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Tuberville says Lovett will fit in perfectly

I have to admit when I first heard rumblings this past weekend the University of Miami was seriously considering hiring John Lovett as its defensive coordinator, my first thought was someone was joking about former SNL comedian John Lovitz.

Turns out, there really is a John Lovett. So who is he? As soon I received word this was becoming official, I started making a few phone calls this afternoon to find out. So, what is beyond Lovett's resume and the more than 25 years he's spent coaching college football? What is the most interesting thing I learned about Miami's next defensive coordinator?

Tommy Tuberville He knows how to get out of tough situations. For starters, before he even began coaching, Lovett, 58, used to drive 18-wheeler trucks in New York City, delivering furniture. Can you find a tighter place to get out of than that? Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, who hired Lovett at Mississippi and then took him with him to Auburn, shared his insight into the Lovett's hiring with me. Lovett's wife Carol and Tuberville's wife have been best friends for years. 

Tuberville said a similarly good relationship is what UM coach Randy Shannon said he was looking to build with his next coordinator when he called and inquired about him a few weeks ago.

"We hardly talked football to be honest," said Tuberville, who after being fired at Auburn told me he plans on taking a year off from coaching and will likely do some work with ESPN. "Randy just told me he was looking for somebody who would fit in -- fit into the community and understand the ACC. Being a defensive head coach, which I am, you got to be on the same page with your coordinator. There has to be a good relationship there. I think Randy and John are going to be a perfect fit."

Why? Because according to Tuberville, Lovett runs the same system Shannon learned under Jimmy Johnson, a 4-3 defense which lets speed take over. "John is going to run the same old 4-3 we used to," Tuberville said. "He'll mix in a few eight man fronts a little bit, be diverse in everything. Some odd man front. He knows the zone blitz game. He's been around it all."

Lovett, who moved up the ranks from walk-on to co-captain, is a stickler on technique according to Tuberville. "Everything he's going to do is going to be sound," Tuberville said. "He's very aggressive, likes to blitz. The greatest thing about that move is that he understands that league, been around it a long time now."

Another plus according to Tuberville, Lovett is also a very good recruiter, who is personable. Tuberville said Lovett is a specialist in the northeast and knows how to pull kids out of New Jersey, New York and the Washington, D.C. area. 

"I know he's very excited about it," Tuberville said. "I didn't have to convince him at all. Miami is a unique school with unique players. I think its a great situation. I think they've got it going in the right direction. They've upscaled recruiting and brought in a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball. John is coming in with high expectations, high goals."


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Well it is what it is.

Welcome Coach Lovett

"In Randy We Trust"

I wanted a big name. His resume sucks. But he cant be any worse than walton.

Oh yeah coach Lovett i forgot to tell U.


I cannot see how this is a better hire than letting Shannon take on the duties

MR MIA Don't you see now Shannon can concentrate on what he does best recruiting!


Randy Shannon stated he wanted to concentrate on the overall team and not have to worry about being the DC. Isn't that enough of a reason?

Tommy Tuberville has been showing us a lot of love lately....anyone think he's preparing the road to Miami if things go south with RS? I'm not hoping for this....just saying it's strange.

Ok how does his resume suck? When at auburn as dc his defense were top notch. He helped lead clemson to a top ranked defense also. Did he take a step back to be special teams guy sure but at nc his special teams were good. Seems to me he's got the job done where ever he has been. Miami was never gonna get a big name dc. Shannon clearly wants to be a guy who manages the whole team. He also clearly listens to other coaches he respects in tubberville, and mark richt of georgia. I don't know why he left auburn or clemson but when there he did a good job. Instead of being a bunch of negative nancies give the guy a chance to show what he can do. Im sure shannon will have his imput on the defense this year and lovett is a great recruiter has been wherever he coached.

Quality reporting, Manny.

Welcome to the U Coach!! Please don't listen to the negative part of our fan base. GO HURRICANES!!

Don't know enough about the dude, but Butch like him and that's going to have to be good enough for now.

