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Tuberville says Lovett will fit in perfectly

I have to admit when I first heard rumblings this past weekend the University of Miami was seriously considering hiring John Lovett as its defensive coordinator, my first thought was someone was joking about former SNL comedian John Lovitz.

Turns out, there really is a John Lovett. So who is he? As soon I received word this was becoming official, I started making a few phone calls this afternoon to find out. So, what is beyond Lovett's resume and the more than 25 years he's spent coaching college football? What is the most interesting thing I learned about Miami's next defensive coordinator?

Tommy Tuberville He knows how to get out of tough situations. For starters, before he even began coaching, Lovett, 58, used to drive 18-wheeler trucks in New York City, delivering furniture. Can you find a tighter place to get out of than that? Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, who hired Lovett at Mississippi and then took him with him to Auburn, shared his insight into the Lovett's hiring with me. Lovett's wife Carol and Tuberville's wife have been best friends for years. 

Tuberville said a similarly good relationship is what UM coach Randy Shannon said he was looking to build with his next coordinator when he called and inquired about him a few weeks ago.

"We hardly talked football to be honest," said Tuberville, who after being fired at Auburn told me he plans on taking a year off from coaching and will likely do some work with ESPN. "Randy just told me he was looking for somebody who would fit in -- fit into the community and understand the ACC. Being a defensive head coach, which I am, you got to be on the same page with your coordinator. There has to be a good relationship there. I think Randy and John are going to be a perfect fit."

Why? Because according to Tuberville, Lovett runs the same system Shannon learned under Jimmy Johnson, a 4-3 defense which lets speed take over. "John is going to run the same old 4-3 we used to," Tuberville said. "He'll mix in a few eight man fronts a little bit, be diverse in everything. Some odd man front. He knows the zone blitz game. He's been around it all."

Lovett, who moved up the ranks from walk-on to co-captain, is a stickler on technique according to Tuberville. "Everything he's going to do is going to be sound," Tuberville said. "He's very aggressive, likes to blitz. The greatest thing about that move is that he understands that league, been around it a long time now."

Another plus according to Tuberville, Lovett is also a very good recruiter, who is personable. Tuberville said Lovett is a specialist in the northeast and knows how to pull kids out of New Jersey, New York and the Washington, D.C. area. 

"I know he's very excited about it," Tuberville said. "I didn't have to convince him at all. Miami is a unique school with unique players. I think its a great situation. I think they've got it going in the right direction. They've upscaled recruiting and brought in a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball. John is coming in with high expectations, high goals."


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Get your facts right. At both Auburn and Clemson he had the best defenses in the SEC, period.

Ignorant, Just like a Gray-turd.

They're back.

Welcome to the family Coach Lovett. Don't mind the people that expect a light switch turn around. I look forward to your tenure here.

I will admit that I was calling for Coker's job, but with good reason he wouldn't recruit in his own back yard & the foolishness of that has been seen.

I think the Canes will win 10 Games this upcoming season, ACC Title or not. This will be a great year to be a Hurricane Fan...

I do not think that you will get a lot of creativity or innovative thought with Lovett from his history. But hopefully the U will get solid work and fundamentals from Lovett. Solid work is probably all that will be needed with the growing talent, Lovett and Shannon working together might be a good team. I think Shannon will let Whipple run the Offense. If in fact Shannon and Lovett work the same schemes, have the same basic approach it will be more like Lovett is the assistant DC or a team DC with Shannon. Hopefully Lovitt is hard nosed and sound on basics.

Randy is just keeping the seat warm for Tubbs. RS a hell of a recruiter sucks on gameday. I just got this feeling Shannon is loadin the cupboard for another coach to come in and start winning championships. Hope im wrong.
we'll see at the end of next year.

I lived in Bama for 7 years and let me tell you about Auburn.... THEIR Head Booster (lowder) runs the show!!!! Much like Jerry Jones runs the Cowboys. Tommy Bowden got fired because of their Booster....Tuberville got fired because of his booster....Levitt got fired because of this booster... This guy runs a bank NOT A FOOTBALL TEAM... It would be the equivalent of any poster on this board, who had enough money, walking in and firing the coaching staff on a whim. WE as fans THINK we know all there is to know about football but we dont go to clinics, dont study film, dont put the work in that the coaches do.. SO when I see that he got fired because Lowder didnt want him there, I won't hold it against him. Give the guy some time. It wasn't like Lovie Smith or Bill Bellicheck were available.

hope im wrong about shaNNON not the winning ships part.

