our history and our mystic. But to keep we have to win like you say.Randy nailed it on the head until the players sign on the dotted line only then we can call them a commit.something needs to change an early signing day or something because this type of issue can turn for the worst but we shall see,until theN LETS GO CANES!!!!!

I dont think Bryce Brown will change the game that much, because schools like Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and others always reel in a ton of early verbal committments that stick 9 out of 10 times. It just seems that the Canes have been caught up in this mess lately (RB-Smith to FSU, CB-Johnson to LSU, now Bryce). Bryce and his entourage are just flat out crazy (reminds of Master P being Ricky Williams agent). One last thought, Bryce is a talent and if he wants to come here lets get him. I think once he gets around Jacory, Sean, Big Daddy Marcus and others he will be put in check. It's All About the "U" BABY.

manny you are the man! Great work


Do you think we go through the BB saga this year with Nix?

Someone mentioned that this wouldn't happen had UM won more games......EVERY school loses a player or two the day of NSD.....every school, USC, LSU, OU, OSU.....

Geez...I didn't see this coming. Good job, Randy & UM keeping your distance from this circus:

HEADLINE: Bryce Brown's handler under investigation by NCAA



The bottom line is and will continue to be, most of these kid love attention and the more attention they get the more the will draw out the recruiting process. I hope Miami has pulled the offer to Brown and refuses to sign him even if he chooses Miami. If his commitment, his word, does not mean a thing than how can he counted on to be committed to be part of a team. He will always only consider himself and not care about anyone else. Not the type of player that the University of Miami needs representing them.

I knew this last year.

i know this year's draft is not gonna be pretty for the U, but does anyone know how today's pro-day went? also, how did Bruce Johnson fare at the combine?

I know Arthur's a great kid, the Brown family are good people, but BB just got mixed up with the wrong guy trying to make a buck off the Brown family...now Butler has put BB in jeopardy. My best to Arthur and remember this, Arthur...no matter what happens you are part of the U FAMILY

More on NCAA investigation...now they're even looking into UM. Again, Randy was wise keeping his distance from this circus:

I love the fact that Butler is being investigated. This whole thing has backfired on him and Bryce Brown. I'm so thankful we didn't sign this kid....RS handled this one very well.

Graig Cooper, Javarris James, Lee Chambers, Damien Berry, Lamar Miller, Mike James.

I think they should just list all commitments as "Soft Commitment" until they sign. That would take the pressure off the kids. I think most of the time the kids just want to "feel the love", get free trips, see some sights. I dont blame them for that. They just need to realize that by them commiting, they are affecting the lives of those recruiting them which include decisions on pursuing other players, positions to recruit, etc... They are affecting a whole team. (Luckily for us, Randy recruited two other backs, who commited to the U and stood by it.)

I know not all worlds are the same but it seems like someone, maybe their HS coach or father or family member should be teaching them some integrity at an early age. After all when they become adults, decisions become more and more meaningful.

Maybe Bryce should be a quarterback with the Gaytors. Then he'll get all the rushing yards he wants. Just ask Teblow (a fullback that takes direct snaps).

Great post Manny. Can really sense the inner tension this kid (Chandler) brought out in you. Keep up the good work!

I think what a lot of people feel, but are unable to say for whatever reason, is that it is becoming clear as the recruiting game changes that the "game" is being further and further tilted toward those with "loose" moral standards. Take for example Tennessee coaches telling Nuke to not tell anyone, especially Gators coaches that he had changed his mind from UF to UT. Now, I'll be the first to tell you I loved seeing Meyer get dissed on signing day and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Liar Meyer would have no problem at all doing the same himself. That said, this is just a very minor example of the sliminess that is enveloping college football.

The NCAA apppears absolutely clueless if not complicit in all of this. The fact that it's been proven that Reggie Bush was being paid while playing at USC, Maurice Clarrett was on the payroll while at OSU, etc, etc, etc; and NOTHING has happened to penalize those two schools in any way is a disgrace. Plausible deniability has become the new key to building a program.

I absolutely love college football. It's by far the greatest spectator sport there is. But I very much feel that if something is not done to clean up the game, it is going to end up going the way of the WWF.

Just because everyone is cheating, doesn't make it right or entertaining.

I don't know, but I share your disgust Manny.


I find it hilarious that Brian Butler "trains" athletes. You guys see his photo? LMAO. I keep getting a visual of Butler devowering some twinkies while kids are lifting weights.

I have no doubt about this guy and his 15 minutes of fame. Too bad it comes at the expense of exploiting teenagers.

I think it's rediculous when somebody says "I'm Committed to so and so but I don't know where I'll end up in the end". These kids need an english lesson on what the word "Committment" means. Any future spouses of them beware.

Nice post Manny. We've known for a long time that the word 'commitment' has degenerated into "please hold a place for me at your school so I don't get left out in the cold on signing day." That is all the coaches take it for, which is why they recruit potential replacements even after a 'commitment' is given. This door swings both ways, by the way, as coaches constantly give too many scholarships and end up pulling them from a recruit late in the game.