I like the focus on fundamentals quote about Lovett, that type of emphasis is exactly what this defense needs. We've got the athletes in place on D, we just need to 'coach-em-up'.

Thanks Manny... Being in Canada its hard to get the real nitty gritty info on the Canes or College football period. Thanks alot...

I love that he has great ties in the NE, especially NJ, for recruiting. The D can run itself once they get all the top notch talent in here.

Randy's career is riding on these 2 hires
The fan base will take him to the wood shed if this guy doesn't put up results quick

this seems like a who you know hire
not the best possible guy or ill do it myself, period!


Manny ...

What do you know about the Bryce Brown considering the CFL reports?

Does Bryce Brown's eligibility come into question when his handler/mentor/agent flirts with contacting the CFL about a possible contract?

Will UM take a close look at this situation before officially bringing him on campus?

Thanks Manny ....


I agree with Mainecane... too many negative nancies on here... give the guy a freakin chance.

God reading these comments on here make me embarassed to be a Cane

damn some of yall are dumber that a brick.

You guys know nothing about the guy but still bash him.


Let's take a rational look at who was available. Pagnano- I dont think he would have came back considering who he is coaching in the NFL. Plus money probably was factor.
Bumpas- Might have had a buyout deal plus loyalty to Patterson at TCU.
Tenuta_ Just got to ND and his philosophy was probably a little different.

LETS FACE IT there wasnt a "diamond in the rough" Knock it out of the park type DC to be found out there!! That is reality. He is a FOOTBALL coach not just a DEF Coach (look at how good UNC's special teams were). We aren't going to get the next coming of B Davis or Tubberville all the time. Im sure RS did is due diligence in picking this guy. your gonna have to sit back and wait and see what happens on the field. He isnt "the def version of Pat nix" either. He's been in coaching for 18 yrs with some good football programs. Cant wait for next fall

Hey Manny - did you manage to ask Tuberville why he fired Lovett? Just seems like that would be a interesting thing to find out...

Just read a little blurb about how well he did when he was at Clemson. If he does that well here I will be more than happy.

If any of U were real Miami fans then you would know we don't hire "HOME RUNS". We get them when their batting average is low. Then when they leave, they are "HOME RUNS"!!!

If Coker would of kept up with recruiting, we would not be where we are at. Shannon will get us back. Too much dang talent in So Flo to let it slip through like we've done. Those days are officially OVER! It's a coach's dream to come down here for that. Just check the NFL rosters, and see where that So FLo talent is regardless if they went to THE U or not. I thought so...


Alot of you Shannon bashers in here want the guy out and you want someone who is in the UM family to take over but the funny thing is Shannon IS keeping things in the UM family by calling on former UM coaches!! He is in constant contact w/ J.J. and now Tuberville and Lovett comes from Butch Davis' staff which Davis must have given his blessing on this so what are you all really belly aching about ?? You wanted a big name well news flash - THE BIG NAMES DON"T WANT TO COME HERE !! because like the bias media, they still look @ us as thug U so I don't want them. Gimme the coaches who want to be here and who want to work w/ our kids !! And what if it doesn't work w/ Shannon ? Tuberville would not be such a bad hire. He is a good recruiter with ties to the community as well as the coaching community and he did coach a Auburn team that went undefeated before things went south for him so relax. Be more worried about the coaching staff keeping Louis Nix committed to Miami for 2010.

Hey Manny,

I actually am a fan of both hires.

At UM's budget, I give Shannon a lot of credit for getting two, experienced journeymen with a history of success to be the coordinators.

I think both coaches are walking into ideal situations with a lot of talent and it sounds like both a willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Thanks for the info...

Give the dude a chance.

that's it I've had it with this Bryce Brown kid.

Now it smells like Ricky Williams.

This is bad newes-good news. Bad news b/c a talented kid may not come here. Good news, because the kid seems to be a freak.

Don't want him here. Too much baggage. He isn't a SoFlkid,let alone Fl. Let's concentrate on gettingjackori Gore next year, getting him signed early,a dn move on from this soap opera Pleeeease!!!!!

lovett understands the 4-3 defense. He runs an agreesive defense. Lovett will be fine! Good hire by Coach Shannon!! Go Canes!!