15 losses at Auburn in 3 years. Year 3 regression. Fired.

15 losses at Clemson in 3 years. Year 3 regression. Fired.

13 losses at Bowling Green in 2 years. Year 2 regression. Takes demotion at another school.

13 losses at North Carolina in 2 years. Passed over for promotion
Lot of people do not like the hire, I think it might fit, might work.


Is it true that UM will now be putting an *asterisk* next to the name of their newly remodeled baseball field??? ... Also, should we still expect A-rod at the Dinner at the Diamond?


When will Bryce Brown announce his decision? Thursday, March 12, 2009

When and Where will he take his final 2 visits?

His 1st of two visits will be to the University of Tennessee. This trip will be the weekend of February 14th. His 2nd visit will be on February 28th and he's not 100% sure at this time where he will visit. The schools who he's considering for this visit are. LSU, Miami and USC. As soon as he decides it will be posted.

Is Bryce considering the CFL?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! There has NEVER been any communication with anyone from the CFL and the Brown family or Brian Butler. Once again, NO he is not considering the CFL.

mr mia

you are an idiot. why don't you list the top five defensive coordinators you would have hired? i'll bet you can't name five. you are the epitamy of the miami fan.nothing but hate.

your attitude is why miami fans are considered the worst in the country.

yea i see alot of ppl didn't like the hire. my opinion i feal we need a coordinator so randy can focus on beeing a better HC i don't think he will have to worry about the offense.now him and lovett can find diffrent defensive schemes that will better the team. maybe i sippied a little bit of the koolaid all i want is as well as the other TRUE UM fans is to compete for an acc title and hopefully a BCS to show the world we are back. Do i know if this is as a good hire ?no. but does anybody know if the hire's will work for sure? no. but i'm very optimistic in the whip offense i do believe we will have a dynamic offense and as for the defense one major thing we lacked on D was the fact our pass defense and i think he can build a foundation.9since he was a DB coach)

It seems to me that based on what Tubberville said he and Randy discussed that maybe our last DC, maybe didn't like the community. I am glad that the Boss has chosen someone who wants to be here, and also brings solid credentials to the table. All the pieces are assembled its time to stop talking about it and be about it. The beat goes on...Let's go Canenation.

your attitude is why miami fans are considered the worst in the country.

Posted by: bunion | February 09, 2009 at 10:16 PM

I guess you've never been through Gainesville! (or Tennessee, or LSU, or Tuscaloosa, or any other SEC town in the South!)

Go 'canes!

You all are bashing the hiring of the guy... I personally "Lovett" (lol).

I see the comments that Lovett was going backwards, because he went from Auburn to Bowling Green... Well darn, if anyone of you guys were to lose a job at Publix, if Winn Dixie has an opening, I bet you would apply to continue to pay the bills yourself!!

Next, if Butch thinks the guy was worth hiring, that alone tells me there's content with Lovett...

Lets explore this: Ok the guy was hired to run the special teams at North Carolina when Butch had a chance to hire whomever he desired; much less a strictly special teams guy... Now, before Butch hired Lovette, Im sure he knew Lovette was a DC at Bowling Green... So did Butch hired an inexperienced special teams guy? Or did Butch hire someone who had loads of knowledge of the game? I bet Butch liked the thought of having a guy who knows his stuff on several facets of the game, and can help out with developing talent, strategy etc; so what if his official title is Special teams co-coordinator.

If we were to start and unrelated opinion on how good Butch in terms of college football, we would all agree that Butch is good. But are we now saying Butch is a bad judge of talent?

In stead of recognizing that Lovett went to Bowling Green, stabilized his footing, and was working his way back up, we want to say the guy is going backwards. To me, going from BG to NC to Da U seems like going forwards...

Talent rules! There are several guys whom philosophy's lead to success, but just lack the opportunity to be surrounded by the talent. As much as i hate Urban, he's an example of that: Who da heck is Utah or whereever Urban was? Its not the helmet thats going to win or lose, its the scheme that the Gators hired, which is now being fused with talent, which equals a successful team. (Hate to use the Gaytors in an analogy, but I needed to make my point so that you all can understand the concept).

Expand ur mind guys... Its all about Da U, Shannon has the blueprints and is implementing the scheme we need to be successful as we speak, and is loading the talent to run the scheme, of which will get us back to where Da U belongs!!

Miami Hurricanes' Jack McClinton named ACC Player of the Week

Wasn't someone on here saying we should kill the BB program yesterday?

Go 'canes!