It's only the general public that is behind here, misled by the word commitment. We're the ones that treat a commitment as a blood oath to a school, and we're the ones who get pissed when they back out. The Letter of Intent is the blood oath...a 'commitment' is nothing more than a plane ticket...save a seat for me in case I decide to show up. I think we'd all be a lot less irritable if we caught up with the times and learn the new vocabulary, like the players and the coaches have managed to do. In every other walk of life a commitment is your word...in recruiting it's a placeholder.

My favorite story this year was during the Army All-American game when one of the recruits stated that "for the next 3-year's" he will attend xxx University (can't remember who it was).


per my email to you, lets do an article on how someone did it right. Start with Prince Kent. Now THATS how to handle yourself.

Really nice work Manny.


My favorite story this year was during the Army All-American game when one of the recruits stated that "for the next 3-year's" he will attend xxx University (can't remember who it was)."

Posted by: Wil

Wil, if I'm not mistaken that was Michael Carter, the CB from Ely. What's even funnier, is that he committed to West Virginia, only to end up signing with Minnesota on NSD. lol

MAN UP Manny and partner Greg Cote:

You guys have eggs ALL OVER your FACE!

Just do a mea culpa, and admit that you guys CREATED stuff when you hear one side say one thing -- a thing that can't be said legally to another -- and then, you get a half baked cross referenced quick take from the other side. Then boom, you strike back to the original side (not knowing the death of a Brown family member) saying: "I heard Bryce won't be coming for his visit on March 3rd", and yes Manny, you Greg Cote journalist are, indeed, creating scenarios for the two sides. You amplify this and that, then YOU are the translator, and much get lost in the translation!

Check this scenario:

You have Greg Cote saying that the Brown team/UM ties were severed, and Miami said "We're out of it [Brown derby]" all the while managing to lead out that "contrary to reports" UM has never "rescinded its offer to Bryce B". Then, Papa Brown comes to say that they have to plan funeral arrangements for a now dead family member, and can't make the March 3rd UM trip due to untimely death and consequent arrangements.

This is truly a drama by all parties.

As a attorney practicing, and with all types of laws guarding your every step not excluding patient confidentiality, don’t you think that the NCAA policies regarding coaches' inability to comment on recruits as one of the causes why so much differing output from sources are making the rounds? From the latest sources disclosure, this is what I get:

Before all this, UM wanted Bryce to make decision by 2/19, but he said he'd have to consult with family. When he called back to speak to Shannon, all he got was Voice Mail, again, and again. Message is left to UM [Shannon & RB coach] that Bryce keeps his plans. Communication from all parties has been through VM!

Brown family member drops dead, and Bryce wants to cancel visit date and still announce for UM [probably now] without benefit of said visit rather than re-schedule visit later. Then someone Brown had informed UM that Bryce may not make the trip without details and via VM! LM! [Left message]

UM, careful that NCAA is already snooping around this entire recruiting saga, can't call back Bryce to initiate what's really going on, so they let this come out to SCOOP MASTER Greg Cote that Bryce recruiting visit and UM are being dropped by the Browns, thus inferring consideration’s gone, all the while letting it be known that a mistake had also been inferred that they rescinded an offer that was not true, and allow for the Browns to know/read that they always wanted Bryce.

Papa Brown, who has all along said that his preference is that son Bryce goes to UM, comes out and say that consideration drop is "categorically false".

The bottom line, Manny, is not so much that you should get indignant with a 16 yr-old kid when he makes a commitment, but focus on not being merely used 'cause the sides have constraints and can't just initiate contacts with one another. RECOGNIZE when you are being used to talk for one side, rather than you, a journalist, creating, i.e., your Miami Herald Greg Cote false story lines. Foreign countries do this sort of thing all the time when communicating through journalists, just didn’t think that Webloggers like you and Cote could get so used, but c’est la vie.

Hey Manny,

Anything interesting going on in practice today? How did they look?

First off, Manny I really appreciate your words... very well written... I'm surprised. I really feel your passion for the U, and I know Todd Chandler personally... he is going to the U, but like any kid, the excitement of every major program telling you how much they want you can be overwhelming... but it doesn't diminish the shock of hearing that a true NW Bull wouldn't follow his championship boys to build a championship at the U.

Cane fans ... commitments are important to the planning of recruiting priorities and allocating a set number of scholarships to needed positions. When most players commit early, it allows EVERY college to concentrate it's efforts on filling the gaps. It's a process that simply works for the best of everyone... even though some players will change their minds in the end.

Example: What if no players committed, and then on national signing day 5 quarterbacks signed with one school, which doesn't need 5 quarterbacks in the same class.... then some of those kid's parents will be pissed-off looking for another school at the last minute. Do you see what a nightmare that would be??