Because some posters do not jump all over it ra ra ra always get many guys saying that they are negative. Not necessarly so, being skeptical about a guy with Lovett's resume is more like being prudent. Need to show people that he can get the job done at the U. I don't see a Whipple like hire here. But Lovett may be a good fit at this time, we will see.

Most people seem to want Randy to succeed, but in Randy we trust is a bit over the top. Like in Nixon, Bush, or OBama we trust not.

tubbs is pretty reliable i'd imagine. i dont know much about the guy, but i think if he runs the same kinda thing that randy runs, then randy can go in and help him out and tweak the things he wants to. I honestly think everything will be alright. hopefully he buys into the swagger and the intensity that we want to play with this year and for the years to come. other than, that, i'm witholding judgement until a few games into the season.

Welcome to the U, Defensive Coordinator Lovett. As you can see, the Cane Nation is very opinionated and want badly to win a National Championship. What we are really looking at unfortunately, is a return to the good ole days, even though they are gone. Bring us something new and interesting and help us win football games! Greatness is on the inside of these young men who display heart and play hard, so regardless of what you have heard, they LOVE THE U and so do we! Again, welcome to the University of Miami Hurricanes!!!!!!!!!!!

CHUCK PAGANO? What were you thinking? He was never a consideration.

His name came about because he was helping with the search! And by the way Lovett was his suggestion.

So, if you wanted Pagano guess what, you got who he wanted.

Who are this people talking about someone's resume?? What do your resume's look like to challenge someone else's experience and football knowlege?? If you were all such geniuses you wouldnt be spending your time leaving comments on a blog, you would be getting paid for your expertise. I am sure ESPN could use some genius football commentators..

Welcome to the University Of Miami, Coach we welcome you and look forward to seeing what you can do with some of the great talent you will have on the defensive side of the ball...

Go Canes..


Thanks. Couldn't have said it better.

Lovett is like a Russian mail order bride , they both come highly recommended. Until you see them in action best to hold judgement.

This is kinda interesting: From the Birmingham News

"The Birmingham News surveyed all 120 Division I-A schools for the number of coordinators since 1999, when Tuberville debuted at Auburn. Division I-A schools averaged 8.1 coordinators in the past 10 years.

Fifteen head coaches have held the same job since 1999. On average, those coaches have employed 5.6 coordinators in 10 years, almost two times less than Tuberville at Auburn, which is currently paying two former offensive coordinators not to coach.

"Coordinators come in, coordinators leave, and (Tuberville's longtime) assistants stay," Franklin told The Birmingham News last week. "You have to know that going into the situation."

Coordinators turn over jobs for various reasons, including taking better positions or becoming head coaches. For instance, only one of Tuberville's four previous defensive coordinators, John Lovett, was fired. And Tuberville was pressured by other Auburn decision makers to fire Lovett and offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone that year."


That works both ways.

JJ, Tubs and Pagano are very impressed with what they've SEEN and experienced with this guy.

I ain't drink'n any KOOL-AIDE yet, but with those 3 guys endorsing this pick - I feel somewhat comfortable they he will be what we need.

Hopefully he can teach these guys how to wrap up and drive through a MOFO not wiff or put you arms out and fall down around his ankles while he's running right by you. I saw that a lot this year. That had to be the softest defense from the Canes i've ever seen.

caneforever, Most coaches will not recommend someone that they think will do poorly, it would reflect back on them, for sure.

In 2004 at Clemson, Lovett was fired during the season along with the OC after the Tigers started 1-4. Tommy Bowden was pressured to fire them both as a means of saving his own job.

I think we got a good catch and one that will stay for awhile.

Tron totallly agree, wondered a lot last yr, how that could even happen at the U. It was weak. You know Shannon saw the same thing, Randy went from the last game to the weight room without further practices. Maybe Lovett is in to correct that also, just do not know.


And look where Auburn is today - nowhere. And getting worse.