Yeah... OK... no basis & it's pure speculation (actually, more like wishful thinking)... Ken Dorsey is no longer a Cleveland Brown QB. What's the chance he considers rejoinging the U as a QB coach should he not land with another team? I can only imagin Jacory being tutored by Dorsey making the "Jacory Dorsey" tandem!

Yeah Lovett-Thats the ticket .

1. Now look people. This guy has endorsement from Butch Davis and Tommy Tubbervile. Two very good defensive minds. Futhermore we know UM's private school budget and what we're up against. So lets just look at it as Shannon already knows he has to Micro-manage and has to oversee all position coaches, but his mainstay is the defense of course. Of course Shannon will be involved more with the defense than he was with Bill Young being there, so we really dont need Lovett to be able to carry the total weight of the DC position. Remember his strong suit is db's and special teams. Shannons is line backers. So we need to understood where the Shannons priorities were.

He needed to lock up and solidify the offense and give someone autonomy in that area thats not his in which he did with Whipple also allowing him Assistant coaching duties, which free's Shannon up. Then he goes out and hires Lovett which may not be the sexy favorite and big name, but with Lovett's experience and Shannon now having the flexibility to devote a higher percentage of his time to the defense, much wont be asked of him. Lovett knows the cover 2 man to man defense, the defense Butch oversaw when Schiano was DC,and the defense Shannon ran when he was DC. Lovett is not going to need much direction from Shannon to run the defense the way Shannon ran it. and at the same time Shannon wont have to devote all of his attention to the defense, thus allowing him to handle his HC duties.

Shannon will tell Whipple he wants a balanced high powered offense, that uses the Pro-set, Runs the ball effectively and uses the play action pass. Effectively using all componets of the offense.Rushing, WR, TE, receiving backs etc. Its very hard to defend against every position. He'll then miro manage all other position coaches except for Lovett and the defense where he will implement strategy and assist in the schemes that both he and Lovett know.
This is Shannons strong suit, and where his additional time is needed and welcomed if not anywhere else on the field.
Does Shannon make these types of hires and good decisions his first year or two as a head coach, NO. But i dont think he was as great a recruiter as he was his first year or two at recruiting either. He will have come into his own as a Head Coach this year. When he took this job we all knew that his heart and desire would be into it, and thats what we need as he passionately is working to get this team back to where we all want it. The same way we want players that love the U and only want to be at the U and play for the U. We have that in Shannon. U dont think he knew he would be getting offers from other D1 schools for head coaching positions soon, and at a higher pay. Please trust that Turner Gill is only the next sexy choice b/c Shannon is already in the trenches with Miami. He is a great man and there is no better Head Coach than Randy Shannon for the U.

Great articles Manny. Lovett can teach these young players and recruits how to tackle, stay disciplined and take care of their assignments. Lovett is a "good fit" in that he will allow RS to play some role in defensive strategy and planning. If these young, talented players are well-coached in the fundamentals, this defense will excell. Lovett also coaches special teams and the U could use a few more big plays out of this special teams.

If Whipple's offense can put up the points that he did at UMass (admittedly a difficult assignment), UM will be a juggernaught next year.

I would prefer not to see another article about Bryce Brown until he signs. Now that National Signing Day has passed, my interest in the Bryce Brown saga has waned. BB and his "mentor" Butler (the 5'8" 350 lbs track coach) reminds me of a selfish drama queen.

BB's website and these post-signing day trips will not help him make the right decision. Why didn't BB take his recruting trips when the other recruits were taking their trips? Is he too good? Does he want the undivided attention of the media? Does he not want to associate with his potential teammates who are visiting at that time?

BB and Butler are dragging this out for the attention that they hopes it brings, even though it reflects negatively on BB, the NCAA and the schools recruiting BB. The comments of BB's High School coach seem to ring true, in that he said that BB and his mentor are selfish to the point that they are chemistry killers to a football team. Last I checked, football is a team game and it has been since it was invented.

If BB decides to come to the U, he needs to be de-programmed and he needs to check his ego at the door before he joins the team. The U has had some NFL hall-of-famers and all-pros walking through its doors over the years, but it has never had anyone who has exhibited such a weirdly selfish attitude. If BB doesn't sign with the U, I will not be disappointed.

From alll reports Coach Lovett sounds like a good defensive coordiantor, his strenghts special teams and secondary and two areas that Miami needs to improve in. Miami has the talent with Travis Benjammin and Lamar Miller possibly returning kicks which could give a new dimension if taught right.If the talent is taught right with Coach Wipple on the offense and coach Shannon and Lovett on the defense sky is the limit for the U.