The "Commitment" process allows both colleges and athletes to plan ahead, and not get stuck in the end. Why change the entire system because of a few kids who flip-flop, or who create a circus scene like Bryce??

The Univ. of Miami signed a boat-load of excellent players, who love the U, yet all we've done is focus on one nut-case.

4-get-about-it ...

Lastly, do you know why we get guys like RAY RAY... because RAY RAY knows he is going PRO PRO no matter what school he goes to... and he LOVES Da U !!!

Good post, Manny. You said what we all feel.

SPEEDWRECKS makes very interesting points. Manny gets it right most of the time (Greg Cote much less in that recent B.S. blog he printed). that was un-called for. There are lots of lessons to be learned from this story.

I believe what I read quoted from Arthur Brown Sr. in Rivals and I believe that Bryce is on track to sign LOI w/ the U. I hope LSU didn't sway him. Les Myles is very persuasive. Papa Brown is out front on this and I commend him for that. That's what dads should do. Ultimately though, it's Bryce's decision. I respect that.

On recruiting, I would like to see a rule enacted that once a recruit "commits", all other colleges and universities must cease contact with that recruit. The recruit, however, can initiate contact w/ any other school(s) on his own in an orderly fashion, i.e., an official visit, but the coaches of those "other" schools can't be calling these kids on their cell phones, texting, trying to get in their head, change their minds, etc. It's ridiculous what goes on.

From what I've read, Bryce has done just about everything that he said he was going to do from the beginning. He has the freedom to choose. I blame the media for blowing his situation way out of proportion. Why? Because all of us are so hungry for the latest scoop and the media aims to feed us.

I'm disappointed that folks are dragging Arthur into this. He's a U Cane and we should hold him in high regard. I sure do.

It's all about the U.

PREACH MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job as always Manny. I really believe that the NCAA should have an early signing period for football like they have for basketball. That way, if a guy has his heart made up on a team he signs AND NO OTHER TEAMS CAN TALK/TEXT/CONTACT IN ANYWAY, TO HIM OR THAT TEAM WILL LOOSE 2 SCHOLARSHIPS TO THE SCHOOL WHERE THE KID HAD ALREADY COMMITTED TO. Just my thought.

Years ago when I was coaching baseball in Ocala, Florida, I had a kid.....last name Williams who just showed up after my next to last "cut" to try out. Ala Bryce Brown. I had NO intention of carrying "Williams".....but asked him where had he been? He replied he'd been playing basketball for the school. DUH? Like I wasn't going to ask the Basketball Coach? (I did....and he didn't) I let him "perform" one day in practice........the team was wondering, "What is Coach Rothstein doing........?". After hussling the whole practice, hitting a TON, and running the bases with unbelieveable speed, Williams came to me and asked, "did I make the team?" I of course replied: "No"..........but I did let him know in terms even a STUPID person could understand that had he tried out along with everyone else, he would have made the team.....too bad he just didn't have the confidence in himself to do the right thing.

I believe Bryce Brown is basically doing the same thing as "Williams". He's laying out to see what all the colleges he's interested in did in the recruiting wars and is sizing up his options ala....."where can I play like right now?" He doesn't want to sit......glad his brother isn't that way.....maybe Bryce will come to the conclusion that at the "U" you have to wait your turn and wait for your opportunity to play. His brother most likely will start this year or at least see significant playing time.....but for Bryce Brown, he's a prima donna and we do not need his kind. I hope UM did pull his offer........and if the "U" hasn't pulled it yet, I hope they pull it like NOW.

I think Randy Shannon has dealt with this as best he could. Hopefully in the future, Miami will quickly back away from a situation like this. The selfishness of Bryce Brown's little circus has been a huge distraction to the team. No one player is worth this. There is nothing team oriented about how Bryce Brown has handled this. What about the kids that are signed and at practice now. Time to move on and go with the people that are signed and committed to being part of the U. In the future I hope a Miami recruiter will quickly pick up on a recruits selfishness and say "thanks but no thanks, you have said enough for me to determine you are not Miami Hurricane material."


Randy has said on numerous ocassions; just because a recruit tells you he's comitted, you still have to continue to recruit them until they sign. Do not take any commitment as fact until then.

I agree with your assessment about Scout, Rivals and news outlets making these players into more than what they are. Lots of money being made from their efforts. How many times have the so-caalled top players been really that good? More bums thatn stars!

Manny ... The Last Honest Journalist

The Canes recruit CHARACTER .... Something Bryce Brown LACKS

The Problem with these so called "commitments" is there is nothing behind them ... because the NCAA is a JOKE .... Until they DO AWAY with National Signing Day it will always be a joke.

I say ... If you commit, you sign your papers right there and then ... And if you change your mind later .... you get SUED for breach of contract and have to pay the school back the THOUSANDS of DOLLARS that typically come from ALUMNI donations back .... or go to JAIL.

Perhaps that will solve the problem ...

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