Ya Know ktown, you obviously know nothing about SEC schools and particularly Auburn. I do.

This school's major sports and many others in the SEC are run by the boosters, not the AD or trustees or other admin.

They fired Tubs. If that doesn't tell you something than I don't know what will.

Look, these coaches eventually get tired by these butt head boosters, usually because they tell the booster to go to hell. Not for ability.

I will tell you this - anyone fired at Auburn in the Tuberville era wasn't fired for lack of performance. And Lovett was fired (by a butt headed booster) after he, as the DC, produced the top defense in the SEC.

So, don't by into this crap. Think about this - JJ, Tubs and Pagano all pushed this guy.

My dear CANEFOREVER, try rereading what I quoted and stated. A discerning eye will understand that at both Auburn AND Clemson John Lovett was fired not for cause but as a casualty of a head coach saving his own booty at the behest of the powers that be!!!

I would say JJ tubs Pagano and T.bowdin pushed him because they realized he is solid, but more importantly Lovett fits into what Randy wants to do on defense. Young probably did not fit with what Randy wanted to do, part of the reason that he left. And two coaches working in different directions produce muck, this might work.

Here are his defenses' stats.

Rush Pass Eff Total Scoring TO
1999 15 45 55 33 22
2000 15 46 14 28 58
2001 42 47 39 48 57

2002 60 62 48 62 52
2003 35 36 29 20 43
2004 41 11 26 29 100

Difficult to interpret these numbers since 1) he was only at each place for three-year cycles -- long enough to fully integrate a system, but not long enough to get "his" guys on the field, and 2) these numbers were with Auburn and Clemson talent which is typically only above average. At Clemson, it looks like things were actually improving.

What I do know is that he was likely the scapegoat of a sinking ship at both schools. The head coach fired BOTH coordinators on each occasion (red flag for sinking ship) only to have the head coach fired within a few more years when the smoke had cleared and it was evident that the head coach was actually the problem. Does this guy have name "pop" like Shannon likes to say... no. Does he come with tons of experience and recommendations... yes. Has he ever coached the high level of raw talent that he is currently inheriting at the U... no. We'll see. Show us what U got, Lovett.

First. Im not being negative. Its a blog, the area for expressing opinions that others may or may not agree with.

What the hell gives you credence to say he doesnt suck?....Exactly. Clemson? Top 30. Sucked. Auburn? Fired. Bowling Green? Really? Bowling Green?
I hope to God he understands our personnell and what it is that we are trying to accomplish scheme-wise and we start playing like the U. My point, Is that Shannon is the best hire for this job. People say that you cant pull double duty. Coaches have done it for for awhile now, can we say Steve Spurrier? Just because I dont like the hire doesnt mean i dont want him to succeed. There is no McCarthyism in football. Dissent is part of the game. This is a coach on his way down. I hope he can turn that all around. We dont have any substance to judge on yet, so all we can adjudicate is the quality of the hire, and the quality, at face value sucks.

can't wait for the spring game.

Now with offensive and defensive coordinators in place and with experience at that, things have got to improve. The last offensive coordinator lacked experience and the last defensive coordinator, with all his experience, didn't show me much. So, how much worse can it get. Both have got to be an improvement, given the increased calibre of talent coming to the U. The offense will be taylored to the way the HC wants it and after all, the offense coordinator works for him so that should be improved. The defense coordinator seems to run pretty much the same type of defense that the Hc wants and after all the defensive coordinator also works for the HC, so, there should be plenty of cooperation and agreement this next year and beyond in how the team is run and does. Let's go Canes!

Dissent is part of the game. This is a coach on his way down. I hope he can turn that all around. We dont have any substance to judge on yet, so all we can adjudicate is the quality of the hire, and the quality, at face value sucks.

Posted by: MR MIA | February 09, 2009 at 08:22 PM

Contradictory... "We don't have any substance to judge" then you turn around and say "at face value sucks". Does not matter that you pre face it adjudicate... you just "judged".

Hey Jaime! Where you at?!?! Your a girl who is a U fan... Holla!!!

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