Theres no good recruits in the north east. U have to recruit down here in Dade County

Glad to see Randy has gotten himself a DC. Maybe these two hires will turn out to be just what we have needed. Lets face it Randy is a good DC but for him being an inexperienced Head Coach who is learning on the go, the last thing he needs to do is trying to split time as HC and DC. At least we have something to be excited about heading into spring ball with Whipple's offense and Lovett running hopefully the old Canes defense. And if we look back when did Miami hire any coordinator that we could have something to look forward to seeing, cause it sure wasn't Rich Olsen, nor Walton, and surely not Nix.
Can't wait for Spring ball and next year.
Go Canes

Again I'm not disapointed. If you want a good laugh.... Just read some of these blogs....For the love of God I can not figure some of you folks out.... Are you truly Miami Huricane fans or what? Give the new coaches a chance... I remember when Miami hires Jimmy Johnson. People thought oh well here we go down the list from first to last. After Howard left no one could fill thoes shoes.... then after Jimmy came the rest. then came the old man and where did he take us? he gave us 2 back to back NC's I know only one but the REF"S stole the one & gave it to OSU. Now here we are... and still have the people that have no faith.... Give the coaches and the players the respect they so richly deserve... and stop the complaining... Oh wait... on the other hand don't stop I need my daily laughs.....

Can the poor guy pass his drug test before some of you get the "firelovett" sites going?!!? I think it is a great hire. I see where some are coming from with their wait and see attitude. That is great. I like that some are not driven by "blind faith" and are reserving judgement. To bash him and say that he "sucks" is a very strong statement. Using that term does not mean you are reserving judgement. When you use that term with a coach who already has a job, it usually means he needs to be fired. So to say he "sucks" means that you think we should already fire him before the man has had a chance to even see the players on the field, much less coach them. I would describe my thought of the hire as being cautiously optomistic and give Coach Lovett the benefit of the doubt. I think that is how most fans who are in favor of it feel. With our young talent and his experience, I think thing will work out real well. Welcome Coach Lovett to the University of Miami. We look forward to seeing your defense's play fundamental, sound, tough nosed and nasty football. The kind of defense that made UM what it has been over the past 26 years. Again, congratulations and all the best!! Go Canes!!

Expand ur mind guys... Its all about Da U, Shannon has the blueprints and is implementing the scheme we need to be successful as we speak, and is loading the talent to run the scheme, of which will get us back to where Da U belongs!! Posted by: Big Sonny

WE HAVE A WINNER ! Congrats Sonny, you win the award for the dumbest comment of the thread.

Whipple is RENTING

Lovett????? HUH?

It was commented above that UM brings in guys with low batting averages and they leave as home runs. That was the old days.
Back then you had Kehoe's "supplements" and U were just bigger faster and stronger than everyone. Those days are LONG gone. Kehoe's "supplements" are LONG GONE.

Is there anything more amusing than watching cane fan discuss this as though U are still an elite school who is ironing out some things while you get back to the top? Laughable. U aren't an elite school anymore. When Kehoe you shat in Kehoe's eye, he took his supplements with him.

Now U are just soft , weak, slow, fat. Seriously. U don't compete anywhere near the elite schools anymore. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE

But Randy.....but recruits......BLaH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Shut your pie hole cane fan and accept the reality . The college football landscape has changed drastically and Donna made NO attempt to keep UM at the top.


How can anyone at this early date, before seeing Lovett coach a single game at UM, say he "sucks." For all we know, he might turn out to be a DC mastermind in Coral Gables.

Also, let's not forget about the intangibles such as "coaching staff chemistry." Apparently, Shannon likes Lovett (as does Tuberville) and believes he will fit in nicely.

Whether you agree with this DC hire or not, I think we all have to agree that this is not the home run of a hire that we were hoping for. But that does not mean that we should throw this guy under the bus before spring practice even starts, much less the regular season.

On the plus side, this guy knows how to run the 4-3 and Shannon is bound and determined this is the defense he is going to run. I expect Randy to have more of a hand in coaching this defense then he did when Young was here, regardless of what he says publicly. With Whipple as assistant HC and Lovett as a proven special teams guy, I think RS will be freed up to take a more active role coaching, without actually having to run the entire D on a day-to-day basis. This hire might actually be the best of both worlds for this team.

So sit tight people, I know some of you are just aching to complain about something but don't drive yourselves and the rest of us nutty before the season even begins. Give Lovett the benefit of the doubt at least until September.

got hundreds on the table
twenties on the floor

and i Lovett!

John Lovett is an excellent choice for DC. Why? Because he runs the D that the University of Miami has prided itself on for many, many years. It's tried and proven to be successful. That's what Randy ran and it's what he demands. Do you really think Young just up and decided to go back "home"? Not hardly folks. You can bet your bottom dollar Shannon suggested that he should consider leaving and the axe was going to fall if he didn't. Bill Young simply does not have the know-how to run the type of defense the U lives on. John Lovett does.

I cannot believe a bunch of (...and I use this word loosely) "fans" are complaining about this guy. They obviously have personal bias affecting their ability to think correctly. Perhaps it's their belief that the only good DC is one of the top "names" out there. Perhaps it's because of their personal vendetta against Randy Shannon. Perhaps it's just the fact that their pessimism prohibits them from being anything but unjustly critical. John Lovett will be successful here. He'll produce an excellent D and he'll also make all the bashers eat crow. Enjoy your meal if you're one of them.

John Lovett? Is he the ticket? PUH-LEEEEEAse ! This guy is a CAREER position coach. He's sniffing 60 and now he's ready to be a DC? U are getting jobbed ONCE AGAIN by UM athletic department. Keep ponying up your cash for season tickets while this athletic department and Donna continue to put a flawed bill of goods on the sideline for U.

Randy Shannon (4th choice coach) Patrick Nix? ( wouldn't know leadership if it punched him in the eye) Bill Young? ( bring in a doddering old guy with his "blitzing defense"...ONE AND DONE) Mr. Whipple? ( he reduced sacks by 3000% at MAINE ....puke) JOHN LOVETT? ( career position coach with a head longer than the Biscayne Causeway.....Oh yeah...he'll take U to the promise land)

Donna and Kirby Haircut are screwing U at every turn. 09 season tickets now on sale cane fan. Hurry.

Paul Dee screwed U beyond comprehension. I hope he doesn't do the household budget at home.

The continued development of eye brow raising situations at in the UM football program is actually the normal happenings of a mid level school. U are not an elite school trying to iron things out. U are an also ran now. Seriously.

When Kehoe and his premium supplements got run out of town, U sealed your own fate. So fragile, so fleeting. It's OVA U.


Look, you guy's have to get it sooner or later. Young left for one reason and one reason only, at 62 yrs of age he had the opp to go back and finish out his career at "his school" in "his hometown." In his own words.

My opinion, he has a great resume but his defensive scheme is based on a "slower" team speed. This never would have worked at THE U.

With Lovett, we have a guy that understands our team speed. Look for lots of turn overs and defensive scores.

U shat in Kehoe's eye = Gray-turd!

Good sign guy's. The Gray-turds are complaining about Lovett.

Don't believe some of the "BS" regarding this guy's defensive resume being "mis-quoted" by the Gray-turds;

He has many yrs as a DC including 2 of the best defenses in the SEC at both Auburn and Clemson.

Firings? You guy's are totally ignorant to the way things work in the SEC. Major sports are run and controlled by "Boosters." Not by AD's or the administration. These are always very powerful, wealthy dictators. They control all the money going to these schools. They control the state governments. These guy's are extremely powerful.

So, until you educate yourselves as to the facts of life in the SEC, please don't embarrass yourselves in front of those of us that are educated to these facts.

To all the Lovett doubters:

Is he a known commodity?

- To all you ignorant fools;
with regard to college coaching, all you fools know is that "since you have never heard of someone" they must not be very good.

Well fools, "with all the coaches you now know" there was a time when you had never heard of them. Remember "Jimmy Who", I do! Did you know who Nick Saban was before his 1st hire. No. How about after his "1st year in coaching"? No you didn't.

Just to show you guys the ignorant fools you really are. Point made!

Actually, Tubs, a former DC at the U, Johnson and Pagano have all said he is a better fit than Young and a perfect fit for Randy.

Lovett knows how to coach "our speed" while Young, who is very good at his zone scheme, it was counter to the our speed.

Lovett knows this type of speed and talent
- at both Auburn and Clemson when he had the speed he had the best SEC defenses, period!

You know what's funny.....all this negative talk about Lovett being fired at Auburn.....did anyone notice who the OC was who got fired along with him????? Yep Noel Mazzone...sound fimilar....yes he is he guy everyone wanted in as an OC here....so how are you going to down play Lovett cause he got fired, but wanted Mazzone who also got fired at the same time and ssame school.......

Chill out folks.....let's get ready for spring...

wat i remember from last yr was that UNCs special teams were incredible in all facets.. lets explain.. the kicker set the record for most field goals, tate killed it in returns (which was proly more due to his talent) and did carter or someone record like 6 punt blocks or somethin ridiculous? sounds good to me

Dyrty Dawg-Its good to read before posting.

We dont have any SUBSTANCE to judge on yet, so all we CAN adjudicate is the QUALITY of the hire, and the quality, at face value sucks.

You are too cute kid. Try actually comprehending the post before you type, it helps. I never said we couldnt judge, rather that we had no tangible substance to judge on, only the face value of the hire. lol. Thank You, come again.(Thats what she said)

You all need to stop being so negative. I have a feeling that this Lovett dude is going to have UM's defense out perform last years Young's defense. Moving up to Defensive Cordinator from Special Team Coach...the dude have to me motivated to get the U back to their superior defense! Let's just give him a chance before we throw him under the bus.

This gator fan is clearly off of his meds.

Welcome to the U Lovett (aassuming this happens) - you'll have plenty of talent to work with and if you stay 3 more years you'll have the best defensive talent in CFB. Please ignore the clueless Cane fans that think the U needs the Steeler's D-coord...

Ken Dorsey was cut by the Browns. Did we just find a QB coach?

Sounds like there's an overall consensus among Canes fans that we trust Randy's decision, that it will give him some leverage and maneuverability in helping to shape the D, that Lovett is already comfortable running the kind of schemes Randy's used to - and that there's really no negative here. (You can safely assume if you hear a whine, it's from disguised and nervous Gators fans.)
We're ready to rip.
Canes National Champs 2010 2011 2012 2013
Bring it.

Bryce Brown's announcement date is March 12. Wake me up when it's over.


Ken Dorsey was cut by the Browns. Did we just find a QB coach?

Posted by: Canesjunkie | February 10, 2009 at 11:06 AM


Ok, I am thinking the hire will be ok. But some of the logic on here is questionable. Butch hired him so he must be good, What about Butch passed him over for DC, so that paradox exists. And trust Randy's hire, blindly, Randy hired Nix, put Walton in as DC, Young hired left and so on so come on, Trust noone. They all left saban, jj, butch, and so forth they all stepped on the U for their greater dream. Its all about the U, I trust the players and the U.

Added, It does not mean that I do not like the coaches, Love Shannon's recruiting and discipline, high hopes for Whipple, good luck to Lovett. But TRUST them, no just expect them to do a professional job and make decisions the best that they can.

Brown Update
By Scott Wolf on February 8, 2009 9:18 PM |
We hear tailback Bryce Brown will probably visit USC on Feb. 20 to coincide with the visit of wide receiver Orson Charles of Tampa, Fla. Brown, ranked the No. 1 tailback in the nation, committed to Miami but then wanted to consider other schools.
His visit date is not official USC is in the process of getting him to visit on that date

This was a comment by another blogger.

Brown would be a perfect fit.

Pete could have him picked up in a limo, I mean towncar. Then Reggie Bush could be on the phone with him, or maybe not.

Then Pete could explain the Jarrett plan of having other players parents pay your rent, or the Bush plan of having $50,000+ in illegal benefits from an agent, or the academic plan of no fail classes from Senora Ross.

As Brown's "manager" has already stated he is looking to get paid, he should be a perfect fit for SC.

If Pete doesn't get, do you think he and Kenny will call another press conference to complain about Rick Neu?

I want to find the right person," Shannon said.

He chose Lovett, who has worked with Whipple before. They were assistants at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y. in the early 1980s.

same article states Lovett is a specialist in recruiting, per b.davis, of the south east. sec. One guy has him as a NE area specialist one a SE area specialist, go figure.


What gives that person the credence to say he doesn't SUCK, is I am sure he isn't a division 1 college football coach and neither are you? So that is why everyone here shouldnt place judgement on this hire or anything else to do with a program, they dont have anything personally invested in other than their own free time..

You don't have to personally like the hire, but to judge another person's experience without having any yourself in that persons line of work is out of pocket. Simple as that.

You can simply reserve judgement until you see what the product is like on the field, this person must be doing something right if he is still in Division 1 college football after his many stops.

He also doesnt have to be a defensive guru, he has Randy there to bounce ideas off of, and he will still run the defense Miami was known for with Shannon with his own wringles. He also is known for being a good recruiter in the North East, and that will come in handy as well.

Maybe you should have sent Randy Shannon your resume, so we could see how you would work out and get on blogs and say YOU suck??

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